tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMegan's Admirer

Megan's Admirer


About Megan:

Megan has been my wife for three years, and I think she's adorably cute and feminine. If you saw her, you might go as far as saying she's gorgeous. She has legs that are shapely and long, just as you' probably like them, breasts you'd want to fondle -- a waist and hips that complement everything else -- and a tawny mop of hair that she usually keeps stylishly wild.

She's not prissy about heterosexual activity -- even within the extended range accepted today. She's not the sort of woman who worries she might get her fingernail polish scratched, or her hair mussed up, or gets concerned her perfume might be overwhelmed by that after-sex fragrance of cum mixed with pussy juice.

All we both rule out is infidelity, S&M, anything anal, and what is euphemistically called water sports -- except once I watched her pee, but I'll tell you about that later.

She's twenty-four years old, by the way.

Megan loves to give me head as foreplay (if it doesn't involve an ejaculation); and cunnilingus, with or without taking it to a point of groaning climax, sexually delights her. As a couple though, since we're deeply in love, vaginal intercourse and our coming at the same time is almost always our ultimate goal.

That may all make our life together sound idyllic but it's not non-stop fun and games. We have our fights like anyone does. We just don't let differences become entrenched and embitter our relationship. As equals there's plenty of mutual give and take between us.

We didn't get bored with lovemaking once we found there weren't any more positions left to experiment with, let alone, given an apartment has only so many rooms, new venues to privately try them in. Nor, of course, are there unlimited ways you can watch yourselves in mirrors while you do it -- as much pleasure as that gives when it's still novel.

In the end you settle down to just spontaneously repeating the things that both of you enjoy most. That's never unsatisfying with someone you adore.

Not that Megan believed in going overboard in pleasing and exciting me. For example, she'll parade around the house in sexy lingerie from time to time but without going as far as being entirely nude. Even when we make love, she usually keeps something on unless we're in or on the bed.

Otherwise, I only see her naked in the shower -- If we happen to be in the bathroom together for good reason. She doesn't like me being there deliberately just to look. It's her private time, she says.

What she does when she's alone in there, other than washing her beautiful body and foxy hair, I haven't pried into.

Only once -- when we were still newlyweds -- did she let me see her pee, and then I had to beg before she gave in to my whim. Only I was sexually stimulated, I think. She was shy about it though, even with her skirt up around her waist, I couldn't see much because of the toilet seat.

Having done it for me once -- very self-consciously -- she wasn't willing to repeat the display or take it any further. Nor did she have a reciprocal curiosity. I guess I only wanted to see her peeing because of the novelty of how women look doing it compared to men. It's a male thing.

The persuasion:

It was Megan who suggested I take up photography for a hobby. She bought me an expensive digital camera to get me started. She thought I'd be interested in landscapes or scenery, but they never seemed as interesting unless she was in the camera viewfinder as well.

I broached the subject of photographing her at home more intimately, but she acted reluctant. While I loved her too much to push her into anything one-sided, I did keep telling her from time to time how much I'd still like to do it if she ever became comfortable with the idea. I pointed out that, with the advent of digital cameras, all young couples were probably now adding intimate photography to their sexual repertoire. I even resorted to getting her to view some soft porn on the Net so that she could see how she might pose.

She was fascinated by what she saw -- even a little excited -- but she still held back. Her main argument was that it would change the nature of our relationship -- not that she was prepared to say how.

By the time I found out I couldn't turn back the clock.

The agreement:

One day, after I'd spent weeks giving her gentle encouragement, she started to weaken about the idea of posing.

"Why don't I show you some more photos on the Net. You'll see how much fun it can be if we both get into the idea," I said to her.

She brushed her fringe back out of her eyes. "Like the last ones we looked at?"

"Or variations," I said. "We can get more of an idea on what works artistically and what doesn't."

We were soon viewing, seated at the computer together. As we looked at one gallery of Babes after another, we shared opinions on what each of us found appealing.

We weren't very far apart in our tastes except that, every time we saw an open-legged pose we both agreed was aesthetically pleasing, Megan would say something like, "I couldn't show myself off like that while you took a picture."

I finally responded, "I have seen it before."

She giggled embarrassedly, "It would still be weird." She glanced back at the picture on the screen. "Do you think my pussy looks that nice?"

"If it was shaved like that, so I could make a comparison, I'm sure it would be much nicer."

She looked startled. "You've never suggested I do that before."

"You never asked if I'd find it more appealing. Lot's of guys do, otherwise why would so many girls be shaving for the pictures we've seen?"

"But they're pornstars!"

"We've been looking at amateurs too, honey. Maybe they've found it's fun keeping their pussies bare even before they started posing."

I could see the idea was beginning to give her a little thrill. She said, "I'd definitely want to keep my pants on if my pussy looked as bare as that." Her eyes turned back to the screen.

"I think it would be too beautiful to hide. Maybe you'd like flashing it."

"Only men do that!"

"And some women."

"Prove it," she challenged me.

I scrolled down to "Exhibitionist" on the menu and opened a gallery for her. She bent her head forward to look at the thumbs, her eyes going round.

"There are actually other people about! Anyone could see her by accident -- someone going by in a car -- or someone just walking by."

"I guess taking that risk is part of the fun for the model and the photographer."

She gave me a strange look. I asked her, "Would you like to see another gallery like that?"

The eagerness with which she nodded surprised me. The thumbs came up and Megan devoured them. "Can you enlarge that one?" She waited for it to download, then said. "Maybe there was no one else about when it was taken."

It was posed out in the public street. Someone could have turned up unexpectedly.

"I guess." She hesitated. "I liked the first set more."

I switched back to it. "Any shot in particular?"

"That one."

It would have been my choice too. I downloaded to expand it. "Even that's pretty daring," I said. Megan actually shivered with delight.

"It must have given the model a wonderful thrill to do that!"

"Next you'll be telling me you'd like to," I teased.

There was a long pause as she stared at me. Finally, she said, "Would you stop loving me if I said I would?"

I swallowed. "You weren't even willing to pose nude in the house with just me to see you."

"That's not the same."

"They certainly are a world apart!"

"You're mad at me."

"No. I'm just confused."

"I can't really explain it." Megan seemed to withdraw into herself. "The ideal of doing it in public just appeals to me."

"You mean you'd honestly get turned on pulling some stunt like that," I nodded at the image.

Megan's eyes lowered shyly, "Especially if I'd shaved my pussy -- like she has."

I made light of it, not really believing her, "It could get a bit draughty."

She giggled. "That could be part of the thrill the model gets -- having it out in the open."

I couldn't find my voice. She said, "Would you like to take photos of me like that -- in public?"

I thought I'd call her bluff. "Of course. If you're willing to pose for them."

"I can't wait!"

Through a fringe of soft blonde hair, Megan's big blue eyes were full of excitement

Getting ready:

Megan wouldn't let me watch her preparations, saying she wanted me to see her the first time through the lens of the camera. She came out of the bathroom wearing a coat that came down to just above the tops of her knee-high boots. By that stage I was building up quite a resentment over her apparent willingness to chance exposure to the gaze of other men.

She picked up my mood right away. "Don't you want me to do it?"

"Sure I do," I lied. "I always get a kick out of anything that turns you on, you know that."

"I like this idea very much." She grinned. "I'd just never thought of doing it before."

I cursed myself for showing her the Web images. "Never?"

"No -- strangely. Not that I knew, before, there were other women who did it."

"And now you want to?"

"Especially after what I've just done, and how I'm dressed."

I tried to make saliva to moisten my dry mouth.

She kept talking, "Can you think of somewhere downtown that won't be too crowded?" I guess she hadn't thought even that might make me jealous.

"So you only want a chance audience?"

"I don't want to do it openly and get arrested for disturbing the peace."

I said, "There's still the chance someone will see you by accident."

"I'll cover up. They'll only get a quick glimpse at the most."

"Unless it's someone you can't see."

She stepped up and kissed my cheek. "Do we have to worry about that?"

"So you don't mind being seen unawares?"

She stepped back. "I think the idea's quite appealing -- not knowing if someone might be having a good look."

Her confession so shocked me that I let her take my arm and lead me out to the car.

The first outing:

In the car in the parking building downtown, after unbuttoning the top of her coat, Megan showed me that her breasts weren't cupped in a bra. "Do you want to take a picture of them?" The idea of posing with her nipples exposed in a public place gave her a sexual thrill, I could tell

I checked no one was about before I obliged her.

"Are you wearing knickers?"

She unbuttoned the coat the rest of the way to show me the little undergarment. It was white and lacy.

I felt relieved she'd covered herself down there at least.

"I'll take them off after we get out of the car," she said.

I put off thinking about that and took some more pictures of her until we were disturbed by the squeal of tyres. Megan covered up, holding her coat together, as another car turned into an empty park beside ours. After the occupants left, having only glanced our way, Megan got out of the car on her side.

I opened the driver's door and stood up. Megan wasn't holding her coat together any more.

She wanted to know, "Will you photograph me taking my panties off?"

"You mean you want to go out of here without any on?"

"It seems a waste to shave my pussy then keep it covered. Wouldn't you like photos of it before the hair grows back?"

I couldn't find the words to reply.

She came round the front of the car, surveying the surroundings to make sure we likely had privacy. (A car passing by unexpectedly, or people returning to a car near ours were still risks.) We could hear people talking on the far side but they were out of sight and unlikely to come our way. Satisfied, Megan provocatively lay back on the bonnet of the car with her coat open, showing her knickers and her lovely tits, and I began taking pictures again. She kept progressively lowering the waistband of her briefs a little way at a time. I could soon see she really had shaved, but it was several poses before the bare genital slit started to show above the elastic waistband.

I kept taking pictures, all the time expecting an interruption and wondering if Megan could cover up in time. The next time she edged the waistband down it stopped just below her crotch and, even though her legs weren't parted, I could see how beautiful she was down there, hairless and exposed for the first time.

Abruptly, there was the sound of tyres on buffed concrete. It was a male driver, by himself. I don't know what he saw, if anything. Megan had straightened and covered up. The car kept on going.

Megan's cheeks were pink. "That was close."

I didn't tell her I thought she could have acted sooner in closing her coat.

A second car went by from the same direction. It also had a male driver. If he were looking in his rear vision mirror he would have seen Megan take her briefs the rest of the way down, in full view, and step out of them. Naturally, I caught it on camera.

She tossed me the little white double-triangle of cloth and said, a sexy grin creasing the corners of her mouth, "You'd better put them in your pocket in case I get taken off to the Police Station."

Then she let me look for a few minutes more before starting to re-button her coat, this time from the bottom. "Come on," she said when she'd finished, taking my arm again.

Megan found a downtown bus stop shelter in a quiet street that looked like it was frequented on only rare occasions. Briefly, we sat in it making arrangements. As far as anyone driving by was concerned we would rely on them not taking too much notice of someone waiting at a bus stop. Megan would cover up if they did.

My final instruction from Megan was, "If you get pedestrians in a shot that'll make it look more daring." She assured me she would look out for any across the street, behind me, and I would signal her before any got too close on her side.

After I crossed to the centre strip of the roadway, I lined up the camera on the bus shelter while Megan unbuttoned her coat, keeping the sides together. Cars passed and she waited.

I thought she was losing her nerve. Then she opened her coat in a startling show of white skin. I got two shots before she covered up. A bus pulled into the stop, and then departed again when no one got on or off. Megan pretended to mind her own business and grinned at me afterwards.

Judging it was as safe as it was going to get, this time she opened her legs before she pulled the coat aside. Thighs, curving symmetrically on the outer and inner sides, bare genitalia -- white skin where there had once been dark hair -- then twin nipples came into my viewfinder and, finally, her lovely face.

It took me a few seconds to remember to press the button that would record and freeze what I was seeing. All I could think of was Megan -- my wife -- exposing herself in public.

I wished I'd gotten more shots, but an approaching car scared her into covering up.

Before she could pose again a man in casual clothing came and sat on the seat near her, I assumed to wait for a bus. They politely ignored each other.

We waited, but no bus came.

Megan crossed her legs, resting the calf of one on the thigh of the other, making sure the coat stayed closed at the top and in place over her lap. Through the telephoto lens of the camera, the pose still gave me a delightful view between her bare legs.

I could tell from her flushed face that she was excited by showing herself to me without the slightly older man next to her realising she was -- so much so that she did not cover up when a couple of cars went by.

I pretended to take photos in other directions for a moment so that Megan's unplanned companion in the bus shelter would be less likely to catch on to what was happening.

When I focussed back on them, I found Megan had lifted the heel of one boot up onto the seat and, as if pensive, was leaning on her raised knee.

The pose had left her coat open on one side and draped like a curtain on the other, hiding her privates from the man's view. She parted her legs, putting her thighs and crotch on even wider display to the street.

I clicked away, forgetting anything else but how gorgeous Megan looked and how good the erection in my trousers felt at the sight of her public nudity.

Even when she held the coat together, closed her legs, and put her foot back on the pavement she left a lot of bare thigh showing. I stopped taking photos and just watched, knowing the man was soon going to realise that, even if she was wearing the shortest of mini skirts or briefest of shorts, there was no sign of either in the parting of the coat.

Megan appeared unconcerned, hands clasped in her lap, pretending to mind her own business. He was beginning to pay her attention openly, and I decided it was time to cross over and rejoin her.

I sat between them. No one said anything. For all the guy knew, I was just a stranger who had turned up at the wrong moment. Megan ignored us both and pulled the coat together across her legs before buttoning it up.

When a bus came, Megan surprised me by following the guy onto it, leaving me no choice but to go with her.

The young man sat on a side seat behind the driver's compartment and Megan sat opposite. Proprietarily, I joined Megan on her seat, though still following her lead of acting as if we were strangers to each other.

Towards the back, there were two other passengers but the rest of the bus was empty.

"I see you have a camera," Megan pretended to strike up a conversation with me. "Would you like to take my picture?"

"Sure," I agreed, unable to imagine what she was up to.

"I'll just go over there." She went and stood in front of the slightly older man we'd boarded with, and facing towards him.

My stomach balled in a knot because I could tell by her movements that she was unbuttoning her coat. It had already gaped by the time she turned round and undid the bottom button, and I knew the guy must have fleetingly seen my wife's nakedness. Her doing it so openly startled me.

"Get your photo, " she invited, swaying with the movement of the bus. "You look the type to appreciate one like this. I saw you taking pictures of me from across the street at the bus stop."

My cheeks turned pink at virtually being called a pervert, as if I was a stranger, but I raised the camera.

The older guy was starting to look hostile. "You don't have to pose for him," he told Megan.

She turned back to him, lifting her hands to hold the bar on the ceiling of the bus above her head. The coat flared, lifting up her thighs at the back. I took pictures of her, with the young man partly obscured. She just stood there calmly, virtually between his legs, exposing herself to him and, through the windows, to anyone in the street.

I had to witness her doing it to believe it.

They began talking to each other. I heard her promise to send him pictures if he gave her his e-mail address. He took out a business card and wrote on the back. She let him slip it in her coat pocket, bending forward until they were almost touching. Then, letting go of her overhead hold, she balanced herself against the motion of the bus and slowly re-did the buttons on her coat, still with her back to me.

She and I got off at the next stop and the guy travelled on.

"I suppose you expect me to provide the pictures," I said resentfully.

Megan had a flushed, very turned-on look, like a woman aroused by foreplay.

"It'll just be an image. You'll still have the real me."

"But you'll enjoy the thought of him looking at it and knowing it's you."

She did not deny it. "It's not like I'm being unfaithful to you."

"It comes pretty close from my point of view."

"I didn't object to you looking at images of other women on the Net."

"I've never exposed myself to any of them."

She frowned, and said, "You're spoiling our fun. You agreed to come downtown so that I could flash."

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