tagBDSMMeeting Michelle Ch. 08

Meeting Michelle Ch. 08


Ch08 –John plays Michelle and Diana's slave


I awake before you in the morning and walk to the window stretching as I go. I better call Diana and make sure she remembers our plans for tonight. I think to myself and walk to the phone. She says she hasn't forgotten and she will meet us at our room around 6pm for dinner.

I walk over to you and kiss your forehead and eyelids to wake you up. "Hi lover," I say as you open your eyes. "I've decided to accept your offer and tonight you will be my love slave," I giggle as I look at you.

"But we have whole day ahead of us, so let's go to the coffee shop for breakfast," I suggest and we clean up and pull on some casual clothes. We walk towards the elevator hand in hand. When we arrive at the coffee shop I recognise the old man from the other night sitting again at the corner seat. I'm feeling a little embarrassed, but you grab my hand and pull me towards a table. It's more time for brunch than breakfast, since we overslept this morning. Probably from all the wonderful sex we have been having. I decide to have some melon and ham and an orange juice, you order as well, and we talk about how our week has been so far. I confess that I will miss you terribly when you leave, and you console me telling me we will keep in touch. Also you tell me that you have to go to a meeting for most of the day tomorrow. I pout a bit, but tell you that I understand.

You ask me the details of tonight. I tell you I have no idea what will happen but that I'm sure it will be fun (although I already have planned a lot of fun). I ask you where you will be taking us to dinner tonight and you tell me it's a surprise.

After we eat we decide to go back to the room and get out suits and take another swim. When we arrive at the pool, we see that it is much too crowded. So we decide to go back to the room and laze around for a while, just snuggling and giving each other backrubs.

Before we notice it, I look at the clock and it is already 3:30. "John, I must start getting ready for our evening. Diana will be here after a little while," I say as I disappear into the bathroom


After a while I follow you to the bathroom to find you under hot shower. You stand there with your back towards me so you don't see me to enter too. I take the brush that caused you so much pleasure and pain yesterday with me. Using lots of suds I start to use it on your back. You obviously like it, because you stretch and put your hands above your head. I push them on the wall and am washing you thoroughly. I am going from the top down to the bottom of your back. Than holding you around your waist, my hands wash your front. When I wash your nipples I notice them already hard and you push your ass against my hard dick. I am moving further down and you start to rock a bit. Then I notice that one of your hands is not on the wall any more, but on your clit, rubbing it vigorously. I pretend not to know and continue with washing and scrubbing your legs. I start from your toes and move slowly towards your sex, where your hand is doing wonders. Your pussy is dripping wet and you have three fingers inside of your pussy and thumb rubbing your clit.

As I finish washing you I decide to help you... Kneeling behind you, I start to lick around your anus and replace your hand in your pussy with mine. You push your asshole against my tongue and I can't help myself but push it in as far as it goes. You are now moaning loudly and I feel your orgasm is close. I push two fingers into your asshole and start to fuck you with both my hands into both your holes. You're pinching your nipples and in a while you come again in really wet orgasm.

I then shower off all the suds and juices and you step out to continue in our preparations. I am bit disappointed you did not reciprocate and you see it. "You know what John? I want you full of sperm for tonight. So no relief for now, sorry," you explain.

I nod and continue showering. After that I shave and start to get ready for the Diana's arrival. She arrives just before 6. As you are still in the bathroom, I greet her in and explain to her that you're still in the bathroom. She asks me about the plans for the evening and I explain to her, that except the dinner, I did not make any plans and that you're planning some surprise. The dinner is booked for 8pm, so we have still some time. I offer her drink and sitting dangerously close to each other we wait for you to come.


I can hear Diana's laugh from the next room. So I know she has arrived. I am almost ready, but decide to take my time. I'm sure you're nervous being in the room with her and I'm enjoying the thought of it. You didn't really have a chance to talk much the other day. Having a three way with a sexy man has always been a shared fantasy of ours, so we thought we would do it.

I walk out of the bathroom and I'm wearing a long black dress that reveals my deep cleavage. My hair is curled and I'm ready for an exciting evening. When I see Diana, my breath is taken away. She looks so beautiful tonight. She is wearing a dark red short dress and high heels. Its obvious that she has on thigh high stockings, I can see top of them peeking out as her dress is short when she sits. Her black cherry hair is in an upsweep tonight. I can tell she has paid special attention to her green eyes when she applied her make up today. And her full lips look absolutely delicious.

You're sitting very close to her, and I see that you are having a drink. "Michelle, may I fix you a drink?" you ask as I walk towards two of you.

"Please John, that would be nice." I walk to Diana and tell her she looks lovely and kiss her cheek. She says I look beautiful as well. We all sit down and start some interesting conversation. It's early, so we all have a few drinks. Diana and I are obviously getting tipsy, and you don't seem to be effected by the alcohol as much. We are giggling and talking. I notice that she is giving you some very sexy looks and she turns to me and winks. "Diana, did you know that John is going to be our sex slave tonight?" I ask.

"No, Michelle, what a great idea," she adds. I notice that you look a bit uncertain about this and I give you a sexy smile.

Diana stands up and comes and sits on my lap. "Watch slave!" she says as she bends her full lips down to mine, her lips are so close that I can feel her breath on my face. She doesn't kiss me. She just licks my lips and sucks my bottom lip into her mouth.

"MMMM... Diana, if you keep that up I won't make it to dinner," I manage to say.

"Fuck the dinner," she says loudly and walks over to you. "Undress slave," she points at you. You look from her to me and are not sure what to do. She walks up to you and rips of your shirt. Buttons are popping (Diana can get pretty wild when tipsy!) all over the room. "Do what you're told slave," she says to you as she puts her shoe on your leg. You then begin to undress quickly. You stand there naked and beautiful in front of us. You have started to get an erection and try to hide it with your hands.

"John, did I command you to get hard for us?" I ask smiling as I say it (It doesn't come as easy to me as to Diana.).

"No mistress you didn't, I'm sorry," you reply.

"Well, there is no room for sorry here," Diana says. "Bend your naked ass over Michele's knee," she says to you and you obey. She hands me a flat paddle and I give you a light slap. "Michelle, please," she screams and takes the paddle from my hand and gives you 5 hard stinging smacks. I can tell that it stung, as your ass is bright red.

"Now sit back on the couch and watch again slave," Diana says as she walks to me and starts to slowly undress me. She also undresses herself equally as slow, teasing you as she goes. "Now slave, watch as I pleasure Michelle, and don't make a peep unless you are asked and don't you dare touching your dick," she says to you with a wicked smile.

"Yes mistress," you answer.

She walks to me and kisses my mouth, finding my tongue. She is cupping my tits and squeezing my nipples. My hand goes down her firm belly and finds her belly ring. I take her ring in my hand and tug on it gently. My hand slips off her ring and goes down to her pubic area. I find that her pussy is so wet right now. She bends down in front of me and begins to lick my belly, then tracing her tongue down to my pussy. Her tongue touches my stiff clit and I moan deeply from the pleasure. "John, are you enjoying?" I ask you. We both get to the floor and are in a 69 position. We are lying close to the couch so you can see everything and we are on our sides so every detail is visible from your direction. My tongue is probing her tight hot cunt. She is so juicy and I lick every bit of her wetness. She is nibbling on my clit. We are wiggling around on the floor.

I look up at you and I see that you're enjoying, but that you're in agony. Your cock is so very hard and purple. And you're not to touch it at all. I can tell your dick must be throbbing so I get up and squat down right on your hard cock. I slid easily down the length of your cock. I'm so wet ... I ride you for only a minute and then get back off of you.

"Slave, kiss Diana's pussy," I order as she walks to you and stands on the couch above you. I'm watching as your tongue darts in and out of her sticky dripping cunt. "Now masturbate yourself while tasting her cunt," I command. I get so turned on as I see you take your hot cock into your hand and begin to rub it hard. Your pre-cum has made it all glistening and shiny. It doesn't take you long before you scream,

"Fuck, I'm cumming." I see Diana tremble as your hot spunk shoots from your cock and hits her pussy lips. "Mmmm," she says and I can see that she is cumming too and your cum is just dripping from her soaked pussy.

"What a naughty boy, John. Who said you could cum?" I ask.

"I'm sorry," you reply meekly.

"It's ok John," I continue, "Let's just continue to fuck. We don't have to play slave any more. I want to cum now.... Do you think you and Diana can make me cum?" I teasingly ask.

"John, you BASTARD, how dare you cum all over my hot little pussy," Diana scolds you too. "Now, you lick every bit of your spunk and my juicy cunt up! Quickly."

"YES mistress," you answer.

"Don't talk, lick," she shouts. You immediately bury your face in her cunt and I can see your tongue lapping up all the sticky cream. This is making my pussy very wet.

"John, now you will lick my pussy," I say as Diana gets up and we both reach for your hands and guide you to the bed. "Lie down on your back slave." I say and I climb onto your face. "Lap up my cunt you bastard," I demand. Your cock is getting nice and hard again and Diana is squatting above it. She takes your cock and rubs it teasingly up and down her tight slit. She feels you moving your hips up trying to enter her and you feel a sting as she slaps you on your chest and pinches your nipple hardly.

"You are here for our pleasure slave, don't you dare let that cock spurt again," she warns you as she lowers her pussy, putting your cock head inside. Her hungry cunt is clinging to your cock and milking it. I'm grinding my hips into your face and rubbing my clit against you. I feel an orgasm building. It is so very sexy watching Diana expertly teasing that dick. She has her hand tightly cupped around the base of your cock and your balls, so you cant cum as her cunt is taking about half of your dick inside.

"You fucking slave, you're making me cum you bastard," I shout. "Lick me clean as I cum all over your face," I add.

"Make her cum good or you'll pay you lovely slave," Diana says as she reaches and pinches my hard pink nipples, one at a time. It's more than I can handle and I start creaming. I feel your tongue sliding in and out of my honey cunt as you are lapping it all up.

"Good boy," I say as I get up and go into the drawer by the bed.

Diana also gets up and she looks to se what I have in my hands. "Yes, that's perfect Michele." she says and she walks to you and looks down at you smiling. "Slave get up and turn over, get on your knees I'm going to fuck your tight little ass with this vibrator" she says.

"But first I'm going to slip this cock ring on your cock with some oil, so you can't fuck up and cum again slave," I add. I take a bit of oil and pour it into my palm. I rub your cock with my hand and then place the cock ring on your head and slip it down to your balls.

Diana takes the bottle of oil and squeezes it above your ass. A few drops hit your little puckered hole and she grabs the vibrator and pushes it up your asshole. She is not too gentle and when it is completely inside she twists the top and it begins to vibrate deep inside of you. "Suck Michele's tits John, you fucking slave," Diana sys and you quickly obey taking my tits into your hands pushing them together and biting my nipples.

"Ouch, the bastard bite me," I scream. Diana is quick to respond and she starts slapping your bare ass even as she is fucking your asshole with the vibrator.

"Now, do it right," I say and I moan when your tongue teases my nipples. It feels wonderful as you suck my tits into your mouth. I reach down and grab your hard throbbing oiled dick. It is so very hard from the cock ring and the feeling is amazing in my hand. "Diana, I have to fuck this dick!" I shout in excitement and I bend over doggy style to meet you and I thrust my ass against your cock. I slap myself into you, only caring about my enjoyment as I use your hard cock. You feel so wonderful inside me. My cunt is throbbing around your dick and I'm so wet and juicy. As our bodies slap together it makes a loud sound. Diana is still behind you and she turns the vibrator up to full speed. I can feel your cock vibrating inside of me and your balls slapping against my clit are too much. I let out a loud scream as I cum all over your cock. I scream your name "John, fuck me baby". You are in such torture, your cock is so hard and your about to explode, but the ring is keeping it all held up in your balls. I get up off your cock and turn to look at you. Your cock is all creamy and sticky and I bend over to lick it all up.

"Please, mistresses, let me cum," you beg and we look at each other and giggle.

"Slave, this is only the beginning, you have a long way to go before you earn it," Diana says wickedly.

You seem to be enjoying this torture, I think to myself. Diana also seems to love this, I didn't realise she was so dominant. "Make me cum once more slave, and ill reward you," she turns to you. She walks towards you, "Slave, I want you to get up and pick me up. Put me against the wall and fuck my brains out with that thick cock of yours." You start to get up off the bed. "Hurry slave," she yells at you. You pick up your pace and when you get to her you pick her up roughly and slam her onto the wall. You slip your hard cock deep into her already wet cunt. "Now tell me how much you love this pussy slave," she says to you.

I can see your arms around her ass, and her long legs wrapped around your waist. You're fucking her very hard and she is moaning with pleasure. "Your pussy is so sweet and tight mistress," you manage to say. "I love fucking this little love hole."

"Mistress let me cum in your wet cunt," you moan. "Ouch," you scream as she slaps your face.

"You bastard, don't forget your place. You're the slave and your here simply for my satisfaction," she says harshly. "Now tell me that you don't want to cum at all and all you want is to please your mistress," she says. You are fucking her even harder. Her back is hitting the wall and your cock is trusting in and out of her dripping pussy. I am watching you two, lying on the bed with 2 fingers inside my own pussy, stroking them in and out and rubbing my clit with my thumb. I'm about to cum watching the two of you. You're both very intense.

"Fuck I'm cumming," I scream and white cream runs down my thighs.

"Mistress Diana, I only want to please you, my cock is all for you," I hear you say. Your breathing is so very hard. I honestly don't know how much more of this you can take.

"Fuck me slave," she answers. "Put me down on the bed now slave," she commands and you carry her to the bed, with your cock still buried inside of her. She tells you to lie down and she sits on top of you. I climb on top of your face again and let you again lick my pussy clean. Diana reaches down for your balls and pulls on your cock ring, its so very tight, and you are complaining as she pulls it all the way off. She gets the vibrator and starts fucking her pussy while sitting on your stomach. You can fell the edge of her pussy with the tip of your cock. She is about to cum and she rises up and suddenly lowers her asshole down on your cock. She pushes down and you enter deep into her ass. Her ass is so tight and it's vibrating from the toy. You cum almost instantly filling her ass with your hot creamy cum. I can feel you moan into my pussy. She begins to cum as well "John, you bastard you are making me cum again," she collapses on top of you and I collapse by your side. I'm glad I decided to share you with her, this has been some awesome sex, and I've never experienced anything like it. I'm weak from the orgasms and my body is trembling next to you.

"John, you make a wonderful slave, and you have a great cock," Diana says still lying on the bed with us. "God, I'm tired." I say and I snuggle up to you and start falling asleep.


Just as you're falling asleep you hear Diana saying that it's too late to go home and that she is too tipsy anyway. Then you hear her telling me that I was good slave and that I deserve reward for it...

We chat with Diana for a while. She tells me about being surprised by you and suggests me to play the game with you again. She thinks you really enjoyed it. I enjoyed it too and I suggest getting together again at the end of my stay. She agrees and suggests that next time we can change roles or Diana and I can be your slaves. She thinks it would turn you on to control two slaves with different sex.

All that time we play with each other but are exhausted to make anything more to happen. After a while we fall asleep too. I am sleeping in a middle of two of you and I enjoy being surrounded by two sex goddesses.

I wake up about 5am to a little noise. I just catch a glimpse of Diana disappearing from our room. Needing to pee, I walk to the bathroom to find lipstick message on the mirror thanking the two of us for wonderful evening and wishing us "horniest possible week".

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