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Meeting Pearl


I am sitting around my hotel tired but restless. Having arrived just a few of days ago, I have been concentrating on work too much to get out and explore. It has been a long week, working 12 hours days since I arrived. Part of me wants to just soak in the hot tub, order room service and sleep. But another part of me wants to get out and explore. I decide to get up and at least take a walk and a bite to eat.

It is the weekend and the Carnival is coming up in a few weeks. I have read about the Carnival, and am looking forward to it. People are already getting festive, with steel bands playing in the street and people starting to party.

Leaving my room, I start walking through downtown, enjoying the nice evening air, the smell of market foods, the sounds of steel drums, and the sounds of lively people. I love watching people, seeing new places, and am relaxing and enjoying myself, my mind is at ease. Grabbing some food from a street vendor as I walk, feeling more awake and ready to do more.

As I walk, my fingers come across a piece of paper in my pocket. Ah yes, one of the gentlemen that I am working with mentioned a small social gathering at his place and really was hoping I would attend. I had no intention, as these are typically just a way to win favor with me. But on a whim I decide that I will swing by and see check things out. After all, it is not far and I can walk there.

Upon arriving at the house, I can see that it is a bit more than what I consider a small social gathering. The doors are wide open with people coming and going, so rather than knock, I just enter the house and look around for Marcus. I get a few stares, as I stand out a bit (there are not a lot of white men in this part of the Caribbean) and am sure no one recognizes me.

There are lots of attractive women around, and I see some giving me more than a quick glance. I have never had much difficulty meeting women, but the last few years it has just not been the same. My lifestyle has not really adapted well to a typical domestic life. I live in hotels, and at times if the project is long enough I rent a place. I love my job, and my life, but there are times that I wonder what if. Ah well, make the most of what you have I suppose.

Finally I find Marcus out by the pool sitting at a table with a few other people. He gets up as he sees me and greets me warmly, telling me to make myself at home. This is a refreshing attitude, perhaps he did just invite me to be polite rather than trying to influence me. He invites me to his table and introduces me and I join in on their conversation.

After a time a couple of women walk up to the table, the taller one wraps her arms around Marcus while the other stands behind her looking around. She appears to be a bit out of her element, but her friend pulls her forward and introduces her and I learn her name is Pearl. Pearl, what a fitting name, she is a rare beauty about her. She is shorter, not too short, I would guess about 5'5" and nicely rounded with soft curves in just the right places. I would guess that she is in her mid 20's, so quiet a bit younger than my distinguished age.

It does not take long before Marcus and the woman disappear into the house. I notice that Pearl immediately gets up and moves to an outdoor couch to the side of the party, away from the crowds. I watch her as I make my way around the party and meet a few people. I observe a number of men come to the couch and talk with her, obviously trying to get her attention, but none stay for long.

I note that her eyes do not meet with those of any of the men that come to talk with her, rather she looks down. I also note that she seems to be watching me as I walk around. I finally sit next to her; I sit closer than necessary so that our legs are touching. I can feel her start to move away, then stop. Good I think as I watch her eyes glancing at me with her hands folded in her lap. I just sit back on the couch and watch the party, sipping my drink for a time.

Finally turning to her and smiling I say hello. She looks at me, catches my eyes, and quickly looks down as she timidly says hi back to me. Perfect I think to myself with a smile. I start a bit of small talk, starting by casually asking her what time it is. She pulls out her cell phone and looks, telling me the time and quickly getting absorbed in it for a moment. Glancing down I can see she is texting someone.

I give her a hard time about the younger generation and the constant need to access their cell phones. We start to talk casually and I can feel her start to relax. I ask her about herself and force her to ask questions rather than "flirting" with her. I can tell that not flirting throws her off balance, with her looks, I am sure that guys are typically at her feet trying to woo her. I learn that she is single, living alone and working at a factory with the friend that brought her here.

As I finish my drink, I look at her, set it down and request that she get me another. She promptly rises, gets my old glass and starts to walk away. I can see her hesitate, I am sure wondering what she is doing. I can imagine what she is thinking (Wait, what, why am I getting him a drink? I don't even know him. He is supposed to be mixing me a drink). But she continues to walk away.

She gets drink and brings it back to me and sits back down. I observe that she sits just as close as I had, if not closer, with our thighs touching. I can see her start to get a bit uncomfortable as she realizes how close she is sitting, and she says she must go to the restroom and excuses herself.

I watch her head inside and wait for her to return. When she does come out, she comes out a side door and heads further into the yard away from the people. I wait for a time. Then follow her. It is a nice yard, with lots of private sitting areas. It takes me a little time to find her as she has hidden herself in a little secluded spot.

As I approach her, I note the glow on her face and chuckle as I approach, startling her. "You were having withdrawals weren't you?" She looks confused and I point to her phone. She blushes and defends herself stating that she needed fresh air. I sit next to her again, close. And we debate a bit about the merits of the cell phone. We banter back and forth for a time about the merits of the cell phone.

Suddenly she notices that my hand is on her thigh, and she freezes. She does not say or do anything, but I can feel her thighs part just a little. I doubt she notices, but I do, and allow my hand to slide further up her thigh.

There are no words spoken, just movements as I slowly move my hand beneath her skirt, and soon my fingers are against her panties, rubbing, and her legs are spread wider. Her head is back as my thumb starts to lightly rub over her clit, my fingers sliding beneath her panties. I tell her how wet she is and she blushes. It is difficult to see the blush on her dark skin, but it is notable. I ask her if she is wet for me and she blushes more and says nothing. I look into her eyes and she looks into mine for a moment, then glances down. "Are you wet for me?" I ask her sternly, and she promptly moans yes.

My fingers start to slide along her slit, one penetrating her slightly. My thumb slides under her panties as well. My fingers working her, playing with her, changing speeds and rhythms. Playing with her clit, then fingers in her fucking her. I continue playing with her pussy until she is close to having an orgasm, I can tell by her breathing and her body movements. I do not let her cum, I slow and stop, then start again, keeping her on edge for a while.

With my other hand I grab her hand and grab her chin firmly turning her head to mine and up so she is looking me in the eyes. "Do you want to cum for me" I ask her and she nods. I start to rub her clit harder and a second finger plunges into her suddenly. I feel her body tense up and she drives her pussy up off the seat into my hand. "Do not cum until I say" I tell her firmly. I watch her face as I play with her pussy. I can see her struggling not to cum; she is moaning loudly now.

"Cum for me" I tell her and I can feel her release immediately. She does not hold back, forgetting where she is she cries out loudly as her orgasm overcomes her. I pull my fingers away and watch her as she comes down, and starts to blush with embarrassment. I can see her looking around, she grabs her phone and purse and is ready to bolt.

"Stand before me" I say firmly. She looks at me, looks around, and slowly stands in front of me looking forward. "Remove your blouse", I tell her calmly. She stares ahead as her fingers steadily unbuttons her blouse. I hold my hand out and she hands me her blouse. I fold it neatly and set it on the seat next to me.

"Now your bra" I tell her again in the same calm voice. That beautiful blush comes back again as she reaches back, unclasps her bra, and puts it into my outstretched hand. I shove her bra into her purse. I admire her firm breasts, guessing that they must be a full C cup. Her dark nipples getting firmer as the fresh breeze blows across them.

"Good girl, you are doing well. Now the skirt." I tell her. She reaches back and unzips her skirt, and slides it down her legs. I note how wet her panties are as I hold out my hand to take her skirt from her. I fold it as well and place it beneath her blouse.

"On your hands and knees" She looks around, and slowly drops to the ground. I motion for her to come to me. She crawls towards me, slowly, some hesitation, but she makes it. "Good girl, do you want my cock?" I ask her and she nods. I grab her hair in my fist and turn her face up so she is forced to look me in the face "I could not hear you, if you want my cock I need to hear yes Sir" I tell her as I look in to her eyes "One more time, do you want my cock?"

She looks into my eyes and firmly responds "Yes Sir." I smile at her as I release her hair. I unclasp my belt, sliding it out the loops and wrap it around her neck, pulling the end through the buckle and making a collar of sorts.

She pulls away slightly tightening the belt around her neck. "You may suck my cock now" I tell her and her hands eagerly reach up and unbutton my pants. "Stop, hands behind your back" I tell her. She promptly puts her hands behind her back.

"Suck my cock" I tell her, and she stares at me in confusion. I grab her hair again and yank her head to my crotch "Unzip my pants." She uses her teeth to pull my zipper down. Then uses her teeth to pull my pants open, my boxers down, and my hard cock pops before her. She quickly wraps her mouth around it, and her hands come forward to grab it. I grab her hair "No hands!" I say firmly. She promptly puts her hands behind her back and proceeds to suck me.

I can tell that she is trying hard, she is taking me deep, and varying rhythms. She even hums with my cock in her mouth. I am impressed with how hard she is working to satisfy me. I lean back in the seat, watching her head bob on my cock and feeling the sensations of her mouth, her lips, her tongue.

I watch as she takes more of me until I can feel my cock sliding into her throat and holding it there until I think she may pass out. She finally pulls away and takes a deep breath of air before starting to suck my cock again

I do not warn her, and suddenly cum, my load shooting into her mouth. I am pleased to watch as she holds it in, small bits seeping from her lips. Another big load shoots into her mouth and she takes it all swallowing it. She looks into my eyes questioningly and I smile at her "that was wonderful, you did a very good job" I can see her eyes light up from the praise.

I pull the belt, and pull her head up to mine. I wipe the drips of cum from her lips and kiss her lightly. "Are you ready to come home with me?" She nods, I frown at her "Are you ready to come home with me?" I ask again.

She looks confused for a moment, then boldly says "Yes Sir." She reaches into her purse for her bra and I grab her hand shaking my head. She looks up at me, then removes her hand and puts on her blouse. Glancing at me as she reaches for her skirt and without a reaction from me she slides it on and zips it up.

I hand her bag and tell her to text her friend, tell her you are fine and will go home on your own. She does, slides her phone in her bag and glances up at me. I kneel down in front of her and slowly run my hands up her legs, under her skirt and grasp her panties and slide them down her legs. She lifts her legs and steps out of them as I reach her feet.

I stand and step back to admire her. Her dark hair looking a little ragged from my hands in it earlier. I note that she left her thin white blouse buttons down so her cleavage is visible. My belt is still around her neck, the end of it lying between her breasts. The thin fabric tightly encasing her breasts not leaving much to the imagination. Her firm nipples poking into her blouse. Her dark skirt molding tightly to her curvy ass and accentuating her legs.

I take her panties and walk up to her "Open your mouth" I tell her quietly and watch as she promptly complies. I shove her panties into her mouth, turn and walk away. I can tell she is following me as I leave the party by the looks on people's faces as I walk by them. I walk back to my hotel thinking about how glad I am that I decided to get out of hotel room.

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by Matttster01/11/18


It actually was Trinidad. A friend told me about the Trinidad Carnival and it is now on my bucket list. I have never been there so please excuse any inconsistencies.

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by avengiline01/09/18

Welcome to Trinidad

If you say it's Jamaica, I will be so disappointed. The best Steel Bands are in Trinidad!

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