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Megan - Taming the Fox


< />This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

This story follows on from the first part "Megan – Cunning Fox"


They walked naked through her luxurious apartment to the bathroom, Megan leaning in to turn the shower on when they got there, holding a hand daintily under the water till it warmed up, then hopping straight in and under it with a gasp, letting it cascade over her face, washing her clean of her deepthroat activities. The warm, enveloping water soaked through her dark, luxurious hair and ran down her back, washing away the sweat and fatigue of their little session as it tumbled down her fantastic figure, over the firm swell of her breasts, her toned tummy and her sweet pussy before spiralling away down her luscious legs. She gave a shiver as the heat spread through her, her nipples screwing themselves up tightly once more, her soft skin goosepimpling. He smiled as he watched her under the steaming shower, moving to step in with her, when she reached out and stopped him with a naughty smirk, water running down her face as she brushed her soaked hair back from it.

"No, not yet," she murmured, smiling with her full, delicious lips. He stood back, his cock already starting to give the telltale twitches as another erection beckoned as Megan smiled, immersing herself under the spray once more and reaching up to slick her hair back, tipping her head back and opening her mouth to let the hot water patter on her tongue as she arched her back. Giving a stretch, she gave her firm, shapely ass a good shake at him, glancing back over her shoulder foxily with a sideways look and a quick flick of her perfectly shaped eyebrows before turning towards him more as she pulled her hands up her sides to her chest, spreading her fingers to encompass her ample breasts, giving them an immediate squeeze before running her hands up her neck to her chin before moving them back down, once more fondling her boobs, letting her fingertips tease at the hardened peaks before her hands smoothly flowed on down over her toned stomach, stopping to rest on her hips a moment with a pensive pout.

He managed to bite back is words to urge her on, able to clearly see she wouldn't be rushed, going her own pace, which would encapsulate him soon enough, his cock hardening properly once more. Giving a teasing flick of her left eyebrow, Megan bit her full lower lip and let her hands stray south, onto her lovely thighs, stroking into her inner thigh, then back up with both onto her sweet pussy, giving a light moan as she ran her fingers up her labia, letting them just dip in between the juicy lips, brushing over her stiff clit, making her shudder with excitement at the intensity of the sensations as her fingers slid through her neat landing strip of hair. Just slowing a moment, she let him eye her touching herself and then stroked back down her thighs, bending a little to stroke down between her legs to her knees, all the while keeping her eyes fixed on his face, reading every little reaction on his face to her tight, wet body. With a grin, she reached out to him as she straightened up.

"Come on baby, make me dirty again," she purred with a giggle, loving how quickly he stepped in to join her, immediately drawing her into a deep kiss, his tongue fairly attacking her own. He didn't waste any time doing as she asked, pushing her straight back against the cold tiles of the bathroom wall, making her squeal loudly, shivering as her skin goosepimpled all over. He didn't give her time to recover though, simply lifting her up under her arms, where she instinctively pushed her legs forward, wrapping them round his hips and pulling him close, offering his aching erection perfect access to her dripping pussy, which he gladly took. He slid effortlessly into her juicy snatch, gliding to the hilt in her silky body, feeling her squeeze tightly round him as he ground in against her pelvis, both of them groaning with delight. Her blissful pussy felt as perfect as it had when he'd made love to her the first time, ironically enough in the same position, with her pinned against a wall.

Water splashed down over them as all pretences were dropped, both of them solely interested in a good hard fuck, which he set about giving her very swiftly, holding her quite hard against the wall as they kissed in a similar fashion, lips mashing together as they devoured each other, tongues darting and flicking as they kissed, matched only by him pumping into her body hard, driving every inch of himself into her. It might seem abrupt, but after his delicious lick down of her body followed by her choking throatjob, she was immensely turned on, her pussy slippery and welcoming to his cock, which it swallowed easily to probe her juicy depths.

She slid across the tiles into the corner, bracing her shoulders at the apex of the wall to hold herself steady as he pounded on her, his hands now under her fantastic ass, groping the firm cheeks as though he'd never touched them, pulling them apart as he drove his cock powerfully in and out of her. Megan screwed her eyes up and gritted her teeth with the pleasure, her gorgeous raven hair now soaked and stuck down over her shoulders like a shampoo commercial, firm breasts perky and sporting stiff, dark nipples. She pulled her legs a little tighter round his arse to spur him on as he took everything from her that he could, his cock getting to places she didn't know she had as he plundered her sweet body, her hands clawing and grabbing at his sides, arching her back and shivering at the sensations rippling through her.

Suddenly he stopped, making Megan look up confusedly as he pulled out of her, prying her legs from himself as he let go of her stunning ass, where she slid down onto her feet, looking at him perplexedly, wondering quite why he'd stopped fucking her. Her question was immediately answered though as he pulled her to her feet, drawing her into his arms for a deep kiss, his hands sliding round her wet back, pushing her drenched hair out the way, their tongues twisting once more till he pulled away and turned her round. Megan just smiled and let him have his way, bending her over under the shower, the water cascading down over her smooth back, loving how his eyes took in every detail of her figure, the taper of her waist, flare of her hips and firm ass, now presented in front of him.

Immediately she was greeted by a firm spank to both sides of her ass, making her gasp and bite her lip, loving the sudden sharp sensation, completely unexpected, though the sensation of his throbbing erection between her thighs, the bulbous head teasing up her slick entrance wasn't, doing it for just a moment before grasping her waist with one hand and plunging his cock back into her, sinking half way into her at first, stopping as her muscles tightened up around him. He waited just a moment as she clasped round him then relaxed a moment, before slowly pushing the rest of his ample member up her juicy tunnel till his hips rested against her peachy rear, loving the feel of her soft cheeks pressing into his body as he held her slender waist to hold her still, just groaning and shivering a little as she squeezed at him with her vagina.

"You're a bad girl Megan, you know that?" he murmured, holding her gorgeous ass as he pulled back to the crest of his head before driving back in, pushing from her the breath she'd intended to speak with.

"Why?" she managed after a quick breath, looking back towards him past her wet hair.

"Being such a tease, showing off those fantastic legs when I met you earlier, and not to mention your little show just a minute ago," he said, pulling back, delivering a further spank before he pushed back into her delicious body, which spread before him and pulled him in.

"Mmmaybe," she murmured, giving a little wiggle as she settled her ass back into his hips again as her pussy devoured his cock.

"Only maybe? Being naughty again, not owning up," he chided playfully, spanking the sides of her ass firmly again as he pumped steadily into her, loving the feel of her perfect pussy around him, tight and wetter than anything he'd ever experienced before.

"Maybe you'll just have to teach me a lesson," she murmured, biting her lip and pushing back against him, grinding firmly. He took it as an immediate sign to start fucking her hard, his hands tightening on her hips, holding her firmly in place to drive his cock into her, just taking a few moments to revel in the succulent pussy engulfing his cock. The hard jolts, despite his support of her hips, made Megan reach out to the wall, pressing her hands flat to the wet tiles to support herself, bracing herself and giving in to the intensity, pushing back to meet him, spurring him to fuck her harder, which she really needed just then, feeling the surge of passion within her to be properly nailed. Heavy gasps escaped her luscious lips as they screwed, her eyes closed as she reached up to push her wet hair back from her face over her ear.

"Learning anything?" he teased, though he was only playful, doubting very much there was anything he could teach her.

"Mm that if I'm bad I get a good fucking?" she said in a mischievously innocent manner.

"That's not the lesson from all this at all Miss Fox!" he scolded, releasing one hip to deliver a quick smack to her perfect ass in a momentary pause from fucking her.

"But it seems to be," she cooed, looking back round at him with her pretty eyes, giving him an innocent, pleading look that made him melt, but also just made him want to fuck her all the more.

"Well you need to look deeper," he almost growled, plunging his hips down into her so the bulbous head of his cock slid powerfully across her G-spot, making her shudder as it drove to its deepest yet, stretching new places inside her for the first time in their fuck. Just holding for a moment, he let her take it in, signalling she was ready to continue with a squeeze of her delectable pussy, which immediately set him off thrusting quickly once again, but he maintained the depth, taking her by surprise. Megan could no nothing but gasp, curling her toes as she felt her legs wobble, desperate not to fall over in the shower, the cascading water having faded into the background as she focussed on the lovely spreading sensations from her pussy, up into her tummy as her orgasm built, which immediately trebled as she felt his hand slide round under her, quickly locating her stiff clit and giving it a rub, pushing a guttural groan from her as she shuddered. He pressed the advantage, circling her clit firmly to build her climax up, which worked very quickly, Megan again shuddering and grinding back into his crotch to get every possible inch of his manhood into her squeezing pussy.

"Please, don't stop," she breathed, eyes squeezed shut in imminent ecstasy. He decided not to tease her, continuing the pump stiffly into her wettening pussy, his fingers dancing over her hard button as she squeezed and spasmed around him, ready to come. Giving up on the circling of her clit, he switched to very firm, direct rubbing, up and down rapidly with his fingertip, immediately making her shudder, trying to curl up under him from the overwhelming sensations it caused, struggling for breath as she trembled. He kept going, her breathing hard and fast now, sharp gasps as she struggled to stay on her feet, her hands curling to dig her nails into the tiles as she held on as long as possible, bracing herself against the tidal wave, before it suddenly gave way and she was swept away by it in a powerful orgasm.

Letting out a long moan of pleasure and resignation to his skills, she came hard, shuddering uncontrollably, her knees buckling and squeezing together, tightening her around him with her thighs even as her pussy squeezed hard and held tight, pulling him right into her, clamped down round his cock, but with a rush of her thick, slippery juices he was able to keep thrusting, albeit a bit slower, but that merely increased the intensity as he ground into her to the hilt with each one, his fingers still assaulting her clit even as his other hand swiftly slid up her side to cup her breast, squeezing it quite hard, which only made her back arch and pulled another groan from her as she was swept along by the river of pleasure in her orgasm. Despite his work, her orgasm faded, at which point he delved his cock as deep into her again as he could and stopped, rubbing her clit slowly to a stop as she tried to bat him away from it, shivering and gasping in the intense aftermath of his touch.

After a moment to let Megan catch her breath, he slowly pulled back and withdrew from her juicy pussy, hearing her whine as much in disappointment that he wasn't going to continue screwing her as much as that she wouldn't be able to return the favour and make him come. Reaching down he pulled her up, the sexy actress murmuring a bit at her stiff back from being bent over as he reached up to stop the shower, the sudden loss of the rushing water making the whole place seem deathly silent. Stepping out, he grabbed a large towel, holding it out towards her as she stepped out, wrapping it round her gorgeous body as she sighed, snuggling into it and letting him hold her close a moment. Relinquishing control of the towel to her, he grabbed one for himself, wrapping himself in it quickly to towel off the water swiftly so he could get her back to bed. Quickly drying himself off, he tied it round his waist and reached back for Megan, who had done just the same, leaving her with a beaming smile and her lovely, perky breasts on display, the nipples having screwed themselves up tightly in the cool air after the shower.

"Mm let's go back to bed," he said, unable to keep his eyes from roaming to take in her chest and lovely waist.

"Definitely. I think you should punish me for being such a bad girl," you purred, looking into his eyes with a little flick of her eyebrows.

"Oh really, and how might I do that?" he teased, though his mind gushed with potential ways to punish her, every dirty little fantasy welling to the fore like a hot spring.

"Oh I'm sure you'll think of something to put me in my place, and I've a few things that might help you out," she said with a sexy sideways smile as she sashayed past him in her towel, her hand effortlessly finding his to pull him towards the bedroom, not that he needed much persuading, especially as a flick of her wrist dispatched her towel to the floor.

"Well, you do need to learn your lesson," he murmured with a smile, just letting his spare hand reach out to pull her wet hair back over her sexy shoulders, having just been wrung out by her from the shower, shiny and dark down towards the small of her alluring back. He watched the sway of her gorgeous, inviting ass, something he'd not got much of as yet, as she led him back to the bedroom. It was just like something from a dream, Megan Fox, naked and wet, fresh from the shower, leading him to the bed with the intention of handing herself over to his sexual dominance. He momentarily wondered if she'd ever play such a movie part, then wondered at the pointless wander of his mind at such a time and focussed himself on Megan once more, his cock giving a surge of hardness as he watched her ass, letting his free hand stray forward to stroke and then squeeze at it. Turning back to face him with a naughty smile, she drew him close, pressing her naked body to his, her perky breasts and stiff nipples pressed into his lower chest as she looked up to him.

"In the drawer there baby," was all she said, before standing on her toes and kissing him, a quick kiss that swiftly turned into far more, his arms wrapping around her, lifting her waif form up from the floor so her dainty feet dangled freely as they kissed, making Megan feel like a princess or something, easily held aloft by her big, strong man. Their tongues slid sensually against each other as he stepped to her bed, then carefully lowered her down to it, Megan hooking a leg around his to draw him down with his, sighing through their snog as he slid down on top of her, between her perfect pins. His towel was still on but she could feel his throbbing erection waiting for her, which spurred her to quickly draw up her feet and kick it away from his waist, and it was easily disposed of to the floor once it was free of its knot.

"What's in the drawer Miss Fox?" he asked teasingly through their kiss as Megan held onto his bottom lip with her teeth, pausing to suck a little at it before she dropped her head back to the pillow with a smile and answered him.

"Whatever you feel I need," she purred, her smile cracking to a dirty grin, pulling him down again for another kiss as he reached over to the drawer, his other arm busy holding him up at the elbow as his hand groped over her firm breast, cupping her, squeezing rhythmically, quite hard but it was nothing but a good sensation to her aroused body. Yanking the drawer open noisily, Megan was surprised it didn't fall out onto the floor with a crash, immediately hearing the rattling as he started to fumble through it, his hand reading the items for him, which felt very interesting. In there, he very clearly felt handcuffs, a bottle of oil or lube, several dildos and vibrators, one of them being a rampant rabbit, as well as what felt like a couple of buttplugs, one of them a significant size. He couldn't help his curiosity any longer, pulling away from the gorgeous babe beneath him who was currently grinding up against his erect cock, eyes closed, and looked to the drawer to confirm his suspicions.

"I think this might be a good place to start with you," he said, pulling the handcuffs and holding them up before her. Megan eyed them with a smile, her mind immediately thinking of times before when she'd be restrained by the cold, merciless steel, the bite into her wrists, the clang of the chain on her headrail as she writhed in pleasure at the torments of the man who had locked her up.

"Well, I've been bad after all," she murmured, raising her wrists to him, offering herself fully to his captivity. With a smile he unlocked the cuff, putting it round her slender wrist and tightening it up, Megan inhaling with a pout at the cold metal touching her soft skin, but he didn't let it slow him, using it to pull her up from the bed as he stood, Megan quickly following so he didn't pull the cuff into her wrist, not that she was sure he would. This was playful, not painful.

"You know, with you at my mercy, I may not be able to resist that sweet ass of yours you know," he said, almost idly as he pulled her close to him with a cuff, letting go of it to once again wrap his arms around her.

"Well, I won't give you permission to fuck me in the ass, don't even ask," she said teasingly, unable to hold the smile back from her cute lips, looking almost shyly aside then back up at him with eyes the screamed her desire to be owned. Without another word they kissed passionately, more to it than mere lust, his hands sliding up her back into her long, damp hair, pushing his hands through it and grasping it, which he used to firstly hold her head back as he yanked abruptly away from their kiss, Megan gasping and seeking with her tongue momentarily, then to lead her, using it to firmly pull her to the end of the bed. Megan felt a surge of pleasure at the pull of her hair, she loved it, she always had. There was just something inherently erotic about having her hair pulled, even pushing hands through it was enough to make her shiver, and for him to lead her this was a huge turn on.

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