Megan & Bill


I was too overwhelmed for words or action at that point. I had discovered in one very short time that my supposed loving wife was nothing but a whore. A corporate whore for my boss. I just sat there weakly, sick to my stomach not able to even walk out in indignation.

‘Just tonight, while her pussy still fresh from being shaved, I took her tight little ass. She was screaming for more when I finished too. Just like a good little slut. A few of the other guys were there and they got to fuck her pussy. Kind of a bonus for work well done last week.'

As I watched, Greg had Megan lay back on the conference table. I could see that he was getting another erection. Megan laid there, legs hanging off of each side of the table, her pussy spread wide and running with her juices and the cum of other men..

‘Greg, I need your cock in my pussy. Please baby, give it to me. Fuck me hard and fast. I want to feel the head of your cock bumping me hard and deep. Fuck me Greg, fuck me!'

Greg took a hand and began to rub and finger her eventually inserting four fingers into her pussy.

‘Hey slut, whose cock do you love best? Mine or Bill's?'

Megan looked at me guiltily and didn't answer him. Bill pulled away from her and stopped touching her.

‘Megan, whose cock do you love to have fuck you? If you want any more of my cock, you better answer me now.'

‘Greg, please . . . You are pushing us too hard as it is. Don't make me answer you, please. Just fuck me.'

Greg reached out and taking her chin in his hand he turned her head so that she was looking at him.

‘Slut, you get nothing unless you tell Bill who's cock you really love to have fucking you. Now, whose cock do you love?'

Softly, looking at him with resignation and a bit of fear, Megan replied.

‘Yours, Greg.'

‘What? I didn't hear you slut. Whose cock do you love?'

‘Yours Greg, I love your cock. Please, just fuck me now. I want your cock now.'

Greg turned to look into my eyes smiling an ugly smile.

‘See Bill? Your prim and proper wife loves another man's cock more than yours. She is a nasty slut for me. She will do anything I tell her to at any time too. I could have her walk naked out into that party just past those doors there, and have her go to the first man she saw, drop to her knees and suck his cock in front of everyone.'

I sat there, believing his words as he stepped back in between Megan's spread legs. Her hands went to his cock and began to stroke him. He reached out and pinched her nipples' really hard, and then pulled on them until I thought they would fall off.

Megan didn't even whimper. She closed her eyes and continued to stroke his cock. Her feet came up to the table top, and her knees fell farther outwards, causing her pussy lips to spread. I could see moisture literally running onto the table from her pussy. Her eyes were glazed in a kind of trance like. Megan took his cock in her hands and began to shove it into her pussy. Soon he was fucking her hard and fast.

Each stroke into her, I could see her body would raise up a bit. I could imagine that it had to have hurt a bit at that moment. Megan just moaned and begged for more. Greg looked over at me and then got a funny look on his face. It was as if he had just thought of one more thing to torture me with. He had.

Pulling out of her pussy he took her knees in each hand and pushed them back. Way back. Her

knees were by her head, Her bottom was turned up with that move and I could see her asshole winking open as Greg began to push the head of his cock into that tight little brown bud.

‘I think I need to show hubby dear just how much you love my cock slut. I am going to fuck this tight little asshole of yours, then show him your latest trick. Watch close Bill, you are about to learn something about your slut . . . I mean your wife, who is my slut.'

Megan started to whine. Her hands had gone to her pussy where she was rubbing her clit and fingering herself hard. Even as his cock entered her asshole, she kept on masturbating. ‘Greg, fuck me. Don't stop now baby, fuck me with your big cock. Ohhhh . . . Mmmmmm . . . yes . . . fuck my ass!'

Megan was begging my boss to fuck her in her ass. His cock was bigger around and quite a bit longer than mine and I hadn't been able to fuck her in the ass but one time. Now, here she was begging for Greg's cock in her.

As I watched, Greg slowly inserted his whole cock into Megan's ass. She just looked into his eyes and watched his face. She had just a touch of pain show when he entered her fully but that soon left and she was back in a trance like state again.

‘Yes, fuck me. Fuck my ass. Yes, yes, Fuck me!'

Megan was hissing those words out at Greg. She wouldn't look at me anymore, she was staring at Greg as he worked his large cock into her tight asshole. My heart was tearing up as I watched the love of my life begging for another man to fuck her like she hadn't let me.

‘Oh yeah bitch. For a slut your ass is sure tight. I love to fuck your asshole too. Even after those Jamaicans' got done with your ass that time, it was still really tight. Yes, I love fucking my slut's asshole.'

Greg began to fuck her ass just as hard as he had been her pussy a minute before. Megan had several orgasm's as Greg rammed her hard and fast. Just when he began to cum he pulled out and grabbing her head, he slid her around on the table.

‘Watch this Bill. Your slut, I mean . . . your wife has learned a new trick. You should try this sometime. I love the way she cleans me off. So, well, slutty you know.'

With that, he took his cock and shoved it into Megan's mouth. Just after pulling it out of her asshole, here was my boss, shoving his dirty cock into my wife's mouth. Then, he began to fuck her mouth, driving his cock farther into her until soon his balls were bouncing off of her forehead as he buried himself in her throat.

He shot off, buried in her throat, and Megan swallowed it all without losing a drop. Then he pulled out and slapped her face with his softening member. She tried to capture it and take it back into her mouth, whining as she did.

‘Mmmm . . . I need more Greg. I need more cock. I want to fuck and suck more cock. I want cock in all my holes. Please, I'm begging you Greg, give me some more.'

‘Your wish is my command slut. I will get some of the guys outside to come on in and fuck you senseless, whore. You are the best slut I have ever had you know that Megan? Bill's wife is my slut. God I love saying that. Bill, your wife is my slut. MY slut.'

As I sat there looking at my wife, Greg stepped out and soon there were eight men in the room with me and my naked wife. Just before the first of them came in Megan glanced at me and then she said.

‘I don't know what to say Bill. I do love you so much, but Greg does things to me that I just can't explain. I. . .I hate him for what he has gotten me to do, I hate him for making me do things for him that I haven't for you. I love how he makes me feel though. I'm sorry honey. I really truly am sorry.'

Megan looked away from me. She wouldn't look at me after that statement. I thought I saw a tear on her cheek but I couldn't tell for sure. I sat there, heartbroken and worn out. This day had been the worst day in my life so far.

I couldn't take much more. I felt like throwing up as I watched my former prim and proper wife waiting, naked on the conference table having just been fucked in all of her hole by my boss..

Megan slipped down to the floor, on her knees when the other men came in. Soon she had each hand on a cock and one in her mouth. Hands were on her tits, roughly grabbing and pulling on her nipples as other hands and fingers were playing with her pussy and ass.

One of the guys laid back on the floor and the others grabbed Megan and held her up over his erect cock. Slowly they lowered her down on his large member, as he aimed it at her pussy. As soon as she was settled down on him another man stepped up behind her and pushing her forward as his cock into her asshole. Yet another man got to one side of them as they were fucking, and stuck his cock in her face.

Megan had three cocks inside her and she was moaning and groaning as they fucked her hard and fast. They had gotten a rhythm going and as the two in her asshole and pussy would ram in, the guy in her mouth would get the benefit of a deep throat on his cock.

Greg came to stand by me. He put a hand on my shoulder as I watched these men, my co-workers and some of my clients, fucked my wife or were lining up to have their way with her. I found that I had gotten an erection in spite of my anger and shame. Humiliated, I only could just sit there and watch as my wife had sex in ways that we had not. ‘Bill, your wife is the best fucking slut I have ever had. She begged for more the very first time we fucked. I don't know how you managed to keep up with her for so long. She has worn out upwards of fifteen men at a time before.'

‘You son of a bitch. What did you do to her to get her to do this for you?'

‘Now Bill, she offered herself freely in order to help you succeed. I couldn't pass her up. She is way too much woman to do that. Look at her. She loves to fuck.'

Greg was still naked and watching the fucking going on. He was stroking his cock as he talked to me and I knew he was going to go back for more from my wife. I could see that she was going to be busy for quite a while now.

‘Hey, Bill, you can go get some rest if you want. You look tired. I will make sure that my slut . . . I mean, your wife gets home safe and sound. Tomorrow sometime, maybe in the afternoon. I think she is going to be busy until then for sure. Must be fifteen or twenty men waiting for their shot at her.'

I stumbled to my feet. As I left, I heard Megan begging for another cock to fuck her ass. My heart was thumping, I was sweating, and my wife was fucking like a whore of Babylon. I left the room and blindly walked for the main entrance

As I left the party a few of the people who worked for me looked at me with sympathy. I could tell they knew what was happening in that room. Christ, did everyone but me know about Megan all this time? Reaching the front door, Albert, the doorman for the building came up to me with a package. A small box.

Albert had always been the best at getting me to smile every morning. His attitude was one of good things happen to good people. I enjoyed him quite a bit. In his uniform, his dark skin and salt and pepper hair made him look almost regal at times.

‘Uh, sir, I understand what you are thinking right now. Some of us knew about Greg and Megan and how he has been using her as the company . . . um . . . well anyway, these might help you in some way. Greg filmed everything. If he finds out that I have given you these he will probably fire me. I got them from his office closet last night. He uses them when the ‘conquest' starts to want out. He is very smooth and good at getting women under his will. Megan in not the first. I respect and admire you Bill. Your department has the most loyal people. Everyone loves working for you because you treat them right, decently. Greg on the other hand . . . well, I will call you if that's all right. There are some more things you will want to know.'

‘What's to know Albert? My wife is a whore for Greg. Greg's whore. She is right now fucking a group of men in that conference room. She actually thinks that her fucking Greg got me my new position. She evidently doesn't know about the audit committee or that the big bosses make all of the promotions. Greg has nothing to do with my raises or promotions. She likes what she's doing in there. I don't have a wife. I have Greg's slut. I don't even have that. She just happens to stay with me for some kind of twisted reason that I can't understand. I have been betrayed by my wife, my boss, and even some of my other co-workers and clients.' ‘All I ask is that you view the tapes. They are marked with the dates starting with the first time he had Megan. He worked hard for more than seven months after you started to get her in the right place and time to work her over but good. She eventually fell due to his persistence, skill, and probably some drugs. Drugs that would loosen her up and make her want to please him. She never really ever had a chance to keep from fucking Greg, Bill. He has managed to usually get women to do what he wants. Just don't do anything rash. Some of us want to talk to you about this.'

‘Albert, how long? How long have I been living this fucked up fake life with Megan?'

‘The tapes are dated Bill. They are dated from near the first time. I wish I had come to you sooner. I am sorry for not telling you but I didn't think you would have believed me and it would have cost me my job too.'

As I turned to walk away, my secretary, Jan came up to me. She had tears running down her face. She hugged me and whispered that she needed to talk to me sometime soon. She had something important to tell me. I got the feeling that she had been where my wife was at the moment. I just nodded through my own tears.

I left and went home. Getting there I poured myself a large scotch and sat in the darkness of the living room, the box of tapes at my side. That box of my wife's treachery and slutiness on film for everyone to see.

After a while, I put a tape in. I noticed it was the earliest date of the bunch there. Greg and Megan were talking. Her hair was askew and her face flushed, like she had been drinking too much. She was asking if there was anything she could do to help me succeed at work. Greg told her that I was doing fine but he could help to get me on the fast track for promotions.

I could tell that Greg had been working on her already and the way the camera moved time to time, I realized that there was someone else there filming them. I don't think Megan was aware of this though. She never once looked at the camera or towards it. Also, it was from a weird angle too. Like someone was in a closet or hallway filming from a distance.

As I watched it, I saw just how Greg got my wife into this mess. I could see they were in his office. Greg told Megan that he would do what he could but it all depended on how far Megan was willing to go with him.

She looked at him, then she asked him what she needed to do. He told her to get undressed. She looked startled for a bit then some weird look came across her eyes and she began to undress. She was reluctantly doing this, but doing it none the less.

Soon, Megan was naked and Greg took off his clothes. He was saying something but the camera hadn't picked it up. After a bit I saw her go down on her knees and begin to suck on him. She was having trouble with it and suddenly he just grabbed the back of her head and forced her to take the full length in one shot.

She struggled and choked for a bit then as he talked to her she began to calm down. He held her so her lips were buried in his crotch until she did calm down. She couldn't pull away since his strength and size gave him far more power over her than she could overcome.

Then, when she fully relaxed, he began to stroke in and out as she finally let him fuck her throat like it was a pussy. By the time he was close to cumming she was doing it all by herself and with a relish it seemed. Her hands had come up to encircle his hips and I could have sworn that she was pulling him into her throat.

Greg then had her bend over the chair in his office and he began to fuck her pussy. Hard and fast, she was gasping and begging him to take it easy.

He ignored her and once again, she began to get used to his size and thrusting. I noticed that she began to get into the fucking and I soon heard her moaning and begging him for more.

‘Oh, Greg, yes. Fuck me you bastard. Harder. Oh baby, give me that huge cock of yours. Oh, yes. Fuck me!'

She came about four times before he got close to cumming. Pulling out of her pussy, he lined the head of his cock up with her tight little asshole and in one shove, pulling back on her hips and ignoring her cries of pain, he buried his cock fully into her ass. She tried to get away from him but he held her hips firmly and kept pressing his cock into her until he buried his cock in her.

‘No! No! Not there Greg! Please! That hurts! Ow! Oh God, please Greg stop that. It hurts too much.'

‘Relax slut. If you relax it won't hurt and you may even learn to love it. It's going to happen anyway so relax.'

Megan was frozen in position. Her face screwed up in pain. Pretty soon, as Greg held deeply inside her, her features began to relax. Greg was watching her face and as soon as he saw her relax I saw him smile.

He had reached down and was rubbing her clit as he held her with his other hand. She was responding to his touch too. I saw her lower lip curl under her upper teeth as she began to loosen up for him.

‘See? It's beginning to feel better already isn't it? Just wait a bit more. I know you will love this.'

Waiting a bit more, he finally began to stroke in and out in long slow strokes. After a short time I noticed that Megan was thrusting back at him and soon she was just hammering her body back onto his cock just as fast and hard as he had been doing her pussy earlier.

‘God, this feels so good Greg. Fuck my asshole baby, fuck me hard. Oh, I love your cock Greg. Fuck me lover, fuck me.'

As Greg got close to cumming I saw Megan have an orgasm. His fingers were still on her pussy as he rubbed her to an orgasm. Seeing her go off, Greg pulled out of her asshole and turned Megan around and shoved his cock right down her throat.

‘Take it slut. Suck me clean too bitch. You love my cock in your throat don't you slut?'

She choked a bit but within four or five strokes into the depths of her throat, she was sucking him like a pro. He came hard and copiously. Cum was running down the corners of her mouth and dripping onto her firm tits.

I heard him tell her to clean him up really good and to get all of his cum. Megan looked up into his eyes as she began to lick and suck on his cock and balls. I could see tears drying on her face. Her fingers wiped up the cum that had gotten on her tits and when he pulled out of her mouth she immediately began to suck and lick her fingers clean too.

‘Oh God Greg, you were right. I like getting fucked like this. Will you fuck me some more? I feel so horny. So . . . hot.'

‘Well slut, your husband might come in to talk to me and how will I explain you being here, naked and my cum in your hot little mouth? Maybe later or tomorrow I will drop by your place and fuck you really good. I will have more time then too.'

‘Anytime Greg. You can fuck me anytime.'

‘Whose slut are you?'

‘I'm not a slut Greg. I love fucking you but I am not a slut.'

‘What kind of woman would fuck her husband's boss in his office while her hubby is just down the hall slaving away? A slut that's who. You are my slut now. If you don't say it, you will not get this cock again. So . . . whose slut are you?'

‘Yours Greg.'

‘What? I couldn't hear you slut. Whose slut are you?'

‘YOURS Greg. I am your slut. I will do whatever you want me to. You can have me do anything that you want Greg. I am your slut.'

‘Good. Now that you know whose slut you are . . . whose wife are you?'

‘I don't want to go there Greg. Leave Bill out of this. I love him, even if I have fucked you, I still love my husband.'

‘Slut, you want more of this cock?'


‘Who is your husband? Whose wife are you?'

‘I am Bill's wife. I am married to Bill. Why are you doing this? Isn't it enough that I have just cheated on my husband again?'

‘So, Bills' wife is my slut. My official slut. I think that as my official slut, I will have you fuck some of my co-workers and clients. What do you think of that, slut?'

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