Meeting Nikki


I was around 25 when I first saw her and I knew the first time I had to make her mine, but unfortunately that didn't happen. At least not this time.

Let me explain, I was an outgoing lad about town. You know the type out drinking with friends, chasing girls ending up getting drunk and waking up with nothing bar a hangover the next morning.

I was 25 years old and single, I also knew I fancied guys as much as girls and had recently had my first experience with another guy. Not one of my friends knew about my sexuality and that made me quiet and shy if truth was known.

We all used to drink in a pub near town called The Richmond Park Inn. It was a typical sports bar come nightspot with Dj and masses of fit young women and that's where I met Nikki.

I had spotted her before in the bar and knew I fancied her but never had the courage to chat her up, until one night I saw her alone sat at the bar early one Saturday night looking gorgeous with her shoulder length brunette hair and in a short dress showing off curves and her long legs down to her stiletto heels. However she looked like she had been let down or just had an awful day.

I was there with my usual crowd of guys and girls and my best mate knew I wanted to speak with Nikki as he had chatted to her before and tried his luck but got blown out by her, this particular night I went to the bar with him to get the round of drinks in and there she was sat there. My mate had to nudge me and say come on help me with the drinks which I didn't to his surprise I decided to finally go and speak to the girl of my dreams or so I thought.

I approached Nikki and introduced myself to her complimenting her on her beauty, trying to be smooth but it wasn't working and her response was I've seen you looking at me before in a not harsh tone but enough to se if I was going to turn and run or not.

How could I reply? I just stood there looking dumb before I finally managed to tell her I found her very attractive and wanted to but her drink to which she accepted.

I asked why she should come to be sat there all alone on a Saturday night and her reply caught me totally off guard as she said I was waiting for a nice guy to chat to, and you came over and you seem nice.

I totally fell for her then and there and she knew it so we stayed there till 2 am sat together chatting, nothing more nothing less.

And as the night ended my thoughts turned to will she come home with me, and then she asked me whether I would like to make sure she got home safely. I agreed of course and walked her home as I found out she only lived 5 minutes from the pub holding her close all the way.

We reached her flat door and being the gentleman I am I never asked for anything more but she turned to me for a cuddle which soon turned to us kissing on her doorstep. I was in heaven and my cock was getting harder by the minute, I had been trying all night to control my emotions but she seemed to read my thoughts exactly turning to unlock her front door and dragging me through it by my hand.

She instantly just said to me relax, I live here alone so I went to her lounge and took a seat on a beautiful white leather couch watching Nikki wandering around getting comfortable. She soon produced a bottle of white wine and cuddled up by my side on the couch, we soon got to kissing again and she moved onto my lap still exploring each others mouths with our tongues dancing around each others. She knew what she was doing to me and soon made comment that my cock was very hard my response being only a couple of words which just came out as Its all for you hunni.

At this point she recoiled and I thought it was all over but she stood in front of me slipping off her tight dress off to show off her body to me, I reciprocated by removing my shirt and jeans in front of her to which she grabbed the band of my briefs pulling them down and exposing my eight and a half inch cock. It seemed to shock her that I was so large but she soon seemed to enjoy it by showing me her talents with her young hot mouth giving me some of the best slow deep oral sex I have ever had, sending rushes of pure ecstasy through me and then she just stopped.

I went to bring her closer and cuddle up to her and she sat there looking guilty, I didn't know what was going on and even asked her are you married or something? She laughed and said I have a little secret and I don't know how you will react if I tell you.

I didn't have the faintest idea what she was talking about and told her not to be daft as it couldn't be anything major as I fancied her so much. I knew she was the one for me the girl I had always wanted, and then she got up and stood in front of me and slowly removed her panties, letting them slide down her stocking clad thighs and revealing to me a small penis. This shocked me a little as I had always had a liking for Transsexuals and had always wanted to meet one, let alone have sex with one. As I stood up she burst into tears telling me how sorry she was obviously thinking I was leaving but she had no idea what was to follow and neither did I really.

As I stood in front of her I reached down to play with her girly cock I kissed her hard on the lips and told her I wanted to fuck her, she just nodded and told me to sit and wait for her. About 10 minutes later she emerged from her bedroom looking stunning in patent black 5 inch heels, stockings and a corset which she didn't know at the time really turns turned me on seeing her looking so stunningly beautiful and knowing she wanted to have sex with me as much as I wanted to satisfy her needs and my own.

She slowly slid herself into my lap facing me, kissing at my neck and teasing me by grinding herself up against my stiffening member again. I asked her to stop for a second as I lifted her ever so slightly and ran my fingers round her tight bottom slowly reaching her anus, sliding a finger deep inside her nice and slow, feeling how warm she was as she exchanged kisses with me.

She had me at boiling point and knew exactly what to do as she got up and produced a big bottle of lubricant from the side of the couch I hadn't noticed before. She slowly warmed it and rubbed lube into my stiff cock and into her anus before she said you are a 100% sure you want this.

I just told her straight out I wanted to make her feel like the beautiful woman she appeared to be and she moved back into my lap slowly sliding her tight anus down my rock hard 8 1/2 inches all the way till she reached my balls, she sat there for a moment then started to ride me slowly, it was heaven seeing this beautiful girl with a cock riding me and seemingly enjoying me holding her and kissing her young tight body as she did so. The more I turned her on the faster she started to ride me. I knew the way she was riding me I wasn't far from cumming deep inside her sweet young bum.

I asked her to stop for a moment so I could enjoy feeling her sat there on my stiff manhood, after a moment I asked her if I could take her. I helped her move onto her back and as I lay on top of her I felt her legs wrapping around me with her stilettos still on and the spikes of her heels digging in my back.

I had never done this before and didn't know how I was going to fuck her from the missionary position but she expertly guided my cock into her anus, the feeling was so amazing and being able to feel her girly cock hard against me as I slowly rode her while kissing her deeply. With this I started to up the pace and she seemed to love it moaning for me with every push deep into her. I was enjoying it so much I hardly knew my orgasm was rushing up on me and before I knew it I was shooting hot reams of spunk deep into her anus. I slid my cock out of her and kissed her and apologised for shooting my load into her.

She told me that's what she wanted and we went back to kissing and cuddling on the couch for what seemed like hours before she asked me to go to bed with her. It was heaven for me spooned up with this beautiful girl with a body most men would die to get, amazing breasts that I dint get to see till we went to bed. She had lovely small but very pert breasts which were fine by me as I love women or tgirls with small breasts.

In the morning I woke with a start not sure where I was and alone, remembering I was in Nikki's flat I went to look for her and found her in a silk dressing gown that came down to her thighs in the kitchen making tea, she cheekily turned and kissed me before saying she was coming to wake me with a cup of tea.

What she didn't expect is for me to be rock hard again, stood there completely naked in her kitchen with an erection again. She however told me that was exactly what she needed first thing in the morning and wasted no time in dropping to her knees and giving me a very gentle long wet blowjob. After a few minutes I brought her up from her knees kissed her and lifted her from her feet carrying her back to bed.

She knew what I wanted and told me she wanted me deep inside her again, I wasn't going to refuse her and she laid back and opened her silk nightie I slowly kissed her all over and slowly sucked at her nipples which drove her wild and made her very hard again. I saw my chance and went down on her first slowly sucking her tiny but stiff cock making her cum within minutes. Then I slowly worked over her tight little balls and round to her cute little bum with my tongue penetrating her arse a little. I reached for the lube warming a little between my hands before massaging her anus slowly sliding a couple of fingers into her wet warm love hole.

She laid there and begged me to take her deep again so I slowly mounted her and slid my hard cock into her moist warm anus. She moaned as I slipped into her till reached my balls and laid with her kissing her. I started to slowly drive my large cock in and out nice and slowly as to be honest I was a little sore from the night before and I wanted to take time to give her a passionate yet very hot session.

It didn't last long though as she had me so turned on I soon ejaculated anything I had left deep inside her, I slid my member from her and she came up to her knees and kissed me before bending down and licking and sucking me clean.

After we got up and had breakfast together and things returned to normal for a while at least. As lunch time approached we showered together and had a little oral both ways before we both dressed and headed off back to the Richmond Pub for our Sunday drinks safe in the knowledge she was mine and no one else that I knew had any idea that Nikki was a pre-op transsexual.

I guess you would love to know what happened later on but all I can say is that night we fell in love and after that we spent many nights making passionate love to each other and enjoying our little secret.

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