tagBDSMMeeting My Master Ch. 03

Meeting My Master Ch. 03


Again I would like to say that if you haven't read the first two chapters, some of the pieces to this chapter may not make a lot of sense. Please leave feedback!


Over the next few days I replayed that night's events in my mind time after time, leading me to orgasm after orgasm just recalling that night. I had truly become your slave, and in doing so had reached new levels of pleasure that I didn't even know were possible. I wonder what the future holds, what you have planned for me next.

I let my mind wander as I get ready for bed and slide my naked body between the sheets. In the silence I find myself wishing you were there, craving your touch, your voice commanding me, fulfilling me. I feel sleep taking hold of me, pulling me into a dreamland.

It is here that I feel your hand between my legs, gently parting my pussy lips. I feel your finger rubbing and smearing my juices around and then gently push inside of me. I moan from within my slumber, my hips pushing gently upward. Your thumb pressing on my hard clit as my body responds to you despite my unconscious state; my legs parting farther and my breathing quickening, another small moan escaping my lips, as you push me closer to orgasm. You begin rubbing my clit in small circles, with one finger buried deep inside me. It doesn't take long until I am openly responding, legs spreading wide, hips rising and falling to meet your rhythm.

My moans increase in intensity as I come closer and closer to climax, and you continue coaxing my clit, rubbing harder on it. Before long I gasp out loud, my hips thrust hard and upward, and my legs spread wider. You can feel my pussy clutch at your finger, almost sucking it in. You continue to manipulate my clit as the orgasm washes over me. My breathing is heavy as my hips continue thrusting in cadence with your finger movements. Allowing me to completely finish the first orgasm, you lessen the pressure on my clit and withdrawal your finger. My body slowly returning to normal, body slumped onto the bed again, breathing becoming soft and deep. Even though I was asleep, you had still made me cum very hard.

I feel you lay down on the bed, between my still outstretch legs. Moving up between my legs, you bring your face up to my dripping pussy. My lips still puffy and engorged flared open from the recent excitement. I feel you flick your tongue along the length of my lips, running it up and down. I moan, in a haze and euphoric state; legs spreading open further. You push your tongue into the center of me and move upward, finding my clit once again. Concentrating your effort there, drawing circles around my clit, occasionally moving down and then up again. My moans escalating, drawing me out of my sleep with the deep pleasures I am feeling. Half awake, my body rippling with waves of pleasure I push my hips toward you. I am approaching orgasm, thighs trembling as you continue working faster and faster on my clit. My breathing is ragged, coming in short gasps between moans, my orgasm holding on the edge. I beg you for release, and you pause only long enough to command my orgasm. You feel my legs jerk and thighs tense up, and plant your entire mouth on my clit and suck it in hard. My entire body jerks as the shock waves pound through me.

It is only after my orgasm has subsided that I am awake enough to realize you had only come to me through my dream, and were not really there. A moment of disappointment hits when I realize that it was only a dream, but it quickly replaced with a smile as I recollect the events, the wetness evidence of how wonderful it was.

The next morning I find my mind wandering again back through that sex filled night where I lost all inhibitions and gave in to you. I must have more. I try to wait patiently for you to summon me, but as the hours pass by I find myself longing for you more and more. Recalling that nights events prompts me to slide one finger beneath my skirt, to my bare pussy, parting my lips to feel the slick wetness there. The slight twinge has grown steadily throughout the morning as I try to wait patiently for you. Now the wetness was accompanied by a throb of desire and a deep need that quickens my pulse as I rub my clit teasingly, my need refusing to be denied. I know that I am not allowed to cum without your permission, and despite that knowledge I torture myself, indulging in the pleasurable sensations surging through my body.

I hear the phone ring, breaking me from my euphoric state. I see that it is you calling and my heart skips a beat with anticipation.

"Good morning sir." I say as I answer the phone.

"Good morning, have you missed me?" you question, knowing what my answer will be before I respond.

"Yes sir, very much," I respond.

"What have you missed my slave?" you continue to probe.

"Your touch, your voice, the way I feel when you are near me sir," I respond, feeling my body already responding knowing that soon you will be guiding me to my next release.

"What are you wearing," you move the conversation forward.

"A skirt and a tank top, sir" I reply softly.

"No panties, no bra? I want details. What color skirt? What material is the tank top?" you ask persistently.

"No master, no panties, I have learned my lesson from last time. No bra either sir. My skirt is black and loose, a few inches above the knee. The tank top is red and a soft cotton knit, it feel good against my..." my voice trails off.

"Your what, pet?" you ask over the line, your voice deepening faintly. You know what it felt good against, you just want me to say it.

"My nipples, sir." I respond softly, somewhat embarrassed; my breathing speeding up, my nipples hard, rubbing softly with every move against the material of the tank top.

"Your nipples are hard, aren't they?" you ask knowingly, able to anticipate my bodies reaction perfectly.

The question causes them to become so tight they hurt and beg to be touched. I sit down holding my hands beneath my leg and whimper, "Yes sir."

"You are already wet, aren't you" you ask, causing me to shiver and without even realizing it grind down into the chair; your voice caressing my nerve endings, something intangible, yet so real to me.

"Yes, sir. I am very wet." trying to hold back the desperate need from my voice. But the sound of your voice is just too much, I need to touch myself, my pussy aching to be touched, to be pounded by a thick cock, my nipples need to sucked.

"Good," you sense my needs, even without being able to see me, your voice like velvet across my ears. "Go get one of your toys," you order.

It takes me all of one minute to comply with your order, knowing that I will soon be experiencing ripples of pleasure. I shoot up to the bedroom, getting one of my vibes out of the drawer.

"I have it sir," I say into the phone a bit breathlessly.

"Good girl," you say sending a zing of pleasure through me. "Where are you in your house now?" you ask softly.

"My bedroom, sir." I respond looking longingly are the bed.

"Strip, and get on the bed."

I obey in short order, quickly removing the tank top, peeling it off and shivering as the material slides across my aching nipples. The skirt slides of quickly, dropping to the ground, to be kicked away. I pull my vibrator beside me and sit on the bed.

"I've done as you ordered sir," I reply into the phone.

"Now, turn the vibe on high and find that spot on your clit. Work it," you order, your voice soft but firm.

"Ye-yes sir," I say my voice stammering as the vibe grazes my pussy lips. A whimper escaping as the tip slips easily between my lower lips and moves up to my clit, causing me to gasp softly.

"Feels good," you say hearing my soft whimpers, as my hips arch toward the vibrations. The pulse of the vibrator feels so good against my clit, causing pleasure to uncoil in my stomach and spread out through my entire body. The combination of your voice and the vibe drive me immediately to the edge.

"Yes sir, so good. I need, I need to cum .... Soon, soon sir please." I reply desperately into the phone.

"Already," you question with a soft chuckle in your voice.

"Yes! Please, sir. Your .... Voice had me so.. worked up, sir. Please, please I need to cum." I beg you through staggered breathes, as I continue to move the vibe faster against my clit. Faster and faster in circles that make the pleasure spiral through me. Each stroke causing a spike of pure bliss to shoot through my body, soon I won't be able to wait for permission, even though I know I am not allowed to cum without it.

"Maintain the edge, press harder, you may not cum yet," you coax into the phone.

I groan in frustration, but willingly obey, waiting for you to release me. My pussy soaking wet, almost ready to break into spasms as I fight to hold of the mounting orgasm. I hear your breathing getting heavier, and I suddenly realize that you are building yourself, and we will cum together. The sudden realization of this is almost enough to shove me over the edge, as I fight to hold back.

"Cum now," I hear you order, and I hear your voice crack as you groan into the phone. Within a few seconds I allow my body to give in the orgasm, causing me to yelp as pleasure explodes through my body. My hips thrust upward, and I am in a frenzy with the vibe over my most sensitive are. The pleasure so intense I almost scream, as my hips buck and my back arches even more. The release of it fades and I lay flat on the bed, panting softly.

"Thank you, sir." I say with through labored breathing, barely aware of my own body as the aftershocks of pleasure pulse through me.

"You are welcome," you reply. "I will be coming over later today, around 3pm. I want you to go to the store and buy the items I have e-mailed to you. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir," I reply wondering what you want me to get.

"Follow my instructions, or there will be punishments," you say with warning.

"I will obey sir," I say, remembering the last series of punishments, and not wanting to revisit them.

"Good, see you at 3," you say into the phone, "goodbye."

"Goodbye master," I reply already moving to the computer.

As I read through your mail I feel myself getting wet again. Just reading the list, I know that later will be very exciting and continue to push my boundaries.


Go to the store and purchase the following items: Clothes Pins, Carrot, Cucumber, Zucchini. Do not purchase anything else, see if the cashier displays any signs of knowing what you might be purchasing these items for. When you get home, wash the vegetables and wait for me. You are not to touch yourself, and not to cum unless I am there and give permission. When I get there be waiting for me, dress how you like, but you had better be accessible.

I finish the mail somewhat disappointed that you are not allowing even the slightest of touches for the rest of the day. Usually you would prefer that I torture myself but forbid the final release of orgasm.

I decide to go to the grocery store in the same skirt and tank I had been wearing before your call. Just driving to the store thinking about what I was about to buy, and knowing intuitively the purposes you had in mind was driving me wild. I could feel the wetness building and my clit was begging to be touched. I want so badly to spread my legs in the parking lot and work my clit, but you have forbid it, so I obey and go without.

I quickly collect the clothespins from the laundry aisle, and move into the produce section. I select a few carrots, a large cucumber and a zucchini. I feel my pussy twinge as I think about the purpose of the vegetables. I look down into the basket and feel myself flush red at the thought of the check-out clerk observing the contents.

As I approach the check-out aisle I see three different employees, a woman in her 30s, a teenage boy, and a man in his late 40s. I immediately decide against the teenager. "If the woman had any idea what the items were for I would have to deal with her judgmental looks," I think to myself as I move towards the man's check-out stand.

"Did you forget the lettuce?" he asks looking toward me.

I feel myself flush red, "No, these are the only vegetables I need," I comment back trying not to let my voice portray my humiliation. As he scans the clothes pins through, he gives me a strange look, as if it is dawning on him what the combination of these items could be for.

With that I pay for the items and quickly leave the store, wanting to get away from the awkward looks. I set the produce down on the seat next to me, taking a deep breathe, and trying to calm down. It would be so much easier if I could feel the release of an orgasm. I look again at the produce thinking how wonderful it would feel gliding deep inside of me, but as tempting as it is, I am not allowed.

I look at the clock as I walk into the house and see that there is a little over an hour until I will see you. My pussy gets wet in anticipation of seeing you again, and I ache to touch, I feel the throbbing deep inside and fight to hold back and not cave into my desires. I wash the vegetables, and then go to take a quick shower myself.

I take my time drying off, rubbing lotion over my body, fixing my hair, and sliding into a sheer negligée. "This is definitely accessible," I think to myself. I finish just as I hear the doorbell ringing. I slide on a robe to answer the door in and make my way to greet you.

You smile as I greet you and you make your way inside.

"Hello sir," I reply letting the robe fall open to your view as I close the door.

"How was your day," you ask, sliding your hands under the robe, exploring the thin barrier between your hand and my body.¬ I feel my body ignite from your touch, my pussy throbbing, my clit aching for your touch, my nipples harden, and my breathing quickens.

"It was maddening waiting for you and not being able to touch sir," I reply with a gasp as your hand grazes across my nipple and you begin pinching softly.

"And did you obey?" you question.

"Yes, sir, I did not touch. As much as I wanted to, I refrained and obeyed you sir." I coo enjoying your touch, as your hand trails down.

"And yet you are still desperately horney aren't you," you question as your finger grazes my wet lips.

"Yes sir," I say through a moan.

"Why is that," you continue to question, driving me insane. All I want is for you to fuck me, yet you continue to tease, continue to question, knowing that I am having a difficult time thinking clearing with your finger tracing circles around my clit.

"Knowing that we were meeting this afternoon, the sound of your voice over the phone, the list of items I was to buy. It left me wanting you, sir."

"What do you want? You want me to fuck you?" your voice is husky with lust.

"Oh yes, please!" I moan and squirm against your body, trying to grind down on your hand. With that you abruptly sit me up on the table, standing between my spread legs. You move down and settle between my thighs, kissing and licking my soft flesh. "Oh, please, suck my pussy!"

"Whose pussy? Who do you belong to?" you question teasing me further.

"Your pussy! I belong to you!" I cry out desperately.

"Yes, you belong to me. Don't forget that," you say then bite down into my thigh, causing me to yelp and jerk my leg away, spreading my thighs wider. I feel your hands under my ass pulling me toward you, then your lips press into my bare pussy. Immediately I start moaning, so glad to finally feel your touch.

"You want me badly," you say before your hot tongue licks between my pussy lips causing me to shiver with fierce need. Before I can answer you stretch out one arm and grab one tit with your hand, tightly squeezing the nipple until I cringe and cry out. Then you pull away from my sopping wet pussy, rise up and start slapping my breasts. I grunt in surprise, my eyes widen looking up at you. My hips raise up to you in a heated invitation to your hard cock I see bulging in your pants.

I watch as you take your rock hard cock out of your pants, and beg again, "Please, fuck me, sir, please!" I raise my hands toward your swollen cock, but you quickly grab my wrists, pushing me back onto the table, and placing my hands over my head. I groan in frustration, closing my eyes and turning my head away.

"No," you say calmly. Yet you rub the head of your dick against my slick pussy lips. I am so ready for you, but it is all in vain.

"Yes! Please! You know you want to! Please?" I whimper, still not looking at you.

"No," you reply still in perfect control, feigning lost interest. "Not now." With that you release my hands and walk away. You love teasing me with denial. "Let's have a bit of down time," you say sitting down to watch some TV.

Visibly frustrated I pull myself down from the table, cursing you in my head for the prolonged torture. I tie my robe in a silent protest. Not that it would actually prevent you from doing anything, or I wouldn't shed it off in a moment if I knew that you would give into my desires.

I fix a couple of drinks and bring some snacks into the living room and sit down on the couch with you. You raise your eyebrow slightly when you see the robe tied shut, but do not say anything as I hand you a drink and join you on the large over stuffed couch. After surfing through the channels for a bit and finding nothing but mindless rubble on TV you lay back as if to take a nap; you beckon for me to join you, and I lay down beside you, still miffed from earlier, and we both doze off into a midafternoon nap.

I feel your hand slide down my side, over my round hip, then between our bodies. There is no doubt you are now awake as I feel you cup my ass cheek in your palm and squeeze tightly. I feel your fingers slip between my thighs and you raise my leg to drape it back across your own. You find my warm pussy still damp with unfulfilled need as you tease my lips, slowly stroking but not penetrating them. I moan slightly from your touch, bringing me back to conscience thought.

"Shhh... don't move a muscle. You just lie here and let me play. I'll let you know when you can move," you whisper. "I know what you want. I know what you need. But not yet."

I feel my stomach tighten as I take a deep shuddering breath. The very sound of your words make me wet with anticipation. Yes, you do know, and you are in total control. I feel the tip of one finger ease between my swollen lips, delicately tracing up and down from my throbbing hole to my hard clit. I feel you circle the hot nub for several moments, as I try not to move in response to your touch. You deny your direct touch on my clit, knowing that will bring me quickly to the edge. My breathing growing harder in a forced effort to remain still despite the gentle assault between my lips; it is maddening, and all I can do not to reach down and press your hand harder against my engorged pussy. I am aching for you to fuck me with your fingers. I feel you rest your fingertip at my opening and simply flick back and forth in a slow lazy fashion. I see you smile as you feel my pussy trying to drawn you in, so hungry, so needy.

You pull your hand away and reach over my side for a new angle, from the front. Having my leg still pulled back over your hip. You smile and simply rest your fingers over my shaved skin, even motionless it is still arousing. Any touch from you is coveted, even if you continue to deny me; it is a thrill to feel your perfect control. "Please sir, please don't stop. Please rub my pussy and clit!" I plead with you.

A heavy sigh rushes out as your fingers slide between my lips, dipping deep inside my pussy. Slowly pushing your fingers in deeply and slowly withdrawing, deliberately tormenting me by sliding your thumb along my slit but avoiding my clit. You pull your hand away, "To whom do you belong," you ask.

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