tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMeeting Michelle Ch. 03

Meeting Michelle Ch. 03


Ch03 – Little bit of public fun


"Well Michelle, it's too early to go for the dinner. What if we had just little snack down in the coffee bar? And please do not call it my trip. It's our trip, OK?"

"Sounds nice," you reply. "Then we should get dressed and go," you suggest happily.

"Wait, I have something for you!" I say and am going to my suitcase. I take a box out, unwrap it and hand it to you. You open it and find red dress. You give me quick wet kiss and start to take the dress out. To your surprise, there is also something else - lacy panties. "Darling, that's beautiful. Thank you," you gasp and give me another deep and wet kiss. "Luckily I have matching red sandals here, so I can wear them."

I smile at you as you start to dress. Throwing the bathrobe away you take the panties first. You put them on and find that they are crotchless and exposing your pussy.

"You're naughty boy, John. Do you want me to go out like this?"

"Of course, wait until you put the dress on," I laugh. You take the dress and put it on. It fits really well, emphasising your full tits with hard nipples, creating really deep cleavage, but it seems to be very short. It is also very tight and I realise you're afraid that your panties are visible.

"No Michelle, they are not visible. At least not when you are standing straight. However, as soon as you bend or sit, they will be visible, as well as will be your wet pussy." I laugh again. You look like a naughty teen, exactly as I planned.

I put white t-shirt and jeans on and we are ready to go.


"John, you are so naughty to make me wear this revealing sexy dress. Are you sure I don't look like a little slut?" I ask you. "Michelle, would I try to do that?" you ask trying to hold back your little laugh and smile. "Fine, John," I say, noticing that you are dressing in a tee shirt and jeans. "Lets go lover," I say in your direction. My mind is already racing with the ways I will make you pay for this.

As we enter the coffee bar, we notice that it is packed with people. Luckily there is one empty table, but it is not as intimate as I had hoped. It is literally in the centre of the room. I notice that everyone is dressed very casually and a lot of eyes are on us as we walk in. The men can't keep their eyes off me, and the women are giving me dirty looks. I decide to work this to my advantage for all its worth. As we are walking to our table I am taking slow, deliberate steps, swaying my hips and moving my ass very seductively.

As we sit down, young man comes to take our orders. I decide that I would like a breadstick and soup. I also order another glass of wine, and suggest you have one as well. When our order comes we are deep in conversation. "John, tell me more about your work," I ask, purposely keeping the conversation off sex. I take a finger and play with the necklace on my neck that is ever so close to my cleavage. Then I pretend to get a little soup on my finger and take my finger and put it in my mouth and slowly suck it out of my mouth leaving my mouth open a little so you can see my tongue against my finger. I'm still listening to you talking about your work. This is so interesting to me. I love hearing you talk.

Without you noticing I slip off my sandals, lift my foot and put it in your lap. Massaging the growing thing in your jeans, I smile at you. "Michelle, would you like to change the conversation?" you ask. "Not at all John, please continue," I answer.

I am very aware of the people staring at us. I'm very sure they can see my toes rubbing your crotch. You are shifting in your seat. I think that the wondering eyes of others must be making you hot. I'm using both feet now and you're so hard, I can feel the shape of your cock through your jeans. I take my finger and swirl it in my wine and very carefully so that no one but you can notice, I lick my finger and run it along the curves in between my breasts. I haven't even begun teasing you at this point. I take my breadstick and put it so gently between my lips and only you can see my tongue lick the tip "John, would you like to try a piece of this?" I ask. You smile at me and you're rubbing my feet under the table with one of your hands running your hands up my leg, while telling me all about your busy days and how much you enjoy your work.

I spread my legs a little and drop my napkin on the floor "John, would you mind picking that up for me?" I ask.


"Well baby, if you want to play, let's play. Actually, baby, I do mind picking it for you. I did not plan to be teased like this here. I want YOU to pick it up and show little bit more of yourself to all those nosy people. Have you noticed that old man next to the window? I want you to pick the napkin and instead of continuing sitting across the table, I want you to sit next to me. That way, you will give him better view of your panties and your pussy..."

You look bit confused, but after a while you say, "So, if you want to play it dirty, then let it be dirty". You stand up, bend and pick the napkin. I am sure that half of the coffee saw your panties and your pussy. I personally have even noticed drops of juices on it. Then you sit next to me, with legs wide open. One hand goes straight between your legs and to your pussy.

Quick look at the old man tells me that it works. He has his hand in his crotch frantically rubbing it. I love it. However, only until your second hand goes to my crotch and roughly grabs my dick through the jeans. At that moment I am afraid that I took it too far... I am starting to feel that I have really underestimated how far you will be willing to go...


I look into your lap and see the dark spot that has already formed there. You must be leaking pre-cum a lot. I smile at you and look across the room at the man in the corner. I'm softly stroking the outside of my pussy lips. Dipping my finger in and around the centre of my swollen cunt.

As I'm roughly grabbing and pulling at the shape of your hard dick through your jeans, I easily unzip your jeans and slip my hand into the front. I can feel the pre cum wetting your cock. I take out my hand for a brief moment and suck at my finger. Then I instantly putt my hand back in and pull your dick out of your jeans so the head is visible. I use my thumb to massage your sticky fluid into the head of your cock, as my hand is masturbating you.

I can hear you gasp as I bend over to tongue your ear. We watch as the man's eyes widen in disbelief. I'm quite sure that no one else is witnessing what's happening between us, although I'm quite sure that they have all seen a little more of me than I would have liked. But the thought of all these men looking at my pussy and knowing that I'm going to fuck you later has me very excited.

I let go of your cock for a brief moment and stand up, I then sit across your lap, grabbing your cock and lowering myself onto it as you look at me surprised. "What's wrong John?" I ask as I rock my hips ever so slightly into your lap. Your hands have slipped under my skirt and you fingers are working my clit in a soft but fast motion. "John, your cock feels so good in me, can you feel my pussy throb?" I ask.

The man in the corner has closed his eyes for a moment and I realise that he must be having an orgasm. This really turns me on. He opens them and looks at me. I give him a knowing smile. He turns red and leaves quickly. I think he must be embarrassed about this.

I feel you tense up. Your cock is so hard inside of my pussy that it's making me ache. I can feel the throbbing of your cock and you grab my waist with your free hand.

I know you're about to cum, so I grind my pussy into you and then stand up slowly letting your cock slip out of my wet hole so slowly. "Check please," you hear me call the waiter. I smile at you, grab my handbag and start walking out the door. You're just sitting there staring at me. "John, aren't you coming," I ask.


It must be clear to you that I simply can't go. Not yet. When the waiter arrives I ask him to add the bill to the room account. Shortly after that, using all the willpower to "cool down" my dick, I am able to follow you. You're waiting for me in front of the lift. Before you push the button, I grab you and am pushing you towards the stairs. Then I am pushing you down the stairs towards the basement. We reach the bottom of the stairs and as I expected the door can be opened from inside only as it is used in a case of emergency only.

I open my jeans and roll them down to my ankles. Pushing you against the door, I lift you a bit and then ram my still hard prick into your inviting, dripping cunt. You lock your legs behind my back and I am fucking you hard in this position. You're biting my mouth, scratching my back with your red fingernails and at the end tearing my t-shirt. Finally, my dick explodes and fills your cunt with load of my thick spunk. You reach a violent orgasm at the same moment, kicking me to my back. We nearly collapse after that and have to wait for a while sitting on the stairs before we can move again.

Without words we start to climb the stairs back to our room. We can't leave the stairwell because your dress is dirty from the door and my t-shirt doesn't look much better. I am walking one or two steps behind you, looking at your long legs ending in that nice round bottom. Then I see two thick streams of juices slowly going down your tights... That can't be only my spunk. Your juices mixed with my cum are creating this flow... You look like a slut after nightlong shift now. I am not sure if I wanted you to look exactly this way, but I am sure it makes me hard again and I am wondering if I should take you from behind still on the stairs, or wait till we are back at the room.

I decide to wait for the room. As soon as we arrive there I ask you to kneel on the edge of the bed and kneeling on the floor behind you start licking your juices. First I lick it of your tights and then start with long laps on your cunt. My tongue is cleaning it thoroughly right from the tip of your swollen clit to your anus. When my tongue reaches your anus, you moan and push against me. I circle around your pucker couple of times and you moan again.

I am grabbing your tits with my hands and milking them. My fingers are pulling your swollen nipples, twisting and pinching them. My tongue is rimming your back hole and you rock with your hips. Then I see your hand on your pussy, rolling the clit between fingers. Your body is trembling and I feel yet another orgasm building in your body. What a fucking machine you're darling.

Tip of my tongue starts to probe your anal opening and you moan loudly. "Yes John, lick me there, that's what I need right now, I am coming again..."

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