tagIncest/TabooMeeting the Maddisons

Meeting the Maddisons



"Aw dad, do I really have to go? It'll be really boring and stuffy with people talking business and politics and stuff."

"Yes Jim, it's a family invitation and the Maddisons want to see you. They haven't seen you since school finished and they want to keep in touch."

Truth was I was really a bit scared of going to the Maddisons. The Maddison twins Mark and Andy had been a year ahead of me at school. They had been the superstars of school sport – champion rugby players, state champion rowers – everybody had been in awe of them. They walked around the school like young kings. They were nice enough guys. I'd been promoted to the school firsts rugby team with them even though I was a year younger. They were both big breakaways and I was the smaller half back and I was thrilled when they accepted me as an equal on the football field.

But they had left and gone on to uni, while I had one more year to finish school, still playing in the first fifteen. The team didn't do so well without them.

This was going to be the first time I'd seen them since I finished school two months ago. I remembered being tongue tied by their gorgeous mother when she turned up to watch a game. She was truly spectacular looking – tall, long flowing blonde hair, beautiful face, incredible figure and built like an Amazon. I heard she'd been an Olympic athlete when she was younger and I remember her cheering on the team from the sideline, her large breasts bouncing as she jumped up and down. It was sure distracting from the field and sometimes my team mates had to yell at me to pay attention to the game.

So here we were on the way to the Maddison's home for dinner. Me, just turned 18, mum Gloria and my dad George. I thought mum had dressed up a bit daring for the dinner in a low cut blue dress that showed off her ample cleavage. I'd tried not to stare when I saw her in the hallway before we left. The cut in her dress went so low that I could see the curve start to go under her hanging breasts. They moved a little under the cotton fabric and I suspected she was wearing a bra. I had a good look from behind but couldn't see the outline of any straps. It may be one of those that come from below the breast so it leaves the front bare.

Anyway I had no objection to mum showing a bit of her magnificent breasts. I'd seen them a couple of times as she went from the bathroom to her bedroom. We weren't too particular about seeing each other naked in our family, but we didn't flaunt it. It just wasn't a big deal. If dad was fine with it, then so was I. Maybe she saw Mrs Maddison as a bit of competition for dad's attention and wasn't going to leave the field to her alone.

We arrived and parked in the street outside the Maddison's home. I'd never been there before and I was impressed. It was a large two storey mansion with what appeared to be an attic room above. Dad rang the doorbell and I heard the sound of high heels clicking on wood as someone approached from the other side.

The door opened and I swear my heart skipped a beat. Mrs Maddison was dressed in the most amazing black dress – her cleavage was cut down almost to her navel. Her large pendulous breasts were shifting under the thin fabric and it was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra as her nipples protruded through the material. The dress was pinched in at the waist and a thin golden belt hung around her waist and down the front. It was a full length dress which seemed to make her look even taller. Her golden hair hung down in long tumbling locks to below her shoulders. She was simply breathtaking.

"George, Gloria, how wonderful to see you," she said as she kissed them on the cheek.

"And Jimmy. Good to see you. How you've grown in the year since I last saw you. Woops sorry, that's a grandma sort of thing to say. Don't you hate that," she laughed and leaned down to kiss me on the cheek.

I couldn't help but see her breasts fall forward as she leaned down and they were completely free – there was no bra holding them in. I glanced down as she kissed me on the cheek and could swear I could see a pink nipple on her left breast as the fabric fell forward from her halter top.

"Hello Mrs Maddison," I said nervously, taken aback by this wonderful sight.

"No need for that kind of formality now Jimmy," she said as she stood back smiling. "Schools behind all of us. We're all adults here. Please call me Laura. "

We went into the house and Laura led us into the living room. There were Mark and Andy who strode over to shake my hand and pat me on the back.

"Hey buddy, great to see you," Mark said.

"How they hanging Jim," Andy laughed. It was an old school greeting and I joined in the joke.

"Pretty low Andy, pretty low."

The three of us moved toward the bar on one side of the room and got into talking about what we'd done since school. They were both at uni, Mark studying law and Andy engineering. I was going to start architecture in a month so we talked of uni life.

My eyes wandered around the room and saw mum and dad chatting with Laura Maddison and her husband Charles. Christ she's incredible, I thought. Mrs Maddision was standing on an angle to me and I could see her right breast almost in complete profile. Only the nipple was covered and I could see the curve of the undercup of her breast as it lifted off her bare chest. My heart was pounding.

"Hey Jim, eyes back here," laughed Mark as he saw where my gaze was directed.

I looked back and it was obvious I was embarrassed. My face must have been flushed red.

"Don't worry Jim. It happens all the time," said Andy. "We see everyone looking at mum wherever we go. Eyes just seem to follow her all the time."

"Hell we're proud of her," said Mark. "She just seems to love the attention and hasn't got any inhibitions about exposing herself."

I was taken aback by this directness.

"Sorry," I said.

"It's alright. You ain't seen nothing yet," grinned Mark and nodded in the direction of the large fireplace behind me.

I turned around and was stunned to see a large black and white photograph hanging over the mantelpiece. It was a photo of a nude Laura Maddison leaning back over a tree log. The photo had been taken side on to her, and her heavy left breast hung to the side of her rib cage. Her flat stomach dipped and was stretched by her arms which were raised above her head along the log. Her long legs were draped along the log with her pointed left foot just touching the ground by the toe. Her head was tilted back with her eyes closed and her face framed by the long blonde hair flowing over the rough wood.

Andy and Mark laughed at my eyes widening and urged me to have a good look. The three of us walked closer to the fireplace and as we stood a couple of feet from the blown up photo I could see that her pubic mound was completely bare, not a hair in sight, at least from the side. That's quite a bit to discover about the beautiful Mrs Maddison in just a few minutes.

Mark and Andy were looking at the photo as well. "Mum sure is incredible," Mark said.

"She was an Olympic athlete," Andy said proudly. "Her long legs made her a good hurdler. She won a bronze at the Olympics, but she's incredibly competitive and she was disappointed not to get gold."

"Yep, she's still competitive. Always feels she has to be the best at whatever she does."

"She had to give up hurdling as she became pregnant with our sister," said Mark. "She met dad at the Olympics. He was a sports photographer and photographed her race and met her when she was awarded the bronze medal."

"Yeah sure, more likely at the celebrations after the Closing Ceremony," laughed Andy.

"Dad took this photograph and others you might see around the house. Mum models a fair bit for him. Anyway, she's turned her attention to competing in other sports now."

"Like what," I asked.

The twins looked at each other and smiled.

"Maybe you'll be lucky enough to find out soon."

I looked around the room. A few more guests had arrived. I could see mum and dad talking to another couple. A big black man was dressed in a dark suit while his elegant coffee coloured wife was in a white cocktail dress that was almost completely backless, showing a little bit of butt cleavage.

I wondered if that meant she wasn't wearing underwear, but just then Mrs Maddison called us into dinner in the next room.

We all filed in to the other room and my eye was immediately struck by another large black and white photo of a nude Mrs Maddison on the wall. She was front on to the camera this time, her bare breasts thrust out proudly with her shoulders back and her arms seemingly tied behind her. Her hair was damp and hanging in front of her face, as though she'd been working out. Her body was covered in droplets of sweat, some drops hanging precariously from the bottom of her large breasts.

I tried not to stare as I was directed by Mr Maddison to take my seat with Andy and Mark. The photo was behind me as I sat down, but the memory of it was seared onto my memory. It was quite artistic, but also incredibly erotic, especially with the real live model sitting just a few feet away from me. Mrs Maddison saw the expression on my face and smiled.

"Don't be embarrassed Jimmy," she whispered. "Charles is a professional photographer and I sometimes model for him. He's proud of his work."

"Proud of you too dear," interjected Mr Maddison. "Nothing to be embarrassed about Jim. You should never be embarrassed at a thing of beauty."

Mark leaned in to whisper in my ear "Besides, these aren't the most amazing pictures he's taken of mum."

By this time I'd had time to look around the room and I could see at the far end another nude photo of a woman taken from behind. This one was in colour. I couldn't tell if it was Mrs Maddison, but she was tall and blonde and walking away from the camera in a flower filled garden.

"That's not mum," said Andy following my gaze. "That's Alison, our sister."

I'd never met Alison, although I'd seen her once at a football match with Mrs Maddison. She was a couple of years older than the twins, but she looked like a svelte mini version of her mother.

"She's away at uni. She's the brains of the family doing medicine," said Andy. "I hope you meet her one day. She's cool."

Dinner went on without a hitch as I tried to keep my eyes off the photographs and the yawning cleavage being displayed by Mrs Maddison sitting two down from me so that I could see the profile of her right breast through the wide deep cut dress. Mum was showing quite a bit of cleavage as well just a few seats further down, and I noticed Mark and Andy giving approving glances in her direction. The coffee coloured lady was sitting opposite me, and even though her dress completely coveed her front to her neck leaving her shoulders bare, I could tell she was braless beneath her stunning white backless gown. Funnily enough I felt a note of pride that my mum could attract the attention of the twins when their own mother was so spectacular both in the flesh and in the photographs.

After a while I had to take a pee. I asked Mark where the toilet was and he directed me down the hall.

But when I got there it was locked. Someone else was in there. I really had to go and I thought there had to be another toilet upstairs. So I climbed the stairs to the next floor and started walking along the corridor, trying to guess which door was the toilet.

I opened one door and saw clothes strewn across the room. I know bloke's rooms and this one obviously belonged to one of the twins.

I closed the door quickly and moved to the next. The same.

On the other side of the corridor was another door. Success. I went in and unzipped. I'd had a hard on for much of the meal thanks to the photos of Mrs Maddison I'd seen downstairs. After the piss I turned around and saw a photo on the wall beside the closed door. It was a fairly dark photo and I couldn't quite make out what it was. I looked closer and was staggered at what I saw. It was a dark profile shot of a woman, her tongue reaching out to barely touch the head of a thick erect penis. The prick was shiny with spit and a thin bit of drool hung from the head of the penis and the woman's lips were extremely moist. Her cheek seemed to shine with some sort of liquid streaked across it. She'd just sucked off this bloke and his cum was streaked across her fucking face. What was this bit of porn doing in their bathroom? I looked more closely at the woman's profile and realized with a shock that it looked very much like Mrs Maddision.

How could she allow this picture to be taken, and what's more, what was it doing in the bathroom that was had used by her twin sons?

My erection was fucking huge by this latest discovery. The only thing I could do without having it stick out as I walked back to the dining room was to whack off right now. So I looked steadily at the photo and whacked off into a tissue, flushing it down the toilet.

What a fucking woman Mrs Maddison is! She's incredible. But what is going on in this family?

On the way back down the corridor I decided to take a quick peek into the rooms belonging to the twins. Who knows what sort of pictures they've got of their mum.

I opened the door to the first room and looked around the walls. There was a framed black and white photo above the study desk. I strode over to take a closer look. There was Mrs Maddison face on to the camera, smiling, her face streaked in cum and dripping from her lips. She looked radiant and happy. On either side of her were two large wet penises hanging down from the torsos standing just behind her. They were still thick and half engorged, hanging more than seven inches until they almost touched her shoulders. One was completely shaved with no pubic hair at all, the other had just a short cropped band of pubic hair starting a bit above the hanging prick which had no hair around it all. She'd obviously just sucked them off and they'd come on her face. The photographer, and I realized this was most likely her husband, had captured a moment of family happiness. I assumed the two dicks were Andy and Mark. They looked pretty well identical, and from what I remember from the school showers after rugby matches they were both extremely well endowed. And this photo was stuck on the wall like some sort of trophy.

My heart beating loudly, I left the room and quickly looked into the next room. The same photo was hanging above the bed. That confirmed it. The spent pricks in the photo had to belong to Mark and Andy.

"Holy shit," I said to myself as I left the room and closed the door.

I went downstairs, my face flushed and my heart pounding. I rejoined the table, trying not to look at Mrs Maddison's breasts in the big blow up photo or the pair on open display in her plunging cleavage.

Mark looked at me.

"I guess you used the upstairs toilet," he smiled at me knowingly.

I didn't know what to say, so I just nodded sheepishly.

"I told you mum was incredible," he said, and laughed.

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