Megan's Mother's Milk


"Is that how much lotion you used?" Kathryn asked as she looked down at her slick, shiny breasts.

"No, I didn't use that much."

Kathryn raised an eyebrow at her daughter, wondering how big her breasts were going to grow. Megan pulled her mother's head toward her chest and Kathryn reluctantly started suckling. Kathryn closed her eyes as she suckled, creating a vacuum in her mouth pulling her daughter's nipple in further, and squeezed Megan's areola between her tongue and the roof of her mouth, causing a torrent of fresh milk to spray into her mouth and down her throat as she swallowed.

Megan felt a sense of maternal responsibility as she let her mom suckle liquid nourishment from her nipple. She held Kathryn against her bosom and kissed the top of her head as she gently rubbed her back. She felt something rub against the front of her naked thighs and at the same moment she saw Kathryn slightly jump.

Megan tilted her head to the side and saw that her mother's breasts were now big enough to just barely reach Megan's legs and Kathryn's sensitive nipples had made contact with her daughter's skin. Megan eased both of her hands underneath Kathryn's tits and softly squeezed and massaged them. Megan could feel her hands becoming moist with her mother's milk.

Kathryn moved back, letting go of her daughter's nipple. She looked up at Megan, smiling, and opened her mouth to show her that her that it was full of milk. Megan kneeled down onto the floor with her mother. They embraced and kissed, tongues sliding against each other, milk flowing from one mouth to the other. Megan felt moisture dripping down her legs as she French kissed her mom. Megan then used her tongue to push all the milk into her mother's mouth, then Kathryn stood up, positioned her head just above Megan's, and poured the milk from her mouth into the mouth of her daughter who happily swallowed it.

By this point, Kathryn's breasts were around G cups and still growing. Milk was dripping from the nipples at a fast tempo. Megan lifted her mom's right breast and started suckling from it. It was hard for her to believe that this was actually happening. She thought about how surreal this moment felt as she drank from her mother's milk fountain.

Kathryn felt the same way. Just ten minutes ago, she never would have thought she'd be doing anything like this with anybody, let alone her own daughter. Yet, there she was, her extremely sensitive nipple being suckled by her beautiful daughter.

Megan let go of her mother's breast and licked the milk from her lips. She stared at her mother's nipples. Milk was spurting sporadically from them. Her breasts were sticking out about seven inches from her chest. Megan grabbed her mother's areolas and milked them like cow udders. The streams of milk sprayed forcefully against the floor, adding to the already huge puddle on the hardwood surface. Kathryn closed her eyes and started moaning as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her. Megan let go of her mother's areolas and lifted and squeezed Kathryn's massive breasts, causing milk to spray against her own naked body. Then Megan let go of Kathryn's udders and undressed her mother. She pulled off her soaked blouse and bra, then helped her slip out of her jeans and panties.

Megan lay in the puddle of milk on her back with her head toward her mother. She motioned for Kathryn to lean in and suckle her left breast. Kathryn did so, positioning one of her own gigantic, leaking breasts over Megan's face. Megan watched as the giant globe of flesh lowered above her, milk spraying into her open mouth. Kathryn started suckling from her daughter's nipple as her breast engulfed Megan's face. Megan started suckling from Kathryn's teat, her mouth quickly overfilling with warm milk.

Kathryn reached forward and used two fingers to massage her daughter's sopping wet cunt. Megan slightly lifted her hips in approval and started rubbing her mother's equally-as-moist pussy lips. The suckling and wet fingering created quiet, but prominent noises for the next few minutes as the girls hungrily drank each other's milk. The noises were drowned out by Megan screaming into her mother's breast as she came. Kathryn felt her hand being sprayed with her daughter's pussy juice as Megan bucked her hips wildly. Kathryn quickly crawled forward to lap up the pussy juice shooting from her daughter's vagina. Megan pulled her mother's crotch against her milk-covered face as she squeezed Kathryn's ass cheeks tightly and started licking like crazy as she continued to cum. This brought Kathryn to the edge and she came with even more intensity than her daughter. She screamed loudly as they both came, squirting into each other's mouths.

They lay in that position for several minutes in a small pool of milk and vaginal fluids as they gently explored each other's pussies with their tongues. Megan felt her mother's body tremble on top of her and hugged her waist tightly.

"I love you, mom."

"I love you too, Megan."

They climbed into Megan's bed and held each other's naked, wet bodies as they fell asleep.

When Megan awoke, she was alone in her bed. She feared that her mother, upon waking, felt immense regret from their intimate activities. Megan got out of bed and slipped on an oversized shirt before heading downstairs. She walked into the kitchen to see her mother at the dining table, pumping breast milk into a jar.

"Hi mom," Megan said sheepishly.

Kathryn looked up at her daughter with a huge smile. "Hey Megan. How are you feeling?"

"Great. You?"

"Fantastic," Kathryn said, "last night was amazing."

Megan smiled back at her mother, glad that she didn't feel shameful. She noticed a full jar of milk on the table and held it up. "Can I drink this?" she asked her mother.

"No, I need these two and the one in the fridge for school tomorrow. I would only have had to pump one if you didn't chug the jar I filled last night," Kathryn said, still smiling.

"Come on, please? You can just tell your teacher that your daughter drank your homework."

"You can have whatever's left after I fill this one," Kathryn said, causing her daughter to smile even wider.

After Megan drank her breakfast, the two girls took a shower together and then cleaned up Megan's room while they talked about things.

"What about the Lactoril? Can you get more of it?" Megan asked as she leaned the mop against the wall.

"Yeah, the teacher is allowing us to use as much as we want as long as we give weekly reports on the effects."

"Great, because we're out after this," Megan said as she spread the remaining lotion onto both of their breasts.

"I'll get some more tomorrow," Kathryn said as she pushed her chest out for her daughter. "Also, we won't be able to do anything next weekend."

"Why not?"

"Because your cousin Sandy is going to be staying with us for a couple days."

A wide smirk formed on Megan's face.

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