tagErotic CouplingsMeeting Michelle Ch. 01

Meeting Michelle Ch. 01


This story consists of series of e-mails between Michelle (God only knows what her real name was) and me (using name John) over relatively long period, about 15 years ago. We never discussed anything in advance and the story was developing freely as we continued discovering our sexual desires. Unfortunately, we did not finish the story. Her husband found out about us and she was forced to stop writing to me. She was an American and I am naturalised multilingual Australian (English being fourth language that I've learnt). I have left most of her writing as she wrote it, editing out only obvious grammatical errors and typos. On the other hand, I have tried my best to edit my part...

I am going to publish this in chapters, some short and some rather long.

Ch01 - The arrival


I awaken with a jolt of electricity through out my body. I can't believe that I will finally meet John today. I have only 2 hours before I must meet him at the airport. God, I have so much to do, where will I start. I leap out of the bed, and head towards my bathroom. I turn on the shower and go to my closet while the water is warming. I pull out several outfits and inspect them all, looking for the perfect one. I finally decide on a pair off button fly jeans and a fitting black long sleeve shirt. I would like to wear something a little dressier, but decide that this will do, since I imagine that you have dressed casually for your long flight.

As I take off my night shirt and get into the shower, I cant help but think back to the phone conversation we had yesterday, when you assured me everything was fine, and that you would be coming. The sound of your voice was so intoxicating!!! I couldn't believe how wonderful John sounded after waiting to hear his voice for so long....

During the ride to the airport, I am suddenly becoming very nervous!! Thoughts are racing threw my mind. Will he like the way I look? Will he think I'm sexy? Will he be as attractive as I imagine? Will we have things to talk about? I'm hoping that we will. It would be odd to have a silence between us. As I'm walking through the airport my tension is building. I see your flight land and I'm anxiously waiting for you to come out into the open...

I see you walking towards me and at once all the tension and worry leaves my body. Instinct kicks in and I run into your arms. We are kissing each other deeply, and I reach down to grab your cock. I feel how hard you are for me and I want you then and now. I realise people are beginning to look at us. So I ask you if you would like to go ahead to my car. You say yes and we begin to walk towards the vehicles. As we approach my car, we open the trunk and throw your luggage in with barely a thought and when we get into the car, we are once again all over each other I'm licking your neck and rubbing my fingers through your hair... As soon as I pull back for a moment I ask you "where would you like to go first John?"


After several more kisses and me testing your breasts and crotch, I finally answer "Well, baby, I am being tired like a hell, so I'd prefer to go to my hotel first, of course if you don't mind."

You nod and start to drive out of the airport area. There is a heavy traffic and I do not want to disturb you, so I have time to replay past several hours spent on the plane. I was nervous, not knowing if we will like each other. I knew you from pictures you sent to me and from the phone conversations, but reality could be different. And it is. The reality is much better than what I have ever expected. Sitting comfortably, I am looking at you. I am looking at your firm breasts, nipples clearly visible through your shirt and undressing you in my mind. I have been waiting for this moment so long...

"You know what Michelle? I wish you could pull out of the road so I could fuck you right now. I am so horny..."

"I think that we deserve better place than my car for our first lovemaking. Don't you think so?" you reply with a giggle and continue driving. The traffic is now not so heavy and you look at me now and on.

I can't move my eyes from you for the whole trip. I stroke your hair several times and several times touch your breasts and your crotch hidden under your jeans. I am tempted to undo your fly, but after all, you are driving and I don't want to cause an accident...

You don't seem to be too concerned about driving much, and you right hand is almost constantly in my crotch, pushing on my dick. After while you even open my fly and take my dick out. You are so hot... You stroke it lightly and I have to ask you to stop it. I don't want to cum here while you're driving. I want to save the first load for your lovely mouth.

Well, another while and we are close to my hotel. I have to put my hard dick inside of my pants (of course with remorse) and soon we enter parking area. This time I help you out, and hand in hand we start to walk towards the entrance – towards our "dream weekend".


We are stopping at the trunk of my car, and I'm helping you get all your things. As we are walking towards the hotel office I can't help but notice that people are staring in our direction. We are walking hand in hand, and it must be obvious how much we want each other. We get the key from the reception and take the elevator to the 4th floor. We are alone in the elevator, and as soon as the door closes, we drop everything in our hands and embrace and start kissing and rubbing each other. I put my hand inside of your pants and grab your dick that is again hard for me. We hear a ding sound, so we pull away from each other and start to fix our clothes. But it's too late and the door opens and there is an old couple there looking at us as we grab your luggage. We can't help but laugh as we walk down the hall towards your suite.

As soon as we enter the suite, you pick me up and throw me on the bed. I giggle as you jump on the bed next to me and roll on top of me. We kiss deeply our tongues are swirling in each other's mouths. I'm moaning in ecstasy to finally have you alone.

You peel off my shirt and jeans then stand up to take your own clothes off. I look at you with such amazement as you stand before me. You have a beautiful body, and you're so much more handsome than I could tell from the pictures. You're teasing me by taking your time undressing. "John, stop teasing me... I want to see all of you now."

Finally, when you are all the way undressed you start to come towards me slowly, looking me in the eyes. Suddenly you rip off my panties. I'm so surprised by this that my pussy gets instantly wet. I grab your hand and guide it towards my pussy. You feel my wetness and smile. You continue to rub me and you begin to circle my clit. I am kissing your face, your eyelids, your nose, I then find your ear and I blow into your ear softly and run my tongue along the edges. I love the sensation of your hand on my pussy. I'm pushing my hips up to meet your hand and I'm longing forward to you to be inside of me.


I can feel the building urgency. Your hot breath on my ear and your lips on my earlobe are driving me crazy. I don't remember telling you how sensitive my earlobes are. How did you find it, my dear? Your pussy is crunching against my hand and I can feel your love juices flowing out of it.

With my fingers on your clit, I start kissing your face, gradually moving to your neck and ever so slowly continuing towards your erected nipples. They are poking high, inviting me to play with them. Cupping one of your tits in my hands, my mouth slowly reaches your nipple. At first, I just lightly flick it with my tongue to see its immediate reaction. It hardens even more under my touch. I kiss it and then start sucking it. You breath is getting heavier and I can hear light moans escaping your mouth.

I know that the only thing you want right now is my dick deep inside your love hole, pumping in and out. I have the same desire, but I have other plans for now. I want to drive you crazy the same way you're driving me. You will have to beg me to fuck you. Yes, I mean it. You'll have to beg for it.

Sucking on the nipple, I am taking your tit deep into my mouth and suck hard. Then I bite your nipple little bit. Your body shivers and your moans are getting louder. I move to the other nipple and after giving it the same treatment I am moving further down. Moving slowly through your flat belly, stopping at your belly button, my mouth finally arrives to your pubic area. Both my hands are moving to your breasts now. I like their firmness and I am going to play with them a lot. Light caresses are swapped for rough kneading and vice versa. In between, I am keeping your nipples erect by twisting and pinching them.

By now, my mouth arrives to your pussy and my tongue flicks over your clit for the first time. Your body arches in the ecstasy as my tongue encircles your engorged clit. I lick in one long stroke from the bottom of your slit to the very top of it and back to the bottom. Extending my tongue even more I am entering your wide-open cunt. While I am slowly fucking your cunt with my tongue, your hands grab my head and push it hard against your slit.

"Yes, fuck me, fuck me at least with your tongue." I hear you moaning. That's the signal I am waiting for. You can't nearly stand my teasing, but I won't let you have it even now... I stop tongue fucking you and just lazily lick around your peachy lips.

You realise what a game I am playing with you and push me out of your overflowing pussy with one strong move.

"So you want to play, you brat? Well, let's play then," you nearly yell at me. Using the moment of surprise you push me on my back and in one swift move mount your pussy over my mouth. At the same moment, you mouth lands on my hard dick and swallows it up to the tilt.

"Now it's my turn to get you crazy. Let's see who can last longer," you gasp between sucks and I know I will have to use every possible trick not to cum. With your overflowing pussy firmly pressed against my mouth and with you deep throating, I am not sure what to do nor what are you going to do.


"So, John, you think that you can play with my pussy like that and get away with it? I don't think so," I say as I'm deep throating your cock. I take your cock all the way down to your balls and suck my cheeks in against your cock. I then take your cock out of my mouth and it makes a popping sound from the suction. I begin to lick your balls. Licking up and down them holding your cock in one hand keeping it upright and out of my path. I take one of your balls into my mouth and begin to suck gently applying a little pressure. Then I take my hand and start to rub the sensitive spot between your balls and your ass. I apply a bit of pressure and massage this area as my other hand is massaging your balls. I give you a little lick.

Then I look up into your face and ask in stern voice, so you know I mean business. "How do you like being teased, you bastard? Then I continue, "I want this cock to fuck me and I will have it." I notice that your cock is starting to pulsate in my hand. I can feel your throbbing. I again take you deep into my mouth and when I feel you tense up I stop and start to lick the place where I was massaging just a few minutes before. I reach up and grab one of your nipples and I pinch it hard. I can hear you gasp. I stop licking you and sit up and look into your eyes. I give you a wicked smile, and I just stay in this position for a moment between your legs. I'm looking into your eyes and I'm wondering what you're thinking. I get up and go to the fridge and get something that I have put there earlier, before I picked you up from the airport. I walk back to you slowly, with my hands behind my back. As I get closer to you, you see the can of whipped cream in my hands. I smile at you and then I jump back on the bed.


Seeing the can in your hands, I realise I would not probably manage to last for much longer if you put this chilled stuff on my dick, belly or balls, so I decide to take the lead again. Grabbing you rather roughly, I throw you on your back. At the same time I grab the can and jump on you. Holding your hands behind your head, I use the whipped cream on your breasts that now resemble strawberries and cream... With tip of my dick right at the opening of your gasping cunt, I start licking the cream and biting on your nipples to make them even harder.

Your body arches, your pelvis goes against my pelvis and my dick disappears in your cunt. Your inner muscles work wonders on it and I start to pump. First, in slow strokes, taking the whole length of it out of your hole and then plunging it back. With the growing speed and my hands on your tits I feel you stiffen and your orgasms arrives at the same moment as I fill your love hole with all my load that I have been saving for you for days. My dick softens immediately after that, reminding me how tired I am from the trip. Lying next to you I feel being swept away. Half asleep I hear you saying "John, you little bastard, you got out of it really easy this time. You owe me and I will get my treat soon..."


As I lie next to you listening to the rhythm of your breathing I look at you. You look so handsome sleeping there next to me. I can't believe that I let you cum so easily and my mind starts wondering about how the rest off the weekend will go.

I decide to go and clean up since I'm very sticky from the whipped cream. So I get out of the bed slowly, and carefully. I don't want to wake you up. I grab the sheet that's lying on the floor next to the bed, and I wrap it around myself letting it trail behind me as I go into the bathroom. I start to run water into the tub, and looking at the lovely two-person hot tub that is in our room, I again start to think sexy thoughts. However I decide that this must wait for now and I settle in the tub for a long soak. The bubbles are covering my body. Finally I decide to get out of the tub and towel off. I pull on a robe and walk into the bedroom, seeing you are still sound asleep, I decide to go into the living room. I walk towards the phone and pick up the receiver and start to dial a number.


I have been sleeping for about 2 hours when my senses start to work again. I am waking up, feeling your eyes staring at me and I smell something really nice. What is it? Is it your freshly bathed body? No, it's the smell of the food that is torturing my senses.

"Well Sir, who do you think you are to fall asleep right after you cum? That's not nice of you..." you say laughingly as I open my eyes. You are sitting next to me, wrapped in the bathrobe with the tray of food next to the bed. I realise that I have not eaten since I landed and that it was about four hours ago. How thoughtful of you.

"My deepest apologies, Madam. The flight was too long and too tiring. I am so sorry. I promise that it will not happen again," I reply in the humblest way I manage, holding laugh. "But now, I really need to eat. Let's see what we have here," I try to reach the tray.

"No, I will serve you darling," you slap my hand. "But first you should have a shower, I want you fresh after the meal..."

I am running to the bathroom, naked and happy, feeling that the weekend starts really well. I wash myself and when I return to the room, wrapped in the towel, you have the entire meal ready on the table, including my favourite drink, red wine.


"Sit here next to me John," I'm patting the chair next to where I'm sitting. As you get closer you can see me sitting there on the chair still in my robe. I'm pouring you a glass of wine, and I take the lid off the tray. As you sit down next to me I come to you and bend down to kiss your forehead. You reach to kiss my mouth and I take my finger and wave in front of you signalling "no, not now".

I begin to make you a plate. First we have a fresh salad and bread sticks. As we sip the wine, we talk about how your flight was, and about the difference in the weather. As soon as we finish our salads I reach out and take out a container of a rich, sweet chocolate desert. I reach for a spoon and then move to sit in your lap. I begin to feed you the desert. I'm moving my ass gently in your lap and smiling innocently at you. You ask about the main course and I tell you I thought it would be nice to go out for a dinner. You agree and I kiss you on the mouth. I'm being drawn into you by your soft lips and your gentle tongue, but I'm not going to make it easy for you since you have already came a few hours earlier.

You reach to grab my waist and I jump out of you lap. I throw off my robe and you see that I have my bikini on. I run towards the front door looking back at you and say the last one to the pool has to be the others sex slave... I see you jump up as I'm turning around and reaching the door. I'm giggling and I decide to take the stairs just to give you a fair chance.

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