tagLoving WivesMeeting in the Park

Meeting in the Park


Before you email me to tell me what a mean husband I am please realize this is a fantasy written about a meeting up with a friend of ours

It was an early fall afternoon, and as arranged we met Ross in one of the local parks not too far from the airport. Although the days were getting shorter it was still quite sunny, and fortunately for her it was still quite warm at 5pm. The temperature had been near 70 that day but had already dropped a few degrees when we met at the secluded shelter a short walk from the parking lot.

Sam already knew what was required of her, and even though she had whined a little during the drive to the park she knew that she would once again do whatever Ross and I asked of her.

As her mind started to imagine the various types of things they might make her do she started to blush and whimper a little more. She also began to get a little excited when she thought about the different types and levels of exposure and sexual humiliation that they would put her through.

She wished she wouldn't have to do these things, but she also knew that while she was doing them she would get turned on and have more than one orgasm. She couldn't bring herself to admit that she enjoyed these experiences, as that's something only a slut would say, so afterwards she would always deny that she had found any pleasure being exposed, humiliated and used by her husband and others. However, she also knew that it she really said that she wouldn't do what was asked she could walk away at any time. But she couldn't bring herself to admit that either.

Since I had picked Sam up at school she was still dressed in her everyday modest schoolteacher clothes. There wasn't enough time to go home and change since we only had a few hours before Ross had to catch another plane. When we pulled into the parking lot we saw that a rental car was already there, and knew that Ross would be waiting. With different levels of expectation and anticipation we quickly made our way to the park shelter. We could see that Ross was impatient, and as we had prearranged he quickly assumed a position of authority.

He seemed offended that we were late, and when Sam said it was her fault that she couldn't get out of school any earlier since one of the students was held after class. Ross looked at me, and we both said that since it was her fault for being late she'd have to make up for it in a very special way. She seemed to shiver a little at the thought of this, but remained standing still. Ross told her that since she'd been so selfish about taking time away from our adventure that she would have to begin by immediately taking off her clothes.

Although Sam had been stripped in front of men many times before she's rarely had to undress herself. It's always easier for her if she allows things to happen, and doesn't have to take an active part in it.

She quickly took of her jacket and laid it on a picnic table and began to unbutton her dress. We told her that she wasn't going to get any help undressing from us. This time she would have to strip while we watched. Her hand was shaking as she finished with the buttons and she quickly stepped out of her dress and handed it to me to lay on the table. Then she took off her slip and stood before us in just her bra and panties. Since she had come from school she was wearing simple cotton panties and a white bra. She stopped for a moment as Ross told her to wait so we could check her out.

We enjoyed watching her discomfort at standing in front of us in just her bra and panties. Ross and I quickly planned the next move, and as Sam moved away from us I picked up her jacket, dress and slip and started to walk to the car. The parking lot was still empty as I put her clothes into the trunk. When I got back to them Ross was standing behind Sam running his hands over her body as she stood still in her underwear.

After a few moments Ross backed off and asked her to continue taking off her clothes. She hesitated for a moment, and then reached behind to unhook her bra. When it was unfastened she tried to keep it to cover up her breasts, but as Ross held out his hand she gave it to him. Instead of putting it on the table he folded it up and put it in his pocket.

He told her that he wanted it for a souvenir, and that she should continue taking off her clothes. She was still shaking as she slipped her panties down and stepped out of them. Ross took the panties from her, and after a quick sniff ripped them in half. Sam jumped as she heard the material rip, and with each tear he made she realized that she wouldn't be able to use them to cover herself up again.

He then reached into his pocket and as Sam and I watched he tore her bra into little pieces as well. Sam was now stranded in the picnic shelter without any clothes. Her jacket and dress were safely locked in the car, and her underwear had just been ripped to shreds in front of her.

With that thought in mind she seemed to collapse and sat on one of the benches. The sun was beginning to set and it was obvious that Sam was a bit chilly since her breasts had become tight and her nipples hard as little marbles. At that point she asked us "now what are you going to do to me?" and Ross responded by walking over to stand in front of her. He unzipped his pants and told her to get busy. She quietly reached into his pants and took out his very hard cock. She didn't have to move at all, but simply opened her mouth and began to suck his cock.

I knew that if Ross was as excited as I was he wouldn't last long, and he quickly began to pump his cock in and out of her mouth. Just as I expected he soon grabbed her hair and started to rapidly pump his cock into her face. Just as he was ready to shoot his load into her mouth he told her that she'd better not lose any of his cum, but needed to swallow all of it if she was going to get any of her clothes back. With that he began to pump and pump what seemed to be an enormous load of cum into her mouth.

Sam was doing the best she could to swallow it all but Ross had more that she could handle and eventually she had to let some slide out of her lips. When he was done Ross backed up to examine her face, and from the trail of cum running down her chin it was obvious that she hadn't been able to do as he had told her.

Ross told her how disappointed he was with her performance, and suggested that perhaps it wasn't even a good blow job after all. He asked me what I thought she had to do to make up for it. After some thought I suggested that she be given another chance to make up for it. Sam was still sitting on the bench waiting for what might come next. She looked so helpless and submissive sitting there I just couldn't help but step up in front of her and offer her my cock. She quickly began to suck it thinking that this was what she needed to do to make up for Ross, but as she was working her mouth on my cock I told her that my load of cum was going to go on the outside of her face, not in her mouth.

The failure to swallow all of Ross's cum was something she'd have to make up for with him. She groaned and shivered some more as she pulled my cock out of her mouth and began to pump it with her hands.

She knew this type of sex real well so she positioned herself under my cock to present her face to receive my load of cum. Ross noticed that a few more cars were coming into the parking lot, and with a sudden moment of inspiration told Sam that he'd thought about her punishment and took off on a run to meet two guys just getting out of their truck.

He soon returned with them and I could hear his telling them about this cum loving slut that he and a friend had met in the park. When he got close enough for Sam to hear him as well he began to tell them how she was willing to give everybody a blow job that wanted one. As soon as they came around the corner of the picnic shelter I couldn't wait any longer and began to unload my cum on Sam's face. The timing was perfect! Just as they walked into view they were greeted with the site of a naked women getting her face covered in cum.

One of the guys looked a little shocked but his buddy quickly reached into his pants to pull out a rapidly stiffening cock. This guy was a bit overweight, and not at all good looking. It was apparent that he wasn't going to miss this opportunity. He almost pushed me out of the way as he came up to stand in front of Sam. Since her face was covered with cum she couldn't really tell what was happening.

He quickly grabbed her by the head and began to try and ram his cock into her mouth. She resisted at bit, but after he hammered his cock against her teeth a few times she eventually opened up her mouth and took him in. She didn't even move as he began to rapidly pound his cock into her mouth. She hadn't even closed her lips around him, but he evidently didn't know much about blow jobs as he simply continued his pumping actions.

Almost within a few seconds he started to cum and as he deposited his load in her, Sam simply let it slide out the sides of her mouth. He was pretty proud of himself and remarked about what a great blow job that was. In reality he hadn't gotten anything from her other than a place shoot his load. Both Ross and I teased him about it being his first chance for oral sex, or maybe his first chance for sex. He denied all the remarks, but quickly left the shelter. His friend seemed to be a little hesitant, and as he stepped up to stand before Sam he asked if she was ok. She only nodded her head, which didn't seem to convince him, so he asked again. At that point I asked her to tell him who she was. After she wiped the cum out of her eyes she opened them long enough to look in my direction and with a nod toward me said that she was my wife.

He looked shocked, appalled and intrigued all at once. It looked like he wasn't sure what to do, so I reminded him that we needed to hurry, and if he wanted to use Sam he'd better hurry up. Perhaps it was the wedding ring on his finger, or some other reason, but he still hesitated. Ross couldn't take it any longer and instructed Sam to speak up. After taking a deep breath she asked him if he'd like a blow job, or would he rather have sex with her. I helped her to her feet and slowly turned her around so he could have a good look at her body.

When I asked it he'd like to fuck her ass she twitched, but I could tell from the look in his eyes that he wanted to try her ass hole. I slowly bent her over the table to provide access for him. As he began to pull out his cock I tossed him a condom nd he quickly put it on.

He moved up behind Sam and took direct aim at her ass hole. He remarked that his wife had only once let him try to fuck her in the ass, and although he hadn't been able to make it she'd never done it again. Without any preliminaries he began to push and slide his cock between her cheeks and into her hole. He got the head of his cock in quite easily, and stopped for a few moments to regain his composure.

He was getting ready to make to big push needed to enter her completely, and in preparation Sam had grabbed the sides of the table to hold on. He slowly pushed and as Sam pushed backwards his cock inched into her ass hole. He was having a difficult time controlling himself, and after pausing again he couldn't wait and started to wildly thrust into her ass.

Since this was a rare event for him he didn't have a chance, and after just a few strokes gave one last thrust into her and pulled her hips back toward him. almost immediately he pulled out in a rush, peeled off the condom and took off toward his truck. Ross and I wondered if he was feeling guilty or it he was going home to tear apart his wife's still virgin ass hole.

By now Sam was shivering from the cold so we decided to head back to the car. We'd only gone a few steps before she reminded us that she was still naked (which we knew). She didn't know if she should run ahead, or wait until we reached the car, but finally walked between us down the path to the parking lot.

There still weren't many cars in the lot, so the chance of any one seeing her was slight. But just as we reached the edge of the parking lot a car load of teenage boys pulled in. They raced around the perimeter of the lot, and screeched to a halt as they pulled up by us. Now Sam began to shiver from both embarrassment and cold as the boys started to yell and make obscene remarks.

She was terrified so as the car door opened she quickly jumped in without realizing that it was Ross's rental car. With that the boys took off and I handed Sam her dress. When Sam was dressed I told her the real reason for our meeting today. Ross was just passing through today, on his way to a conference in another city.

I told Sam that Ross had already bought her a ticket, and that I was giving her to him for entertainment for the next few days. I told her that she was going to do what ever he wanted to who ever he wanted, and that he would return her to the park where I would pick her up late Sunday afternoon.

Before she could say anything I drove away knowing that I would pick up a very used wife in a few days.

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