tagNonHumanMei Meets a Monster Ch. 03

Mei Meets a Monster Ch. 03


Lisa could hardly control her excitement as she rushed to meet Mei at the Bakery. The day had been hell. Trying to hide her heightened levels of arousal had met with limited success. Her mind kept filling with images of Mei playing with herself, of Rachel's dad and any number of other sexual thoughts. Lisa was amazed at how differently she saw people. Her addled brain kept fantasizing the way people would look naked or being fucked. People she would never have considered sexually before sent her scurrying of to the loo to relieve the tension.

Lisa couldn't even talk to Mei as their classes didn't coincide and break time was as always spent with the geek gang. The only time she saw Mei apart from that was when they crossed in the toilet. Mei came out of a cubical with a goofy expression on her face and a freshly fucked glow. Lisa rolled her eyes and gave her a look that said I know what you've been doing. Then quickly ducked into the same loo as Mei had vacated. The warm seat and the knowledge of what Mei had done just before her brought Lisa off fast and hard.

Mei was waiting for her outside the shop which had closed for the day. The bakery had mostly morning and lunch trade so was usually empty by three. Letting them both in Mei led her down to the basement and pulled out a flashlight from the small pack she was carrying. Lisa was now quite apprehensive but followed my through the gap at the back of the storeroom. She almost said something when Mei took off her school scarf and used it to blindfold her. Lisa was now feeling scared but Mei's reassurances settled her nerves.

The creature felt the girl approaching. It could always sense the ones who had experienced its special form of stimulation. The liquids it excreted still coursed through her body and it felt her arousal. Yet there was another with her. One who also carried its mark. Much fainter than the other she must have had some of its fluids transfer to her body. It watched as she was led around the corner by the first girl. The creature was amazed. In all its long life it never seen one who was as susceptible to its influence. The amount of its mark in her bloodstream was almost undetectable yet her reactions to it were remarkable. It had regained some of its strength after feeding from the first girl. Its fluids were much thicker and more concentrated now. Absorbed through the sensitive muscles of her anal passage this girl was going to lose her mind on his cock.

Mei shined her flashlight at the ceiling and could now see the liquid pooling there. Her pussy clenched hard as she recollected the feeling from her earlier encounter. Removing her blouse to expose her bare breasts she reached behind Lisa and whispered "trust me" as as she removed her bra and top. Breathing heavily as she stared lustfully at her friends beautiful puffy nipples. Positioning Lisa she shined the torch at the ceiling and smiled as she watched the drops fall.

Lisa almost freaked out when Mei removed her top but the nice cool feeling of the breeze on her nipple caused her to shiver with pleasure. Omg is Mei going to try and suck my boobies she thought. Is this just Mei on some lesbo fantasy? Mei had never mentioned girls before when they talked dirty. Lisa felt so confused. If this was Mei's intent Lisa thought she might go there. The way her pussy was leaking at the thought was driving her crazy. She longed to touch herself and was still fighting the urge when she felt something splatter on her breasts.

Mei watched as Lisa started to wriggle and moan as the stimulant was absorbed into her sensitive nipples. Mei felt her boobs go wild as she was drenched as well. Both girls were now masturbating frantically and from the moaning Mei suspected Lisa had cum once already. Lisa had completely stripped and was now butt naked but hadn't yet removed the blindfold. She was in a world of her own, whimpering and moaning in total ecstasy. Mei knew her own arousal was about to seriously mess with her rational mind. Seeing the creature's tentacle pushing out of wall she put her hands on Lisa's hips and as she pushed her backwards she whispered in her ear.

Trust me your going to love this.

Lisa felt pressure on her bum hole as Mei pushed her backwards. In a flash of light she removed the blind fold and Lisa felt her bottom open up as the intruder pushed inside her. Unlike Mei's experience Lisa immediately came. The intense waves of feelings almost blew her mind. Trembling and shaking it felt like her entire body was cumming.

OMG it's in my bum. Oooh Fuuuck aarrgh. Lisa couldn't believe how good it felt. The creature's knobby proboscis sent waves of intense almost painful pleasure rippling through her back passage. Her pussy clenched around her fingers with every stroke. Lisa was in heaven.

God Mei this is amazing, it's so dirty and hot. Lisa's next sentence was turned incoherent as another hard orgasm turned her into a grunting moaning animal. Fuuuck my arse fuuck arrgh cuumming. Ooogh.

Recovering her powers of speech at least temporarily Lisa looked at her friend. Imagining Mei alone in dark being fucked in the arse by the creature almost sent her over the edge again. Lisa could see Mei was crazy sexed up as well. Her hands were between her legs and rubbing her breast. Realising Mei had sacrificed her own pleasure so Lisa could experience the creature caused her to feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude and love for her friend. She looked into Mei's dark eyes and lent forward.

Mei was so hanging out. Watching the creature fuck Lisa was driving her crazy. Lise was moaning and begging the creature to fuck her arse harder. Dirty talk always made Mei's pussy weep and she longed to be in her friends position bring rammed hard in the bum. Finger fucking herself felt good but didn't fill the aching need to have something hard inside her. Mei lent forward to get a better view of the tentacle squelching in and out of Lisa's bum and as she did their eyes met. Mei felt like she saw straight into Lisa's soul. The burning desire, the shame and confusion. She had just enough time to think "my god she has the hots for me" before Lisa's lips brushed against hers. Lisa' kiss was so soft and passionate Mei nearly cried with joy. Her toes curled up and her pussy spasmed causing a powerful orgasm to rip through her body.

Lisa pulled back with a bemused expression on her face. Mei thought she was going to apologise when another orgasm hit her and her response shuddered to a stop as the vocal centres of her brain shut down. Before Lisa could wreck the moment by getting hung up and embarrassed Mei put her arms around Lisa neck and returned the kiss with all the passion she could muster.

Lisa closed her eyes dreamily as Mei kissed her back only to have them open wide again as the creature exploded in her bum. The torrent of jism splattered inside her bum further stimulating the sensitive nerve endings. Lisa whole body shock as the hardest cum of her life ripped through her petite body. Moaning incoherently she fell into Mei's arms and her friend held her close as the orgasmic waves continued to ripple through her tortured pussy.

Mei looked down at her friend's pretty face. Lisa's hair was sweaty and matted and her face flushed but to Mei she had never looked more beautiful. Lisa looked and smiled "think my pussy got the cream". Mei laughed "told you so" but by the time she looked down Lisa's eyes had closed and she was soundly asleep.

Mei stroked her hair as her friend's body recovered from its sexual exertions.

Lisa would properly have slept all night except she was starting to get Mei seriously Horney again. After an hour or so Mei gave in to her urges and started to fondle her naked friend as she slept. Mei found Lisa's total vulnerability too much of a turn on to resist and she gently rubbed her still hard nipples and slide a hand between her legs. Lisa moaned softly in her sleep as her body responded to Mei's caresses. Feeling bolder she lay Lisa down and slowly started to suck on her small boobies.

Lisa woke up cumming Her pussy was twitching and doing flips and its took her clouded mind a few seconds to realised Mei was straddling her and looking down at her with big eyes and a coy smile. The look on Mei's face and the realisation her friend had been fucking her caused Lisa's pussy to convulse and she came again. Her belly wriggling against Mei's leaking pussy pushed her over the edge and Mei fell forward into Lisa as her orgasm wracked her body. Looking into each other's eyes they both started giggling together.

My we are a couple of sluts eh Lise.

Lisa smiled at her friend. I was a good girl until you rubbed me in horney juice and made me bum fuck that thing.

Sorry Lise was all that moaning and cumming your way of saying no. Mei circled her friend laughing. Please Mr. creepy monster don't fuck my little virgin bum. Don't make my arse cum I might like it too much and want to do it again.

Lisa couldn't help but laugh but she knew in her heart Mei was right. She did want to do it again and she knew Mei did too.

Looking over Mei's shoulder she noticed a slight glow from further down the passage. What's down there?

Mei looked in the direction of Lisa's gaze. Don't know babe let's find out.

Lisa's eyes rolled and she smiled. Yeah creepy rock passage low light bum fucking monsters what could possibly wrong.

Giggling nervously Mei took Lisa's hand and as she led her towards the glow both girls pussy twitched as they imagined the horrors to come.

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