tagLoving WivesMegan's Trust

Megan's Trust

byGrey Eagle 286©

New Story 3

I watched as my husband of ten years walked in the kitchen and smiled, "Good morning, Honey. I only have time for a quick cup of coffee and then I have to run. Are we still going to the Raftenbeck's tonight?"

"Yes Darling we are. It's for seven, so hurry home. The setter will be here at six thirty."

His grin made me tingle down to my toes. Damn! He could still do that to me. He was six two of finely tuned man at one hundred and ninety five pounds of pure muscle. He didn't have an ounce of fat on his body. His suit fit him perfectly. I wanted to drag him back to bed. I had already done that once this week and I knew he couldn't be late again. I watched him finish his coffee and I walked him to the door and handed him a small baggie. I kissed him and our tongues played for a minute. "I love you Sweetie, here is a Bran Muffin for you to eat as you drive."

He pressed his nose tip to tip to mine and looked deep into my eyes. "I love you too, Jeanie, see you this evening." The SOB did that every morning. My name is Megan. He called me by a different name every morning. He said it was just to keep me on my toes.

I went to the kitchen and sat to finish my coffee and muffin. David was in my mind. My love for him grew every day. I worried a bit because our sex had dropped off some lately. Was it he or I? I could only remember turning him down once in months. Our sex seemed as good as ever. I thought about it a lot.

I was determined that nothing was going to undermine our marriage. I worked out twice a week. I walked a mile and a half every day. I only weighed three pounds more than I did when we were married, and that was in my boobs. Dave said he loved the bigger tits. I dressed to please him and felt I succeeded. I tried to keep track of where he was at all times. I had never seen anything to indicate he was anything but totally faithful.

So why was I getting E-mails saying he was cheating on me?

I had quit my job when the kids were born. I was a stay at home Mom and I loved it. I did do some work from home on the phone and on my computer. I told Dave it was consulting work. He knew I had worked at an insurance company for years before the kids came. What I did was investigate fraud and track people down and monitor their lives in several ways. We had a staff of investigators who did the legwork and installed bugs, got videos, and stuff. I got the raw input from them and wrote reports or requested more information. I had never tracked or checked on Dave. I trusted him.

I got busy and got the kids up, fed, dressed, and off to school. I had my household chores out of the way in less than an hour. Being a neat freak and a very organized person I was very efficient. I sat at the computer and booted it up. I went on AOL and checked the mail.

The first one that caught my eye was one wanting to send me a gadget that was guaranteed to increase the size of my penis in thirty days or my money back. Right! Next was someone who wanted to give me a free lap top computer for just filling out a questionnaire. Right! Next was an E-mail from some one who said my husband Dave was cheating on me. How did they know his name? Who was doing this to me? Why?

I sat back and thought about it. How could I find out who it was? I had never seen the return address before and it gave me no clue. It was just a series of numbers, 482293283@aol.com. Looked like a phone number but it was one number short. Maybe it was a number code, like 1=A and 2=B. No, that wouldn't work; the numbers didn't go high enough.

Maybe it was a phone number code like the numbers on the phone. Shit that was going to be hard to figure out. Let's see, 4 could be G, H, or I. 8 could be T, U, or V. 2 could be A, B, or C. 9 could be W, X, or Y. 3 could be D, E, or F. 2, 8, and 3 we already had. So it would read:

4 8 2 2 9 3 2 8 3




I looked at it for five minutes before I saw something that made sense. H U B B Y D A T E.

NO! H U B B Y D A V E!

That bastard, he was sending the E-Mails to me himself. But why? Did he want me to think he was cheating? Was he and wanted to be caught? Why would he want to be caught? No, if he was cheating on me and wanted me to find out he would just tell me. Did he want me to think he was cheating on me so I would try and get even by cheating on him? That needed more thought. Damn, I was getting a headache.

I worked on some other stuff for an hour or so then went back to my puzzle. Hey! Why not answer the E-Mail? I went back on the web and hit the WRITE button. I entered the URL and typed in the message.

'I don't believe you. Please leave me alone.'

I hit SEND. I went back to the report I was working on. Twenty minutes later my computer said, "You've got mail."

I opened the mail. It said, "Check his clothes."

Check for WHAT? Well! This opened another possibility. Suppose it was his lover who wanted him caught? Who else, except Dave would know something like that for sure? Hummmm! I needed to think again.

I sent another message. It read:

'I always do.'

It was true, mostly. I always love to hold his undershirts and boxers to my face and smell his odor. He smells really good. If he is out of town overnight or something I always wear an undershirt he has worn recently so I smell him all night. It helps me sleep. How would I ever sleep if he left me? I better not think that way or I would be a total wreck before he got home.

"You've got mail."

Here it was again:

'Try again.'

I had to go get the kids off the bus so I shut my computer down. The after noon was filled with taking care of the kids and getting myself ready to go out for the evening. I had the children bathed and fed and ready for bed by the time Dave got home from work. I had showered and put on a black lacy garter belt, I had rolled black stockings up my legs and fastened them. I pulled a pair of black lace panties on and looked in the mirror to adjust everything.

I put on a black lace slightly padded bra and didn't like how it looked so I exchanged it for a black lace 1/4 cup bra that left my nipples exposed while giving a little lift to my breasts. It looked hot. I like to make Dave drool a little now and then. I greeted him with a loving hug and a long sexy kiss. He stepped back from the kiss and yanked on my robe belt. I held the robe open and was happy to see the front of his slacks bulge right out. He reached for me and I twisted away, "Down boy! We can play later."

I kept the robe over my lingerie, my long blond hair was done, all I needed was a couple of minutes just before we left so I could put on my dress, black patent heels and finish up my make up. Dave hit the shower and walked out drying himself off. I had his clothes all laid out on the bed, his shoes freshly polished and I had gathered his dirty clothes and hung up his suit and the rest was in the dirty clothes hamper.

The E-mail was right, his under clothes had the faint odor of a strange perfume and there were traces of a pale pink lipstick here and there. I didn't know what to do. Should I call him on it? If he had put them there what was he trying to do? If someone else did it how could they without him knowing it? If I didn't say anything, and he was the one, would he accept that as tacit permission from me to continue his cheating?

He asked how my day was and asked about the kids. I gave him the usual answers and casually asked if he had a good day. He said it was the same as usual. Nothing new. I asked how his workout had gone. He worked out for 30 minutes every day at the company gym.

"Same old thing, except that I think somebody messed with my clothes, nothing was missing though."

"That's odd, who had access to your stuff?"

"I guess almost anybody. The lockers don't lock and the locker room isn't locked either. But we would notice anyone strange going in or out. Are you about ready, dear?"

"Yes, do I look OK?"

"You look ravishing, Meg dear. Really beautiful, that dress really looks good on you. You definitely look very edible. I want a taste later."

"Just a taste, you are not hungry then?"

"Honey, you know I am always hungry for you."

"You better be, I wouldn't want to think you were snacking elsewhere."

"Never happen, my love! You know that."

"You better not, and you know that! Come on Babe let's go!"

Margie Goodwin, the baby sitter was at the door. And we got her all settled in and left.

It was an excellent Dinner party at a very nice home. The

Raftenbecks are a nice couple bout four or five years older than we are, Jack and Danielle have no children and live in an upscale community. I always tell Dave that if he had kept his pecker in his pants we could live like that too. He always winks at me and says he is very glad he didn't.

There were a number of other couples from where they work. Most of the girls were very attractive. I couldn't help wondering about them. I saw none with pink lipstick. Maybe she only wore it in the daytime.

Dave was always the center of attention for the ladies. They always crowded around him. I have never, in the whole time I have known him, seen him do anything to attract them. I have never known him to flirt with anyone other than me. He is funny and very well spoken. The guys like him too. He always says the right thing to make people feel good about them selves. He is always the center of attention. I am watching him with new eyes now and still cannot detect anything he is doing different. After dinner Jack put some music on and people started dancing. I looked for Dave and didn't see him.

He was talking with Danielle in the kitchen. She leaned towards him and whispered something in his ear. He looked at her very seriously for a moment then smiled. I walked in and said, "I wondered where you went Darling!"

Danielle said, "I asked Dave to carry a case of beer in for me. We were just putting them on ice." Dave did have four bottles of beer in his hands. She bent down and opened the cooler and Dave put the bottles on the ice. He got a couple more handfuls and the case was empty. He also got a good look down the front of her dress at her lovely tits.

Dave smiled at me, "Come on dear, I want to dance with the prettiest girl at the party."

"Who?" I asked looking around.

"My lovely wife, that's who." He took my hand and led me out on the floor. He pulled me tightly to his body and kissed me. Damn! The man can kiss. He makes my panties wet in just a second or two. He makes my mind go blank when he kisses me. If we are arguing he knows he can always end it by kissing me.

The dining room table and chairs had been moved onto the covered patio to make the wood floored dance area. Dave is a very good dancer but he was apparently only interested in holding me tight and moving as little as possible. My head was on his chest and I could feel his breath in my hair. I was glad I had washed it that afternoon and I knew it smelled clean and fresh like I knew he loved. I felt him shift his body so that as he moved his leg went between mine. I could feel his erection pressing against me. I pulled back and looked up at him. He leaned down and kissed me softly again. Then he whispered in my ear, "I'm ready to go home Dear, I need you soon."

I smiled at him, "I'm ready when you are Lover."

Dave kept his arm around me and held me close to his side as we made our 'good byes' and walked out to our car. I slipped over close to him and he put his arm around me as we drove. I put my hand on his thigh and caressed his cock through his trousers. The arm around me moved until his hand slipped inside the neck of my dress and found my breast. I turned a little and gave him better access. His hand moved between my breasts, cupping them and playing with the nipples.

I asked him what Danielle had whispered to him in the kitchen. He smiled, "She was just teasing, she said I looked hot tonight and wanted me to save her a dance. I said I would."

"You didn't dance with her did you?"

"No, Dear, I only danced with my beautiful wife, who got me so hot I couldn't have danced with anyone else if I had wanted to, which I didn't." I was already sure of that, Dave always danced with me first and last. Always. We were home in no time, damn it, I was enjoying the attention.

Dave said he would walk the baby setter home; it was only three houses down from us. She was wearing pink lipstick. No Way, I thought, she is only fourteen years old. I could tell she had a crush on Dave, but he would never touch her. I would bet my life on that.

I put coffee on and ran to the bedroom and took off my dress and bra and slipped on a sheer negligee. My panties were very damp so I pulled them off too. I saw Dave was pouring two cups of coffee when I got back to the kitchen.

He smiled as he handed me one. "Wow! Girl, you really look sexy in that outfit, I love it. Come and sit next to me on the couch in the den." I snuggled close to him on the couch and he reached over and pushed a button and with a slight poof the gas logs in the fireplace started. The light from the fire was the only light in the room. I put my coffee on the coffee table and turned around with my knees on the couch so I was facing him.

He pulled me over and kissed me softly but firmly. His tongue slipped between my parted lips. His warm hand found it's way inside the filmy negligee and caressed my backside. I stretched my legs out and then raised the knee of the top leg, opening for him. His hand gently touched the soft flesh above the top of my stockings. He very slowly moved upward until he was just barely touching my pussy with his thumb. He pressed his hand further between my legs and the thumb slipped between my wet inner lips.

Our tongues continued to play, and then I felt his hand turn over. Two fingers rubbed along my slit then inserted them selves inside me. I moaned and tried to get my hand on his cock with little luck. His delicate butterfly touches all over my sex drove me crazy. He knew just how I liked to be touched. He pulled away from our kiss, "Are you finished with your coffee?" I just nodded and rested my head on his broad warm chest as he stood, lifting me in his strong arms.

He hurried to our room and sat me on the bed while he stripped off his clothes. I removed the negligee, kicked off my pumps and smiled at him. "Like this?" I knew he loved me dressed in only a garter belt and stockings.

"God, yes, just like that."

He was on me in a moment, his face buried between my thighs. His magic tongue licked and touched everywhere inside my pussy he could reach. His fingers went back to work spreading me open, touching gently, softly feeling my clit, tenderly squeezing it, faintly stroking it. The texture of his fingertips provided exactly the correct amount of friction to set off the orgasm that had been building inside me. It was a good one, it thundered through my whole body. I felt my legs jerking uncontrollably. I was trying to tell Dave how much I loved him but nothing but unintelligible shrieks seemed to come out. I just wanted to be closer to him; I needed him inside me.

I grabbed him by the head and pulled him up over me. My hand reached down and fitted his cock in the opening to my vagina. I couldn't get it lined up right and became quite frantic in my efforts to put him where I wanted him. Finally he pushed my hand away and lifted a little and slipped right in. In to the hilt, pelvis to pelvis, and balls against my ass.

Then the dear boy began to move. He slid his arms under my legs and lifted them over his shoulders. He was very excited and thrust rapidly in and out of me. He was moaning and then really started rutting. Slamming deep into me and his pubes were slapping against my clitoris. He was fucking me like a dog screws his bitch, really rapid fire. I was having a continuous orgasm. I was barely conscious of anything except the sheer ecstasy I was experiencing. I was conscious of him going rigid and shuddering as he spurted his semen inside me. In a short time I felt him go flaccid and his weight press down on me. I held him in place with my legs wrapped around him and my arms holding him tightly to me. "I love you my Darling man. I love you with all my heart and soul. Please don't leave me. I can't live without you."

"Megan, Honey, I could never leave you, you are my life, I love you. I will always love you."

We cuddled together and fell asleep. We woke up in the morning and I rushed around getting the kids fed and their things packed for them to spend the night with Dave's Mom and Dad. Dave was out mowing the lawn and was almost done when Grandma and Grandpa showed up. They were off to spend the day at the zoo.

I checked the E-mail while Dave completed the lawn work. No new mail. Dave and I were planning on going out to dinner by ourselves that night. First we were going to have our monthly 'Talk Day'. Once a month we sat at the kitchen table and discussed our finances, our progress towards our goals for our retirement. We talked about the condition of our autos and our appliances, lawnmowers, etc. and what money we needed to set aside to refurbish or replace anything.

Then we talked about where we were in our personal relationship with our jobs. Next we talked about our relationships with our family and friends. Were we due to have someone over for dinner, did we owe anyone a meal?

This day everything went very smoothly until we got to the last part of our talk. Our relationship with each other. I looked at Dave, "Honey, I have a problem. I found pink lipstick and strange perfume on your clothes yesterday after noon. I am sure you have a perfectly rational explanation. Go ahead."

"WHAT? What are you doing checking my clothes every time I come home?"

"No, as a matter of fact, this was the first time I ever did it. I do think I would like some sort of explanation though."

"I don't know what you are talking about. What are you trying to say? That I am cheating on you?"

"Dave you know what? I have never thought that about you. I have racked my brain trying to come up with a reasonable explanation and have had no luck so far. If you can explain, we can have a nice laugh, and forget it. I put the clothes in this baggie and sealed it. Care to give it a sniff test?"

He took the baggie from me and opened it. He placed his nose in it. He looked up at me. He reached in the bag and pulled everything out. He shook the clothes out and looked them over. I pointed out several lipstick stains. He shook hi head and said, "Honey, I swear to God I don't know how they got there. I have no idea."

I looked at him, then I remembered something. "Dave I believe you. I have never believed you could cheat on me, never. I know I would know if you did, I don't think you could hide it from me. Now I have something else to show you." I took out a large manila envelope and withdrew all the E-mails I had gotten and handed them to him.

He read them in order. He finished and looked at me. "Damn, girl, you must really trust me. I think if I were in your place I would have really been giving you the third degree."

"Oh! Dave, I do trust you, I know my man. It is not in your character to act like that. You never lie or cheat. Never. Now see here, this is how I worked out the URL on the E-mails. See it took half an hour but I came up with this. HUBBYDAVE."

"Damn, Megan, and you still believed in me?"

"Yes, I sure did. And I think I know who the culprit is too!"


"Yeah! Follow me." I led him to our bedroom. I opened his second dresser drawer. I removed a pair of his shorts and unfolded them. I smelled them. I handed them to him. He smelled them, his eyes popped wide open and he said, "Perfume! And look faint lipstick stains."

"Just what I expected. These were all washed yesterday morning. I folded them and put them in your drawer. Think, who had access to them since then?"

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