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Meeting Place


She had met him before, but he had never dreamed she would meet him here. She was in rare form as she came through the crowd to see him standing there looking lost, alone and scared.

She looked like one of his wet dreams come true. He had had a crush on her since he moved to this town, but didn't think she saw him, didn't think he even showed up on her radar. Now he wasn't so sure. She was dressed in black leather and red lace, much different to the conservative business suit she normally wore. Her hair was up and the make up was artfully done to extenuate her eyes, which wear piercing though him.

Seeing the discomfort he was obviously in, she said, "I see you have come into my world Tom. How do you like it so far?"

He stammered nervously "This is quite some place Ma'am." She smiled at him, a wicked smile that did little to calm his nerves.

"Yes, it is quite some place indeed, Tom. I like to come here to relax and unwind, to have some fun with the right person' if you know what I mean." She winked at him, making him blush a deep red.

Tom was Sandy's boss at work, at least for the next few days before his planned "retirement". Tom was only 35 but had saved enough to be able to retire early and he was looking forward to it. He was not rich but had made some wise investments and would be able to live comfortably for some years to come. Tom had never married and had no kids. He didn't even have a girl friend as he had been married to his job for the last 15 years. Now he stood in front of the most beautiful and frightening person he ever dreamed he would meet. To think that this vision of beauty worked for him? How had he missed this?

He knew how he came to be here, a mysterious message was left on his desk at work the other day telling him that if he wanted to truly enjoy his retirement he should be here at the Black Raven at 8:30pm sharp. It was signed with just a kiss of a flaming red lipstick underneath which were written the initials Sc. He was interested enough to turn up at the appointed time even though he didn't know what kind of place the Black Raven was. He decided, with only two days to retirement he had nothing to lose. Besides, what else would he be doing except spending another boring night at home, alone.

He looked at her lush red lips, noting that it was the same shade of red as the kiss on the note. Her skin was pale, contrasting sharply against the black and red of her outfit. The clothes themselves were revealing, showing off the curves of her body well, while hinting at the delights still hidden beneath. Her manner, the calmness of her speech, the way she stood confidently before him started to cause stirrings he was not used to.

"Did you come looking for someone Tom? You look almost scared but you also look like you are enjoying the view." She smiled at his discomfort.

His eyes showed his uncertainty. "Sc?" He asked. "Surely you couldn't be."

She tilted her head slightly to the side. "Couldn't be what?" She closed the distance between them looking all too much like a cat on the hunt. She whispered, almost purring, "It was me who left you that note on your desk, just as it was me who you were staring at last Tuesday while you were playing with this." She reached out and softly caressed the bulge in his pants making him moan softly.

His knees were suddenly rubbery and he would have fallen if he hadn't reached out to her arm for some support. Clinging to Her he whispered an apology. "Come along Tom," she said. "I have a table over there and someone I want to introduce you to." She led him over to Her table. Sat beside the table, her left wrist restrained in a leather cuff attached to the table's edge by a short chain was a sweet, almost innocent looking girl. "Tom, this is Cindy. You may remember her as she used to work down in the mailroom last year. She is my submissive, as I hope you will be someday." A smile danced across Sandy's lips as she introduced them.

Tom licked his dry lips and nodded a hello to Cindy. "A pleasure." he muttered.

Cindy merely smiled and flushed red which made Sandy frown. "Cindy. Where are your manners?"

Looking down Cindy replied, " I am sorry Mistress." She shifted in her seat a little uncomfortably, and then forced herself to meet Tom's eyes. "It is a great honor to finally meet you Tom." Cindy smiled with a dreamy eyed look on her face.

"Cindy has had a thing for you for almost as long as I have Tom." smiled Sandy as she showed him to his seat. "The show is about to begin, so let's sit back and enjoy, shall we?" Cindy and Tom just nodded while Tom started to wonder just what kind of "show" was going to take place. He didn't have long to ponder that question as the performers were already coming out onto the small stage and the lighting in the room started to dim.

To his astonishment it was a live sex show with a bondage and discipline element he had never considered before. He glanced nervously at Sandy and Cindy as the show started but he was soon lost in concentration as he watched the action on the stage.

The woman in all black shiny leather was tying up a man who had almost the same build as Tom. The man being tied was tall, not bad looking and with some mussel tone, but not a lot. He looked like many office workers that Tom knew at work, though Tom had never seen them without their clothes as the man on the stage was. He was being tied to a bench, his knees spread, and his arms tied to his side, his chest also tied forcing him to bend at the waist to the "table" portion. Two others were kneeling for the moment, as the woman in black started speaking. "You have been a bad boy, haven't you my little slave?" She raised a flogger and struck the man none too gently across the back of his thighs, making his body jerk and leaving red welts to rise.

"Yes Mistress," the slave said. "I have been a very bad boy"

"Yes you have been. Did you think I didn't know you were watching me and my pet as we had fun last night?" She lashed him again with the flogger "You know you were meant to be cleaning the dishes, but you couldn't help yourself could you?" Again she swiped his ass and upper thighs. "You just had to see what the moaning was about, didn't you?"

"Yes Mistress," he gasped "Please, I know it was wrong but I was so turned on I had to see"

"You want to see do you? Ok then, slave. See you will." She patted the table. "Come here my pet."

The scene being played out in front of him riveted Tom. He could feel his cock getting harder and harder as he watched, then a moan escaped his lips as he felt the zip of his pants being unfastened and his cock eased free of its restraints.

The "pet" jumped up on the table and is tied to it by her Mistress only inches' from the face of the boy that was whipped. Legs spread wide and pulled back, completely exposed to the boys view, the mistress soothed her pet by stroking her thighs softly, then gently pinched the pet's clit making a soft moan escape from the girls mouth. Taking a vibrater the mistress lubed it up and slowly inserted it into the girl's bum, getting a long deep moan out of the girl. Then the mistress clipped something to the girl's clit, this time making her gasp with pain as her body arched sharply.

"Is this is how you saw her last night right boy?" asked the mistress.

"Yes Mistress." He replied. The boy is watching the pet intently now. "How can any one want a toy there Mistress?"

"I'll show you my bad little boy." The mistress thumbed a remote and the pet started moaning and squirming, her moans increasing in volume as time passed. "See how the vibrations work on her rectum boy?" asked the mistress." See how she begins to relax and yet is so turned on at the same time?"

"Yes Mistress"

"Good My bad little boy because as you asked for I will now show 'you' how someone can like it even love it, but first Carry dear would you put something over my pets mouth so she doesn't scream"

The other kneeling person stands and straddles the pets face, muffling her cries.

Now Tom is wondering what She is going to do to show 'Her boy' how someone could like this. Though Tom himself is moaning softly to himself almost completely forgetting Sandy and Cindy, until he feels a warm moist mouth on his exposed member and heard Sandy whisper, "Watch carefully Tom. This can be a lot of fun." Tom merely nods his head and tried not to moan too loudly.

The Mistress, behind the boy now, getting another vibrator and lubing it up. Then she placed it between the boy's legs, placed a cord on the clit vibe and stretches over the boy's shoulder. Slowly she dribbles some oil down the boys reddened butt cheeks and rubs it in softly. "Are you ready my bad boy?" she asks. Without waiting for a reply she presses the vibe that was between his legs into his bum with a strong, steady stroke and his ass takes the whole 7 inches and he lets out a sharp gasp. "Just relax boy." She waits for him to relax, letting him have time to adjust and get used to the vibe in his ass, then she turns the vibe on, making him strain against the ropes tying him down as she turned it on "high". Then suddenly she pulls the cord quickly, pulling the clit vibe off and bringing a scream from her pet followed by a flood of her pets cum washing over his face again and again as the curtain closed.

In the dark Tom can hold out no longer, whimpering as he lets go of his own orgasm into Cindy's mouth. When the lights come back up Cindy has cleaned his cock and worked it back into his pants, zipping him up when she finished. Sandy asked, "So, Tom, did you like this show? Be honest now."

"Well, I, ummmmm, yes Ma'am. It was very interesting."

"I'm sure Cindy truly enjoyed it too, didn't you dear?"

"Yes Mistress, and I did enjoy Tom too. Thank You Mistress for this special treat." Cindy smiled sweetly at Tom.

You both have been on your best behavior and for that I am very pleased." Said Sandy. She kissed Tom on the cheek.

Quickly before Tom lost his nerve he asked, "When may I see you two again? Please?"

With a big smile Sandy replied, "We will have to see about that. It's late and all good little boys should get their sleep. It's going to be a busy day tomorrow with your retirement party and all."

Head hung low in disappointment Tom replies "Yes Ma'am"

She tilts his chin up and kissed him full on the lips passionately, eating at his mouth. "We shall talk more about this in days to come, dear heart. Have no fears."

With the smile back on his face he said, "Yes Ma'am. Until tomorrow then." Tom kissed Sandy's hand and then Cindy's cheek and headed to the door with a spring in his step, his mind filled with the delightful possibilities of a future with them both.

To be continued...

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