tagLoving WivesMegan's Fantasy

Megan's Fantasy

byGrey Eagle 286©

David ran his hands up under my t-shirt and cupped my breasts. He nibbled at my earlobe and then stuck his warm tongue in my ear. I giggled and tried to get away from him. I didn't try too hard; he is too big and strong anyway. His whole lean and muscled body was pressed against me. I didn't want to get away. It felt too damned good. I wanted him to throw me over his shoulder and carry me to our bed.

Not yet, our girls were watching TV right in front of us. They turned to look at us then looked back at the TV. David said "I guess I'll go wash the car, we will finish that later." He smiled and wiggled his eyebrows with his very best leer.

I watched him walk off. God how I loved him. What a hunk. Six two, 195 pounds of pure muscle and bone. Fit and trim and he is all mine. I went back to my dusting, which I hated. It was a Saturday chore. This was a Saturday. I watched the TV show, cartoons. That should keep our little angels from fighting for a minute.

I slipped out the garage door and saw David bending over scrubbing the rims on my new Honda Odyssey. I sneaked over and got the hose and picked it up. He stood and walked away from me to the rear wheel and bent over again. There was no way I could resist it. I picked up the nozzle and aimed it at his tight little white shorts. I pulled the trigger and one little squirt of water came out and hit him on the butt. He stood up with the bucket of soapy water in his hand. Oh! No! I squeezed the trigger again and another feeble squirt hit him in the crotch. I saw it coming too late. The whole bucket of water hit me in the chest. I screamed and ran for the house. He caught me in about two steps. Damn he was quick. He twirled me around and turned the bucket over and sat on it. He lifted me across his knees and started paddling me. I looked up and saw two of our neighbors standing laughing. Three cars were also stopped watching. I was having a giggling fit. He wasn't hurting me; in fact it felt very nice.

He finally noticed our audience and stopped. He let me up, and loudly remarked, "You have to keep them in line some how."

Our neighbor laughed and said that he thought we both enjoyed it, that he sure did. I looked down; my t-shirt was white and wet. I looked like an entry in a wet T-shirt contest. Dave didn't fare too much better. He wasn't wearing underwear either and his white shorts were transparent too. It was clear that spanking me had him aroused too. We both ran for the house.

We ended up holding each other in the kitchen and laughing our heads off. We changed after we dried off. We loaded the girls in the minivan and took them to Burger King for lunch. They loved it. I loved my man.

Later that night we came home after a movie. Dave walked Margie, the babysitter home, and I made us each a grilled cheese sandwich and fixed us each a drink. Dave came back and we sat and talked about the day. We had a good laugh about our water fight.

David looked at me and said, "Spanking you gave me a hard-on. It was very erotic."

"Yeah! I know, it turned me on too."

"Really, I never knew that was one of your fantasies."

"I didn't either. Was it one of yours?"

"No, not really. You have a really sweet and cute little ass and I love to caress it and kiss it. Never thought about spanking it, except for birthdays. We need to think about that."

"Yes we do, what other fantasies do you have?"

"I don't know if it is a fantasy or not but I have had dreams about you with another man. I hated it and wanted to kill both of you."

"Really, you wouldn't enjoy watching me receive great pleasure in the arms of another man. You wouldn't want to see me completely happy?"

I saw the hurt in his eyes.

"Megan, if you need that to be completely happy I will think about it." I threw my arms around his neck and kissed him. I pulled back and looked deep into his eyes, "Honey, your loving ALWAYS leaves me completely happy and content after the most pleasure a woman can possibly have. I do not want or need at any level any man other than you, ever!"

His eyes searched mine, "Megan, I love you enough to let you do that if you promised it was just sex, no love involved."

"Then you would want the same deal, right?"

"I hadn't thought about it, I don't need that. Do you want that?"

"No, never. My sweet love, never." I couldn't help it I started crying. I loved this man so much. I stopped. Could I say the same thing about him? Did I love him that much? No! It wasn't a matter of love or trust. It was foolish. If we were happy with each other why take a chance. Too many factors lined up against it. I told him what I was thinking. "There are unforeseen jealousies, loss of trust, chances of disease, the chance that your love might like sex with another way more than with you, not to mention the breaking of our wedding vows. When they are broken, even by mutual consent, are they valid anymore? It gives you a lot to think about. It is NOT and must NOT be a casual thing. What do you think."

"Megan, you are my life, MY woman, nothing is worth losing that."

"I agree my darling man. I feel the same about you. Take me to bed and I'll show you how much you please me."

David went up to get ready for bed. I checked that everything was locked up and set the alarm system. David was flat on his back on the bed with his penis fully erect. One hand pressed on the top of it so that it stood straight up pointed at the ceiling. He closed his eyes and softly said, "Honey, guess what I'm thinking about."

"Spanking my ass this morning?"

He laughed, "Close, no fantasies tonight dear. Tonight is for loving, I need to be as close to you as I can."

"Oh! Goody! My favorite way to spend an evening."

I went in the dressing area and removed my clothes. I peeked at him, his eyes were closed but his erection was intact. I squealed and ran for the bed and jumped beside him.

I crawled on top of him and wiggled back over him until I felt his cock against my pussy. I reached down and slipped him inside me. He thrust up inside my waiting pussy. I sighed with contentment. He felt so wonderful as he moved slowly in and out of me. I could feel the ridge around the crown of his beautiful cock as he slipped up and down in my vagina. I sat up and it felt as if he went in deeper. I breathed in his odor, God how I loved the way he smelled. It was a combination of his natural aroma and his Old Spice aftershave and his deodorant. It was pure ambrosia to me.

His hands reached for and found my tities. Oh! He pinched a nipple on one breast and twisted the nipple on the other! I shuddered and moaned with a little orgasm. He rolled us over without slipping out and was instantly back in action.

He pressed his sweet mouth over mine. Our tongues met and played. He caught my tongue with his lips and gently sucked it and played with it with the slick soft bottom of the tip of his tongue.

A better orgasm hit me with a jolt. It took my breath away. He was rubbing back and forth at the bottom of his strokes now. The pressure on my clit was a delight. I loved that too! This guy knew all my good spots and how to please them. I found myself pulling on his back trying to get him deeper and I knew he was as deep as he could go without hurting me.

He kissed my lips, my eyes, my nose and cheeks. Whispered that he loved me and that I was beautiful. I could feel the bed under my ass getting very wet. He had my juices really flowing. He was picking up the pace now. Thrusting in me with more power and lust. He lifted up and raised my butt with his hands. He seemed to go even deeper. He was growling deep down in his throat. I could feel the vibrations through my body. He was really slapping into me now. My eyes were closed and I was constantly feeling the ecstasy of orgasm after orgasm flashing through me until it was continuous. I knew he was getting close as I sensed he was tensing up and was nearing his release. I wanted it for him and I clinched down and then released my pussy muscles as fast as I could. He stiffened and shuddered and said, "OH! Shit", as he came and squirted up inside me. It felt sooooo gooood. I knew I could never get enough of that man.

He slipped off and lay beside me. "I sighed, "Oh! Jack that was wonderful."

He laughed as I got even for him calling me by a different name every morning when he kissed me goodbye.

The next day after Church and Sunday school we took the girls to the lake and took our boat out for a ride. We all had fun. Before dinner I checked our E-mail, nothing important. As I read a couple of the e-mails I got my idea. I would have my fantasy about having sex with another man. I would have to persuade David to go along with it. It couldn't be done without his consent and co-operation. I knew I would have to reciprocate, that would be difficult. But that was only fair.

The next morning after the kids were in school, my chores were done and I had taken care of writing a couple of reports for the insurance company I had an hour or so to my self when I could plan for the orchestration of my fantasy. I worked on it for about an hour. I liked my idea, but could I talk David into it. It might need more work. Tuesday and Wednesday went about the same, fine-tuning my idea. By Thursday I thought it was near perfect. Now I just had to convince David to let me have my fantasy.

When my hubby got home that night I had a drink waiting for him. I was wearing his favorite tight jeans and a tiny top. He sipped his drink. "What's for Dinner?"

"Chicken and dumplings."

"OK Sweetie, what have you done or what do you want me to do that you know I won't want to do."

"We can talk about it after dinner. OK?"

"Now I am really worried. Did you sell the kids?"

"Don't be silly. If you don't like what I want after you her me out; one word, 'NO', will end it forever. OK?"

"That sounds reasonable. Where are the kids, by the way?"

"In Terri's room watching TV. They have had dinner; you said you would be a little late so after you called I fed them. Run in and see them, then come back and sit with me for a while. I miss you."

"I'll be right back."

After dinner and the girls were asleep I sat with David and told him I thought it was time to try my fantasy.

"Which one? Having sex with another guy?"

I nodded and he jumped up. He looked dazed. I took his hand and pulled him down and I put a hand on each side of his face. "David, look at me, I will not let you be hurt, trust me."

He sat back in his chair; he had that 'deer in the headlights' look. I patted his hand and explained what I wanted to do. I said that his turn would be next. That perked him up. I gave him a sheet of instructions I printed off the computer.

He said, "I don't really need this. I can remember all of it."

"What is your answer."

"I didn't think you would convince me to let you have your fantasy, no way, but you did it. This works for me. But don't forget, turn-about is fair play, I get to call the shot on my fantasy, right?"

"That is only fair, Darling. I love you for letting me do this."

The next day dragged by as I anticipated the night. My mom was going to pick up the kids by six and David would leave by seven. I would have everything ready for my lover to arrive about eight. I thought about it and shivered in anticipation. This would be a night to remember. I had my fantasy coming true.

After the kids left I went to David and held him tight. I looked deep in his eyes and was sure he was going to be all right with this. I was worried that this might possibly make some change in the way he felt about our relationship. I just couldn't let that happen, David is the light of my life and I knew he could have any woman he wanted by just crooking his little finger. Hell, there would be a damned stampede.

Men's egos are so fragile, you have to be very careful not to damage them. I have seen too many women do something they thought the hubby was all right with and then end up with a real rift in the marriage. I didn't need that. David assured me he fine with doing it this way.

He gathered his stuff and was out the door a little early. I went to our bedroom and prepared for my visitor. I took a hot shower, a douche and an enema. I was squeaky clean inside and out. I applied a moisturizer over my whole body. I got out and looked my self over in our full-length mirror. Not bad. Not bad at all at all for an old housewife. I rubbed my mound and it was sleek and smooth. I had shaved earlier. I spritzed a little mixture of water and vanilla I kept handy for that purpose up inside me. I dabbed a bit of my favorite cologne here and there too!

I fixed my hair in a high ponytail to keep it out of the way. I decided to not dress too sluttish for my guest. I put on a sheer negligee with high-heeled mules. I posed in front of the mirror again. Pretty damned nice! I certainly wasn't hiding anything.

I dimmed the lights in the bedroom and the bath. I lit two scented candles and dimmed the lights even more. Dave would say it smelled like a French Whorehouse. He won't tell me how he knows how they smell.

I went to the kitchen and poured two glasses of wine. The doorbell rang and I jumped a foot! I opened the door. The man standing there smiled and said, "Are you Sandy?"

I said, "Yes I am, are you Tony?"


"Come on in. You are right on time." I led him to the living room and took his ball cap and put it by the front door. I offered a glass of wine, which he accepted. We sat and chatted for a moment. He was nice looking. He had a mustache and a heavy five o'clock shadow, a rugged looking handsome guy. He appeared to be in excellent condition. He sipped his wine and looked me up and down. He licked his lips, "Mmmmm, you look delectable, I can't wait.

He reached for me and moved closer, pulling my head to him for a kiss. He smelled faintly of a cigar, garlic and Bay Rum aftershave. He kissed nicely but was a bit rough. I felt a hand cup a breast. His tongue pushed into my mouth. His hand moved and found the opening to the negligee and slipped inside to caress my tit. His rough fingers tweaked the nipple, which reacted by hardening. He pulled away a little and said; "God Damn, ya got real nice boobs. Let me suck that nippy." He pushed open the gown and fastened his mouth over my nipple. He sucked hard on it. It felt good as he kneaded the breast with his hand as he nursed at the nipple. I was getting aroused. He moved his mouth back to my mouth and his hand dropped to my lap and worked its way between my legs. I parted my thighs a little so he could get his hand further down. His fingers played with my pussy. He was good, fast and good.

I pushed him away. "Here, finish your wine and we will move to the bed." He tossed the wine down in one gulp. "Let's go."

In the bedroom I sat on the edge of the bed I pulled him to me and unfastened his belt and pulled his zipper down. His blue jeans needed to be tugged hard to get them down. He wore no underwear and his semi hard cock flopped right out. He stepped out of his shoes and jeans. He had great legs. I took his cock in my hands and looked it over. Very nice indeed. About eight inches long, thick and cut. Just how I like 'em. He smelled of sweat.

I stood and threw the negligee aside and jumped on the bed. He was right behind me. He moved on top of me, grabbing each breast in a hand and sucking furiously at each in turn. He was certainly not gentle in any thing he did. He didn't hurt much but you sure knew what he was doing. He rose up on his knees and looked down on me.

"Ya look good enough to eat Babe, lemme taste ya." He pushed my legs apart and buried his face in my pussy. He attacked with great gusto. Slurping, fingering, licking and nipping. I felt my juices start to flow. He knew what to do all right. Then I think he had his whole hand pumping in and out of my pussy. The stubble on his cheeks and chin scraped the tender skin down there. His tongue found my clit and treated it like he had done my nipples. That brought me my first orgasm of my life from someone other than David. I felt a little twinge of guilt at that. Dear David! He kept sneaking into my thoughts. I really, really, didn't want him hurt bout this. Guilt was heavy in my feelings.

Then Tony rocked up on his knees. He reached for his jeans, picked them up and extracted a condom. He slipped it on, carefully rolling it down the length of his cock. He spit on his hand and stroked his cock. He moved forward and rubbed the head of his cock in my juices. He ran his fingers in me again and stroked himself again. This would be another first for me. David and I had never used one. It felt different as he worked his cock inside me.

He didn't fool around. He fucked me with great enthusiasm. I knew my pussy was going to be sore when he was finished with me. He kissed me as he humped me. He stopped and said, "Turn over and get on your knees."

It felt different as he took me from behind. He really slammed into me now. Each thrust shook my whole body. It was not an unpleasant experience. I just wasn't used to it. I don't think I could take a steady diet of that.

I felt his finger teasing my rectum. I hadn't made up my mind about that. David was not fond of anal. I had done it plenty of times with him. He just didn't like it when I tried to put my dildo inside him. I think he felt that if he didn't like it I really didn't either. I did enjoy it. It did feel good to me. We would see if it came up.

I didn't like the condom. It was a little better than a dildo, but didn't have near the feeling of the bare skin. I love David's bare cock inside me. I didn't think I was going to orgasm again.

I was wrong, it was an other small one. Tony pulled out of my vagina and pressed his cock against my rectum. I said, "Wait." I reached in my nightstand and got some lube. I handed it back to him. I felt him put some on my rosebud and worked a bunch inside. His cock pressed at the pucker again. This time he slipped on in. Damn, he stretched me a bit. It did feel pretty good though. I enjoyed it. I had another small short orgasm. The orgasms were not the screaming, thunderous, bed wetters I had with David. I felt Tony was about to cum so I started with ass clinches, just gentle ones on the out-stroke. I heard him moan and say "Here I cum."

He slumped forward and pushed me flat on my belly. His cock popped out. He eased over my leg and stretched out. He looked at his watch. "Eight thirty, have we got time for another go at it before your husband gets home?'

I smiled at him, "I think that depends entirely on you."

"Hey, give me a BBBJ and I'll get it back up pretty quick."


"Bare Back Blow Job. No rubber."


He grinned at me and pulled the condom off. He tied a knot in the rubber and handed it to me. "Here, a souvenir for your dear hubby so he knows he is a cuckold."

I looked at Tony. "He knows."

"Better him than me."

"You are married, what does that make you?"

"Just a cheater."


I slipped down and picked up his cock. I lifted it and put my mouth over it and sucked it all in. Soft it was not a problem for me. I was rarely able to do that with David because he started getting hard as soon as I touched him. I felt Tony start to grow; I liked the way that felt. A very nice sensation as he slowly filled and then outgrew my mouth. Lovely.

I started moving up and down on his cock and following my mouth with my hand. He was hard as iron now. Velvet over iron. I slathered my saliva around the head of his cock. It's funny how much slipperier your saliva is when you are sexually aroused. Thicker and slipperier was what went on that strong hunk of man meat. He was soon well coated and really slick. He pulled away and pushed me on my back.

He crawled up over me. "I want to fuck your tits and cum on your face." He grinned at me as he slipped on another condom. I thought that didn't make sense but just got the little bottle of Astroglide and poured some on my chest and my boobs. He moved up and put his cock between my breasts. I held them together on either side of him. His cock disappeared between them. He rocked back and forth. I watched as the head of his cock would slip from between my tits and stop just short of my lips. He thrusted faster and faster. After a few minutes I saw he was going to cum. He stiffened and grimaced and I knew he was cumming. He rocked back on his heels and pulled off the rubber and tied a knot in this one too.

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