tagBDSMMeeting your Goddess

Meeting your Goddess


I showed up to the bar late, I knew keeping you waiting would have you wondering if I'd show up at all. You get so excited when you see me. There's no question I'm the girl you were waiting for, my dominance is overt: dark lipstick, high heels, and a tight revealing black corset style dress. Before you can even say hello, I shush you with a finger on your lips.

"Let's get a couple shots of rum and get out of here" I tell you.

The bartender overhears the exchange and starts pouring them. She sees our body language and figures out what's going on. We down them, you pay, and follow me out the door. You told me before that you had a hotel room just down the street.

"Give me the room key" I demand.

'Yes, Goddess' you reply. It's the first thing I've heard you say.


Our room is on the first floor, right by the side entrance. As I enter the room, I turn to you and say, "Strip. Now."

Before the door even closes, you are completely naked, I can see every hard inch of you. I point to the bed, and you know what to do. I see the bag of toys you brought on the chair. I retrieve the rope and start tying. The bed has posts on all four corners, so it's very easy to restrain you. Your hands and tied to the corners, and your calves are tied to your thighs, and knees are secured behind your back, so your ass is easily accessed. Next I start tying up your cock and balls. You wince once or twice while I'm working, but you moan many more times than that. Once I'm satisfied with your bondage, I reveal what I brought. I go to the bathroom to put on my strap-on, under my dress.

Walking back over to you, you look so pathetic, waiting for me to fuck you like a bitch. I put one of my feet on your chest and ask "Do you like my shoes, sissy boy?"

'Yes, Goddess. They're amazing,' you respond.

"Prove it" I say as I put them in front of your face. You begin to lick and kiss my shoes. I slip them off and shove my feet into your mouth. At first you cough, taken back by how roughly I shove them in, but quickly you start worshiping them. This doesn't really feel good to me, but I do like that you will literally worship any part of my body, even my sweaty feet after walking in heels.

"Enough of that, I'll use your mouth later, bitch" I say as I pull out my feet. Getting off the bed, my strap-on pokes out from under my dress and I hear you audible moan. "Is your tight little ass hungry for this?"

'Yes, Goddess. Fuck me like the bitch that I am.'

"You'll have to beg for it better than that" I say after I spit on your face, hitting you right on your eyes.

'Please, Goddess. Please fuck my tight little ass. I need it, I can't live without it' you beg.

"That's more like it, cunt".

I put on some black latex gloves, and grab the lube. I pour some on your ass and shove in my pointer finger. You sharply inhale as I force it in, it makes me giggle.

"Do you like that, sissy boy?"


"How about this?" I say as I shove in my other pointer finger and pull them apart, stretching your ass wide. You strain against your bondage, and cry out in a scream that turns into a moan as you relax your hole, allowing it to be stretched. Now I'm wet, and can't wait to fuck you.

I retract my fingers and lube up my strap-on. You are breathing heavily in anticipation. I rest it against your hole and demand again "Beg for it!" as I again spit on your face.

'Fuck my ass like you hate me' you beg.

I slap your cock and plunge in, all the way to the hilt, and stop. You release a loud moan, if we have neighbors in the room next to us, they will know something dirty is taking place. After the brief pause, I start ramming your ass as hard as I can. You make some kind of noise with each stroke. Your cock is rock hard, straining against its bondage. You look like you're close to cumming, too close for me, so I grab the base of your shaft with my left hand, and start slapping the head of your member, back and forth, until I feel it losing blood pressure.

"You don't get to cum this early, bitch. I just started having fun, and the night is young."

I slow down the rhythm and you start thrusting your hips in sync. As I notice, it brings a smile to my face. "You fucking love this, don't you, cunt?" You manage to moan out a 'Yes. God. Ess'. Each syllable in time with our rhythm.

After a while, I feel like switching it up, mostly because I'm dripping wetness down my legs, and need some release. I start jerking your cock off at the same rhythm that I'm fucking you. You become harder and harder, and precum begins leaking again.

'Oh Goddess, I'm gonna cum' you moan in between thrusts.

"Then cum, already, you fucking sissy. As soon as you cum, I'm going to ride your face, so hurry up" I say patronizingly.

I can tell you're only a few strokes away from popping, so I stop jerking your cock, and just hold it by the base, and lightly thrust my dildo into you. Then as you cum, I pull out roughly, and let go. You moan in a disappointed way as your orgasm is totally ruined, and it leaves you wanting more.


Before you're even done dripping, my strapon is shifted, and I mount your head, facing your feet. You just manage to get a breath in as I firmly place my pussy on your mouth.

"Get your tongue out, and start licking, you fuck!" I snarl. I feel your muffled response on my lips. You feverishly eat me, as I grind back and forth. I'm leaning on my hands that are resting on your chest. As you do better, my fingernails dig deeper into your skin. I'm really getting close now, and shout, "Don't you dare stop now." I know it's been awhile since I gave you any air, but you keep licking.

I cum, and it's a good one. "YES YES YES, EAT IT, YOU BITCH!" I shout as I start dripping all over your face. I felt it start on my clit, then pulsate throughout my body. I'm shivering by the time is subsides, and remember to give you another breath. As I pick myself up, you're gasping for air, but you seemed to enjoy that as much as I did.

"I'm going to need a second before you do that again. But here, kiss my ass, slave. Show me how much you adore my body."

I place my ass right over your mouth. You pucker up and kiss it, over and over again. Then you open your mouth and start licking and sucking on my ass cheeks. You're basically making out with my ass.

"That's it, cunt. Worship me." You only stop long enough to mutter 'Yes, Goddess', then you're back at it.

I am getting so turned on by your obedience, and am ready to get off again. I place my pussy on your mouth again, but this time I lay back and put by bare feet on your cock. I can hear you moan in delight.

"Do you like my feet on your worthless cock, sissy?" I ask, knowingly. I can feel a mmhmm and start squeezing your hard veiny cock with my black painted toes.

"The better you do, the more I'll jerk you." I announce. That makes your tongue go into overdrive. However, what you didn't count on, is that as I get closer and closer, your pleasure becomes less and less of my main concern. As you get me almost to orgasm, I completely stop teasing your cock, and lean forward to push harder against your mouth. I cum again, and my juices again flow into your mouth. I moan loudly and start mildly convulsing again.


Now my pussy is aching for something to fill it. I suppose your cock will do. I jump off you, and move around to your ass again. A playful finger once again pokes at your hole, to let you know I'm still in charge. Since your legs are still tied up, I can only really fuck you in the 'Amazon' position. It gives me total control of your hips, you can't thrust unless I let you.

As I bring my pussy close to your cock, you start throbbing, which makes it jump. I can't have that, so I grab it, then look at you angrily, letting you know not to do that anymore. I start rubbing my lips and clit with the head of your cock, and you begin to moan.

'Oh, Goddess, that feels so good. Please fuck me.' you plead.

I pop the head of your cock in, and you almost jump. I'm extra tight, since I just came twice, and haven't had anything penetrate me yet this evening. I start fucking very slowly, in full strokes, from all the way out, to all the way in. Then I plunge you all the way in, and start grinding on you. As I go faster and faster, I can tell that you want to cum again.

"If you cum again, you're going to get a mouth full of it. I won't be having any sissy boy cum in me. So, it's your call, but you know the consequences." I inform you. Secretly I do want to feel you cum deep in me, but I know this is the way to get you to do it.

'Oh Goddess, Please slow down. I'm gonna cum if you keep going this fast,' you whine. But I don't slow down at all. My plan is coming together.

'Stop, Stop, STOP. STOP!' You begin to yell. Now you're about to pop. Once it's too late, and you're over the edge, I finally listen to your requests, and stop moving, with your dick buried deep in me. I squeeze you with my kegel muscles, and feel you pulsing.

'Oh no, Goddess, I'm cumming, I'm cumming' you cry, as I ruin your second orgasm of the night. You unload 4 or 5 big streams of cum deep into me. I feel your cum begin to drip out of me, so I quickly move myself to your head again. You try to move your head out of the way, so I'm forced to grab you by the ears and push myself onto you.

"You made this mess, you clean it up!" I yell, as I push your cum out of me. You obey my orders, and push your tongue as deep as you can into me, and scoop out your cum. I glance over my shoulder and see that you're still hard even though you just came a second time.

"You must like this, cunt. You're still hard!" I say jokingly. You whine in response, but don't stop. Once I'm cleaned out enough, I get off your face and kiss you. I shove my tongue into your mouth to get a taste of your cum for myself. We make out until all of your cum is swallowed by both of us. I get up and readjust my strap-on.


"Time to flip your ass over so I can REALLY fuck you," I say. The look of terror on your face is what I live for. I know you want it, but you're scared at the same time. 'How much harder can she even fuck me' you must be thinking. 'I don't know if my ass can take too much more abuse' is clearly going through your head.

As I begin to untie you, I realize how long you've been tied up. There's red marks everywhere that the rope was. It must have begun to hurt, but you never once complained. You really are a great submissive bitch.

After untying you, I let you stretch for a second, then grab you by the back of your neck and pull you in for a quick kiss. It only lasts a second, then I push you over the side of the bed. But the bed is too tall for me, I can't reach your ass like this. I slap your ass, harder than I meant to, and tell you to get up. I spot a small coffee table near the entrance of the room.

"Bring that over here" I instruct you. I point to a spot right in front of a floor to ceiling mirror on the wall. I want to see your face while I plow you, and I'm sure you won't mind the view either. You set the coffee table down. "I'm surprised you were strong enough to carry that, bitch."

You try to say something but I bend you over and spread your legs. I see that your ass is still ready for me, but I add some lube so I can fuck you hard. From this angle, I have great leverage, and will be able to get even deeper than before.

"Are you ready for this? I'm not stopping until I get another cumshot out of you" I declare. You have a brief look of horror on your face. You must be thinking 'I don't know if I have another load in me?' or 'That might take a while, I hope I can take it', but you say 'of course, Goddess. Anything for you!' excitedly.

I take a fistful of your hair in my hand and pull you head up, roughly. I slide myself inside your ass again and start thrusting, and you rest your hands on the table for leverage. I notice that you closed your eyes.

"Don't you dare close your eyes, bitch! I want you to watch me fucking your ass." I scream as I slap your ass.

'Ouch!' You squeal. This is not an appropriate response. I slap your ass even harder in the exact same spot.

"What did you just say to me, cunt?" I ask defiantly.

'I'm sorry, Goddess! I'll keep my eyes open for you' you manage to squeeze out.

"That's better, slut" I say as I slow down again. I keep sliding in and out of you slowly, and then start to speed up after a few minutes. You start to moan and I know I'm hitting your prostate, and you're getting close to cumming.

"I should just make you cum like this, just from me fucking you, but I guess I can touch your pathetic cock too." I reach around and run my hand around your tip before I start stroking you.

After only 5 or 6 strokes, you start tensing up. I know you're about to burst. I get close to your ear, "Cum for me, bitch."

That pushes you over the edge and you cum harder than you ever have before in your life. Your arms give out and you collapse on the table in a puddle of sweat and cum.

"Good boy." I say. "Now lick it up."

'Do I have to, Goddess?' you sheepishly ask.

"Did you not hear me the first time, bitch? Yes, you do."

You are clearly not happy about it, but you stick out your tongue and clean the cum off the table. Only some of it got on the table, though. Most of it ended up on the tile floor. You have to bend over to get to the rest. Goodness do I love your ass. It's still gaping a little bit, and leaking lube down your legs.


You can hardly stand up after you're done cleaning the floor. That must have been a massive orgasm. I can tell you're very sensitive. I want to fuck you again, and I want you to come from my cock alone.

'I don't think I have it in me, Goddess' you mutter softly. You can't even make eye contact with me as you say it, you just stare down at my feet.

"I didn't ask." You collapse on the bed, so I hop up and mount you. I spread your cheeks and slide inside. After a few thrusts I get bored looking at your back again. I dig my nails into your back one more time and scratch all the way down to your ass as I pull out of you.

"I want to have a front row seat to your next orgasm." I get up and walk over to the couch, and sit down right in the middle. I start slowly stroking my strap-on, trying to make it harder.

"Get over here and ride me, fuckboy" You slowly walk over and turn around to sit on my dildo, but I push your ass away.

"No no no, I want to see your cock. As pathetic as it is, it's still your best feature." I can tell that one cut deep from your expression. I lean forward and give your flaccid cock a kiss on its head. That makes it jump slightly, but is nowhere near hard yet.

"Your turn! Now get on your knees and kiss my cock." Your cheeks turn bright red but you do it. I like the look of your lips on my cock.

"Go ahead, you can fuck me now." You put your feet up on the couch, and lower yourself onto my cock. You wince slightly, but let out a big sigh of contentment once you are sitting all the way down. "Mmm, good boy. Fuck me." You start bouncing up and down a slow pace as your cock begins to swell.

"Ooh, is that for me, bitch? Already getting hard again?" I give the head a quick squeeze to feel for myself.

"Mmm you are." I can see what looks like fresh precum begining to leak from your cock.

"Are you really this easy to get off? You've already came 3 times this evening! What a little cunt."

'I know, Goddess. I'm easy to please.'

"You're such a dick, can't even wait for me to cum more. And I'm not sure I told you this rule earlier, but I must have at least the same number of orgasms as you. Otherwise it wouldn't be fair. So after you cum from riding my cock, you are going to be eating me out until I tap out."

'Oh, I didn't know that, Goddess. But I'd be honored to worship your pussy'

"You better be fucking honored. I might even let you fuck me, if you beg for it enough."

'I don't know if I'll be able to do that if I cum again, Goddess. I want to please you, but my body can only do so much.' you moan.

"Then fuck me now." I push you off of my lap and onto your back, and get on top of you. I lower myself down. "Thrust up, bitch. Fuck me." Every stroke is hard, and wet. My cock is bouncing off your stomach with each stroke. The noise is intoxicating. I feel myself getting wetter each time you bury your cock into me.

"Pathetic." I say between labored breaths. "Fuck me, harder, like you mean it" I command. You grab my hips and start to move me in rhythm with your thrusts. I try to contain my moans so you don't know how turned on I am, but fuck, I think I'm getting close.

"Bitch boy, can't even fuck good," I barely get out without moaning it all. I feel myself crashing down on every hard inch of you. Shit, I'm so wet.

I start to feel my muscles tighten in my legs and up through my body. This is going to be a good one, I can tell already.

"Keep fucking me, don't you dare stop, cunt." I feel you thrusting harder into me and I start to pulse.

"Oh sissy boy, you're going to make me cum, how dare you," I scream, as I feel myself losing control. My face and chest start to get so hot.

"Fuck, yes, keep fucking me." You can feel my juices running down your thighs. You did a good job, but I can't let you know that.

You didn't stop thrusting throughout my whole orgasm, but now after climaxing, I need a minute to recover. I let you know buy pushing your face down with both my hands, while picking myself up. "Enough!" I state frankly.

You respond with something resembling a 'Yes, Goddess', but it's muffled from my hands. Your dick and hips are all covered in my juices. I want a taste, so I wrap my lips around your pulsating cock. You instinctively raise your hips, trying to bury yourself deep down my throat, but this is not the time for such games. I roughly grab the base of your shaft and bite down on your glans.

'AHH' you shout, as you recoil, sitting up quickly.

"You know what you did, cunt" I respond in a low disapproving voice. I move to the bed and lay down with my back propped up by some pillows.

"Get your tight little ass back over here, I'm not finished fucking you yet." You walk over and slowly stand above me. I grab you by the balls and pull down, you follow obediently and land on my cock. As you do, I begin bouncing, using the bed to help. You know what to do and join the rhythm

'Oh, Goddess, Please jerk me off, I don't think I can cum if you don't' you plead.

"Then I guess we're going to be here for a while," I patronizingly say. I take the opportunity to give you one stroke, then quickly slap the head of your cock. However, this seems to have brought you close to the edge. You begin riding me harder and start to moan louder and louder. I grab your hips and help by pulling you down.

'Oh Goddess, Oh Goddess, Ohhhhh' you howl. Then your cock begins to leak. It doesn't come out as spurts, but as a continuous stream. It runs down your shaft, to your balls, then drips onto my mound. I'm so impressed, and turned on by the whole scene. I just made you cum from anal pleasure alone.

"What a good sissy you are. You came for me just the way I wanted." You start to move, trying to remove my dildo from your ass, but I hold you there for just a few seconds longer. I want to soak the whole scene in.

When I release you, you collapse on you side. You're clearly exhausted. "You're not done yet, bitch. It's still 4-3, so you owe me at least one!" I tease.

'Yes, Goddess. I'm not trying to cheat you of any pleasure' you murmur. I stand up to remove my strap-on. I throw the dildo in the sink for cleaning later, and pack up the straps. By the time I walk back to the bed, you're already sleeping. It's kind of adorable, actually. I turn off the lights, climb in with you, and pull up the covers. I rearrange the pillows and rest your head against my chest. Even now, I position myself dominantly. I stroke your hair as I nod off.

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This could be a stand alone story or there could be a next morning or next week sequel. I like the no names. If you decide on a sequel(s) you could use that to tie up the ending. As someone who likesmore...

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Excellent story; so erotically sensitive and descriptively written. Hope to read more

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