tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMeeting Michelle Ch. 10

Meeting Michelle Ch. 10


Ch10 – John and Michelle play in the park


Dressed in shorts and t-shirt I look at you and can't help but whistle. You look great. But I think that something is missing. I reach for my briefcase and take something out of there.

"Michelle, you look great, but you need some jewellery," I say looking at your boobs nearly popping out of the blouse. "Here, there is something for you," I continue handing to you golden chain with two little clamps at each end. You look at it and then at me.

"What do I do with this?" you ask. I take it from you and sliding my hand into your blouse I pull one nipple and quickly clip one end of the chain to it. You sigh, it hurts I am sure, but you will get used to it soon. I quickly clamp it to the other nipple and let the chain drop down towards your belly under the blouse. You don't say a word for a while and then just whisper.

"Jeez, this feels so exciting. It is so sexy and it already sends waves of pleasure through my spine to my pussy. Why are you doing it to me? I will be all wet before we reach the park..."

"That's exactly what I want. I have a plan for you and I need you to be really hot for it," I reply with smile looking at you. The chain is clearly visible through the sheer blouse, your nipples are poking through and you skirt is so tight. I take my digital camera with me and we leave the hotel hand in hand.

We are talking about my business day while walking towards the park. You are aware of approaching men staring at you chest and then turning after passing us. Yes, they can see something under the blouse and I am sure, they are turning to have a glimpse of your panties.

We arrive at the park and you tell me about being really excited and wet between your legs. I ask you to touch your panties to check if they are wet through. You do it while walking and confirm that panties are wet through.

"Well, what if you took them off? There are not many people around and you'd be more comfortable..." I suggest. You do not hesitate too much and after having look around you take them off while I make a picture of it. I am getting hard under my shorts and I am happy that I took slips instead of my usual boxers. They hold my dick bit better in its position. We walk further into the park and only occasional jogger passes us. They are so concentrating on their health exercise they barely notice your naked bum peeking out of your short skirt.

"Michelle, I want to take some pictures of you now" I tell you. Then I continue explaining you what kind of pictures I have in mind. I want to take some sexy pictures but nothing too outrageous. You agree and we walk towards a group of trees and bushes.

I ask you to pose for me there, leaning against the trunks, picking blooms etc. I am taking pictures. However, I did not tell you that I am concentrating mainly on your bum and pussy peeking out of your skirt. You finally notice that and suggest we should do something more adventurous. I agree and you ask me to get camera ready.

Suddenly, you open your blouse and show your tits. I make picture and you start to play with your nipples, visibly enjoying yourself. Then you bend down and look at me between your legs. The picture shows your naked ass and pussy and your naked chest between your legs. I like that. We continue doing this for at least 10 minutes, slowly moving around the groups of trees when we suddenly see bench and young couple sitting on it. They are staring at us, both obviously excited.

"Want to join us?" I shout at them and they quickly go away. The guy has big bulge in his pants and I am sure she had her nipples really hard too.

We take their place on the bench and start kissing...


We are siting on the park bench and I feel your hand slip between my thighs as you are kissing my lips. My nipples are so hard; they are aching from the clips on them. I feel your hand unbuttoning my blouse and the rush of air on my tits is amazing. I feel your hot breath on my neck and going lower and you lick one of my erect nipples. "Oh John, don't stop." I cry and you continue to flick your tongue at my nipples going back and forth from one tit to the other. I'm in such ecstasy that I couldn't care less if someone walks by or not. Posing for those pictures for you has got me so hot.

I'm sitting here on the bench with my legs spread and my pink pussy visible and my shirt unbuttoned and nipple clamps visible. I'm thinking that I must look like little slut sitting here so hot next to you. You stop kissing my breasts and you lean back and look at me sitting there so very hot and turned on. My back is arched and my breathing is rapid. "John, why have you stopped, baby?" I ask you, longing for your touch.

"Babe I'm not going to give in to you this easy," you reply. "You'll have to beg me to help you," you say with a wicked smile.

"Fine John, you're such a bastard getting me all worked up like this," as I say this, my hand is running slowly down my neck and finding my tit I rub it a little and then continue to run my hand down my skirt and I pull it up just a touch and begin to run my fingers along the outside of my pussy lips. Gently teasing them and then I touch my clit oh so gently. "Mmmmmmm John, you should feel how soft and wet I'm getting," I purr as I continue to rub. One of my hands is caressing my tits loving the feeling of my "jewellery". I notice that there seems to be a bulge developing in your shorts. "John, please wont you rub my pretty pussy?" I ask you and you look at me very sexy and shake your head no.

I look over across from us and notice that there are two teenage boys watching trying to be concealed in between some trees. This makes me even hotter and I start to gyrate my hips and moan loudly as I masturbate my pussy. You should be able to see my juices running down my pussy and how creamy my love hole is getting. I take two fingers and put them deep inside my pussy with a low moan. I take my fingers out and put them up to your lips and you suck them clean. The feeling of your hot soft tongue on my fingers is so exciting... (John, this is making me so hot I'm actually rubbing my pussy while I'm typing.). I keep my fingers in your mouth and desperately rub my pussy with my other hand longing for release from this torture. I feel a spasm shudder through my pussy and I loudly scream your name. I'm trying to be quiet, but I can't help my self. I'm cuming so hard and my fingers are drenched in my honey. I open my eyes and look at you, I see the spot of pre-cum developing on your shorts and I see the way you're looking at me. I nod towards the boys watching and you whisper "baby, I knew they were there the whole time."

"John, I'm begging you please give me some dick now."


"Well, if you're begging we have to do something bout it, don't we?" I reply. Then I sit on the edge of the bench and ask you to sit on my lap. You do that quickly without any hesitation even though you know the teenagers are still watching. You sit on my knees with your legs around my waist and quickly undo my shorts. You struggle with my slips for a while, and then you manage to take my dick out. You push your skirt even higher and with your blouse open you push yourself closer to me.

My dick is just at the opening of your dripping cunt and your tits are in front of my face. You lift yourself a bit and then quickly lower yourself on my dick that completely disappears inside of your hungry cunt. You don't mind being outside and being watched and start to rock on my dick. I am fingering your clit and teasing your tits.

We don't need much. The excitement of being in public and actually being watched plays its role and soon we are both cumming. As we do so, I notice that the guys changed position and hid themselves in the bush. But I can still see clearly that both of them are having their dicks out and masturbating.

When my dick softens, we dress ourselves (as well as possible) and walk quickly back to the hotel. With your wet panties in my pocket, I start to think about next adventures.


"John, I can't believe we just did that." I giggle on the walk back to the hotel. "I can't wait to see the pictures. You do have your laptop at the hotel don't you?" I ask as we walk through he hotel lobby.

"Yes dear I have it." you answer with a smile.

When we get to our room I tell you I'll be right back and I go into the bathroom to wash up. I decide that since I have been in these tight clothes all day, I'll just stay naked and comfortable for a while and walk back into the living room and join you on the couch. I give you a kiss on the cheeks and sit next to you. You look very comfortable sitting there relaxing and I see the laptop on the coffee table.

"How did the pictures turn out" I ask you.

"Well, I'm not sure. I was waiting for you, so we could look together." you reply. So you reach for the laptop and flip it open and plug the camera into the back. The first couple of pictures are innocent enough and I think that they turned out really well. I turn to you and give you a warm smile and we continue too look. When I see the one of me with my bare ass in the air and swollen pussy showing I blush thinking of the boys watching. I'm usually not this wild, but it seems you bring out the wild side in me. I also see some other surprising pictures that I didn't realize that you took. One in particular has me shocked. It's of me sitting on the bench with my shirt open and one of my breasts exposed. You can clearly see the nipple jewellery around my nipple and disappearing into my blouse. You can see that my eyes are closed and my fingers in my swollen pink pussy. It looks like I'm really enjoying myself in this shot. It's a little strange to see a picture of myself like this. "This is my favourite," you announce.

"I can see why," I add laughing.

"What's next on the agenda this evening?" you ask me.

"Well, I was thinking that we could go dancing and I could show you off." I say with a sparkle in my eye.

"Yes let's do it," you respond and I throw my arms around your neck for a thank you hug. But it seems like this hug is turning a bit passionate. I feel your hands roaming on my naked back. You're touching my ass and squeezing it giving me a nice pinch.

"You have the most talented hands," I say in barely a whisper into your ear and lick around the edges of your delicate ear. "We still have about 2 hours before I need to get dressed for the club. I'm going to take a quick nap," I say and I lie my head into your lap and I fall asleep with you caressing my naked back and shoulders.

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