tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMeeting Michelle Ch. 06

Meeting Michelle Ch. 06


Ch06 -- Michelle and John go shopping


"Why don't you show me a bit of the city, Michelle," I ask you and shortly after that we leave the hotel. You suggest it would be better to catch a cab, so we do so. I can't let my eyes off you on the short way to the centre of the city. I again admire the curves of your body under the tight t-shirt and wonder if you have bra and panties... After a while I bet with myself, that you don't have either of the garments on.

Shortly we are in the centre of the city. It's close to Saturday noon and the city is full of people. We stop for a coffee and light lunch in pizzeria and after uneventful but flirtatious lunch we start discovering the city. We are walking arm in arm, holding each other tight, like two love birds right on the honeymoon. Kissing every now and on, teasing each other's body every time it is at least little bit possible.

Then we walk around the shop with leather clothes and I tell you that I'd like you to wear tight leather miniskirt. Would mind me buying one for you? You look at me and after quick think you nod. We enter and start to browse through the aisles of leather clothes. When we reach skirt section, we know that we would spend fortune here if we could.

We select two skirts that we think should fit and go to the fitting rooms. The shop assistant encourages me to go there with you to help to fit. I enter with you and soon I know that my bet was correct. You do not have panties. You put first skirt on and it is too loose. The second one is too tight for the change and you send me to get another one, the size being right between the two.

I can't find it and have to ask shop assistant to bring two more skirts from the back of the store. It takes her about three maybe five minutes. When I enter the fitting room again your eyes and quick look at your pussy say everything. You have been masturbating while waiting. As soon as I close the door, you whisper "John, I am so hot. I want you to fuck me right here, right now."

"Come on Michelle. We are here to buy the skirt not to fuck. What's more, anybody can come any time," I reply, but the bulge in my shorts tells you clearly that your words did not let me cool. You put on another skirt and it seems to be just right. Very tight and perfectly hugging your tight ass. I ask you to turn around and have a look. I think the skirt is bit too short so I ask you to bend over a bit. Yes, it is too short. Your pussy and pucker are clearly visible. The look at your glistening twat overcomes my mind. I rip off my shorts and slips and plunge my hard dick to your juicy cunt.

You moan loudly and I have to put my hand over your mouth to silence you. I ride you hard from behind while you are sucking on my finger and biting it. I feel you coming and with your orgasm my balls and dick explode and I fill your hole with another load of my hot cum.

Just as our orgasm subdues, the shop assistant knocks on the door and asks as if we are OK and if the skirt fits. We say that everything is OK and that we are taking one. She leaves us alone and it takes us a while to get organised again. You like the feeling of the skirt on your naked skin and decide that you will keep it on. We pay and leave the shop in a hurry, hoping the assistant will not check the fitting room. I am sure that she would smell our sex there.

You tell me that the hotel is not far away and we decide walk there. As we walk, I notice couple of men turning. I am sure that your pussy is visible under the skirt. I tell you about it and you reply coolly that not only the skirt is short, but also that you feel streams of cum running down your legs. I have a look and confirm that.

Soon we arrive back to the hotel and as we enter the room I ask you to show yourself in your new skirt. I have a good look and we agree that you can't risk wearing it out without panties again. I personally think that it would be bit too risky even with panties and that perhaps you will wear it only for my pleasure here in the hotel.

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