tagCelebrities & Fan FictionMeg Turney Body Swap Pt. 01

Meg Turney Body Swap Pt. 01


It started as a normal day, waking up to my alarm at 7:00am to go for a run before school. My phone started ringing right on time, but something was off. I didn't hear the familiar Game of Thrones theme coming from my Galaxy S7, it seemed to be the default tone, as if it was left unchanged.

I found it very strange for this to be playing so I lean over slightly more alert than normal to turn off the alarm and I notice something else that seems off. As I am leaning over my chest feels compressed against the mattress, and I notice my hands are small and my nails are painted bright red. This is very weird; I am staring to get a sinking feeling in my stomach, like I am somewhere bad or did something bad to get myself here. I sit up quickly and try to take in my surroundings to get some idea of where I am and why I am here!

I pick up the phone on the nightstand, unlock the screen and immediately notice the background photo is of my favorite cosplayer Meg Turney and her Boyfriend Gavin Free from Rooster Teeth. I pull the covers off my body and reveal the small, curvy, sexy body of Meg. Apparently she only sleeps in a waist high t-shirt and sexy pair of panties. I jump out of bed and move to the mirror to get a better look at myself. I look up and down her... I mean my sexy body, and am lost for words at the sight before me. I start to run my hands up and down my new body, slowly touching all the most sensitive parts of my body. I arch my back and stick my butt out, grabbing my nipples and making them hard, I get a huge rush of pleasure between my legs and this causes me to moan out, "Ohhh!"

"Meg, are you ok? What is going on?" I hear Gavin yell from the bathroom. I walk over to the bathroom door and open it up to see him standing there completely naked. "Oh! Sorry for coming in without knocking!" I squeak nervously. "Its fine babe. Come here and give me a good morning kiss." He says with a morning voice so deep it gives me the chills. He turns towards me and reaches out his arms for a hug, I realize that saying no or refusing to hug and kiss him would look weird so I move in for a hug. I step into his arms and kiss his lips, as I do he pulls me in tight and his penis rubs up against my already wet pussy through my panties. I am really starting to like being in this body, the emotions and pleasures are stronger than I have ever felt before, even in my old body. Wanting to do more and feel more I run my hands through his hair and grab his face. We both close our eyes and keep making out, sticking our tongues down each other's throats. We pull away from the kiss and I notice his cock is fully erect and is still touching me even after we separate. I can see the lust in his eyes, "In the mood for a quickie?" he says as he starts stroking his large dick. Again I think it would be weird of me to say no, being his girlfriend and all, so I agree. "Sure, Gav." I say somewhat reluctantly.

He smiles, walks over to the shower and turns it on. He turns around and helps me out of my t-shirt, exposing my round breasts and still hard nipples. I slip my panties off quickly and brush my hair behind my ears, giving Gavin a clear view of my naked body. I follow him into the shower and he wastes no time by soaping up his hands and massaging my breasts. He runs his hands over my skin and gently gropes my boobs, he leans down and starts sucking on my nipples. This feels amazing! My nipples were never this sensitive in my old body, every sensation I am feeling is ten times stronger than anything I have ever felt!

I lean my head back and stick my chest out, enjoying the moment. I get some soap on my hands and reach down to start stroking his cock. I start stroking with one hand and play with his balls with my other hand. I look Gavin in the eye and see his lust growing, growing so much it looks like it's about to overflow. He looks at me and pushes me against the wall under the warm shower head, he grabs one of my arms spins me around and bends me over. "Oh my God!" I manage to say, as his swift motion takes me by surprise, and turns me on even more. He grunts as he sticks his cock into me, it hurts at first but feels a little better every second. He starts thrusting inside of me, increasing the pleasure amazingly! To keep my head from hitting the wall he grabs my other arm and holds them both behind my back with one hand and grabs a handful of my long red hair to pull my head back.

This causes me to arch my back, which changes the angle that Gavin is fucking me and causes him to penetrate me deeper. This feels incredible! I start moaning loudly and pushing back against his thrusts, matching his rhythm and increasing it. My boobs are being pushed against the wall with each thrust, rubbing my nipples and driving me crazy! The water is hot, steam is on my face, my hair is being pulled, my arms are behind my back, my nipples are hard and my pussy is wet! I feel a sudden rush of pleasure come over my body, an overwhelming feeling of ecstasy.

I recognize this feeling, but not this intense version of it, I think I am going to cum! "I'm going to cum! Oh my god!" I moan in ecstasy. "I'm going to cum too! I'm going to cum in you!" He screams. I am so into this I don't care that he is going to cum in me. He starts thrusting faster and let's go of my hair to grab my tits and thrust harder. I look back at him and make eye contact with him as he finishes inside me and I cum with him. As we both finish we both drop to the shower floor and cuddle for a couple of minutes. Then we finish our shower and get ready for the day.

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