tagAnalMeeting Michelle Ch. 04

Meeting Michelle Ch. 04


Ch04 – They continue exploring and Michelle loses her anal cherry


As I begin to orgasm, I reach behind and pull your face closer into me. My body begins to tremble from your tonguing me. "Oh fuck, John I'm cumming," I scream. I have never had this done before and I can't believe how wonderful it feels.

As soon as the sensation has past through my body, I turn over and pull you down on top of me. I bite your nipples and play with them with my tongue. I push you a bit and get up and walk to my suitcase. I get out a shiny pink vibrator, and walk to you with a wicked smile on my face.

You look up at me and smile too. I turn the switch on the top and we can hear a low buzzing sound. I then push you onto the bed so you are lying on your back and I take the vibrator and run it along your nipples and your chest, coming back up and down your chest. Each time I take it a little bit lower. I see your cock is rising and this gets me very excited. I finally run the vibrator up your thighs in slow circular teasing motions. I touch your balls with it on the slowest speed. I take time to massage the space between your ass and balls. I run it over your asshole teasing you as I put a little pressure on it. I let you enjoy this for a few minutes then I run it back up your balls and finally to your cock. I let your cock vibrate as I'm rubbing against the underside. I take this opportunity to take a finger and stick it in your ass, and wiggle it around a little. Pushing it in and out very gently.

I lie down on the bed next to you, but my feet are by your head. I spread my legs and use the vibrator moving it up and down through my wet pussy lips. Teasing you by pushing it against my opening but not entering it, all the while my other hand rubbing your cock and playing with your ass. I take the vibrator and ever so slowly start to push it inside of me. I lift me legs, put my foot on your chest and move my toes up to your mouth. You begin to suck my big toe and I'm moaning loudly. I'm pushing it in and pulling it out. My pussy is making sticky sounds because I'm so very hot and wet. I let you take the vibrator and you start fucking me with the toy taking your time and exploring my pussy.


While I wish you did not stop exploring my asshole with the vibrator, I accept your play. It looks like you're ready to have another orgasm and, as you know I love to please my partner. It has always paid back for me. Happy partner gives me much more than unhappy one. With one of your big toes in my mouth, I continue sucking while my hands are playing with you juicy cunt.

While I am playing with your clit, vibrator roams in your cunt, in and out, teasing your lips as well as the area between your pussy and your asshole. You're breathing heavily and I know you're close. Your asshole seems to be relaxed enough for a bit of play too, so I push the vibrator slightly in. I feel you tense, so I do not continue. I just let it humming in the opening while my other hand works on your cunt. I have now three fingers deep inside your cunt and my thumb is rubbing against your clit. I am fucking you this way for a while. Your pussy opens even more and I am now fucking you with all my fingers but the thumb. I feel your pussy start to spasm and in a second or two you explode in another great orgasm. As your pussy pulsates with the orgasm, your anus relaxes and vibrator enters deep into your asshole. As your orgasm subsides, another one is building from the other side of your body. My fingers push through the vagina against the vibrator in your anus and you erupt into another, long lasting orgasm.

After long while, exhausted but happy you smile at me and say: "John, I have never experienced anything like this before. That was simply unbelievable. But now is my turn to empty your balls. Just lie on your back and let me do it for you"


My body is still trembling from the orgasm I just experienced. I feel wonderful and I want to share this with you. I bend over you and take your dick in my hand. I run my fingers over your delicate skin and lick the tip of your cock gently with my soft tongue. You feel me wrap my lips around your cock and take the head all the way in my mouth swirling my tongue around. I apply suction with my cheeks and continue to suck the head of your cock. I take your cock all the way in my mouth down to your tummy. I feel your hands on my head and hear you making a soft noise. When you are very nice and hard I take your dick out if my mouth, sit up and look at you.

I stand up off the bed and put my foot up on the mattress and then I get up on the bed and stand above you. I turn around so that my ass is facing you and I squat down on you. At first, I sit on your tummy just above your cock. I take the vibrator in my hand and turn so you can see me give it a nice long lick. Then I place the vibrator right on the edge of your tight ass hole. I can see you tense up as I start rubbing the tip in circles on your puckering hole. I start to apply pressure and watch as it slowly enters you. I see your toes up, and I hear you let out a moan. I can feel the vibration through your cock as I'm still stroking it with my other hand. "John, does this fell good?" you hear me ask.

All I hear from you is a groan as I continue to slip the vibrator in your ass. I can see your hole tightening up around the toy and it has almost totally disappeared into you. I take it almost all the way out and begin to fuck your ass with it. In and out slowly at first and picking up speed as you are loosening up. When I see that you're really enjoying this and your cock begins to throb in my hand I say "John, I can't take this any more I need your cock inside my hot little cunt!" I rise up still using my hand to fuck you with the vibrator and I put my feet on your thighs. I steady your cock with my hand and lower my pussy down onto your hard cock. I can feel the vibration deep inside of my cunt walls and my pussy is tightening around your cock. I can feel your hands on my ass helping me to go up and down on your cock. I'm pushing the vibrator into your now creamy ass. I love the felling of your cock buried deep inside my pussy, but my ass is aching for a good fuck.

I raise up just high enough to take your wonderful cock out of my pussy and I push it against my tight little ass hole. I start to push my self down onto your cock. This is bit difficult since my virginal ass is so tight. "John, ouch this is hurting me so bad, I feel like you're ripping me apart."

I know that it will stop hurting in a few minutes and the feeling will be very sexy. I sit very still with your cock so hard in my tight hole. I'm getting used to the feeling of your cock stretching my ass wide around your dick. I start to rock back and forth and then I lift up and lower myself back down onto your cock. I'm now fucking your ass hard with my vibrator and riding your dick faster and faster with my own ass at the same time. I'm moaning very loudly. This sensation is so wonderful.

"John, I want you to shoot your hot sticky cum deep inside my asshole!" I half scream, half cry. You're digging your fingers deep into the sides of my ass and slamming my ass down onto you. I feel you tense up and I shove the vibrator as deep into your ass as it will go. "Fuck, Michelle, I'm cumming!!!" I hear you cry and then can feel the hot fluid filling my ass and the sensation makes me cum as well. My ass is milking your cock, taking every drop of your hot cum. I fall back onto you, your cock softening but still in my ass hole. We lie there like this for a few minutes catching our breath. We are both very sticky and sweaty. I love the smell of you after sex. So intimate...

"John, let's take a long hot soak in the tub, and go to sleep. I have a surprise for you tomorrow" I say with a very sexy smile.


I smile at you and say: "Well baby, I have a feeling that you're avoiding the task of being sex slave to me, aren't you?"

"No John, I am not, I am aware of my promise and I want to be your slave. However, I feel that you're tired and we have lots of time ahead. You can have me as a slave any time tomorrow."

"That sounds really good Michelle." I knew from our e-mails and online sessions, that this will be a sex week of my life, but the reality is even better than I expected. "You're right. Let's have a nice soak and let's see what happens."

With that we're moving to the bathroom and the bath is quickly full of hot water with bubbles and aromatic oils. Just the smell of it is really soothing and makes me feel so sleepy. You were right. The flight, jet lag and all that sex are starting to take their toll on me. Submersed in hot water my mind drifts away. Then I feel your hands rubbing my body, washing me thoroughly. I like that. It's so sexy to be washed by someone. You ask me to stand and wash my dick and my asshole. While you do it, my dick springs to full length again. You try to avoid it and after washing my balls you tell me to sit down again.

"John," you say then. "I like you, you're very sexy, but I think you remember that I hate one thing - underarm hair. You also said, you would shave there... I'd like you to do it for you love. What do you think?"

In the next couple of seconds, I quickly ascertain how would my wife look at it and how sexy it would be, and then I reply, "Yes, Michelle, do it for me, please."

With that you take scissors and razor and in couple of minutes my armpits are "baby like". I love that feeling. Then I start washing you. I know you like that as much as I do and I do take care to wash you thoroughly. While washing your tits, I pinch your nipples couple of times and they are hard again. Then I ask you to stand up as I did and wash your pussy and asshole. I ask you to bend over and from behind wash your crack. I can't resist and lick around your pucker couple of times. I know it's spotless clean and so I decide to insert my tongue into your hole. You're relaxed from the hot bath and still stretched from our fucking, so my tongue enters deep inside of you...

I fuck you with my tongue just for a while and then I say, "Michelle, you were right. I am too tired, we should go to sleep." With that I step out of the tub.

"You bastard. That's not nice. You're leaving me on the edge of yet another orgasm... You'll pay for it."

"I know darling. This is to let you to taste the experience of being sex slave. Be prepared for tomorrow. The slave has to deserve an orgasm. For the slave it is the highest reward and slave is deprived of it many times before having the chance of release..." I explain and walk to the bedroom.

I can hear you complaining for a while and as soon as I reach the bed I fall asleep.


I'm in the bathroom towelling off and rubbing lotion on my body, when I hear you begin to snore from the bedroom. I can believe that bastard fell asleep and left me so hot. "What a tease," I think to myself. I am very tired myself and decide that I will soon lie down myself. I walk to the bedroom and see you sleeping soundly, so I tiptoe to the living room and pick up the phone. I have a few quick calls to make before I can go to sleep. I also call room service and order a breakfast to be sent at 8:00 am. I'm very sure we will be starved when we wake up. My calls finished I walk to your suitcase and take out a t-shirt and pull it over my naked body and lie down beside you. I start thinking about the day's sexy events and sleep finds me quickly.

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