tagCelebrities & Fan FictionMeeting Lindsay Lohan Ch. 03

Meeting Lindsay Lohan Ch. 03


My slave emmy and I cuddled happily with movie star Lindsay Lohan. We had met her at the Empire State Building on this, her 18th birthday. Her boyfriend and she had been fighting, and when emmy and I befriended her, she rewarded us with a trip to the 37th Floor of this posh Park Avenue hotel. First, I made Lindsay a woman, then emmy and I made her a bisexual sex slut.

Our latest bedroom session complete, we cuddled and talked, all of us nude, sweaty and covered in cum somewhere on our bodies. We spoke of the joy we had been sharing all afternoon. As we were speaking, My stomach rumbled ominously.

"Master," emmy said, "Are You hungry? You know You have to keep up Your strength."

"Yes, My love," I agreed. "I am hungry. We've had nothing to eat since lunch, and that's been ..." as I looked at My watch, "Hours ago. Lindsay, My love?"

"Yes, Master?" she giggled. Lindsay had expressed a desire to learn how to be My slave as well, and this was one of her first attempts at addressing Me properly.

"My girl, do you want to go out?"

"No, Master. I am quite content being with You and emmy. Going out will cause me to be deluged with autograph seekers. Let's stay in here. I can order room service, and show you the rest of the suite. It's really kewl."

Lindsay hopped off the bed. emmy followed her, and together they planned the evening meal. Lindsay ordered room service, then headed for the shower to clean off. She and emmy had decided that Lindsay should shower first and be presentable when the food was delivered.

The warm water of the shower pelted off Lindsay's smooth skin. She was remembering every sensation she had just gone through, from the feel of My cock in her mouth, then in her pussy, to the feel of emmy's pussy in her mouth, emmy's mouth on her pussy, and My cock deep in her ass. Without planning to, Lindsay started playing with herself, losing herself in her memories as her soapy fingers started slipping in and out of her pussylips. A soft moan fled Lindsay's mouth, as she built herself up.

Suddenly the shower door opened, and emmy slid into the shower with Lindsay. Each woman smiled, then the 18-year-old starlet smiled bigger as emmy replaced the fingers in Lindsay's pussy with a thick rubber dildo, something she always carried under orders from Me. emmy started thrusting the dildo deep in Lindsay's pussy, and Lindsay experienced another first, as she was fucked with her first toy.

Each stroke of the dildo drove Lindsay closer and closer to the edge of orgasm, and she found her legs wobbling. She collapsed over emmy's back, and as she orgasmed, she screamed until she drove her teeth into emmy's shoulder. emmy moaned at the lovely pain Lindsay gave her.

Slowly Lindsay returned to her senses. When she did, she took the bar of soap and started washing emmy's body, soaping her large 46D breasts to the accompaniment of emmy's moans. Lindsay worked the soap all around emmy's breasts, and emmy, whose breasts are very sensitive, started leaking her precum from her pussy. Lindsay took the loofa and scrubbed the grime and cum off emmy's breasts, then kissed and licked emmy's very erect nipples.

The kisses set emmy off, and she came, crying out in ecstasy as her body shook in joy. Lindsay waited until emmy's whimpers slowed, then quickly soaped down the rest of emmy's body. then she turned emmy around and soaped My lover's ass. With the ass soaped up, Lindsay took the dildo and, laughing softly, shoved it into emmy's asshole.

emmy screamed louder than before, loud enough to attract My attention. I followed the sounds into the steamy bathroom, noting the size of the tub with approval. emmy was on her hands and knees, screaming her pleasure. Lindsay was shoving the dildo deeper into emmy's ass with every stroke. I watched happily, grabbing My cock and stroking it lazily.

As the dildo drove deeper, emmy's screams increased in volume. I could tell that emmy wanted to cum, but was holding back because I was now in the room. I watched as she built up and built up to orgasm, then watched happily as she struggled to contain herself.

Finally, I gave her release. "Enchanted," I spoke, giving emmy the keyword that allows her to orgasm. With a sigh of pleasure, emmy came hard, giving an initial squirt from her pussy before dropping down to a solid flow of cum juices oozing from her pussy.

"Lindsay, clean her off, then dry off and get dressed," I ordered. The star moved her mouth to emmy's pussy and tentatively licked at emmy, tasting her cum. She liked what she tasted and licked more, cleaning her lover happily. Then Lindsay climbed out of the shower, her 36c breasts bobbing as she walked.

As she headed to her dresser, I followed. Lindsay reached for her panties and I said "No."

She looked perplexed. "No, Master?" she repeated.

"No underwear, girl. And put on a very sheer dress."

Slowly, Lindsay complied. As she dressed, I talked to her. Lindsay explained to Me that she had never been able to buy a sex toy, because she was too famous. She said she had nightmares of going into an adult toy store, only to have a photo of that entrance plastered all over the front page of the tabloids. As a result, she had never used anything except her fingers on herself.

The dress Lindsay chose to wear was almost see-through, and hugged her body tightly. Each curve on her sexy body was accentuated, and I noted with pleasure that her nipples were hard. My training was getting to her, even though she didn't know she was being trained.

It was time to test her desires to serve Me as she had stated. emmy emerged from the bathroom, wearing just a robe. I turned to them both.

"Here are My orders," I said. "Lindsay, when the server comes in with the food, you will strip and suck his cock or her pussy, depending on gender." Lindsay looked oat Me in horror.

"A comp ... " she started.

"Quiet!!" I roared. "Obey Me! Or be punished!!"

"Yes, Master," she said meekly.

"emmy, you will play with yourself in his/her presence while Lindsay is busy. Lindsay, you will do this for 10 minutes, then throw the server out .. . without letting him/her cum."

"Yes, Master," they both said.

Satisfied My orders would be followed, I went in to shower. I hurried as fast as I could, wanting to see My orders followed.

Finishing the final rinse of soap from My body, I heard the doorbell ring. I kept the shower running, and slipped to the door, watching in awe.

The bellhop was male, and though he was in the room, he was trying to back out of the suite rapidly. Lindsay Lohan was pulling her dress over her head, stalking the frightened bellhop. As she threw her dress at him, the bellhop tripped and Lindsay pounced. In a flash, she had his cock out of his pants, and she was sucking away at it. emmy walked over to the prone bellhop, and started masturbating over him, letting him see her fingers pulling at her clit and thrusting inside herself.

Time passed as Lindsay and emmy teased the hell out of this poor boy. Six minutes in, he screamed "I'm cumming!!" Lindsey stopped sucking and grabbed his cock in a death grip, cutting the cum off before it could escape. Her mouth worked on his balls as she squeezed, and I could tell by his moans that she had succeeded.

Time crawled for the poor bellboy as Lindsay Lohan took his cock deep down her throat. He looked up and saw emmy's puss dripping down on his face. He looked down and saw this awesome starlet sucking his cock. Just as he was about to cum, both girls stopped and stepped away.

"HEY!!" he moaned. "I need to cum!! Finish me!!"

emmy and Lindsay turned to each other and started kissing, ignoring the blue-balled bellhop. He rose and started reaching for My girls. I stepped fully from the bathroom and spoke up.

"You, leave now!" I ordered. "You say anything about this, and we will get you fired."

The bellhop zipped up quickly and ran from the room, swearing to keep quiet. The three of us fell into laughter, then I sat down and watched as a nude Lindsay and emmy served Me dinner, then sat down and ate dinner also.

After dinner, Lindsay showed us around. The most amazing sight in the suite was on the terrace. Out there was a full hot tub. emmy and I had shared a fantasy regarding hot tubs, so we both smiled. I suggested we take advantage of the tub, so we all climbed in, still nude.

The water was wonderful. I sent emmy out to grab the wine from the mini-fridge. She came back with a soft white wine, and poured three glasses. Another first for Lindsay, as she sipped her first alcoholic beverage.

As the wine worked its magic, I pulled Lindsay closer and kissed her. I murmured between kisses that she had pleased Me greatly, and she deserved a reward. emmy's hands slipped under the water and I felt one hand grasp My cock and start stroking. The shudder that suddenly rocked Lindsay Lohan told Me where emmy's other hand went. Lindsey started moaning into My mouth, and as emmy stroked Me, I moaned into Lindsay's.

The kiss increased in intensity. Lindsay rubbed her 18-year-old body against Mine, arousing Me even more. emmy suddenly dove under the water, and I felt her mouth take My cock inside it. she sucked on Me quickly, then rose for air. As she emerged, Lindsay dove into the water, and duplicated emmy's underwater blowjob.

My two girls took turns sucking on Me, one getting air while the other was getting cock. I got hard quickly, as I had never had an underwater blow job before. The girls continued until I was rock hard, and I told them to stop.

I told them to turn and start kissing each other. Lindsay, with her back to the hot tub wall, rose up a bit to sit on the hot tub deck, then took emmy into her arms and they dissolved into another deep kiss, tongues playing with each other. I stepped behind both of them, and raising up, plunged My hard cock into Lindsay's pussy. She shuddered happily as I thrust into her, keeping her kiss on emmy and even deepening it in her lust.

I drove deep into Lindsay's tight pussy, filling her again and again. This time, Lindsay said nothing about Me needing a condom. She had accepted Me as Master and lover, and given Me complete access to her pussy.

After several strokes, I pulled out of Lindsay, lifted slightly, and filled emmy's pussy. This time, My slave moaned into Lindsay's mouth as I fucked her.

After several strokes, I moved from emmy's pussy to Lindsay's. Several strokes, and I returned to emmy. Back and forth My cock went, from emmy to Lindsay to emmy to Lindsay. The three of us grew in our excitement and lust. emmy and Lindsay ground their clits together, adding to their fervor.

Lindsay came first. As My cock drove back into Lindsay, she shuddered deeply, screamed in joy and released her womanly juices, drenching My cock in her orgasmic lusts. She shook, then lay still as I ceased My fucking her.

While she was slowing her shudders, I pulled out of her. Sensing My cock was more than wet enough, I raised higher than before and buried Myself deeply into emmy's ass, plunging to My balls with the first stroke. Several quick strokes later, emmy begged to cum and I let her. she released her own juices, letting them drench Lindsay's still-wet pussy.

Two or three strokes later it was My turn. I pulled out of emmy's ass, and shot My seed at both of them, splattering their pussies with My cum. I unloaded just as hard as the first orgasm of the night, shooting several shots at them.

As I finished, both girls slid back into the water, holding Me and each other in a three-way hug.

"Now, Master," emmy finally said, "Can we play?"

Lindsay looked at emmy in surprise. "I thought we've been playing all night?" she said.

"No, my new sister," emmy explained. "It's time Master played with us using our toys. You'll love them."

"Toys?" Lindsay asked. "What toys?"

What toys indeed.

To Be Continued.

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