Meeting Tracy


We had a nice surprise this week. Tracy called to say she had printed off the pictures taken during our earlier encounter (Erotic Day with Strangers) we had given up on her thinking that perhaps she was too embarrassed to get in touch.

Tracy explained that it had been a few days until she could bring herself to even look at the pictures unsure of how she was feeling and more than a little shocked at how easily she had given in to her sexual urges.

Surprised how the public nature of our fun had made her feel.

A little apprehensive she had loaded the pictures onto her PC.

As soon as they started to come up she felt butterflies in her stomach a tingle of excitement between her legs causing her thighs to squeeze together pussy juice moistening the crotch her panties so much that she had to change them.

Tracy asked if we could meet up so I Suggested the bar Steve and I had been to the day we had met her arranging a time when it would be at its quietist

Unfortunately Steve had been called into work but I thought she might be more at ease if we had a chance to relax over a drink before he joined us.

Already seated at a secluded table when Tracy arrived I watched how she walked into the room glancing apprehensively about her bag clutched to her no confidence at all.

She was a stunning lady 5'8 smooth milky skin dark hair cut so it framed her face pert breasts filled out her T shirt and from our previous encounter I knew that her legs were slim stomach flat and toned.

Spotting me she gave a little wave and came over I had taken the liberty of buying a bottle of wine for us to share pouring her a large glass as she made herself comfortable.

Refreshing my own drink Tracy took a sip of wine closing her eyes as the cold liquid hit I told her how pleased we were that she had called.

Placing her glass on the table slender fingers resting either side of the stem twiddling it nervously round and round she took a deep breath and asked if I would help her understand what it is like to be an exhibitionist

How could we do things outside where we might be seen?

How did it feel teasing strangers?

How do you begin exploring these desires?

Flushing bright red she drained her glass in one.

Refilling both our glasses I told her it had been a long time before my own exhibitionist side had emerged and it was strange circumstances that had made me realised how exciting 'being seen' could be.

By the time I hit mid twenties I had been in two relationships one of which resulted in a less than satisfying marriage.

Sex was exciting while dating because we both lived with our parents and had nowhere to go except local quiet spots in the car.

I realised later it was the chance of being caught that made my pulse race not the amateur fumbling of my ex...In fact I secretly nicknamed him Mr Two pumps and a squirt although he thought he was great in bed.

It was Steve that opened my eyes.

We met through friends and there was an instant attraction enjoying a wild affaire for some months before Mr Two pumps found out.

He moved out Steve moved in.

One evening the power was out because of a thunderstorm we were watching the lightning from the kitchen window and I said something about how sexy the pounding rain made me feel. Grabbing me Steve carried me outside the back door and pushed me up against the wall his mouth crushing against mine tongue exploring he hooked his fingers into my knickers and dragged them down my legs dropping to his knee as he did so running his hands up my thighs he spread my pussy lips with his thumbs tonguing my wet slit.

All I could think of was the open field our house backed onto and the neighbour's gardens either side…would anyone see? The thought of someone watching us the delicious feeling between my legs and the cool rain on my hot body all combined to bring me to a crashing orgasm.

Steve wasn't finished with me yet.

Stepping back stripping off his clothes cock rock hard ridged against his belly he began to remove my top and skirt pushing my hands away as I panicked about being naked outside.

He stood back admiring me the cold rain bringing me out in goose bumps nipples standing out almost painfully I felt so good…free…and horny as hell.

He turned me bending me forward so that my hands were on the window sill my ass and pussy facing the open field on display to anyone who might walk by.

Rubbing his cock up and down my sopping slit a few times he pushed into me and grabbing my hips began pounding hard and fast our flesh making wet slapping sounds as he crashed into me I felt him tense then pull out spilling his seed all over my buttocks warm on my cold skin.

As we dried off he asked if I had enjoyed being outside grabbing his cock and kissing him hard I said what do you think mister.

He told me some girls were too afraid but it was something that he enjoyed. I asked if he would be troubled if someone saw us and he said hell no it made it more exciting.

Over drinks he asked me the question.

Was there a time or situation that you would have found it exciting to be seen naked in public by a stranger?

About to say no I remembered something that had once happened to a colleague.

Sue was always falling out with her Husband each trying to get the last word in.

After a particularly heated exchange one morning he told her this time she would back down before him. Confident that this was not the case she told him to get stuffed.

They both worked for the same firm but as shop floor manager he started work an hour or so before Sue who worked with me in the office.

When Sue and I arrived at work most of the workforce was gathered around the main notice board, there was a lot of excited chatter and laughter because on it were pictures of a woman's naked buttocks and tits with a caption Guess who?

Sue immediately recognised the pictures…her husband had taken them once while fooling around…she could not take them down because it would give her away.

Furious she phoned him but was soon grovelling when he said that a picture of her pussy along with the answer was going up tomorrow if she did not apologise.

Although the pictures were not of me I was surprised when my pussy became damp.

It was the dirty little thought of it being me up there instead of Sue that got me all excited…in fact I became so wet I had to the toilets and take my panties off.

This was the first time I ever spent a day with my vagina naked under my skirt.

Tracy was enthralled leaning slightly forwards over the table cheeks flushed she wet her bottom lip with the tip of her tongue, fingers subconsciously sliding up and down the stem of the glass.

Pouring another drink I asked if she was up for some fun.

The pub was deserted apart from two bored barmen one of whom kept looking over…he was the guy I had given a show too last time leaving him with my panties.

Tracy said she had another question first.

How did I dress to entice guys without being too obvious?

This was an ideal opportunity to get her to loosen up.

She was wearing a nice T shirt just tight enough to accentuate her tits without being too obvious her skirt was straight black too tight for 'accidental' flashes but I would solve that problem later.

Taking her hand I made my way to the toilets she was about to go into the ladies but I steered her into the gents saying 'trust me' …luckily no one had been in and it still smelled sweet from the morning clean.

Tracy was bright red her eyes glued to the door as I told her to take off her bra.

I had already unbuttoned my blouse and removed both it and my bra by the time she slid her top off, hands shaking she handed it to me then reaching round undid the clasp of her bra slipping the straps down but holding the cups to her breast.

The door opened.

It was the young barman I knew he was watching and hoping he might follow.

His eyes gravitated to my tits as he stammered we were in the wrong place.

Tracy was still holding her bra tight over her tits so I gently reached out taking her hands away uncovering her beautiful breasts.

They were firm with the palest nipples I had ever seen small and erect in the cool air the top of her breasts were flushed red with embarrassment and perhaps a little excitement.

Turning to the young chap I said we were nearly done just carry on as if we weren't there. He stood at a urinal glancing sideways at my naked tits in the mirror while Tracy slipped her top back on her pert nipples showed through the material slightly.

Winking at her I waited for the barman to finish peeing and as he went to zip up I put my hand over his and told him to wash his cock off in the sink.

He hesitated for a moment looking at the floor then did as I asked.

Telling him to face the urinal both hands on the wall feet spread as if for a police pat down I held his penis gently in two fingers massaging the skin from base to tip stopping at the top to rub my thumb over the head spreading his pre cum down the length.

Standing so close my tits were crushed into his back my stiff nipples poking him through his thin shirt I gripped him hard and began to jerk his cock with short quick movements his breathing was harsh and he began humping against my hand suddenly stiffening up letting out a grunt as stream after stream of spunk hit the urinal.

As his orgasm subsided I let go of his cock washed my hands and pulled on my blouse leaving him to clean himself up.

Tracy was so excited she kept saying I can't believe that just happened.

We finished off our wine as I told Tracy the secrets of flashing men.

Don't wear anything too short or see-through subtle hints are best moving things along slowly gradually showing a little more as the night progresses.

If everything's on display then there is no mystery half the fun is in the anticipation.

I usually wear a pastel colour blouse with no bra my dark nipples just showing through so men will have to be close before they realise my tits and nipples are exposed.

Once in awhile I will wear a short skirt but usually a flowing skirt about mid thigh or a wrap around like the one I was wearing it can be easily opened up exposing my legs and panties.

Grabbing the empty bottle I told Tracy to watch.

Sitting on a stool I ordered a new bottle of wine from the barman it wasn't our friend from earlier but he soon noticed that I didn't have a bra on and that my tits were visible through my blouse realising he could see my nipples he tried to spark up a conversation.

Looking around I saw the other barman pretending to replace beer mats but I knew he was bending over the tables because he could see the smooth skin of my upper thigh my skirt having slipped apart slightly

Adjusting my self so my skirt would open up more it slipped across my leg as I turned toward him to get off the stool my panties were visible for just a moment the cheesy grin on his face told me had gotten a good look.

When I got back to the table Tracy grabbed my hand

'Oh my goodness I can't believe you how do you stay so cool'.

Laughing I told her that I was far from cool…my pussy was soaking.

Very quietly she whispered and mine.

Looking her straight in the eyes I reached under the table sliding my fingers over Tracy's leg. With just a little pressure of my hand I parted her legs going higher rubbing along her soft inner thigh she actually moved forward on her seat making it easier to reach her panties her breathing quickened coming in small gasps she tensed as my probing fingers brushed lightly against her crotch.

Gently touching the tip of one finger to her cotton panties pressing it against her lips through the material I traced the outlined of her slit.

Already moist she was getting very aroused.

Tracy kept looking to make sure no one could see what we were doing but we were in a position that no one could see even if the place was full, if anyone had glanced across it looked like we were just sitting in a booth having a nice quiet conversation.

The only people who were in the bar with us anyway were the two barmen.

Leaning back I withdraw my hand from her skirt lightly caressing the skin of her inner thigh as I did so I asked Tracy how that felt.

Was it exciting sitting in a public bar with someone touching your pussy?

Whispering softly she said let me touch you.

Very slowly, she leaned forward hands shaking as they parted my legs her touch was tantalizing her fingers pushed my skirt either side of my thighs revealing my underwear moving across the mound of my pussy over the smooth material stroking gently up and down my crotch, the delicate nerve-endings in my vagina feeling the sensation as keenly as if I had already discarded my panties.

Cheeks tingling with embarrassment she sat back.

Taking a moment to catch my breath I was wondering where to go from here when Steve walked in. He waved bought a drink and joined us grabbing a stool and sitting at the end of our table.

Tracy's cheeks were still flushed the air charged with sexual tension he grinned and said 'having fun ladies' Tracy started to fiddle with her glass looking down at the table embarrassed I slipped off my shoe and stroked the inside of her calf with my foot reassuring her with the contact.

Filling Steve in on our adventures so far but leaving out Tracy's exploration of my panties he said wow what's next.

Our bottle of wine was almost empty Tracy was in a sexy mood so this was a good opportunity to get her to loosen up even more and give the guys in the pub a bit of a show. I told her this was an ideal time to have some fun as an exhibitionist and tease the barman as he had already seen her tit's how would she like to show off her pussy a little bit.

Tracy chewed at her bottom lip drained what was left in her glass then whispered

Ok but on the condition she wasn't on her own.

First we had to do something about her skirt.

We all made our way to the side of the bar Steve ordering our drinks.

When he had served us the barman walked back to his mate at the other end of the bar no doubt grumbling because Steve had spoilt his fun.

Staying close to the bar I told Tracy we needed to swap skirts if she was to flash the barman I unfastened the one button on my skirt slowly letting it slip open over my legs sheer panties exposed to the entire room turning toward Steve I teasingly rubbed my ass into his crotch moving away as he tried to grab me.

Tracy began slipping her skirt down over her hips getting as far as mid thigh so a hint of backside poked out before she lost her nerve looking at me she said sorry I don't think I can do this.

Steve gently put his arms around her pulling her in close she must have been able to feel his hard on against her ass cheeks moving her hips slightly she pressed back into him.

Reaching for the fastening at her side he undid the skirt slipping it over her hips letting it fall to the floor. Running his hands over her flat belly she arched back pushing harder against him as his fingers found the waistband of her panties he kissed the side of her neck and softly whispered we don't need these either in her ear.

He started to slip them down hands moving from her backside to her front inching them over her skin.

She started to sway her hips slowly from side to side to assist him when his fingers were at the right level he made sure to brush them against her mound letting his finger linger along her slit.

After what seemed like an eternity he pushed her panties the rest of the way down to the floor as she stepped out of them I was surprised to see her pussy was now clean shaven the landing strip was gone. Bending over with straight legs so that her buttocks pressed back into Steve's crotch she picked up her panties.

Swapping skirts we made our way to the front of the bar Steve walked outside to call a taxi he knew if he was in the bar nothing was likely to happen.

As soon as we were seated on the stools the barman who had seen up my skirt made his way around to our side of the bar. The crafty git pretended to be wiping over the tables every now and again chancing a sideways glance in our direction.

His mate fiddled with the pump handles no doubt admiring Tracy's nipples erect and clearly outlined against the soft material of her T-shirt and my barely concealed tits.

Nudging Tracy on the thigh with my leg and whispering go for it she took a big breath held it for a second then slowly let it out as she turned on the stool parting her knees slightly the smooth material of the skirt slipping over her leg exposing the milky skin of her upper thigh.

The barman was looking directly at her while trying to pretend to be immersed in his work…no table anywhere had ever received so much attention.

At my prompting she eased forwards on the stool the skirt opening right up so all of her legs were exposed opening her thighs just a little so her damp slit was on display.

The barman forgot himself pausing in mid wipe mouth wide open a bulge growing in the front of his trousers.

His mate was frowning looking between us two girls and the other chap I caught his eye and he shrugged puzzled at what was going on.

Not wishing for him to miss out I whispered that maybe he should help his friend.

Making his way round to the tables he stopped dead when he saw what his mate had been staring at sitting in one of the chairs for a better view.

With new found confidence Tracy placed one foot on the floor as if getting off the stool opening her legs right up so that her pussy lips parted glistening wet and puffy from her growing excitement.

She stayed there for a good 30 seconds giving the lads a good look at her wet vagina before slipping all the way off the stool and making her way to the exit.

Walking over to the lads I placed a hand on their bulges winked and said see you soon

Catching up with Tracy outside she was red faced but laughing so hard tears were streaming down her face.Throwing her arms around me she hugged me close. Oh my I can't believe I just did all that thank you so much.

She then hugged Steve thanking him for his encouragement.

Steve patted her pert little behind and said it was his pleasure…which was evident from the bulge in his trousers.

The taxi arrived and as we had not seen the photos yet we asked Tracy if she wanted to come to our place for a bite to eat while we looked them over.

Tracy took my hand and said she would be delighted, besides we were still wearing each others skirt and needed to swap.

But that's another story.



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