tagCelebrities & Fan FictionMegan Fox and the Lesbian Stripper

Megan Fox and the Lesbian Stripper


Megan Fox sat in her hotel suite, alone. It was past midnight, and she'd just finished FaceTiming with her husband back home.

After unsuccessfully flicking through Netflix, she sauntered out onto the balcony, overlooking the alluring glow of West Hollywood. She knew this neighborhood; she'd been here countless times to shoot movies and visit the array of clubs, but these rarely appealed to her now she was married with two young sons.

Her current movie project was filming at a location nearby, and Megan had been put up in this gorgeous suite for a couple nights. She'd made use of the facilities, indulging in a luxurious bubble bath and polishing off the complimentary champagne.

Despite her wind-down session, and an impending day of shooting, she just couldn't get comfortable. Throwing on a black jersey maxi dress and hoodie with sandals and dark shades, she slipped out for a late night stroll.


It was mild for a February night, but the champagne warmed Megan to her core. There weren't half as many people around as she had grown accustomed to. She could hear the buzz of Sunset Boulevard a few blocks away, and remembered what it was like to come here as a kid and try to sneak into the bars.

Over the years, she'd learnt to blend herself into the bustle of the general public and walk about unnoticed, but she wasn't worried tonight. Filming didn't commence until the morning, so nobody would expect her to be here. She savored the cool breeze, the peaceful swaying of palm trees as she wandered past row after row of moonlit condos.

Before long, Megan began recognizing houses. She was travelling north up Harper Avenue, her subconscious leading her somewhere she'd never dreamt she would return. The familiar lights flashed on the towering sign, reading "18 & over. Live Nude Girls Girls Girls". The Body Shop. The delicious, dirty hole of a strip club she'd frequented many a time as a rampant, giggling teenager.

She'd talked about this place in interviews, spilling about her foolish girl crush on a certain Russian dancer who went by the name of Nikita. The tabloids lapped it up, relishing the notion that Megan Fox indulged in a scandalous, passionate lesbian affair with a sexy stripper. They weren't wrong. The only issue was that it had all happened in Megan's mind, playing out like a movie as she willed Nikita to even glance in her direction.

Something clicked, and Megan realized she was coasting towards the entrance. A couple of older guys were smoking in the hallway, but they barely noticed her as she let curiosity guide her inside.


For a midweek night, the place was pretty loud. Music blared as dozens of men lounged around in dimly lit booths, an assortment of scantily clad girls sitting in their laps and twirling around with trays of drinks. Megan's shades made it difficult to see, so she found a quiet corner where she could reflect on her surroundings in peace.

Not much had changed. Five or six dancers swung around elevated poles on separate, spot-lit stages in the center of the club, which was still adorned in cheap, sticky imitation velvet. The girls looked a lot younger than Megan recalled.

A pretty little thing in a PVC bikini took center stage, her petite body slamming against the floor in a rhythm so hypnotic that Megan forgot where she was for a moment. A waitress wandered past her, failing to notice her as she shrunk back into the darkness. Relaxing, Megan removed her hood and unzipped her sweatshirt, her luscious brunette locks falling down around her face.

Feeling the tacky heat against her bare chest, she was suddenly very aware of the fact she wasn't wearing a bra. As she watched the young blonde's hips swaying to the melody, Megan felt her nipples harden beneath her dress. She'd forgotten how erotic this was.


From the corner of her eye, Megan spied a figure emerging from one of the private rooms, leading a flustered, shy-looking man by the hand back to his seat. Megan couldn't help but stare as the dancer, a tall beauty in a skin-tight silver dress with flowing blonde hair, leant in towards the man as he discreetly placed a wad of bills into her hand.

Megan watched as the skimpy material of the dancer's dress clung against her shapely, taut ass, her sky high heels accentuating her long, toned legs. Megan felt a twitch in her crotch as an air of familiarity encompassed her.

It can't be. Surely not? It's been over ten years...

Her eyes followed the dancer as she kissed the man on the cheek, and headed towards the stage, the other girls slowly dispersing as she approached. Megan felt her heart pacing in anticipation as the spotlights were replaced by deep, red mood lighting.

As a slow, sexy number erupted through the sound system, the dancer unzipped her dress, let it fall to the ground and allowed her body to melt into the pole, facing her dedicated audience. Megan felt every nerve in her body spark uncontrollably.

It is her. Nikita.


As Megan gazed upon the woman she'd once spent months lusting after, she remembered how it felt a decade ago.

She'd sit at the bar by herself, in a tight fitting strappy dress, applying lipgloss as she waited for some sleazy old guy to buy her a vodka soda. She would smile and flirt for a few minutes in return, but her attention was always firmly directed at the mesmerizing blonde on the stage.

Nikita was a talented dancer; she could charm a snake with her perfectly toned, flexible body. Her thick, blonde curls cascaded down her back like a river of honey, framing her diamond shaped face with its strong yet feminine jawline and stunning, crystal blue eyes.

A long, slinky necklace of silver and jewels rested on her body, in between her ample, firm breasts and snaking around to settle on her lower back above her peachy ass. Her sweet, silky Russian accent overflowed with charisma and charm.

Megan spent hours watching her, studying her movements and the way she rolled her body rhythmically, seducing her audience with her long legs and luscious lips. In an instant Megan was infatuated; she would splurge all the cash she earned in her shitty waitressing job on expensive perfume and gifts for Nikita, leaving them with the bartender to secretly pass on to her.

Despite Megan's efforts, Nikita played ignorant about her obvious obsession, rebuffing her for spending all her time in a strip club. Yet, when Nikita danced past her, Megan swore she could smell that bittersweet perfume lingering in her wake.


She moved in all the same ways, light feet dancing on her endless legs. Megan felt a familiar yearning inside her, longing to touch Nikita's soft skin and gaze into those glistening eyes.

As Nikita dismounted the stage and began circulating the room, Megan remembered who she was. She was Megan Fox, a wealthy, successful actress and international sex symbol. She was widely regarded as one of the most beautiful women on the planet. Nikita may have rejected her in the past, but she'd come to regret it.

"Nikita!" Megan called out, as the dancer swayed her way around a nearby booth.

As she approached, Megan noticed how the soft lines crinkled around Nikita's eyes, how her hair wasn't as glossy as it once was, how her hands weren't as smooth, but mainly how breathtaking she still was. Nikita pursed her lips in confusion as she reached the table. Megan sat forward into the light, as recognition and shock flashed across Nikita's eyes. Smirking proudly, Megan replaced her shades.

"How about a private show?" She cooed.

Nikita nodded graciously, extending her hand and leading Megan past the rowdiness and through a silk curtain into a quieter area.


The small, dimly lit space was enlarged by mirrors stretched across each wall. A silver pole took pride of place in the center of the room, upstaged only by the glorious red satin chaise longue to its left, mounted onto a platform.

Once again removing her shades, Megan collapsed onto the chaise longue, stretching out over its length and propping herself up on an elbow. Regaining her composure, Nikita began swirling her body around the pole to the gentle, seductive music. Megan shuffled, encouraging Nikita to make eye contact with her, but she wouldn't.

Sitting up against the wall, Megan crossed her legs, her dress riding up to expose her velvety, tan skin.

"Aren't you gonna say hello?" She asked, her delicate voice unwavering.

Nikita continued to dance, somehow restrained from her usual routines. She paused to look up, and Megan saw a fragment of humiliation in her eyes.

"I never thought you'd come back here. You made it out there." Nikita replied quietly, her accent a little less thick and a little more coarse.

Hearing her voice made Megan's breath catch in her throat, as she bit her lip.

Finally, the confident Russian beauty had acknowledged her. She was no longer that naive little teeny at the bar, desperate for a second of attention. Now she was a star. She loved that Nikita was still stripping for cash all these years later. She loved that she could make her feel exposed in the place she was most comfortable revealing herself.


Megan extended her arm, her fingertips lightly grazing the string of Nikita's thong. The dancer jumped a little in shock, before proceeding to lift her leg up and balance it. Megan smiled to herself, knowing that there was a strict no-touching rule that Nikita failed to impose on her.

As she swung around the pole, Megan caught hold of Nikita's hand and pulled her closer. Although a little startled, Nikita didn't resist.

Gazing up into the dancer's eyes at last, Megan reached up to trace the outline of her pouty lips with a fingertip. Slowly dipping into her mouth, Nikita let out a heavy, sexy sigh as she closed her eyes, immersing herself in the moment as her body gently loosened and melted into Megan.

Supporting her with one hand, Megan carefully reached around to untie Nikita's top. Watching her full, voluptuous tits fall into her eye line, Megan had to bite her tongue to stop from using it to encompass one of Nikita's juicy pink nipples.

"I'm so sorry, beautiful Megan." Nikita breathed.

Megan pushed her away gently, sitting back again. "Show me what I've been missing."

Nikita pulled her fingers through her golden curls, before running them over her body, pausing to fondle her tits while staring straight at Megan. Climbing up the pole, she twisted herself upside down, before spreading her legs wide and slowly edging back down.

Her covered pussy was inches from Megan's face, the closest she'd ever been to seeing it, touching it, tasting it. Megan couldn't deny the warmth in between her own legs at the possibility, but she wasn't indulging Nikita tonight. She was making her pay. Tonight, the dirty stripper would finally eat her famous cunt.


Nikita crawled over to Megan, sitting in her lap as she guided the star's delicate hands to her bouncing titties, moaning as she felt Megan twinge her nipples. Leaning down to softly kiss her neck, Nikita felt Megan yank her back by the hair, hungrily searching for her lips as she snaked her tongue into the stripper's eager mouth, eliciting a passionate groan.

"I knew you'd break one day." Megan spat, digging her fingers into Nikita's round ass.

Giggling, Nikita broke away and began sliding down the pole facing the wall. Megan fixated on her reflection as she rose, bending over so the pole fit snugly in between her ass cheeks, before slipping her fingers underneath her thong and edging it down her legs to expose her stunning, bare mound.

Megan could wait no longer.

"Get down on your knees." She barked, hitching her dress all the way up to her waist and perching on the chaise longue, her legs spread wide to reveal her own black lacy panties.

Beckoning for Nikita to crawl closer, she waited until her head was inches from her heat before sliding her panties to one side, revealing her soft, shaven slit and perfect, puffy pink lips. Nikita gazed up at her, her breath growing deeper with lust.

Megan focused on the reflection in the mirror in front of her. There she was, at a perfect seated level, her legs spread. In between them, the sexy Russian stripper who'd broken her heart all those years ago, naked and on all fours with her pretty pussy on display, ready to devour her. She almost came at the sight.

"Eat it, bitch."

Nikita squealed as Megan grabbed her head and pushed her down into her sweet, hot snatch.

Megan whimpered, throwing her head back as Nikita sensually circled her sensitive, engorged clit. She stared at their reflection, watching the soft underside of the stripper's tongue roll up her pink, fleshy slit, prying it open as she slid a finger into her tight hole. Megan groaned as Nikita pumped her finger deep inside her, curling it upwards to reach every warm, juicy inch.

"That's it, lick that cunt!" Megan exhaled as her thick, sweet juices flowed down to her ass.

Nikita noticed, pulling her finger from Megan's slit and slowly inserting it into her tight, puckered asshole, feeling Megan clenching around her as she gazed up at the stunning brunette, her chin soaked with wetness.

"Yes, you filthy whore! Fuck my ass with those naughty fingers!" Megan growled with clenched teeth, squirming in pleasure as Nikita slid another into her tight asshole and lapped at her clit with hungry fervor.

As Megan felt the initial sparks of an orgasm building deep within her, she watched in the mirror as Nikita reached underneath herself and began stroking her own aching, pink slit, feeling her moans vibrate through her as she continued working on Megan's clit.

Removing a finger from Megan's asshole, Nikita slid it back into her cunt, as Megan whimpered at having both of her holes filled by the Russian slut.

Pinching at her rock hard nipples and watching Nikita's fingers working on her own horny snatch while she pumped the others into Megan's hot, receptive holes was too much.

"Yes, Nikita! You're gonna make me cum! Fuuuuuck!" She cried.

Nikita's mouth clamped down around her throbbing clit, relentlessly sucking as Megan erupted over the edge, her entire body tightening and spasming as wave after wave of pleasure tore through her, juices spilling out of her hot cunt as she came all over Nikita's pretty little face.


After what felt like hours, Megan's orgasm subsided as Nikita slowly pulled her fingers from Megan's dripping holes, sensually sliding them in her mouth to lick off all the sweet juices.

Megan lay on the chaise longue, head tilted back and eyes closed, her legs spread wide, for a good few minutes before gazing down at Nikita in complete satisfaction. The stripper crawled over to her, as she leant forward and kissed her passionately, their tongues swirling with the taste of Megan's pussy and ass.


As Megan Fox sank back into her bed at the hotel, she realized she was exhausted. Smiling to herself, she closed her eyes and knew she didn't have to dream anymore.

She'd finally been fulfilled by that perfect Russian whore... and she knew exactly where to go when she needed a good pussy eating in Hollywood.

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