tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMeeting his Demands Ch. 01

Meeting his Demands Ch. 01


November 3

"He" sent me another email today. This started with a threatening email last week from an account with a very 'porn star sounding' name, obviously a guy's account for making booty calls and to hide his identity. My jaw dropped when I saw photos of myself sucking all sizes of black cocks, one where I have a huge grin and cum spread across my face. They were from my birthday BBC gang-bang present from Ray, taken 6 months prior. That night I took 3 new black partners, along with Ray in all 3 holes. That was a total of 4 Big Black Cocks for an incredibly sexy birthday gift! I'm a small white woman that can proudly take the largest cocks, my favorites being black. I had been totally pushed to my limits that night and treated like a fuck toy. There is little memory of that evening's final hours though; I'd passed out from the wine and cum swirling in my belly.

We were new swingers and had used some adult sites to meet others, explored kink, and looked for those sharing our tastes. We shared photos of ourselves but not a face pic unless we were sure the new friends could be trusted, with only a few exceptions from our first contacts... the images in that email must have been sent before the precautions.

Now we blur faces and don't show identifying features, but the blackmail message used my REAL NAME with my unblurred face clearly displayed in the attached photos. This email told me I was going to prevent my family's disgrace by obeying his orders. It began with demands for more photos every day for a week, then web-cam shows. I was told to keep this from my husband, the asshole who sent the pictures out to potential couples for us to meet! While he worked, my latest orders included servicing the friends of my blackmailer. I was scared but this man new my profile information. He new Ray was dominant and that I was a submissive slut when playing with sexual partners. I could not deny enjoying anal, deepthroat, or any of the wild cum spewing parties my supportive hubby set up. He had proof!

This was different, it scared me that our kids and coworkers might find out, and that was not worth the awesome sex. I wouldn't know which visitor might be my blackmailer either; his instructions for me included a script and I couldn't pry about his real name.

Today's email told me I was going to be visited by a buddy of His, Billy, and I was to do exactly as he said. At midnight, I was to dress as a "bar ho". His friend would pull into my driveway, I would get in his car, and suck his cock. Simple. His friend had free reign of my body to touch but could not fuck me. That was a relief. I'm still very nervous about letting someone fuck me without Ray around.

Damn this evil prick! Sometimes I hated the fear, which lately I put aside after doing the shows and sending photos. In his emails, the mystery man praises my tits and ass, continually telling me he won't reveal me because he would lose his beautiful toy. We have stopped the cursing when emailing back and forth that I initially used because of the anger and fear He would expose my swinger lifestyle. The guy behind these emails has this control over me, but not like I'm a prisoner. I feel wanted, sexy, and the words make me feel confident that the men visiting just want sex, not to murder me with chainsaws! That helps. Now I am almost excited to read them! It's always something I end up enjoying. There's also a mystery I like and there's no guilt that I'm cheating because I don't have a choice.

So I showered and shaved, leaving a tad bit of hair just above my pussy, something different than my usual clean shave. I dressed in tight, dark jeans that guys love to see me in and a v-neck tank top so my tits would be seen as I bent forward. That thought as I dressed made me symbolically stretch my jaw, imagining how I would have to suck some creep's cock. After wiping a tear, I did my makeup like Ray likes. The dark eyeliner around my eyes, heavy mascara. I waited for His friend to arrive. I got nervous when I saw his truck but I knew I had to go through with it. If I was to give myself to him completely, this was a way to begin that process.

I walked outside and got in his friend's truck. He wanted pictures so his friend took one before he put his cock in my mouth. Then it started. His pants came down and he told me to put his cock in my mouth. When I started to bend down he pushed my head right onto his cock. It felt warm in my mouth and smooth against my lips. I could taste his precum already. He told me to suck hard and go deep. So that's what I did. I took all of him in my mouth, I gagged over & over as he kept pushing my head down, his cock going further into my mouth, aiming for my throat. The inside of his truck heated up almost instantly. I wanted desperately for Him to be behind me while I sucked His friends cock, licking & fingering my pussy that I could feel was getting wetter the more I gagged. I couldn't help it. I pulled down my jeans and he immediately pushed 2 fingers inside me. My body reacted instantly by pushing back on his hand. I told Billy I wanted more than 2 fingers; my pussy was hungry.

"Keep sucking" he said, as his hands forced my head to bob faster and his eyes were locked into mine. I wanted to beg for more but I knew I had to obey so I kept his cock in mouth, gagging on it. My gagging caused saliva to coat his cock and run down his balls, making his seat soaking wet. No longer scared, I took in my surroundings and wondered who was emailing me and who how he knew this man he'd sent to my home. Billy's cock was average size but that didn't bother me.

I wanted what was INSIDE his cock. I wanted that cum. I sucked harder and faster, stroking his shaft as I pulled my mouth to his tip and flicked my tongue against his tip while I stroked the shaft with both hands. I took his balls into my mouth and sucked them like they were his cock. I could feel his dick get harder and harder in my hand the more I sucked his balls.

He fingered my pussy faster, making me wetter. I REALLY wanted some cock in my pussy now. I wanted his cum too. I know how good it feels to have a mans cum on my pussy and that's what I wanted at that moment. I wanted the tingling sensation my lips feels when the warmth of a mans cum hits her. But I couldn't. Not yet. He hadn't given permission.

Billy asked me if I wanted his cum and I hoped my happiness wasn't showing, embarrassed beyond reason. I said ,"Yes sir, please feed me your cum!", reciting the required dialogue. I wanted badly to taste his sweetness on my tongue, I smiled, visions of cum hitting my face.

Cum facials turned me more than anything (and Ray often took advantage of this!). It was a sensation of scorching hot that instantly cools to a raunchy glaze. On one occasion before, Ray and his boss had split a case of beer before giving me a double load of cum over my face and tits.

While sucking this stranger in his pickup truck, I thought of that Summer barbeque when Ray had stepped out making a beer run and Steve grabbed my ass. Steve was hammered and barely standing, but quickly understood and became excited as I explained that we could touch and play without any sneaking. I would bring bisexual girls back to share with Ray, and he would sometimes bring buddies home to fuck me, even DP me. Now Steve could join us as the third wheel. I tried to slow down his advances until Ray got home, but being only 5 foot 2 and in the one hundred teens for weight, I couldn't put up much fight against that brute. He matched Ray's tall muscular build, either of them easily strong enough to force my panties down and separate my legs.

I remember it seeming like Ray was gone forever. How dirty it must have looked to see Steve hammering my pussy from behind, my shorts hanging from one ankle as I bent over a lawn chair. He had one hand clasped over my mouth to silence me, the other securing my hands at the wrists like a cuff behind my back. Ray came home during it and walked within view, though I couldn't turn or plead to him. He was stroking his cock and flashed me a smile that showed how the rape by Steve had been his idea entirely. I was relieved when I saw Ray after nearly 10 minutes of squealing and struggling. It had ticked me off, but that melted quickly when Steve's pounding was replaced by Ray's.

That day those 2 men forced themselves on me in every way, in every hole. One would hold me down while the other pounded. I wasn't allowed to rest, though I came over and over from the 2 cocks exploring my tight holes without permission. It showed me how enjoyable being raped could be. They had shared me that afternoon, finally covering me in hot, sweet, stickiness while I kneeled between them, my mouth wide and hungry.

I gagged on the cock in my mouth and was brought back to my task, and Billy. I missed Ray's protection as I took Billy in my hand and squeezed and stroked him. I played with his tip using my tongue. It wasn't long before I could taste him, so I openly wide to catch it. His juices were sweet and warm. The first few blasts hit my throat and made me gag, but I clamped down and milked his throbbing cock with both hands.

I had only swallowed a little when he pulled his cock from my mouth, making a lewd slurping sound. He was breathing fast and stroked his cock furiously. Ribbons of cum streaked across my face and dripped onto the floorboard. While he came, I felt Billy's fingers push harder into my pussy. She opened for him, begging for more. But she would have to wait her turn. That was the rule- I would be fucked another time He had said. Only now did I wonder if He intended to tease me. He had surely read the profile comments regarding my love of cock sucking and how wet it made me.

Billy started to relax, but I kept him in my mouth, gently sucking as his cock softened. The warmth on my cheeks brought me from my daze. Billy chuckled and snapped off another photo. That was His instruction- I would allow Billy to take pictures using my own phone camera. Later that night I would reply and attach the photos, my nightly ritual of pleasing my stalker. At least that way Billy didn't have them on HIS phone, I thought as a small comfort.

What was I doing? Here I was a married woman and a Mom, in the backseat of this strange guy's pickup looking into the camera with his semi hard cock between my puckered lips. My face dripped with cum and I surely looked every part the whore my blackmailer wished me to be for his buddies. With a final flash and another snapshot of my shame recorded, Billy turned off the camera and returned my phone to me.

Were these debts that He owed people and I was paying them back for Him? Was Billy behind it all? It didn't seem like it because he would surely have tried to fuck me. Billy was a farm raised, jock-build guy, and not likely a hacker on the side. His smack on my ass quickly brought my thoughts to the cock in my mouth I had been sucking the last drops of cum from without realizing. When he was completely soft, I sat up. I said ,"Thank you for letting me suck your cock", as previously ordered. He thanked me as I pulled my jeans up and got out of his truck.

I couldn't wait to email Him the pictures because the response would include the details of how I would please another visitor. The next is going to fuck me.

He will be happy with my obedience.

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