tagFetishMeeting His New Mommy

Meeting His New Mommy


Rick noticed her walking down the aisle of the market behind him, browsing among the baby care items. His secret fantasy was to be babied, and she fulfilled his idea of a good mommy. She looked to be in her late twenties, and her tank top and yoga pants casually hugged her slim body. Her auburn hair was carelessly held back with a head band. He anxiously noticed as she picked out lavender scented baby wipes and talcum baby powder before pushing her cart forward and accidentally bumped into his stalled cart.

She apologized, and he introduced himself. Her name was April, and they began to make small talk as they continued down the aisle. Rick asked if everything was okay, as he noticed two small damp spots on the front of April's top. She blushed, and explained her toddler was away visiting with the grandparents, and her breast pump was not working well, so she was having trouble emptying the milk from her breasts. To her surprise Rick was not put off, he in fact asked if she needed help carrying her groceries out and did not make an issue of the fact her breasts were seeping milk.

The attraction between Rick and April was apparent, and in the parking lot, as they were about to say part ways Rick took the bold step of asking April out for coffee. She explained she needed to put away the groceries at home first, but they could have drinks at her house instead of the café.

Back at the house as Rick sat at the kitchen table, April began brewing a pot of coffee and put on the kettle for tea. They continued with harmless chit chat, but Rick questioned why she was not drinking coffee, only tea. She again blushed, and said the herbal tea contained properties to help her milk supply stay strong. Rick laughed, and pointing to April's tank, which was transparent now as the milk had soaked through the tank and bra, said she did not appear to have problems with that. Rick had also becomingly incredibly turned on as April's top had become wetter. She explained with her child away, and the pump out of commission the milk really had no place to go.

Strangely enough, they were comfortable together and the potentially awkward conversation continued unabated. Her nipples were apparent now through the thin fabric and the top and bra, and as April poured the coffee she asked if he cared for any milk. Rick smiled, and kiddingly asked if he could have it straight from the source? He wondered how the milk from her breasts tasted, and if he would find out.

April silently pulled off her top, and unsnapped the flap of her bra. Her small breasts were firm, and she expressed milk by hand and he watched in awe as her nipple sprayed the sweet, white fluid into his mug of coffee. He was acutely aware of how he no longer cared for the coffee, but only to drink from her breast. April motioned for Rick to come closer, they embraced.

Rick whispered "mommy" as he pressed his body against April's. She asked if he wanted to be her "baby", and his deep sigh was a definite yes.

She said he needed a bath to relax before his lunch, and they walked into the master suite. April slowly helped him undress, and ran a warm bath. Rick slipped into the tub enjoying the softly scented bubbles. He relished April washing his body, and running her hands all over him. They both enjoyed the playful bath, but the splashing ended up soaking April's remaining clothes. April helped Rick out of the tub, and toweled him off to dry him. He lay down on the bed, as April headed to her closet to put on dry clothes. He noticed on the dresser a stack of diapers with all the accompanying baby goods, like lotion and powder. He longed to be treated with the care and concern of a little one. Almost like April could hear his thoughts, she reentered the room and headed for the dresser.

She was wearing a robe, and he could barely make out her nipples poking through the silk. April told him to be a good boy and wait a little longer for lunch, as she picked up the lotion. She squeezed the baby lotion into her hands, and then rubbed it on his stomach and chest. She continued up and down his arms, then his legs, and finally his aching member. He was straining against her hands, and she leaned over and kissed him softly on the lips. Again, he was reminded to be a good boy and wait while she turned back to the dresser. This time she took the powder and liberally sprinkled it over his bottom, then patted him gently. "Now, a fresh diaper before you eat" she said to her great surprise.

Rick was so stimulated by the simple comment a bit of pre-cum leaked, and as April turned back around with the diaper she only smiled and kissed the tip of his penis to remove it. She then explained that he needed the diaper to catch his cum. Rick lifted up where April could slide the diaper under him, and she snugly closed the tabs around his sides. Rick felt unbelievable in the diaper, and he eagerly awaited his "lunch".

April sat up at the head of the bed, and pulled Rick into her lap. He lay in between her slightly open legs, and his face was against her chest. She cradled his head, and with her other hand loosened her robe. Underneath was a gown with a crossover front, and she slid it open and pulled out her breast and offered her nipple to Rick's hungry lips. He latched on and sucked until the milk began to flow. He had his arms wrapped around April's waist, and she smoothed his hair and kept holding the breast to his mouth, as she hummed a song for her baby Ricky. His diaper was barely containing his erect penis, and as April switched him to the other waiting breast he could tell by her heaving breaths she too was excited. He nursed until both breasts were pink, puffy and tender to the touch. April laid Rick down on the bed and told him his mommy's milk was gone, but he cried he was still hungry.

He kept on and whimpered for more, and being a caring mommy, she undid the robe completely and raised her gown above her hips. He laid his head between her open thighs and licked at the juices pooled there. She leaned back and moaned as he greedily pulled at her breasts as he ate. He licked her lips and then began to play with her clit. He acted like it was new toy, and explored with his fingers into her. His hunger was filled as he sucked the wetness from her pussy. April exclaimed to him what a good boy he was as she came and gushed across his face. He smiled as she pulled him back into her arms and kissed his lips and cheeks to clean his face. She reached into his diaper to check it, and he was wet with cum. Now it was time to change his diaper again.

April removed the diaper, and used the wipes to clean Rick. The wipes and the cool air, combined with April leaning over him with her breasts brushing against his cock, again got him excited. She rubbed lotion on his hardening member. He reached for April's waist and pulled her onto him. She let him enter her, and grinded her hips against his. Her nipples began to leak milk in her excitement, and he again began to suck, as they were joined together. She straddled him as he pumped into her, until he finally again released. Rick was exhausted. She again wiped him down, rubbed him with lotion and powdered him, and placed on him a clean diaper. She redressed in a dry nursing bra and casual sweats, and as he lay drowsily in her arms as she rocked him to sleep, Rick pulled at her shirt as he rubbed the front of his diaper. She simply opened her blouse, and undid the flap of her bra. He wanted to go to sleep sucking at her breast.

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