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Megan - Freeing the Fox


This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

Walking briskly down the corridor, he headed for the photo studio where they were working today. It was a shoot for a Men's magazine, which wasn't quite where he'd imagined himself entering show business, aiming to be somewhere on a film set, even though he'd had no delusions of walking into a directors chair. However it was a foot in the door and he had to work with it, and besides, he ended up on sets like this for photo shoots of some of the worlds most beautiful and desirable women, even if he was just a runner on low pay and long hours. He wasn't late, just wanted to make sure he was punctual, it showed the right attitude to move up the chain, and it gave him a good amount of time to do anything he needed to prior to the shoot actually starting, which wouldn't be for around an hour or so. Getting into the actual studio, he was greeted by the normal good mornings of the few people that bothered to acknowledge him, photographers and their assistants, setting up lights and tripods and so on, rigging up the umbrellas to create a soft, bright light on their subject.

The subject in question today was the luscious Megan Fox, the caliente young actress blossoming like a rose in both her beauty and career success. This certainly meant it was likely to be a good day, as despite doing running about making cups of tea or coffee and anything else that was asked of him in double quick time, he'd get to see Megan Fox in the midst of her photo shoot, probably with very little on. Her last shoot for FHM had seen her stripped naked, concealed by nothing but a sheet, and he certainly hoped she'd top that today, though he had no idea of prospective outfits or the direction of the shoot. Either way it'd be great to see her, though he didn't expect he'd get a chance to meet her. Even if he was there in her presence at the time he found it unlikely she'd speak to him, even if she did seem down to earth and quite laid back for a young Hollywood star, from what he'd seen at least.

After doing a couple of basic things he always did, checking with people whether this or that needed doing, he got given a round of orders for tea and coffee from all the various people currently setting up for the photo shoot, as per usual. Without a complaint he headed off and set to work making them all, making sure to get them right, as he really didn't fancy arguing without someone over the fact he'd put two sugars not one in their coffee. Making a tea for himself, he headed back out to the main area and worked his way round the set delivering the drinks, which everyone took, some with a thanks, others with nothing but the vaguest nod of acknowledgement to his presence. Finishing his round he paused to drink his own mug of tea, and since nothing had started there was nothing to actually do except casually talk to a couple of guys on set and watch the photographers set up their ridiculously expensive equipment.

Everyone seemed to be taken by surprise a few minutes later when the door opened and a lady with a rack of clothing breezed in, heading for Megan's dressing room, and a few steps behind came her personal assistant and Megan Fox herself, dressed casually in a pair of skinny jeans that showed off her long legs and a simple black top, which snugly followed the curves of her gorgeous body, highlighting her slender waist and firm, perky breasts just perfectly. Wearing just simple flat shoes she stood at her five-foot-six height and made no additional noise as she walked as might have been expected. Everyone in the studio seemed to have stopped, a breath collectively caught in their throats as the gorgeous American star walked in, her beauty almost mesmerising, with her long dark hair, foxy eyebrows, pale blue eyes and full, luscious lips, just captivating the eyes around the studio, even of the women. Engaged in a conversation with her PA, Megan hadn't noticed, walking slowly towards her dressing room as she discussed something, until she paused at the silence and looked up, her eyes flitting quickly round the room.

"Um...hi," she said with a smile, finding it quite amusing the was the centre of such attention. It immediately spurred everyone back to work, acting as if they hadn't been staring at her. However it left him and a couple of other guys standing right in front of her, and they couldn't get straight back to work without seeming rude, and since they hadn't been doing much anyway there was nothing to do except say hello to her and try not to make fools of themselves.

"Morning," they all mumbled, practically in unison, immediately feeling stupid at it, though if Megan thought so she didn't say anything.

"How's it going?" she asked casually, turning to shoo her personal assistant on, making it clear she'd catch up in a moment.

"Umm pretty good," he said, trying to sound casual, resisting the urge to add anything corny like "much better now you're here", even if it was the truth. The other guys mumbled their thoughts on the day, which were only positive.

"How about you?" he boldly asked, feeling his heart surge in nerves and excitement, quite amazed he'd even asked her anything at all. She snapped her head round towards him, her eyes locking onto his, leaving him unable to look away even if he'd wanted to, captivated and captured by her eyes.

"It's going good, I think this is gonna go well," she said, giving him a smile, but something in her eyes suggested more than manners at work.

"Excited about the shoot?" he continued, deciding that he had nothing to lose really by building on the promising start.

"Oh very much, I always am, I just get this...sensation when I do things like this, it feels just so liberating, almost natural..." she said, trailing into a husky whisper at the end, making him struggle to hide his surprise at such a candid insight to herself when they'd only just met.

"Well, at least you enjoy doing what you do, not all of us are so lucky," he said, giving a slight shrug of his shoulders to indicate his own lowly occupation, suddenly realising the two tech guys who'd been with him had melted away.

"Oh you'll get lucky soon enough, you'll work your way up there," she said with a slightly saucy edge, his heart stopping as he saw the slightly flick of her eyebrow, a spark in her eyes.

"Hope so," he stuttered, quickly forcing himself to regroup, "but for now I'm just doing anything I have to, making tea and coffee," he said, holding up his mug, then realising his error, feeling as if he'd been so rude to her. He didn't give her a chance to speak, to follow up her understanding mm-hmm, jumping in quickly.

"By the way, do you want anything to drink, tea, coffee, anything?" he said, quickly but politely, she glanced down at the mug, then back up at him, raising her eyebrows a little as she broke into a sweet grin.

"Inviting me for coffee are you?" she purred, just looking him in the eye with her own gorgeous ones.

"Well, if you fancy something hot," he replied without thinking, immediately feeling his chest clench in terror that he'd pushed it too far, but her dirty, genuine laugh told him otherwise straight away as she saw the humour in his quip.

"Well I would but I really best go get ready, get my clothes on...or off, I'm not sure which exactly," she giggled, looking up and catching his eye again.

"Ok then well, you'd best go find out I guess, it was nice to meet you," he said, extending a hand.

"You too, have fun running," she teased, reaching out to just lightly shake his hand, more a courtesy grasp, but it was like a thunderbolt as her soft, warm fingers just closed round his for a fleeting moment, his heart rate increasing, breathing catching in his throat.

"Have fun posing," he said as her hand slid from his and she turned to leave, making her give a cheeky grin and glance back to him as she walked away towards her dressing room, giving him a perfect chance to check out her gorgeous ass as she did, firm and inviting in her tight jeans. As she rounded the corner into her dressing room the moment was broken and he snapped back to reality, feeling like an electric charge dissipated from the air, leaving it clear, fresh and cool, like the aftermath of a heavy thunderstorm that left the atmosphere washed clean. Glancing round, he saw a couple of people looking at him, who held their nerve enough to give him questioning faces before they went back to what they were doing, leaving him to look down at his neglected mug of tea, swiftly raising his shaking mug to take a gulp of the sweet beverage, hoping it might help calm his jangling nerves and racing heart. Quickly finishing his tea and feeling very self conscious, not quite knowing what to do with himself, he went round and collected up the empty mugs from people, deciding that a couple of minutes alone washing them up might be a good idea to give him a chance to catch his breath.

If any of them had fully seen his flirty exchange with Miss Fox none of them mentioned it, even the ones that'd made eyes at him, and he swiftly collected up the empties and went to wash them up, not rushing too much as he took some deep breaths and ran over the incident in his head, trying to hold his rampant imagination from running wild with what might happen, or what would've happened from then had he been the one with the power. He wasn't sure what it was, but he thought it might just be her boldness and confidence that threw him off a little, not quite prepared for the fact she'd even spoken to him, let alone flirted with him in such a straight forward manner. Finishing with the mugs, another deep breath or two and he headed back to the main set area, where the technicians were just finishing setting up the equipment, calibrating for light levels and so on, the photographers themselves preparing their cameras ready for the gorgeous lady of the moment.

In the lead up to the shoot itself as they waited for Megan Fox to be readied by her make-up artist and stylist, him in perhaps more anticipation than others, since they were so experienced and had seen scores of desirable women come through over the years, he was put to work doing this and that. It was just simple stuff, such as getting a bottle of water for someone or finding someone to do something here or there. It seemed like an agonising length of time before the door to Megan's dressing room opened and everyone looked round, even as they attempted to look like they were still doing their job, but it was understandable everyone wanted to see the her ready for the photo shoot. He was so stunned he almost dropped box of photographic equipment he'd been asked to move.

Megan Fox stepped out of her dressing room with her stylist in tow, dressed up as a saucy secretary, just putting together every possible aspect of the stereotype all at once, making everyone in the studio, male or female, want to get her to a desk and make her assume the position. He took in every tiny detail of her as she strutted towards the illuminated area for the shoot, her hair pinned up sexily, a pair of thick framed black glasses on her that just looked so goddamn sexy, unable to stop himself thinking how he'd like to give her a reason to be taking them off. Her luscious pout made her look the most kissable secretary he'd ever seen, right above her smart jacket, a thinly pinstriped black one that was small and snug, pulled in at her waist to accentuate her figure. Underneath it she wore a typical white shirt, tight linen, opened several buttons to expose the swell of her gorgeous breasts and a hint of black lace of her supporting bra. This all finished snugly at her hips, which were accentuated strongly by the tight material of her matching pinstriped pencil skirt which wrapped round her toned thighs, pulled tight over them down to mid-thigh, a split running up the side to allow a little movement. From underneath her sexy black stockings ran down her legs, wrapping them gorgeously in seamed nylon, the trademark join running up the backs of her legs to her shapely ass. Topping it off were a pair of black high heels, which made the most delightful sound on the studio floor as she strutted carefully to the staging area.

Unable to move, he unashamedly stared at her as she got into place in front of the photographers, who made their final adjustments for light sensitivity and such as her make-up artist and stylist fussed over final details, moving strands of hair here and there. They moved off and left her, Megan giving them a thanking smile, saying something he didn't hear and settling back into position in the chair she was on, legs firmly together, glancing round the studio at everyone, who had all pretty much gone back to work as she awaited them to start, when her eyes settled on him. His heart stopped dead as their eyes met, the gorgeous young actress just considering him a moment, then looking down over herself, offering herself a view down her top and the rest of her sexy outfit, then she looked saucily back up at him from under her perfectly-shaped eyebrows, over the tops of the foxy glasses. A wicked grin spread on her cute mouth and she gave the slightest hint of an eyebrow flick as she looked at him, enough to make his cock twitch in anticipation as he was suddenly shaken back to reality, quickly moving to do what he was supposed to be with the case.

Megan gave a little giggle to herself as she saw the effect she had on him, pondering it a moment before the director informed her he was ready to start the shoot. She immediately got to work posing as instructed, the cameras starting to click relentlessly, taking the hundreds of photographs that'd never be seen, taking hundreds when they used just a handful, picking on the best ones. But she didn't mind, she positively enjoyed it, playing up to the cameras, pouting and posing as a sex kitten, positioning her hands just right to change the way a picture would be seen, feeling a little thrill run through her as she thought of the people who would be excited just seeing these pictures in a magazine in few months. Although it may seem trashy, she enjoyed the attention she received for her looks, what girl didn't, and she felt beautiful and sexy in front of the camera.

"Megan, over here," instructed the director, pointing and indicating how he wanted her as she turned to another camera, another angle, another captured moment in time.

"That's it, give us a pout, gorgeous, gorgeous," rambled the director as she pouted and modelled accordingly, moving from doing shoots sat down in the chair to standing up, pushing her hips and ass out, sexily looking back over her shoulder, leaning forward a little, suggestively toying with her clothing. The shoot paused as a desk was brought in, wanting to create the complete environment, Megan standing and just taking a breath, looking round with a sigh as she relaxed a moment, feeling hot in the clothes under all the lighting, her make-up artist just moving in to dab and tweak her in the brief respite from shooting. With the desk in place, she was immediately positioned behind it to take some shots as if she were just in the middle of working, though she did wonder who'd ever actually seen a secretary dressed quite like she was. Playing up to it she flicked through, paused to stretch and push her hair back from her face as if taxed by a hard day, look and pout sexily up into the lens of the cameras, the tip of a pen in her sweet lips, just letting her tongue touch at the glossy lips and pen as she did, adding that little x-factor to the shots.

"Perfect Megan, you're a natural, now if you could just stand up," she was instructed, standing behind the desk so she could do a few of her leaning over it as if oblivious to the cleavage she displayed whilst doing so. Luckily as the shoot went on, people were busy doing their job and given everything was in place, there was little for him to do as a runner right then, meaning he got to enjoy watching Megan Fox minx it up for the cameras, which was sensational. He could just feel the energy coming off her, the sexual aura radiating from her stunning form, the way she just commanded the camera as she posed. She moved round in front of the desk, leaning back against it nonchalantly, but as she did her eyes flicked through the studio, settling on him once more, on his own eyes, making him surge with excitement and fear once more, just holding his gaze, even as she turned to do some shots of her from behind, sexily lifting her jacket and arching her back to show off her gorgeous ass a little better, she looked over her shoulder at him. He was sure she gave her ass a slight shake before she turned back to face the cameras, looking sexily sideways at him and flicking her eyebrows before looking away at the cameras again, making him shiver in excitement, his cock definitely stiffening a little at it.

The shoot started to heat up as Megan reached up to pull the pins from her dark hair, letting it drop loose about her shoulders, showing great volume and waviness, making her look a goddess as she tilted her head and arched her back to shake it free, pushing her chest out, straining the buttons on the jacket just perfectly in the process, making the shirt slide down just a fraction to reveal her lacy black bra a little more, hinting at its saucy style. With her hair down, Megan looked back head on into the camera, staring it down as she leaned on the desk, then shifting to stand fully, hands on hips, her legs apart in a power stance, as if declaring herself in charge, and right then he doubted there was a man alive that'd deny it. Reaching up, she slowly unbuttoned her jack, popping the two large buttons to free it, the thick black subtly pinstriped material swinging apart to show off her firm tummy which was just comfortably covered by the white shirt. It was tight over her breasts due to their size and the way the hidden bra pushed them up invitingly, but lower was just snug, the material still loose over her skin, just tempting him to find out what lay beneath. Leaning back once more, she did some more shots pulling the jacket open, hand on hip and so on until the director called for a break, meaning he'd need to start making more drinks.

People immediately started signalling they wanted tea and coffee, whilst he quickly scribbled it down since so many people wanted it, making him wish he could get some kind of promotion right now, perhaps to Megan Fox's stylist, or someone else that got to see her naked. He glanced over to Megan herself, who was in some kind of conversation with the director, evidently trying to impart his "vision" of the shoot to his subject, who nodded and smiled over it. As he walked towards the small kitchen area to begin making the endless mugs of hot drinks, Megan started his way en route to her dressing room, immediately catching his attention and making him look up, where his eyes were captured by her gaze straight away, making him feel a cold surge of adrenaline and excitement clench his chest. He wanted to take a look over her as she approached the last few feet, her almost felt that he should, but he just couldn't look away from her enticing eyes that most definitely put the Fox in her name.

"Hey Megan," he started, quite amazed at himself that he managed to find the courage to initiate the conversation with her.

"Hey there, doesn't look like you've been running much," she teased, taking her glasses off and brushing some hair back from her gorgeous face.

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