tagGroup SexMeeting the Neighbors

Meeting the Neighbors


The summer after my first year in college I spent two weeks housesitting at the home of some friends of my family. It was a pretty sweet deal - house to myself in a a nice neighborhood, plus pay. It was kind of boring, but being 19, horny and without a woman, I managed to amuse myself moderately well with some skin mags and a box of tissues.

I was taking out the trash when I first saw Lisa. She was sunbathing in the yard next door, and as I came out the back door our eyes happened to meet. She smiled warmly and I, frankly, blushed and nearly ran back into the house. She was a beautiful woman in her mid to late 30s, curvy and tanned with long auburn hair. She strolled slowly to the fence in a bikini so small she may as well not have bothered with it. I managed to collect my wits well enough to speak to her. She introduced herself and we chatted for a few minutes while I tried and failed tokeep my eyes off her voluptuous figure.

"Listen," she said after a while,"If you get bored hanging out by yourself over there, why don't you join me and my husband for dinner tonight? If you're not doing anything else."

The word "husband" hit me like a slap, and I reconnected with the reality that I was about 15 years this woman's junior and there was probably no chance. Still, I accepted - it's not like I had a date with anyone else except Miss July.

Lisa and her husband, Frank, turned out to be pretty cool - they even opened up a few beers for me during dinner. Enough in fact, to get a fair buzz going and drop my inhibitions a few notches. So when the conversation turned to sex it didn't faze me. After scoping out the limited range of my experience, Frank mentioned the fact that he and his wife enjoyed an open relationship, and wondered aloud if I'd be interested in expanding my experience with Lisa. I looked over and saw her blue eyes shining at me as she murmured, "You're just delicious. I could eat you up."

I stammered a response. "I... I guess so." Lisa giggled.

"You're a little nervous," she said. "How about we loosen things up with a game of cards? Ever played strip poker?"

The answer was no, but I was sure interested in trying it. Frank offered a variation of the game he said he and Lisa played often with friends. "Usually what we do is make the first person naked into the sex slave for the evening," he said.

Lisa winked at me. "I have awful luck," she said.

"Sounds like my kind of game," I said, and they both laughed.

Frank got cards and we began the game. It went pretty evenly, and before long, he and I were down to our boxers and Lisa to her bra and panties. Of course my understanding had been that she'd lose and be at my and Frank's whim, but now it looked like the idea was she would boss us around. Either way, I was past caring as long as I got to go with her. Her bra pushed her ample breasts up into two luscious pillows, and the fact that she had one immaculately pedicured foot in my lap wasn't doing much for my concentration either.

Frank dealt the next hand. I didn't have much, a pair of tens, but I held them hoping to draw for better and lucked out with a third. I laid my cards on the table.

"Sorry sweetie," Lisa said, showing a full house of Jacks and Kings. I smiled.

"Ha!" said Frank, throwing down a straight flush, 2 thru 6 of hearts.

"OK, honey, time to drop those boxers and show Lisa what you brought her," she said.

I blushed bright red as I stood up, my hands shaking. Both their eyes were on me and it felt weird, but I quickly pulled off my shorts and tossed them aside. My cock bobbed up and down gently, rock hard.

"Oh my," Lisa said. "Look at his cock, honey."

"Impressive," Frank said. It felt weird to have a guy comment on my erection.

"Tell me, sweetie, are you ready to get tied up and let me have your way with you?"

I nodded dumbly. Lisa took my hand and led me to the bedroom. She lay me down on the bed and tied my wrists over my head, fastening them to the bedposts. Then she put a bar with cuffs on either end between my legs, fastening it to my ankles and tying it to the foot of the bed. I was immobilized, and it felt very kinky. This was beyond anything I'd ever dreamed about. Especially kinky was the way Frank, naked now, jerked his cock as he watched his wife play with me. Having a guy whack off watching me fuck his woman was wild - but the state I was in, it was kind of a turn on.

Lisa finished by slipping a ball gag over my head and into my mouth. I fought it at first, but what could I do? It seemed scary, but Lisa smiled reassuringly.

"This is what being a slave is all about," she murmured. "You're utterly mine. You have to trust me now. I won't hurt you - I'll only please you. But you have to trust me."

Words can't even describe what she began doing with her mouth after that. Her lips and tongue explored every inch of me, starting with my toes and working slowly up my legs. She skirted my crotch to toy with my nipples and navel, then trailed the tip of her tongue down my belly to my groin. She lapped at the inside of my thighs, slowly swirled her tongue around my balls, and generally played with everything but my aching cock. It seemed like an eternity that she teased and tormented me. I moaned and squirmed in my bonds, dying to have her touch my cock and let me come.

Finally she pulled away and began undoing the bonds at the foot of the bed. I thought at last I was going to get relief. But instead she pulled the bar over my head, fastening it by a rope to my wrist cuffs so that my legs were held spread and over my body. My cock, balls and ass were exposed, and she returned her oral attention to them immediately. I'd never had my butt licked before, and when she rimmed me I thought I'd turn inside out. It felt so incredible. My balls were so tight and hard they were starting to hurt. Then I felt her tongue flicker not just over, but into my hole. My hips bucked and I felt like I'd cum right there. She kept tonguing my ass until my moans reached a fever pitch, then suddenly stopped. I was panting and flushed, ready for her to let me cum. I'd never wanted it so bad!

She disappeared for a minute. Then I saw her in the bedroom doorway. She was nude, her full breasts jutting out, and a thick, black strap on dildo protruding from her curvy hips.

I felt a sudden lump in my throat and strained against my bonds. Helpless! I tried to cry out but was muffled by the gag. Lisa stood over me, slowly rubbing vaseline over the latex cock. I couldn't believe what was happening.

"Don't fight," she purred. "You're so much cuter when you're submissive." My eyes were locked on her body, so sensuous, so perfect. Why was she doing this? She knelt on the bed between my legs. I whimpered, pulling desperately at the ropes that held me fast. I felt the cool, lubricated head of the dong press against my asshole. Lisa smiled.

"It'll hurt as bad as you make it hurt," she said. Then she thrust her hips. I felt a stabbing pain in my ass as my muscles tensed against the dildo. She kept pushing, and my cry of pain was stifled by the gag. Then all at once the cockhead pierced me, forcing my sphincter open and thrusting up into my ass. She'd fucked me! I gasped as she forced it all the way in. Now that I was open, it hurt less, but felt so full, so stretched that I could hardly stand it. Then she began to fuck me.

It was the most intense experience I could imagine, the huge dildo ramming in and out of my virgin hole as a beautiful woman knelt over me, biting her lip with pleasure. After what seemed like an eternity she buried the thing in me and held it there, her hips quivering. "Oh yes... oh YES!" she cried, gasping as she came.

The dong slid out of me with a pop, and I felt my ass readjust to normal. Then Lisa freed my legs and lay down beside me. I was so ready to come now! She pulled the gag out of my mouth and I began begging immediately.

"Not yet, sweet. First you have to do one other thing." Frank came over to the bed, hard dick in hand, and I realized what she must have in mind.

"Oh god," I moaned.

Frank knelt over my head, his veiny cock dangling in my face. "Suck it for me," Lisa whispered, and I knew I'd be powerless to resist. I closed my eyes, opened my mouth and placed my lips around his cockhead. Gently I felt him lower his dick into my mouth, filling it with warm, salty cockflesh. Unable to believe I was actually sucking a dick, I began to bob my head up and down, swirling my tongue over his dickhead. As I did so Lisa whispered nasty words into my ear, urging me to suck it until he came down my throat. Before too long, I felt his dick twitch. A little spurt of bitter, salty liquid squirted into my mouth, then suddenly my mouth was full of the stuff. I swallowed before I realized that's what I was doing, only to find my mouth full again to the point that jizz started leaking down the side of my face. I swallowed again and he pulled his cock out, finishing his last spurts all over my face.

Lisa slipped away for a moment, and when she returned there was a blinding flash of light. I looked up to see her holding a polaroid camera and grinning widely. "A little something for us to remember you by," she said.

"Oh shit..." I moaned. "Please."

"Shhhh..." Lisa lowered her head over my groin. She looked up at me with her deep blue eyes as her mouth enclosed my aching cock. A few quick strokes was all I could stand. It felt like the orgasm was coming from the soles of my feet, it was so powerful. I spurted and spurted my pent-up load into her willing mouth and watched as she swallowed it greedily. When she was done she untied me and she and Frank laid down with me on the bed.

"What did you think of that?" Frank asked.

"Amazing," I said.

"You'd do it with us again - both of us?"

"Absolutely. You wouldn't even have to tie me up!"

Lisa laughed. "What if we wanted to?"

I smiled as Frank slipped an arm around my shoulders. "Make me your slave anytime!" I said.

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