tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMeeting Michelle Ch. 02

Meeting Michelle Ch. 02


Ch02 - The pool


Knowing that you prefer to be submissive, I take this as an invitation to win, even though you're well ahead. I run to my suitcase only to find out that it is still locked. Back to my things, getting keys, unlocking it and getting my bathers. With only the key card form the room in my hands, I am running towards the lift. I press the button and to my surprise the door opens straight away. What luck. Being in the lift, I wonder if the pool is at the base or on top of the hotel. Quickly making decision I press the top floor button to learn soon, that this time I was lucky again. I hope it will last for me... Arriving to the pool area, I see you walking lazily towards the pool. Have you missed the lift's gong or are you giving me another chance to win? I guess I will never know.

Quick look around tells me that at least at present we are the only visitors of the pool. I notice "self serve" bar and with devil's grin on my face I think about the possibilities we can have. My small fantasy quickly disappears with another look at you. You are on the second step to the pool, half of your long legs already in the water. No, I don't want to lose this one.

With two quick steps and winners yell, I jump to the pool, swimming quickly towards you... Couple of kicks and I am in front of you. As soon as my head appears above the water, I start celebrating my win. You are now in the water too and look at me lovingly.

"What are you yelling," you say. "You did not win I was here first."

"Well you might have been first at the pool, but not in the pool," I hear myself challenging you and with that words pushing you under the water and jokingly holding you under for a short time.

When you emerge again, you gasp first and then say: "OK, I won't play words with you. You have won and I will be your sex slave tonight."

"That's fair honey," I reply and my mouth covers yours in hungry kiss. Your body flows towards mine your hands and legs wrap around my body and we kiss passionately for long time. Our tongues are battling with each other and our hands are roaming around our bodies. I feel my dick growing again and pushing against your bottom as you are virtually sitting in my lap, having your legs wrapped around my waist. I love the way your tits feel. They are larger, but firm and your nipples are already very hard and long, pushing against the fabric of your micro top.

Our kiss breaks for a second so we can get breath in and kiss again. The brief moment was enough for me to notice that your bikinis are now nearly "see through" and I wonder if you are aware of it... Honestly, I don't think you'd like to walk in the hotel corridor back to our room like that. Luckily there are plenty of towels and bathrobes ready next to the pool for people like you.

Breaking our embrace, I submerse just to have a look at your pussy poking at me through your bikini. What a wonderful view it is. Emerging again I invite you for short swim, just across the pool to the bar area. I am happy I have booked us into this plush hotel - there is plenty of alcohol to serve and comfortable seating around the table that gives bit of privacy for couples like us. I jump out of the water, helping you out and asking you to sit on one of the sofas next to the pool. I mix huge amount of rum and little coke for you and take large glass of scotch with ice for myself. I do this on purpose, I hope to get you bit tipsy before the evening as I already have a plan for the time you are going to be my sex slave. I am walking back to you to find you comfortably half sitting half lying in the sofa. I can't help myself from whistling when I see you there. You smooth body on the dark red leather looks delicious. Your nipples look at me through the top and your neatly trimmed pussy through the bottom of your now nearly invisible bikinis.

You let me sit next to you and then nearly immediately put your head in my lap, with your mouth dangerously close to my dick that starts to grow again... I soon realise that you have had enough time to study my swimmers while I was making drinks because you undo the tie holding them in one swift move and let my dick to pop out.

"Wow, it's hard honey. You'll be sorry you've chosen to have me as a slave at the evening because I am going to torture you right now baby," you whisper and grab your glass. I sip from my glass and you take several sips from yours. Then you lick the tip of my dick and ask me how do I feel. I say that I feel bit vulnerable with my bathers undone and you laugh.

"Well, your hard dick is probably bigger problem honey. It doesn't fit inside anyway," you giggle and take the tip between your lips. Your tongue flips over the tip and tries to enter its opening. One of your hands grabs my balls and starts to play with them while you suck expertly on the tip of the dick. I am getting very excited and you know that. You bite me a bit just under the head of my dick and your fingers press my dick at the base. Yes, you are an expert lover. You know how to stop a man who is close to come. My dick relaxes a bit and you start all over again.

My hands roam on your tits, rubbing your hard nipples between fingers. Right hand moves across your belly into the bottom of your bikinis to find your clitoris, hard and poking out of your slit. The intensity of your sucking on my dick increases with my fingers starting to rub the clit. Your hand is cupping my balls and one of the fingers is pushing in the area between my balls and anus. I remember telling you that I like anal stimulation and it seems you remember it too. I am feeling orgasm building in my balls and dick and push on your clit with more intensity too.

You realise what I am doing and before I know, you are running towards the pool... I am disappointed and as if you could read my mind I hear you "I have told you that I am going to torture you, haven't I? Time to have a swim. Of course only if you can fit that tool into your bathers baby..." you continue giggling and then jump to the water. I sip little bit of the scotch and follow you.

As soon as I enter the pool, you're next to me pushing your body against mine. Then you submerse and in one skilful move take my bathers off. To my surprise you throw them over the edge of the pool towards the sofa we just left. To surprise me even more, your bikinis follow my bathers. Your body presses against mine. My dick enters your love hole and you start to pump on my dick. Using the gravitational help of water you can do it pretty easily and you know you drive me crazy...


My hands are around your neck, and my legs wrapped around your waist. I'm easily moving my pussy up and down on your hard cock. I can fell you rubbing my clit under the water. Your fingers are working magic on my clit, rubbing it in a soft circular motion. My hips are moving forward to meet you at every downward motion. I reach up and pull at your hair, bringing your face down to mine. I kiss your soft lips so very deeply. Our tongues are so soft as they are touching each other in such passion. I pull away from your kiss and look into your eyes, I want to look at you for a moment, but again my desire is taking over. I lick your lips and suck your bottom lip into my mouth. You turn your head down towards me and I use this opportunity to lick at your ear again running my tongue over the inside edge. You can tell that my breathing is laboured and I'm tensing up. My legs are beginning to squeeze your sides, and my pussy is throbbing on your hot dick. I reach down and take your balls into my hand and I gently massage them. I can hear you moan... But I don't want you to cum just yet. And it's not tonight yet, so I'm not your sex slave yet.

I turn around so that my back is against the pool side, put my arms on the side of the pool and with one quick movement I'm sitting on the edge of the pool, with my legs still in the water. "John, I want to cum for you so bad," I say half moaning it. "John, please come here and lick my pretty little pussy, won't you?" I tease you, as I'm rubbing my clit so that you can watch (obviously the rum has began to go to my head). You are still in the water and you come closer to the edge and smile at me and say "Michelle, you must beg me to lick your pussy, and suck your clit."

"Oh, John, please, please lick my cunt... why are you making me beg?" I pout. You smile at me. I take my fingers and I begin to stroke my pussy in front of you, I start to pull on my now hard clit. I put one finger slowly inside of my hot pink pussy and pull it out slowly. I take the finger in my mouth and I lick it clean. "John, please," I moan and you take your tongue and lick my pussy upwards in one long slow move. I gasp in pleasure and start moving my hips as you begin to lick and suck my clit. When you take my clit and nibble on it gently I can't help but open my eyes and look at you.

All of the sudden I realise that you are looking into the direction of the entrance. I look over there and I see a couple watching as you lick the inside of my pussy lips. I am startled at first and the couple notices I have seen them. I try to squirm a little but you have me firm in your arms so I can't move. The couple looks embarrassed and quickly leaves. I now know why I've had the felling someone was watching us for a quite some time.

I look at you as if asking you how long you have known. You smile at me and tell me it was turning you on to have them watching and that they have been there since right after you made the drinks. "John, you bastard," I shout at you embarrased. But you can tell that I'm not upset because almost instantly my hips tense up and my legs begin to shake, as I'm cumming. You are still licking me, and lapping up every bit of my creamy honey. I'm moaning in an ecstasy, and I'm felling a little weak from all the wonderful attention you have showed me today.

"John I want you to cum for me so bad too. I want to feel your hot sticky cum. I want to know where it would pleasure you more. Would you like to cum on my face, or maybe my tits or maybe you would like to cum in my hot little pussy, perhaps my tight ass?" I ask you. You take a long moment to think staring at me... "John, please don't keep me in the suspense what would you like to do next?" I plead with you to answer me.


I give you deep kiss, giving you the taste of your pussy and then answer your question. "Baby, I want you right now. I want you on that sofa we were minutes ago... And I want to fuck you between your nice tits and cum all over them."

"Good idea," you reply and run towards the sofa and lie down on your back. I follow you quickly, with my hard dick ready to burst any minute. I mount you and try to place my dick straight between your tits. You bend and take it to your mouth and pump it several times. "That's right, now it is hard enough to do tit fucking," you say after several movements.

You let the dick out and with your hands pushing your tits together create slit for it... I push it in between and start pumping. I know I will cum soon, I am moaning loudly and moving fast towards the orgasm. With your head bent to the front, you try to reach the tip with your tongue and I feel you several times to succeed. I am now holding your tits together and your hands are squeezing my balls. I feel big spasm in my balls, and long thick spurt of my sperm squirts all over your face and your tits. I release your tits and with my hand I milk my dick all over your tits.


Watching you cum all over my tits was so exciting. I feel myself going wet again instantly. I know that now is not the time, so I enjoy watching you. I can feel the hot cum spurting on my tits. It is heating up my skin so nicely. I take my hand and rub your cream all over my tits circling my hard nipples. Whatever wasn't rubbed into my skin I lick of my fingers. "John, you taste so sweet and salty," I tell you. "I want more of your candy," I say smiling up at you wickedly. You lower your body onto mine and we lie like this in a total happiness. We are both totally spent. I am so enjoying the feel of the weight of your body on top of me. We lie there like this for several minutes. Then realising you must be heavy, you push up and put your weight on your arms and kiss me gently on the lips. "We should be getting back to our room baby," you say to me and I agree.

Noticing that my bikinis are virtually see-through at this point, I grab a robe off the shelf as we are leaving. We walk hand in hand to the elevator and get off on our floor.

"John, I don't know about you but I am very hungry, I have worked up quite an appetite, and the salad we had earlier is just not holding me any more. I would also like to have another drink." I'm wondering about how you're feeling at this point, I don't think I could sleep right now. I'm way too excited thinking about the day's events, but I'm sure that you must be very tired from your trip and the swim, not to mention the sex sessions... So I ask you "John, what would you like to do now? After all it is your trip."

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