tagBDSMMeeting Michelle Ch. 07

Meeting Michelle Ch. 07


Ch07 – Michelle plays John's sex slave


I walk over to the couch and fall into the plush pillows. I didn't realise how much that walk wore me out. You must feel even worse. "John, baby why don't you come over here and let me pamper you a little bit, ok?" I say smiling at you. "You just lie right down on the couch on your belly and I'm going to give you the best rub down ever." I say.

You walk over to me and kiss my cheek and lie down like I have requested. I go to the bathroom and return with some mango/passion fruit massage dry oil. It has a nice strong aromatherapy scent, sure to relax. I pour a little of the oil on my hands and rub them together so they are nice and warm. "John, of course you're going to have to get naked if you want me to rub you properly," I say giggling.

"Oh, of course," you reply. You stand and quickly pull off your shorts, shirt and underwear.

"Baby, you have a beautiful body," I tell you and give you a whistle.

I start with your temples and rub in small circles relaxing you as I go. I slide my oiled hands along your head and down to your shoulders. I'm kneading your shoulders and loving the scent of this oil, moving down to your back rubbing you with my palms and kneading the flesh on your back. I can't wait to oil up those sexy buns of yours. I pour some more oil in the small of your back and begin to drag the wetness down onto your firm ass. I pay special attention to your ass, loving the feel of it in my hands, caressing and stroking you. I can tell you are very relaxed and I can hear you making contented sounds. I take my oiled finger and rub it around your puckered ass hole. You're so relaxed that I'm able to push my oiled finger into you without any trouble at all. I move my finger around inside of you, rubbing your buns with my other hand.

I have decided to try something new with you. I'm not sure if I'll like this, but I decide to try. It felt so good, when you did it to me. Your face is turned into the couch and you can't see what I'm doing, you can just feel me. So I bend down and lick at your puckered hole. I stick my tongue inside, testing to see if you'll like it. And I hear you moan. I know you like it, and I'm also enjoying it, so I decide to continue. I lap at your ass hole teasingly. Not entering you again. I'm just using my soft tongue to circle all around your hole. Every now and then flicking my tongue against your hole and feeling you jump a bit. I reach underneath of you and rub on your balls. I love the way they feel in my hand - so very soft, and wonderful to roll in my hand. I love the feeling of the weight of your balls in my hand. I'm still teasing your hole, going around it and around it. Finally you have to turn over because your dick is too hard.

"John, will you masturbate for me while I watch? I'll rub my pussy and rim your asshole in the meantime." You nod your head yes in approval and I watch as you take your cock into your hand. You have a firm grip on it and I'm watching with pleasure as I see your shiny purple head disappear and reappear in your willing hand. I see pre-cum oozing all over your hand making your whole cock so shiny and wet. I love to watch you. It is so very sexy, and it is exciting me so much. I place my head back between your legs and stick my tongue all the way in your ass, flicking it in and out. I'm also lapping at your balls when I have the chance. I have 3 fingers inside of my juicy wet pussy. My clit is so stiff and swollen. My hand is soaked in my juice and I'm moaning loudly as I start to cum. This obviously gets a good reaction from you because I feel a hot burst of hot gooey cum splash all over my face and hair.


"Darling, you certainly know how to please your man" I moan still in ecstasy. I am watching you using your fingers to get all my spunk and licking them clean. I certainly know that you did not lie to me when you said for the first time that you like my taste.

"Michelle!" I scream after I have caught a glimpse of the clock. "Hurry up, we have to get ready for the dinner. I have booked us for six o'clock." You realise the urgency in my voice and we both run into the bathroom. We both enter the shower and start to wash hurriedly. Looking at each other's bodies we are both again visibly excited, but being hungry and also curious about the dinner, we refrain from any activities. Soon we are in our bathrobes and you ask me.

"John, and where are we actually going for the dinner?"

"We are going to the hotel restaurant Michelle," I reply. It is a formal dining place and we have to dress little bit more conservatively then we did so far. I wear navy blue shirt with tie and beige trousers while you are wearing your "little black dress". I love you in it. You look 100% different from the slutty look I have seen so far. You look like a real lady and I really enjoy the change we have just created.

We leave the room shortly and use the lift to the restaurant. We are introduced to our table and waiter brings the menu. After a while we choose and I call the waiter to order. We do our order and waiter brings the bottle of Louis Roederer Cristal Champagne.

When he opens it, he makes sure to point out that "this is the most expensive champagne we have" and I am bit embarrassed. I am really well off and I was not sure how would you take that, so I wanted to keep some details for myself. You look at me lovingly and say something about me being silly and spending too much money. I explain that money is nothing compared to happiness and good time and that I am certainly having very good time.

The dinner goes uneventfully and after managing to eat everything we leave back for our room. When we arrive there, I hug you and say.

"Michelle, I have wonderful time here with you and I love every moment together. Please, do not do anything you don't want to do or you don't like to do. I have noticed that you did some things for the first time in your life and I don't want you to do something only because I did it to you."

"OK, John, I know what you mean and I'll tell you if I don't like something or if I don't want to do something. I promise"

"Well, as you know, you will have chance to do that tonight. You are supposed to be my sex slave. I am not very experienced in this and we will both experiment. I know several things from reading, movies and my fantasies and that's it. I want you know that I won't do anything you would not like. However, being sex slave means that you have to overcome at least something."

"Again, I know what you mean. I have read some dominant/submissive stories and I have some good ideas about it. I believe we will both enjoy it. I will obey your orders and you will punish me if I don't. However, let us agree that if I say 'Enough is enough' that it means it is too much for me and we stop," you continue.

"I think that is a good idea, Michelle. Are you ready to start?" I ask.

"Yes Master" you reply and bend you head down.

I see that you have read about it and that you know some rules. So I order you to dress for me first. I order you to dress in your new bra and panties. I also give you a pair of stockings and garter belt that I bought for you earlier. You go and change while I stay dressed as I came from the dinner. When you come I ask you to mix me drink. You do it and automatically mix one for yourself as well.

"Did I order you to mix drink for you slave? No, I did not. That means that you did not follow my orders. That deserves punishment. This time it is easy – just put your glass on the table."

You do as I order I sip a bit from it and order you to dance for me. You perform very well, trying to do bit of belly dancing and lap dancing. I like it ,so I let you to sip off your drink as a reward. Now I order you to strip for me. I again enjoy it. You're particularly good with stockings. I wonder if you ever were in strip club or if you ever tried to do this. While you're very good at it, I feel you've expected more sexual stuff from this. So I order you to undress me and to suck on my dick. However, I let you to do it only shortly, for I don't want to get too excited yet.

While you do it, I scream, "Ouch, you bit me you slut! You will be punished!" You look at me with surprise knowing that you did not bite me at all, but then you realise that "this is the game" and bend your head down.

"I am so sorry Master," you whisper humbly.

"That doesn't help my pain," I reply and order you to lie down across my lap. Then I quickly slap your bum three times. I do not slap you hard, but enough to make your cheeks slightly pink. You sigh a bit and I add two more. Then I moisten my finger and run it through your crack, from the top of your bum to the opening of your cunt. It's juicy there and I know that you enjoy the game so far.

I order you to get up and mix me another drink. You do it this time without mistake and I let you to sip again from your drink.

"Now Michelle, you are going to masturbate for me. You will use the dildo that you find on the bed. I want you to lie there and fuck yourself with it. However, the catch is that you can't have an orgasm and you can't stop without my approval," I order you next.

You walk to the bed and lie there on your back. You take the dildo and lick it seductively. That makes my dick harden and you smile at me. Then you run the dildo over your tits, making your nipples standing ready for teasing. You continue across your belly to your pussy. You tease your clit first and with your breath getting heavier you ram the whole length of the dildo into your pussy and start fucking yourself. Your body moves to the rhythm and you moan louder and louder. I can see your orgasm building and I know if I don't stop you now, I'll have to punish you soon. While I enjoy the game, I would have a trouble to punish you for something so precious as orgasm so I stop you just in time.

"Thank you Master. Couple of seconds more and I would not hold myself any more," you admit with relief. "But I can see that your dick needs attention. Please Master, let me suck it and make you cum," you plead with me.

I agree with it under the condition that you will use your mouth only. Lying on my back I let you to make me cum. I order you to do it in 69 but I do not touch you at all. I just enjoy watching your cunt dripping on my face while you do expert job on my dick. First just teasing the tip of my prick, then taking it deep into your mouth, sucking hard. Letting it again out and licking around the tip, kissing the shaft, taking my balls into your mouth and then again licking all around. You remember my sensitive spots well and I am soon ready to burst. At that time I start to finger your dripping cunt and your orgasm is building again. When I can't hold it much longer and I feel that you are close to orgasm as well, I slap your bottom very hard several times. You stop sucking with surprise. The break in sucking gives me a chance to relax a bit and I order you to stand up and watch me. Still on my back I stroke my dick only couple of times and all the sperm oozes all around my belly and chest.

"Now what, slut?" I ask. "What are you going to do now?"

"Master, please may I clean you?" you ask and I nod with consent. You quickly kneel next to me and start to lick all my spunk down. It takes you some time to clean it all and I know that the hair doesn't make it easier... But I like it and I hope you like it too.

When I consider myself clean enough I ask you to mix me another drink. Having it ready I order you to prepare bath for me. I still fell sticky...


"Yes, my beautiful master I'll go and run you a bath," I reply and quickly go to the bathroom and start the water. I pour some strawberry scented foam bath into the tub for you, and make sure the water is hot, but not too hot. "Master, your bath is ready," I call from the bathroom.

"I'm coming slave" you call back as you walk through the door to the bathroom. I reach down and kiss your belly and you shove me to my knees. "Did I ask you to kiss me slave?" you say.

"No master you didn't. I'm sorry master," I reply.

"I want to be washed now," you say to me as you walk towards the tub. I reach for a body puff and some body wash and I lather up the puff and begin to rub your arms and chest, then cleaning your back and legs. I clean your bottom and I start to clean your dick and balls and you put your hand on my wrist and say "You know how I want my cock cleaned slave, lick it clean."

"No master... don't make me," I pretend to resist you. "Get over here and do it bitch," you say in a stern voice.

"Yes sir," I manage to say. I take your cock and start licking the head of your dick and continue licking the shaft, kissing and sucking around your shaft with my soft wet lips. I wrap my lips around the head of your dick and you push my head down and I take all of you into my mouth. I suck up and down your cock, and use my tongue to explore all around your dick. As I'm coming up your dick I purposely bite (softly) the head. "Ouch" you scream. I pull away and put my head down knowing that my punishment is coming...


While I am much more aroused than angry, I pretend to be really upset. "Michelle, so far you were relatively good slave, but now you have spoiled it. I have to punish you." I am thinking how to punish you. It seems that you have enjoyed spanking and I am thinking about it again. Then my eyes catch a glimpse of the wash brush. It is on a handle about foot long so lone person can wash own back. I quickly decide to use the brush. I ask you to hand it to me and to bend over the rim of the tub.

"Now slave, I am going to give you 15 slaps. You will count them loudly and thank me for each of them." With that I slap you for the first time. It is not hard one, but harder than previous spankings with my hand. You sigh and count loudly.

"One, thank you very much Master." I continue, gradually increasing the strength of the slaps. You count and thank bravely. With the seventh slap I can hear bit of cry in your voice and having looked at your face, I can see couple of tears rolling on your face. I execute last three slaps with much less strength and then order you to stay as you are. Your bottom is read and I wish you could see how nice it looks.

I take bit of baby oil and rub it into your cheeks. It will soothe you and I am sure you won't know anything about pain soon. While I am doing that, my hand reaches close to your pussy and I see that it is really dripping with juices. Yes, you're highly aroused. I put more of the oil on my fingers and start to rub your clit. Your body starts rocking nearly immediately and you reach a violent orgasm, screaming and moaning loudly until you collapse on the bathroom floor. I take you into my arms and take you to the bedroom and lay you down on the bed.

"Michelle, I think, it is time to stop this game. I have always thought I would never beat a woman. Now, I have to admit that I liked this game very much. I hope you did too."

You nod with big smile and say. "Yes, I did like it, but the last punishment was really hard. I was not sure I could take much more. It has hurt a lot, but I was nearly having orgasm just from that. Thank you for the experience, John."

"I am glad you say so. Thank you too. And do you know what? If you wish, some other day I can be your slave. I'd love to try it too." With those words, I lie next to you and in a spoon position, holding you in my arms we both quickly fall asleep.

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