tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMeeting Me at the Ritz

Meeting Me at the Ritz


You met me at the Ritz where my firm was having a function. Dressed well in a suit which was tailored to your curves, the silk shell you were wearing enhanced the overall look hiding that which all the men in the room wanted to glimpse. The skirt, snug, and long had a slit on one side which revealed much of your leg when you walked, sat, and crossed your legs. The top, a single button holding it together, became a deep, deep V neck that you would not have dared to wear were you not covered by the light off white shell.

While I, and my clients and prospects, had the customary glasses of wine before the talk, you drank only soda with lime, being true to your promise to yourself, but wanting nonetheless for inhibitions to be lowered for the evening, and work to be... secondary. We each had a couple of glasses while chatting, my largest prospect chatting you up as I entertained my other clients knowing that you could hold your own. I put my arm around your waist and asked you how you were doing... "Just fine dear, enjoy yourself." and I kissed you on the cheek and patted your butt lightly before placing my hand just on the small of your back and continuing my conversation with the others.

Tonight, as you were in a mood, you had on no bra, and your hose were the type that required a garter belt rather than being 'thigh highs'. So, with nothing on but your suit, hose, shell, garter, shoes and jewelry, you felt naked to the world. As if, should you move just a touch, everyone could tell.

And then I asked, "Do you remember your promise?"


"Then go take off your shell."

"I can't."

"Go, do as I ask."

"Yes......... Sir."


As you walked away I smiled. You were being obedient, submissive, compliant. Knowing that I knew best what would work for you... for us. And that I would not overstep a boundary. And you trusted me in that.

Part 2

We couldn't help but notice when you came back in the room. While my back was toward you, my clients, and networking friends, all men, were facing your direction. The conversation went quiet for a moment and I knew what was happening but did nothing.

When you got to us you slipped your arm into mine and reached up to give me a kiss on the cheek. Whispering to me "Is this what you wanted?"...

Without looking down I knew you'd done as I asked just by the reaction of everyone else in the room. "Yes, Michelle, thank you."

Only then did I turn and kiss your cheek, and pull you close to me, hugging you from the side, breathing in the floral scent of your hair. Knowing that you had obeyed me. That you had had to muster every ounce of trust and go against your grain in every conceivable way. I whispered back to you "I love you."

It was not just the swell of your breasts, unhindered by a bra and obviously full beneath the suit coat which just covered your nipples unless you moved, or bent down even a touch, which every one of the men noticed. It was the chain which they couldn't imagine where it was attached. The chain, silver in appearance, dangled tantalizingly from right to left a few inches below your breasts hanging there with no apparent support until one realized that it was either attached to the inside of your suit coat, or...

Part 3

Thomas offered "Michelle, would you like to sit?" not knowing our rule, that when you sit you're not allowed to 'fix' your skirt. Where it lies, it lies.

Bowing to another tenet, that a lady should accept the invitations of a man graciously, "Thank you very much.' you replied and, knowing that the stool he proffered was tall and precarious and offered all kinds of options, each with its own opportunities, and difficulties, momentarily you closed your eyes, opened them again looking up at me knowingly, and with a soft kiss to my cheek moved to accept the stool.

Climbing up you couldn't help but lean over a bit as you moved to sit, and as expected, this short moment opened up the jacket top ever so much revealing the connection of the chain to you nipples. If one wasn't quick he would never have seen it, but with 4 sets of eyes on you, you knew at least one pair had had his wish come true. Thinking about this, and momentarily forgetting the 'fix' rule, you crossed your legs and the skirt, so conservative when draped over you legs standing, now split to mid thigh revealing the darker top of your hose but not exposing your thigh itself making you feel nearly naked in front of so many men. Imperceptibly to the others, but noticed by me was the quick hesitation as you realized what you'd done and stopped yourself from moving the skirt to cover your now beautifully exposed legs.

The stool being tall had your eyes at eye level for most of the men around you. However, for Thomas, who was much shorter at 5'6", his eyes were much closer to breast level and you could tell that he was just hoping that you'd make a slight move, reach down to fix your shoe, or lean forward when you laughed so he could glimpse your perfect breasts now known to be the anchor for the silver chain. He was thinking, as were all the men there, all wanting to unbutton your coat and fondle you, to play with those fabulous breasts, to kiss them, snuggle them, and to pull the chain.

Part 4

Conversation was light. The banter skipping over the obvious, that all the men there wanted not to make love, but to rut with you. To show that they were 'men', and that they could be as primitive as the first cave men stealing a wife from the neighboring tribe, conquering her and making her his own. But such is not the world we live in now. They couldn't just fight for your attentions. Craftily each one of them wondered what he'd have to do to take you from me, if only for an hour or two.

The band playing was a good one and the songs lively until finally they played an old Righteous Brothers tune "Unchained Melody" and, sensing the irony of the name of this song and wanting to rescue you for a few moments, I took your hand and led you off the stool and onto the dance floor. Quietly you put your head on my chest and we danced, entwined with one another my right hand around your back and my left holding your right pressed up closely to your chest and as we danced you kissed my chest on top of my suit coat "Thank you, Robert". Your eyes closed, our moment.

"Unchained Melody" is normally not that long a song but the band, knowing their audience, stretched it out to a full 5 minutes, and in the middle of the second singing of the second verse, it happened. Thomas tapped my shoulder and asked "May I cut in?". Smiling, and kissing you on the cheek, I replied "Of course.", handed you to him and walked off the dance floor to the rest of our company...

Part 5

You stood there for a moment not realizing what had just happened, your focus having been so intently on the dance and our closeness. But, in that moment, Thomas noticed that the button on your jacket had come unfastened and you were essentially wearing an open vest with a chain hanging from your nipples still just barely hidden by the material.

Being just below your height in flats, he was several inches shorter in the heels you were wearing that night and he took advantage of that difference immediately. Instead of the normal one arm around your back the other holding a hand as we were doing, he reached around you with both arms immediately leaving you no option but to put your arms around his neck while he nestled his head on your shoulder. When he did this he pulled your jacket just enough to uncover the clamps on your nipples, the ones to which the chain was attached. Your bare breasts now pressed next to him, your arms over his shoulders and his head below yours there was nothing you could do but dance where he took you.

"Robert's truly a lucky man, Michelle."

"Thank you, Thomas. I feel lucky to have him in my life."

As he chatted his hands dropped lower and pulled you closer to him wanting to have his leg between yours, to feel you as if the two of you were in bed together, and there was nothing you could do but to allow his advances waiting for the end of the song to come and be able to cover yourself again. You couldn't help however, your body's reactions to all the feelings and thoughts going through your head and you became very, very wet. This you noticed created its own problem. The wetter you were, the wetter you got.

Thomas leaned back just a touch as if to talk to you face to face, but rather than say something, he looked down at your breasts exposed only to him as you danced. The chain dangled, moving left and right with the swaying of your bodies and the movement of your breasts now free from the jacket and any pressure of a body next to you swung tantalizingly back and forth.

"Oh, my." you said "I should button my jacket." and started to pull your arms down to do just that when he pulled you close again not allowing you to manage this simple task. "Not yet... at the end of the song, please."

What could you do? So you put your arms back around his shoulders and continued the dance.

A moment later he shifted again. This time moving only slightly but taking his right hand and quickly running it up under your jacket where before, when he was patting the top of your buttocks he was at least not touching your skin. Now his hand was touching you, your skin, pulling you closer to him pressing you to his body as tightly as he could and again you felt naked, in a room full of people who had to be watching. And then, another shift, this time leaning back again he started to say something...

Lost in the dance, in your predicament, in your wetness, you didn't notice what he was doing or even hear what he said. It was as if you were in a trance when you felt the tug on your nipples. "Owww!" A quick, quiet recognition of the pulling on the chain. While the two of you were still dancing and what he was doing was not visible to anyone else on the dance floor you now knew what he had done. His finger looped under and then over the chain, he was pulling it downward pulling your nipples, stretching them while grinding himself into your crotch. Your eyes rolled up and you couldn't help the orgasm which shuddered through your body.

And then, almost as quickly as he had done this, the last chord of the song was played and "Unchained Melody" came to an end. He lingered for a moment smiling, pleased in his alpha male role for the moment, then let go. As he backed away to thank you for the dance, your jacket fell back into place and you quickly buttoned it up again and walked behind Thomas who'd left quickly, back to the stool where I waited for you with a kiss and a hug.

Part 5

"Did you enjoy your dance?"

"Yes, only.... I need to excuse myself for a bit. Would you mind coming with me?"

"Of course."

I said "Excuse us for a bit." to our company and you took my arm as we walked toward the restrooms which were quite a distance from the bar and dance floor.

With both your arms holding mine you felt protected as we walked and I was proud to have you on my arm. "What's up, Sugarplum?"

"I am sooo wet. I couldn't possibly have sat without a major stain on my skirt and I'm so very horny right now I could fuck a buffalo."

"Oh." I said quietly, and knowingly.

The hallway to the restrooms is off the ballroom where we'd been enjoying the company of my friends and to the left quite a ways. But before one gets to the entrance to the restrooms, there are a series of smaller conference rooms off to the right. As we passed the first one I stopped and opened the door beckoning you in. Obediently you stepped through the open door. As the door closed we lunged at one another hugged tightly, kissing passionately, hungrily. Where before, outside, we were quiet, sophisticated, and demure, here we were animals in heat pawing one another unwilling to wait for the moment to mate. Needing one another NOW.

"I need you inside me." was all I needed to hear. As you pulled my belt, unbuttoned and unzipped my pants freeing my manhood, I stood holding your head. Quickly your mouth engulfed me and stroked me nearly to completion as I held you there. Then, just before my climax was a foregone conclusion, I pulled you up and turned you around pulling your skirt to one side the slit allowing it to fall off and expose your well lubricated lady. Bending you over a couch back there was no foreplay this time. No teasing, light touching, no soft kisses or tender caresses. There was entry and abandon. "Ummmm!" you cried as if you were biting your lip as I pushed quickly forward having no resistance and no need for extra lubrication. Sex this time was quick, merciless, animalistic and we both knew that it was just what we needed. Cumming quickly, the release was complete for both of us. I stayed deep inside of you for moments as we both were momentarily exhausted.


I took a deep breath and exhaled before pulling back and after I had done that, you turned, fell to your knees again, and pulled me into your mouth. Our fluids were mixed together and you loved the flavor of 'us'. Sucking gently now, stroking me with your mouth, I couldn't help but smile. When you were done, you looked up at me, saw my smile, and smiled that satisfied, happy grin yourself, kissed the tip, and stood. As you did you gently replaced 'him' in my slacks and zipped them up all the while giving me a soft kiss your hands doing their work without you looking. It was a motion you were practiced at and one which I enjoyed thoroughly.

When you were done and your skirt returned to its proper alignment, we left the conference room and walked down the corridor your arms again linked in mine and I walking proudly with you at my side. "I so love you." you whispered to me as we walked. A quick kiss on your cheek "I love you too, Michelle."

Part 6

When we reached the restrooms you gave me yet another kiss and, as you did, I looped the chain in my finger and gave a light pull. Your kiss became stronger and, as your lips pressed harder on my own, I pulled tighter and tighter until your body stiffening with excitement and you were sure the clamps would snap off. Backing away I lightened up the pressure and when you gave me a second, quick kiss, I let go completely. "God, you make me so hot."

Checking yourself out as you entered the ladies room you were pleased with what you saw. Your hair in place, your suit smart and, since there was really nothing else that you had on, there was nothing else to wrinkle. The only touching up that was necessary was your lipstick most of which was now gone and somewhere on my body. Your breasts formed beautifully under the Armani jacket you'd found for less than a hundred dollars at the consignment shop. And the chain...

It was the chain that kept your attention. It had started out so innocuous. Playful. You'd let me know how much you enjoyed having your nipples pinched and pulled, sucked on and even bitten lightly as our foreplay progressed. I'd had the idea that, if you liked it so much when we were in private, how would you react to have your nipples pinched surreptitiously when we were in public.

"I can't do that!" You remembered yourself saying to me when I showed you the device. And now, having had two of the most powerful orgasms of your life in one evening, you wondered how you could ever have questioned my idea. It was with this thought, and the smile which seemed never to leave your face now, that you went into your private booth and cleaned 'her' up.

Even this simple act was one which kept the smile going. You noticed that fiery patch of red hair that adorned her. You've always loved that patch and were happy when I told you to leave it. That I preferred seeing the red to having her shaved closely like a prepubescent girl. It was just another thing that you had come to appreciate about me and it seemed like there were so many.

As you cleaned up, memories of our short relationship flooded your mind. How quickly we became involved. The first weekend when, standing at the top of the stairs in Charleston, you first laid eyes on me and your reaction was to freeze. My coming up the stairs to greet you, and that first hug and kiss. The one which you thought would never end. Holding each other firmly not wanting to let go. The second date where, for 9 days, it was like a Disneyland of love. Everything perfect and a fantasy world where you had both the attention that you so desired and the creativeness which allowed you to surprise me in your corset and heels in the first dinner you ever prepared for me. It had been an unbelievable story so far and one which you couldn't imagine your family, or friends, or even your best girlfriend understanding. And the love making, the wildness of impromptu sex, the games played both at home and out. It was truly all a fantasy come true.

And you lost yourself in those thoughts as you were cleaning her up. Touching yourself with the memories. Pleasuring yourself without even knowing that you were in that dream world now. Faster and faster you circled her altering the pressure, shifting your legs for better access. And then it happened again...

Your legs buckled and you had to sit for a moment and compose yourself. Oh my God. How can this be happening to me? Again. He's not even in here with me and I'm sooooo... what? Touched? In love/lust? Excited? That's it. Excited. Oh my God, he excites me so.

Part 7

"Oh snap!"

You realized you'd been in the stall for too long now, enjoying yourself, reflecting on our history and the amazing experience it had all been. And now you'd left me standing outside waiting. And you knew that, while I'm a patient man, I don't like to wait too long. That while I expect you to take longer than me freshening up, this time you'd gone too far. Even that wouldn't have been cause for concern but there had been another rather innocuous event earlier when you'd questioned one of my choices and voiced your objection a touch too strenuously. I'd allowed you to 'win' but it was there in the background and you knew the win was hollow. That the incident was stored and this seemingly minor transgression might result in punishment.

Punishment. Could it really be called that? When one derives pleasure out of certain applications of pain, like the pinching of your nipples when you're in the throes of making love, or a spanking when you're on the bottom doggystyle. Is that really punishment? Is it punishment when you're made to do something out of the box? Where, when that happens, you have an experience which ultimately tittlizes you? Excites you? Opens up new avenues for pleasure that previously you would never have considered? Was it really punishment when you looked forward to that which I thought up knowing it would be different? Out of the realm of your imagination?

So now, even though there was a tinge of fear, there was also a hint of excitement as you dabbed yourself off, freshened your perfume, spraying your hair with the floral scent you were known for, and straightened out your skirt.

Coming out of the restroom, I was waiting. You couldn't tell, was I upset or not? Was there going to be a reprimand?

And the answer came after you kissed me quickly on the cheek and went to hold my hand.

Non-verbal communication. That's what the professionals call it. When one doesn't have to say what's on their mind and another knows what's there. It can be the way one crosses their arms when listening another, protecting themselves from the conversation. Or a smile when greeting an old friend, or lover. A wink across the floor of a dance hall letting him know you're interested. In our case we've many non-verbal signals. When you lower your head and look up to me much like a scolded dog does, wanting not to have upset their owner. I'm always touched by that one. When your face contorts when I hit 'that' spot, and your orgasm is uncontrollable. When I get quiet and you know I'm thinking about something, whether it's something about us, or about the office, it's something that is consuming me for the moment and you know not to interrupt. I'll come out of it and we can then always talk.

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