tagBDSMMeeting in May

Meeting in May

byRichard Crawford©

I evaluated the face in the bathroom mirror at the Italian cottage restaurant, seeing again the age in my face, despite my careful makeup. Yet my trademark mauve lips still had fullness and my grey eyes still offered promises. My breasts pressed full and warm against my blouse so my young date would surely imagine them nearly naked as he had seen in the photo I sent him. I could erode my demure look by opening one more button on my blouse...but no, not this time. I ran my manicured fingernails through my short hair, missing the long mane of my 30s yet seeing appeal in the slightly grey hair that framed matching eyes. Te eyes that mattered most were his, and Richard's eyes had been on me for every minute so far. I smiled into the mirror, a smile still cute at age 52, then let my smile fade in the powerful way Richard adored. I straightened my blouse, fluffed my hair once more, and strode back out our table to complete my seduction of this man who was just two tears older than my son.

I walked back through the restaurant, drawing glances from older men in suits when their wives were not looking. Their wives stared at me coldly and I smiled at them as I slipped through the lovely cream colored tablecloths and clear crystal. Richard had chosen the restaurant well, but had he chosen me?

Back at the table, I smiled at him and contemplated our evening together thus far. My confidence in the bathroom faltered back at the table, despite a score of shared pleasures tonight. I was enjoying being with this delightful young man just as much in real life as I had online. Dinner at a restaurant had seemed a safe way to meet and that had proven to be extremely safe, maybe too safe. We had chatted away like old friends without so much as a hint of sexual attraction for the past hour and I found it refreshing, melting away the eighteen years I had on him. We talked of novels and music, people and careers, sports and TV, and all manner of subjects until two emotions crept into my consciousness. One was fear, as I began to doubt that he had a more-than-casual interest in me. Had all the words typed so romantically and erotically dissolved under the reality of appearances? In his eyes was I no longer a sexually charged older woman, now just a pathetic old woman wishing it were otherwise? The other emotion was excitement as I realized that no matter what Richard was feeling, I had a strong interest in fucking him that night. Underlying the platonic safety of this conversation was a heat that I wanted to burn into wildfire. Damn him though! He had done nothing to indicate what he wanted from me in our first real meeting after two years of cyber-involvement. Despite all we had shared, he just sat there. I felt angry, aroused, terrified, and relaxed all at the same time and I was definitely not enjoying the multiplicity.

He obviously liked me, I thought as we shared a laugh. I slipped a bite of pasta between my lips, savoring the sweet spicy flavor and imagined savoring this man, who felt like a shy boy at times despite his confident words online. He looked into my eyes, chatted with clear enjoyment of my company, and smiled easily. Shyness or hesitance?? Or a defense? Should I respect his friendly distance or challenge it? He was married, and so was I. Would I become his first affair? I had no worries about cheating - he would not be my first - but he seemed so soft and romantic. Could his heart endure a night with me? I took another bite of pasta, then a sip of wine, and the deep red liquid slid seductively down my throat. Perhaps I should just wait him out until he dropped me off at my hotel? Could he say good-bye after such a wonderful dinner without a kiss? Kisses melted Richard online and I knew my mouth would please him better in person. Age may have made soft lines in my face, but it had also offered me practiced skills as a lover. If we kissed and my tongue teased his, could he resist? Did I want him to? I returned my attention to our conversation.

We watched another couple--god, were we a couple?--at a distant table, and played the game of creating their conversation. They were middle aged and looked frumpy, so we played up this Ozzie and Harriet relationship until we almost rolled on the floor. I felt tears in my eyes as our eyes met, hoping my make-up held and that my laugh lines were not too distinct. His clear blue eyes crinkled deeply and I loved it; these were eyes that had enjoyed life thoroughly for their thirty-five years. We laughed gaily and it offered a mask for my face so I could observe him more carefully. Though giggles I admired his soft brown curls that needed fingers in it, his soft mouth that needed warm lips pressed to it, and those eyes, betraying the age and intensity underlying his boyish laughter. I took his hand as I wiped tears from my eyes and he gripped it gently. Having created conversation online almost daily for 24 months, it was easy to do now for the characters in the restaurant. I spotted a pair of lovers in a dark booth, sitting close together, and wondered if we could take a stab at that conversation, but our table was in the middle under a light, not too conducive to seduction or romance of any kind.

Our conversation settled into a warm contented silence so full that words were unnecessary. As I watched him, I noted the details of the way his hands manipulated his utensils, delicate yet strong. Young hands...sensual hands. His body was lithe with a sense of both weakness and strength in his 5' 8". Then Richard sipped his water and for a split second his lips were moist and shiny. With his attention diverted from me I was free to watch the liquid gather at his lips before sliding down his throat. I wanted a kiss from those ful young lips, just one kiss...

"Did you say something?" he asked.

Oh, no, my last word had drifted out on a whisper! My heart fluttered and I felt my skin grow hot and prickly. Years of flirting reasserted themselves and I covered as best as I could. "No, I was just lost in my thoughts and one slipped out," I explained with a slight smile

He hesitated, then allowed my slip to pass, much to my chagrin. Well, if he was unwilling to accept that unintentional offer, I would have to be bolder. I took a sip of my wine, making sure that my own lips were wet, then rimmed the glass with one manicured finger. Odd for me to have painted nails, but in a way it made me a different person and, I hoped, a seductive one. He watched me closely for several seconds during my little performance and I felt a reaction between my legs. At fifty I could still demand the attention of any man.

"Richard...?" I asked softly, an unspoken question he could fill with his imagination. I wondered if his mind was replaying the many times I had made love to him on the phone with a similar tone of voice.

"Yes," he whispered almost inaudibly.

I looked deep into my red wine, then up into his blue eyes. "I want you to kiss me. Very much."

His eyes had left mine to watch my lips form each word. I had said the right thing. He glanced at the other customers, some of whom seemed to be watching the young man and older woman, laughing and flirting. "I want to kiss you more than you can imagine." The quiver in his voice made me wet, but all I showed him was a warm smile.

I threw out my questioning responses and went for it, crossing my arms so they pressed on my full breasts , leaning an inch closer, "So kiss me." My smile taunted him. I felt wonderfully sexy, yet on the brink of losing control. Richard was beginning to shake.

"Right here?"

"Well, if you don't want to kiss..." I casually began gathering my belongings, feeling my strength. Then Richard leaned across the table and parted his lips for me.

I felt a dozen eyes on us as I licked my lips and leaned to meet him, stopping at just under the half way mark so he would be forced to reach for me. Richard stretched further and everyone who watched knew that he totally desired my lips. I felt a smile play at the corners of my mouth, then saw his tongue move slightly inside his mouth and could no longer resist reaching my hand out to bring him to me.

The electricity our first touch--god, a public kiss!--sent a ripple of desire through us and what had once been intended as a naughty little peck became something stronger. Yet it was not a wild kiss, only an intimation of wild kisses to come. Open-mouthed, exploring, insistent...for just a few seconds all the sexual connections from our online encounters and one brief meal together flooded through us.

Then it was over. We separated by just a few inches, never releasing the other's eyes until Richard said hoarsely, "Let's get out of here" and tossed a fifty on the table. Richard glanced around the room and my eyes followed his. I saw amused smiles, cold stares, and aroused eyes. My eyes met Richard's again and saw a that the stares had aroused him. I reached for my coat and purse, then I heard him murmur, "Do something for me?"

At this point I would carry him on my back to a motel room if he but asked! "Sure," I replied easily.

"Undo another button."

My eyes questioned him, the recalled his eyes on my breasts earlier. I looked down at my slight cleavage, remembering that I had considered undoing another button as I dressed, but thought just a little too much. I gave him a smile and glanced around the room once, but did not touch the button.

"One more..." he whispered, a low deep command.

My hands moved of their own accord as my numbed brain evaluated the situation. Richard wanted this, his eyes showed it so clearly, and my body yearned to please him. The button slipped through the hole, then I released a second, exposing my breasts in their black satin bra with erect nipples to the casual observer. I sensed eyes on me and felt that duality of emotion which always makes my body hot even as my mind panics

My reverie was interrupted by Richard taking my arm and walking me toward the door. He carried my coat, my one cover, and I felt the breeze on the skin of my breasts almost as clearly as I felt the eyes of the other men longing to take Richard's place tonight. I leaned on his arm, feeling his firm biceps under my hand, and nearly closed my eyes as we waltzed past the maitre'd. Outside I wondered how I had ever found the strength to do such a thing, then wondered that I had found the strength to resist it for so long. My mind slowly began to function again as he opened the passenger door and slipped me inside like a treasure.

Inside the humming car, I reached toward my buttons and shocked him by undoing more...one at a time and slowly enough to entice, until my dress lay on the seat and my body was nearly exposed under the layers of soft cotton around me. A surge of power returned as it had at the beginning of the evening when I gazed into that mirror. The mirror or Richard's eyes reflected with admiration and deep desire. I grinned to myself, hoping he could drive safely.

"Like what you see?" I teased, watching a bead of sweat form on his brow. "You just watch the road as you pay for your assumptions earlier." The assumptions had been right, but what the hell, this was my game too! I felt 20 years old as I arched my back for him, raising my hands over my head in a luxurious teasing stretch. Then I slid in close to him, allowing and my breasts to brush him. I think I felt him tremble; something powerful clicked on in my mind.

As we drove I found it easy to lose my mind again under his hot blue eyes...and my own touch. Some incredible dam broke and I grew wild...blatantly offering him poses, allowing my hands to roam over my body as he watched. I licked my lips and laughed aloud at the moan it brought to his lips. I pressed my hand firmly between my thighs and our moans joined in song. We had five minutes left in this drive and it was far too long to wait. I had demanded that his hands stay on the wheel, but now mine insisted on feeling his younger body and I gave them license to finally touch...and it was wonderful. I caressed his young clothed body, teasing us both, seeking nipples and muscles, then touching the skin on the back of his neck before cupping his cheek.

"Pull over, Richard," I hissed as my fingers fumbled with his fly. He sought a dark private road, but quickly settled for a minor side street and wheeled his car to the curb. The tires kissed the curb just as my lips kissed the swollen head of his penis in this nice suburban neighborhood.

Difficult to see in the dark, it was still easy to smell his excitement and feel the heat emanating from his crotch. I burned too deeply to play, so I pulled him into my mouth as deep as I could, moaning with the thrill of it sliding past my lips. With closed eyes, I pulled him slowly from my mouth, savoring each inch and the flavor of his pre-cum on my swirling tongue. Richard's fingers entwined in my hair and I moaned my encouragement, then felt a distant part of my mind take control. I looked into his eyes and heard my voice, cool despite my fire, "No, lover, don't touch. Later I will take your face in my palms and fuck it, but you may not touch me. Not yet. Play with your nipples if you like, but leave the fucking to my mouth. "

He lost himself in groans, telling me that I had hit my mark. My own body spasmed slightly as electric thrills raced down my spine, expanding through each breast to each nipple, then reversing and coursing into my soaking cunt. I lifted his cock with practiced fingers and sucked him furiously. An oral gift without mercy, my tongue rubbed insistently against that spot just below the tip as my mouth delivered firm pressure along the entire length of his lovely shaft. Occasional headlights illuminated his semi-prone body, adding fuel to my already out of control passion. There is something rich in having a man's cock in my mouth that drives me wild, and his encouraged me with constant drops of pre-cum as it expanded under my oral lovemaking. My throat accepted each drop with a moan and my voice became loud enough for any passers-by to hear; Richard had to know I loved this. His fingers twisting his own nipples spoke of his desire and I redoubled my efforts to make him come. My bobbing head did no t want to prolong this, just to feel...there was no softness in this blow job as there would be in future ones, just firm wet touches designed to bring him off as quickly as possibly.

Within seconds I felt his balls tighten under my caressing palm and his back arched fully. I rammed my tongue along his shaft now as I sucked and his hands reached for my head, hesitated, then settled for gripping the seat beside me. He was mine. His cock now undulated, but I held on, waiting for his yell. He whimpered as my moaning mouth worked him, but even as his orgasm approached he remained almost silent. Undaunted, I slide a finger, wet with our juices, to his asshole just as he began to buck really hard, and was rewarded with an uncontrolled shout...of my name.

Richard sent his shout to the entire neighborhood and a part of me wanted to laugh aloud. Fortunately, more of me needed to feel his cum, so hot and wet and uncontrolled. I swallowed, wanting everything from him, then cleaned him cat-l ike as he recovered, finally allowing the giggles to erupt. Richard joined me in a rumbling laugh of joy that lasted for several minutes. Even as we laughed I occasionally swiped my tongue across his cock under the pretense of cleaning, but the truth was I hated every second when I was not touching him. It wasn't long before I felt the telltale twitch, which said he would be able to come again. This time it would be in private and deep inside me.


The rest of the drive, all five minutes, was critical. I knew as Richard calmed that he might feel guilty and want to drop me off, but my plan, created in the ten minutes since we left the restaurant, had considered his reticence. Never letting his sexual mind recede, I whispered wicked comments into his ear constantly, "...my pussy needs your mouth so much...do you want that? Do you want my flavor on your tongue?...perhaps you would prefer to fuck after all this teasing...though I know you like teasing, so maybe I can give you more, and more...and more?...I like all positions, which one would you like?..."

Sometimes I kissed him at stoplights, drawing stares of nearby drivers and offering Richard a taste of his own semen that he could not resist. I liked just parting my lips and waiting for his tongue to reach out to me first then pulling away with the smile he loved. He reached for my lips over and over, moaning my name, losing his focus on the road. I grazed his penis with my fingernails and enjoyed the glisten of his sweaty skin. Finally I had taken him to our online lustful places, but now at last it was real. Richard was hooked on my touch.

When we reached the motel that I had arranged for earlier, he was quite ready. Desperate myself, I barely recall my own actions. No sooner did the door open than I found myself face down on the edge of the bed, my ass rapidly exposed. I clearly offered my ass to him and immediately felt the gratifying hardness of his cock sawing along my crack, gliding wetly from my tummy through my cunt lips, over my clit, and between my ass cheeks. Would he choose...? No, his velvety head found my cunt again, sliding in with one firm push as h is hands came around to pull me close. Over my shoulder I kissed him, but this only allowed a bit of movement, so I released his mouth and lowered my head for a good hard ride.

Richard took me much harder than I expected, but no harder than I liked. At first he drove in solidly, rocking in and out just an inch or so with his cock deep in me, but soon he began those hard smacking thrusts that I adore. His firm stomach and pelvis smacked my ass as his hands took control of my hips. I closed my eyes and returned each thrust and our fucking grew wilder. This was pure raw sex, no teasing or lovemaking, just two cats coupling in an alley. We sweated together as our fire built and I heard his rasping breathing mix with my own whimpers until all I felt was my cunt meeting his cock.

Hard...god, so nice...hard fucking...sometimes he almost lifted me...up on my toes...settle back...get fucked again...wetness on my inner thighs....the steady pounding rhythm...

I groaned, writhed...his hips rotated as they fucked...dammit, let me come...let...me...please.....close......

Then I felt his mouth close on my neck and his cock moved even faster...then the sucking...teeth...THERE! There, at last, cumming for him, for us!

My body collapsed forward under his and I enjoyed being sandwiched between warm bed and warm young lover. With my eyes closed, I saw only deep red images on my eyelids; images indecipherable but comforting and rich. I felt Richard's lips kissing my throat softly...moving to my ear, nibbling at my earlobe just as his voice confirmed, "I'm crazy about you..." I smiled and ran my nails down his back, right at the pain threshold, and whispered as I claimed his mouth with my lips, "Then belong to me, Richard." I swallowed his answering moan and let him feel my knowing smile through our kiss.

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