tagIncest/TabooMeeting Mary

Meeting Mary


This is a work of fiction. Or is it?

It had been quite some time since they had first met. Years in fact, since they had first spoken to each other. And now, they were finally meeting, meeting after all the e-mails and late night chats and talking on the phone. They had planned it, thought out every detail, but none of their planning would be adequate for the reality that awaited both.


Mary had been sitting at the lounge bar for just a few minutes when the first man had hit on her. She had on a black cocktail dress that showed her figure well. Soft curves and fit legs with 4 inch toeless black heels made her a bit of a looker. At 45 years old with her long blond hair done up and wearing her glasses she looked just like a school teacher meeting someone for a date. And she was, just not anyone from around here.

Turning to look at the gentlemen that had offered to buy her a drink she politely declined and turned back to waiting.

Sitting there Mary let her mind wander, she wondered what he would look like, what his first thought upon seeing her would be, just little things that made her wonder. She had seen pictures of him of course. They had even chatted on a webcam a few times, but still, she couldn't get it out of her mind that he might not be real.

Taking a nut out of the bowl on the bar in front of her with her painted nails she placed it between her lips and cracked it slightly with her teeth and chewed slowly, her mind still lost in thought. What was he going to be wearing she thought? What would he say when he first got here? More importantly what would she say? With these thoughts going through her head she didn't notice the young man sit down beside her until after few moments.

"Hello Mary." The young man said.

Mary still lost in thought didn't realize who was speaking to her for a moment. Then realization came to her that she knew that voice and she turned.

She came face to face with the man she had been fantasizing about for months, the one man who had held her imagination captive with thoughts of lust and wonder. This man, 30 years old with big muscles and almost 6 feet tall was sitting beside her, the man she had wanted for so long was finally here. Brown hair and blue eyes gazed at her with a slight twinkle of amusement. She gazed at him for a moment before shaking herself and speaking.

"Bobby! Hello to you too!" She laughed as she reached around and hugged the younger man.

As their arms encircled each other they each tucked their faces into the others neck, inhaling the scent of a man and a woman. Both reveling in the embrace each had waited for so long, just a simple touch.

Pulling back Mary held his face in her hands and looked into his eyes smiling, seeing the smile returned by her friend. Lightly she trailed her fingers over his jaw and down to his lips, her fingers soft and gentle, a lover's caress.

Bobby opened his mouth slightly as the tip of her finger dipped inside he sucked lightly on the tip as she slowly withdrew it.

"I've waited for months now Bobby, I don't want to wait any longer..." Mary whispered as she let her hand fall into his.

"Me either sweetie." Bobby smiling whispered back.

Tossing some money down on the bar Mary quickly grabbed her purse and almost jerked Bobby up from where he was sitting as she walked briskly out of the lounge to the elevator. Bobby just laughed softly as he kept up with her.

The elevator bell chimed and they both got on, along with two business men talking about the local hockey game.

On the ride up Mary snuck quick peeks at him, with Bobby doing the same. Both smiling and waiting for it to reach the 6th floor. When it finally chimed 6 they both moved around the two business guys and walked/ran to their room.

Mary now shaking slightly, almost bouncing as her lover got his room key out and unlocked the door. Shoving it open Mary grabbed his hand and quickly dragged him inside while he laughed as her eagerness.

Inside Mary turned and kissed him long and deep, a frantic kiss trying to inhale and consume every last drop of his essence. Bobby for his part kissed her back, dueling his tongue with hers.

Pulling back after a minute, both breathless now, Mary turned around and told him to unzip her dress while tossing her glasses over onto the nightstand.

Bobby thinking that a good student always does as told grinned and slowly pulled the zipper down to the small of her back.

"Undress me baby..." She whispered.

Bobby using both hands ran them lightly up her spine, fingers moving over her muscles, over her black lace bra strap, to the top of her shoulders. He slid his hands palms down onto her shoulders and gently under the straps. Moving his hands to either side of her shoulders he gently moved the straps to the side and let the dress pool down at her feet.

Moving his hands lower he ran them over her womanly hips past her black panties to her thighs and back up to the snap on her bra. Gently he undid it and let it hang loose. Leaning close he whispered in her ear.

"Turn around sweetie..." He whispered.

Mary turned around with a slightly dazed expression on her face. Flushed and hot she was ready, so very ready to mate with this man of hers. Looking into his smiling eyes she couldn't help but want to taste his lips again. Bringing his head down she kissed him lightly and told him to hurry.

Bobby still smiling slowly sank to his knees as Mary watched. Taking both hands he gently put his thumbs under each side of her panties and slowly pulled. They gave slowly, each side going down and down, the very center slowly unfolding and revealing her shaved and aroused pussy. Getting her panties to her feet Bobby told her to step out of them. As Mary picked up her feet one at a time, he slipped off her heels as well as the panties from her.

Standing he gently took his hands and cupped each of her tits in his hands, gently kneading them through her bra, making her pant. Leaning down he kissed her ear and whispered.

"Lay down on the bed Mary..." He breathed.

Mary groaning now with her eyes closed sat on the bed and shaking lay back, aching and longing for the moment to come.

Bobby slowly took his clothes off, his shoes and socks first, his shirt next revealing his sculpted, but hairy chest and arms. And next came his pants and boxer-briefs, those finally releasing his very hard cock, already dripping with pre-cum, ready to mount with this woman beneath him.

Bobby fought with himself as he climbed on the bed. Part of him wanted to ravage this willing female, but another part of him, the part that was under control knew he wanted to savor this moment, this seduction. Running his hand along her thighs and up her hips he came to her tits. Gently he pulled the straps and brought the bra down her arms and finally her wondrous tits came into view for him. Twin mounds of delightful goodness, aureoles as big as a small saucer, nipples as big as dimes, he longed to touch them, but he knew not yet, not yet.

Moving down between his lovers legs he gently cupped his hands under her ass and slid her forward on the bed, giving him room to work.

Starting at her feet he gently kissed, rubbed and tickled her painted toes with his tongue, causing Mary to groan and giggle. Working his hands over her calves he trailed soft kisses and little licks of his tongue up her legs working those oh so important sensitive parts of her body. Hands kneading, rubbing, stroking, building it up, constantly building up desire with his lover. He knew she was hot and ready now, but he wanted to wait, wanted to savor as much as he could.

Working his way up he was now at top of her legs. His hands circled her mature hips and using just his finger tips and the tip of his tongue he traveled between the valley of her thighs. He rubbed her thighs gently, coming close to the treasure in the center but not quite coming in contact with those dew-laden lips. He traced his tongue on the outside of her, inhaling that powerful female scent, letting his tongue tickle and tease.

Mary almost cried aloud in protest when she felt his tongue and hands go higher, leaving her panting and moaning in protest as he started trailing kisses along her stomach, past her belly button.

Bobby now trailed his tongue to the underside of her breasts gently kissed them with small suctioning kisses, very light, not enough to make marks as his hands cupped them.

Using his hands he gently encircled the tops of her tits and squeezed gently, making her aureoles and nipples bulge out. He gently squeezed them a few more times before he released them bringing an almost gasped protest from Mary, who was practically writhing now on the bed. Smiling to himself Bobby made his way up to his lover's neck where he gently took her ear into his teeth and nibbled causing her to gasp. Running his hands up to grab hers and hold them above her head he gently traced her ear with his tongue, running it from the lobe to the arch and back down causing her to nearly scream in frustration.

Moving his head around to face her he saw she was squirming and writhing with her eyes closed, desperate to end the sweet torture of his teasing.

"Open your eyes Mary." He whispered.

Mary opening her eyes gazed at her man with lust crazed eyes and quickly engulfed his mouth with hers, fighting to get as much of her lover's tongue as she could, sucking hard.

After a moment Bobby pulled back causing Mary to groan again.

"Do you want to cum Mary?" He whispered.

"Yes! Oh gods yes please!" She almost shouted.

"Shhh, lay back now and I promise, you will." He replied, moving away and down between her legs.

Laying between her thighs now he gently opened them further and saw she was practically dripping onto the bed. Laughing softly to himself he traced his fingertips over the lips and ran his tongue just over her clit causing her to moan. He gently blew hot breath onto her engorged clit as his fingers slowly worked her folds, one hand lightly tracing the lips, and the other raising the hood over her clit. Taking the tip of his tongue he lightly flicked her clit with it causing her to gasp out loud and shake. Flicking it again he heard her moan loudly and he knew then that she was cumming.

Taking her clit between his lips he sucked gently which brought a wail out of her mouth as she came good and hard. Dipping two fingers inside her he felt the hot wetness flooding over them as she bucked and wailed on the bed, getting the release he had promised her.

Mary couldn't breathe, all the air was sucked out of her lungs for what seemed an eternity. Then she felt sweet air rush back into her lungs and she wailed as she came. She felt his fingers inside her, his lips sucking on her clit, the hot juices flowing out of her very aroused cunt. Stars danced before her eyes and she felt that oh so sweet release, she couldn't form a coherent thought, all she could do was feel and feel she did.

Bobby rode out her orgasm, having removed his fingers he held onto her bucking hips, the scissoring legs, but never stopping his suction of her sensitive clit.

And finally Mary couldn't take another second of it. Gently she pushed his head away and lay there awash in the afterglow of orgasm, her eyes closed and a smile on her face. She hadn't felt this way in years, ever she corrected herself. She felt like a woman again, not just someone to keep the house clean and fix meals. She felt alive again, she felt wanted, needed, loved.

Bobby now laying beside her face to face ran his hand over her hips making small circles along her skin. Glad he was able to give her what she wanted, what she needed.

Mary opening her eyes found herself smiling at her lover. The one man she had so long dreamed about was laying there, with smiling eyes.

She moved over and gently kissed his lips, tasting herself on him, not caring, gently moving her tongue in sync with his.

Pulling back now she whispered to him.

"Now it's your turn baby." She whispered smiling as she ran her hand down and lightly stroked his still hard cock for him, causing him to groan.

"I have all these fantasies about you baby, I love your writing and I want to be your mother..." She whispered seductively as her hand left his shaft and gently fondled his balls causing Bobby to groan again.

"Tell me what you want baby, tell me what you want Mommy to do, tell me baby..." Mary whispered as she slid down and gently used both hands to stroke and fondle Bobby's cock.

"I want..." Bobby said.

"Want what baby? Say it." She whispered.

"I want uh, I want you to suck my cock for me..." He whispered.

"Who baby? Who do you want to suck your cock?" She whispered back as she started stroking a little faster.

"My mother..." Bobby groaned.

"Oh that's so naughty baby, but your mother isn't here baby, only me, only Mary. Oh wait did you want me to be your mother baby? You want me to be your Mommy? Someone you just met in real life? Is that what you want baby?" She whispered back enjoying the game she was playing with her younger lover.

"Yes!" Bobby gasped.

"Ok baby, Mommy will take good care of you sweetie, don't you worry one bit." She said as got between his knees and brought her mouth down to his throbbing cock.

Using her tongue she lightly licked the head and ran down the shaft to the base. Up and down she went causing Bobby to moan as she teased him. Her hot breath and tongue lightly going up and down was driving him crazy.

"Please..." Bobby groaned.

"Please what baby? I have a name you know." She whispered as her tongue lightly flicked the underside of the head of his cock.

"Please Mom go down on me!" Bobby groaned out with his head raised looking down on her.

"Yes baby, Mommy will go down on you now, I'll take care of my baby boy." She said as she suddenly engulfed the head of his cock and sucked gently.

Bobby groaned as he felt her warm heat encircle his shaft, her lips parting and taking his head in and sucking gently. Desperate for her take it all he gently thrust forcing her to take more but she resisted. Pulling her mouth off she slowly stroked his cock.

"My, my, Mommy's little man is eager. You must want Mommy bad, don't you baby? Do you want your mother badly?" She whispered seductively still stroking.

"Yes I want my mother very badly..." He panted.

Saying nothing else Mary took his hard cock all the way down to the base, all seven fat inches into her throat and worked her muscles on him causing him to gasp. Slowly sucking on her way up she stroked as she went, working his balls in her other hand, gently rolling them between her fingers. Reaching the top she paused to suck hard on the head before going back down, taking all of him in. She did this for a full minute before she could feel his hips shake a little and she knew he was getting close. Pulling back and off him she lightly stroked and whispered.

"Oh no my fine son, you know where I want all that wonderfully potent sperm. You can't cum in anyplace else."

"I know, I know!" Bobby panted.

"Ok baby, are you ready for Momma to ride you? Remember that fantasy of ours? Make me, your Mother, pregnant? You still want to do that? You still want to pump Mommy full of cum and knock her up?" Mary whispered as she straddled his hips, his hard cock nestled between the fleshy groove of her cunt.

"Yes, but..." Bobby whispered.

"Don't worry baby, it'll just be between you and me, it's only fantasy baby, don't worry. But Mommy has a surprise for you too." Mary grinned as she reached down and used one hand to bring his head up and to her right breast.

"Suckle me sweetie, suckle Mommy's tit..." She whispered.

Bobby moaned around the nipple in his mouth and sucked. And to his utter surprise he got milk! Pulling back he looked up at Mary in disbelief while she laughed softly.

"I've been working on that for a month now sweetie, inducing lactation through nipple stimulation. I've been giving milk for a week now, and no one but you get's to drink from me. Momma wanted to feed you and only you tonight." She whispered smiling down at him as she gently placed the rubbery nipple back into his mouth and urged him to suckle. Bobby closing his eyes took the nipple back between his lips and sucked greedily, desperate to get more delicious milk from her breast.

As Mary gazed down at her son for tonight she arched her hips slightly and worked his cock into her tight channel, feeling her baby coming home. Gently working her hips she started riding him as he suckled her, the stimulation of him draining her breast and working his cock in her was driving her crazy.

Bucking slightly now she held his head to her tit as she rode, rocking back and forth feeling his pole touch places long been left untouched by any man. Grinding her hips now to rub her clit gently against his trimmed pubic hair she felt her orgasm building. Panting she ground down harder desperate to have another orgasm as Bobby sucked her right breast dry and immediately latched onto the left. Causing her orgasm to over-take her as she moaned loud and shook she flooded his cock with hot juices as she came shivering.

Bobby feeling her cum again kept sucking, loving the taste and feel of her hot liquid sliding down his throat while her cunt juices flowed around his cock. The effect was overwhelming, he started groaning into her left tit as he fed and then he felt the cum rising from his balls and up his shaft. Knowing he was about to cum he took both hands and grabbed her hips and thrust as best he could into the shaking woman on top of him. His mouth never leaving her nipple he groaned one more time before he started to explode inside this matronly woman's pussy.

Mary feeling Bobby about to cum as she shook in her own orgasm started whispering dirty talk in his ear.

"Cum for me baby, cum for Mommy. Give Mommy a baby, give me a lot of babies, as many as you can baby, fill Mommy up!" She almost screamed out the last as she felt her lover-son explode inside of her pussy. Hot ropes of potent sperm washing the insides of her cunt, causing her orgasm to trigger again. Causing her to wail and moan as her lover drained her left tit of the last drops of milk and fill her pussy to the rim with hot cum.

Bobby was in heaven as his cock unloaded shots of cum deep inside Mary, this wonderful woman Mary he had met months ago online. He couldn't get enough of her, of this fantasy, of her wonderful milk and her wonderfully hot cunt. Bucking slightly he strained against her forcing his cock and his cum as deep inside her as he could while sucking the last few drops of milk from her breast.

And finally, it was over. Bobby licked the last drop of milk from her breast. Then felt his cock start to soften when all the strength left his body and he flopped back, completely and totally satisfied for the first time in years. Mary lay down, her head on his chest, the cum leaking from her very full pussy.

For a moment neither of them spoke, both just basking in the glow of a very satisfying experience. But finally Mary raised her head and propped her chin on his chest and smiled.

"Did my baby like that?"

"Yes I did." Bobby laughed back, still slightly out of breath.

"Mmmm, good, I like it when my man is satisfied. Give Mommy a chance to clean up and we'll see about getting some more of that sperm out of those aching balls again." Mary said winking as she got off him and went to the bathroom.

Bobby just laid back and enjoyed the moment, closing his eyes he enjoyed the feeling of being satisfied.

He didn't hear Mary come back into the room until he felt a warm wet cloth cleaning his cock. Raising his head he saw Mary now gently wiping up the left over cum from around his shaft and gently wash his balls. He couldn't help it, the feeling of the warm cloth and gentle hands caused his shaft to immediately start to rise again. Mary seeing it rising laughed delightedly.

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