tagNonHumanMei Meets a Monster Ch. 05

Mei Meets a Monster Ch. 05


Lisa reluctantly broke from Mei's kiss. She could still feel Mei's breasts pressing hard against her. Mei had been her best friend forever and this change in their relationship confused and excited her.

The flash from the portal faded from their optic nerves and both girls stared wide-eyed at the vista before them. Standing in bright sunshine on a slight incline, a grassed plain spotted with groves of trees stretched into the distance. A river to the east flowed languidly across the savannah before emptying into a larger body of water that glistened in the distance.

"Wow Lise! Who would have thought fuck world would be so beautiful."

Lisa looked at her friend and smiled. "'Fuck world', is that the best you could come up with?"

Mei leaned over, brought her lips to Lisa's, and whispered in her sexiest voice. "Would you prefer Bum fuck land?"

Lisa blushed as Mei's husky voice sent shivers down her spine that left her bum hole clenching and her pussy doing flips.

"God Mei, please don't tease me. It was only two days ago I was working in the shop and wondering how I could find a boy who would kiss me. Now I feel so slutty and dirty, it's sort of freaking me out."

Mei wrapped her arms around her friend and gave her a big hug. "Sorry chick, I didn't mean to raz you. Talking dirty just gets me going and I love being so horny. Watching you get done in the bum was sooo sexy."

Lisa thought her friend was incorrigible but couldn't argue with how hot she felt. She gave Mei a coy smile and started down the hill. Wiggling her bum she glanced over her shoulder. "Didn't say I didn't like it. Since you're such a voyeur let's find something to do me and you can watch."

Mei gave a little moan of pleasure and slid in beside her friend as they sauntered off in search of something to satisfy the ache between their legs.

Within a hundred meters Lisa stopped suddenly and Mei ran into her back. Lisa stood stock still staring wide-eyed at a strange rock that was blocking their path. "Whoa there girl, nose-to-tail accident narrowly averted."

When Lisa didn't respond Mei circled around to the front of her friend and realized Lisa was in some form of trance. Her almond eyes were so dark as the pupils expanded with her obvious arousal.

Lisa just kept staring straight ahead and Mei couldn't rouse her. Turning her attention to the rock she noticed strange carvings on its surface showing a woman with a large penis. The woman was kneeling on the ground and stroking the huge organ with both hands.

Lisa felt her body seize up and her thoughts seemed fuzzy. Slowly her vision grew dark and she felt herself slipping away from her body.

Eventually the odd feeling of vertigo ceased and her vision cleared. Finding herself in a hallway she experienced a dislocated feeling of deja-vu before she recognized her surroundings. "OMG, this is Rachel's place and I'm naked in the upstairs hall. I hope this isn't one of those self esteem dreams where everyone else is clothed and I just die of embarrassment. Wish just for once my subconscious would let me enjoy this without getting all Freudian on me."

Thinking of Rachel lying in bed asleep and vulnerable caused Lisa to feel a strange pressure between her legs. Shocked she looked down to see a huge cockhead slowly rising from her crotch. "Oh crap, that is seriously weird."

Unable to resist, she ran her fingers down the engorged organ shivering in delight at the sensations. "Oooh fuuck" she moaned as the massive cock responded to her touch.

Feeling like a predator stalking prey, she crept into Rachel's room. Lisa felt the cock stiffen and twitch as she saw Rachel lying on her bed with the sheets thrown off in the summer heat. One large boob was poking out from her nightgown and her legs were spread wide. Rachel was quivering slightly as she dreamed about her boyfriend slowly screwing her. Having recently lost her virginity she found herself having fantasies about one of the times John had fucked her. He had held her arms above her head and with her fingers entwined in his he kissed her gently on the lips and slid his cock inside her. The feeling of being restrained drove her wild and she had had the best cum of her life.

Her subconscious had taken her turn-on and, unencumbered by inhibition, twisted it into something dirty and nasty. Rachel dreamed she was tied to a four poster bed spread-eagled, as a line of faceless men with huge erections queued up to ravish her. Her body quivered with desire as Lisa climbed onto the bed.

Lisa almost growled as her passion overwhelmed her. The cock dribbled pre-cum as she lined up against Rachel's chubby pussy and pushed gently. Resisting an almost overwhelming urge to ram hard and start pounding her friend, she eased in the first couple of inches. Rachel arched her back and moaned in her sleep as Lisa pushed more of her 14 inch cock into her friend.

Rachel woke up shaking as an orgasm ripped through her. Trembling she started to panic as she realized she was being raped. Then her addled mind recognized Lisa and the fear receded. "Oh god Lisa what are you doing? Lise, oh hell Lise you have a cock! Oooh fuck, arrh it's huge!" Rachel's sanity receded as her mind rejected the impossibility of the situation and she writhed on the bed. "Oh fuuuck Lisa, ooooh!" She lost herself in the sensations as her slim friend pounded her pussy with the amazing cock.

Lisa looked down on her friend's plump body with total lust in her eyes. Rachel was lost and begged to be fucked. Her moaning drove Lisa to greater heights of desire.

Rachel had stopped making sense several orgasms ago and now was just moaning incoherently. "Ahhh fuuuck Leeesaa, sooo good." Watching her plump breasts trembling like jelly as she came again pushed Lisa to the edge and she felt the cum boiling up the shaft. Her head rocked back and she moaned in ecstasy as her cock exploded inside Rachel. Cum squirted out the sides of Rachel's pussy and continued to flow as Lisa pulled out of her. Lisa bucked as she rubbed her cum-soaked hand up the massive shaft, amazed at the feelings as she continued to hose Rachel with cum. "Ahhhh god aahhhh."

Slowing down, her amazing tool softened and retreated back into her body. Coming down from the high of her orgasm, Lisa looked down at Rachel. With her nightdress soaked and cum covering her breasts and in her hair, Rachel looked up at Lisa with a look of absolute love in her eyes. She mouthed a silent "thank you" and drifted off into an exhausted sleep.

Lisa slid of the bed and felt between her legs. "Ooh, back to girly bits." Looking down at Rachel's defiled body she continued rubbing herself when a wicked thought almost stopped her heart.

Rachel smiled contently in her sleep as Lisa slipped quietly out of her room. Heart thumping and almost hyperventilating with anticipation, she crept up the hall to Rachel's dad's room.

Silently creeping inside, what she saw nearly made Lisa cum on the spot. David Hardcastle had thrown the sheets of like his daughter. Lisa was transfixed as her eyes wandered down his hard body to his equally hard cock.

Lisa's mind was fixated on a range of dirty things she wanted to do with his erection. Her body, however, was causing Mei some concerns. Lisa hadn't moved since she had become entranced by the stone. Mei could tell something was amiss as Lisa's nipples were rock hard and she was leaking profusely from between her legs. "Oh well, at least someone's having a good time" she thought, as she watched another rivulet of juice dribble from Lisa's engorged pussy.

Bored and more than a little horny, Mei sat down under a nearby tree and started to run her hands over her body. "Guess I'll have to do the job myself" she murmured.

Gently rubbing herself she felt the feeling slowly building. "Ooh oooh" she moaned gently to herself. "Aaahh that feels good." Leaning back and spreading her legs to make it more comfortable, her left hand rested on a small protrusion. Shifting her weight as her hips wriggled to the tune of her building orgasm, she felt it depress. With a click the ground suddenly opened under her and she was falling.

The scream was knocked from her mouth as she landed with a whoomp on the floor of an underground cave. "Oww crap, that was a passion killer."

Standing up she stumbled and leaned against a spongy wall. Feeling something spray against her side she looked down. In the gloom she could just make out something protruding from the wall. Leaning in closer to get a better look, more of the cock-like protrusions emerged from the wall and started spraying a thick creamy liquid. "Wow, it's like they're coming on me" she giggled. "That's kind of hot."

Rubbing her hands across her body as her arousal returned, she realized the cum was having an effect on her body. She giggled again as a light breeze caressed her super-sensitive body. Waves of ticklish pleasure washed over her as she reached out to rub the cock-like protrusions. With a cock in both hands she moaned again as more of them rose and ejaculated over her.

Mei was in heaven as she drowned in cum. The intoxicating stimulant left her aching between her legs and every nerve in her body tingled. Shaking with desire and rubbing herself frantically, she failed to notice the two poles that rose from the damp floor of the cave until they pressed hard against her openings. Her virginal pussy resisted the longest before the huge member, slick with her juices, finally penetrated. Mei let out a guttural "urgghhh" as the intense pressure of being filled by two cocks took her breath away.

"Oooh fuuck, aaahh god that's big!" Never before had she felt so full. She almost screamed as the massive pole in her arse retracted slightly before it started pulsating. The rhythmical vibrations caused her stretched pussy to flow and the cock in the front pushed deeper.

Impaled on the two massive cocks, the slim dark-haired girl moaned in ecstasy as they started to slide in and out in unison.

"Aaaahhh fuuuck, oh my god, oh my goorrd aaahh!" Nothing in her young life had prepared her for the orgasm that tore through her like a tidal wave, shaking and groaning as her tight arse and virgin pussy were relentlessly plundered.

The next cum came fast and just as hard as the first and she cried out in rapture. "Fuuck aaahh fuck me aaaahh!"

Mei screamed again, totally lost in the moment. Her last conscious thought before her cum-crazed mind surrendered to the waves of pleasure was "Beware the creatures who dwell in the dark places."

Lisa would have been amazed at the sight of her beautiful friend. Mei hung limply on the two poles, her skin glistening with a sheen of cum. Her long straight hair hung wetly down her back and rivulets of cum ran from the tips and disappeared down her butt crack. The only signs the abused girl was awake was the dirty smile on her pretty face that widened when the pounding cocks forced another orgasm from her exhausted body.

Lisa knew nothing of her friend's plight as her dream-self licked her lips and wrapped her fingers around David Hardcastle's cock.

She had never been more aroused in her life as she rubbed his throbbing member. David moaned in his sleep which sent shivers running through her dripping pussy. Trembling she climbed onto the bed and straddled him. Flicking her long hair around one shoulder, she lined up his cock and slowly pushed down. Savoring every moment she eased his full length into her sopping virgin pussy. "Not every girl gets to live out her fantasies" she thought, as she bottomed out and her bum cheeks sat on his legs. Letting her pussy get used to the unaccustomed fullness for a moment, she looked down at the man's face. "Oooh so sexy" she thought as she started to slide up and down his wonderful cock.

David Hardcastle woke up to see his daughter's cute little friend riding his cock and whimpering quietly. In a panic he grabbed her hips to stop her motion. "Fuck Lisa, what are you doing? You're my daughter's best friend!"

Lisa was distraught, "Oh god, this is real" she thought.

"Please Mr H. I'm so sorry. Oh god, this is not turning out right."

Tears ran down her cheeks and she blurted out "I wanted you to be my first, I've had the hots for you for like ever!"

David looked up at the sexy girl with her tears dropping down on to his chest. Her pretty face reflected unrequited desire and vulnerability. His heart melted and he wrapped his arms around her until the sobbing subsided. "I'm sorry Lisa, I had no idea."

He noticed the little minx was still moving her hips slowly, grinding down on his cock. Placing his hands on either side of her head, he raised her from his chest and looked into her eyes. "Lisa, we will have to talk about this, it's going to be complicated."

A tear ran down her cheek, and before she could cry again he kissed her gently on the mouth. "But that discussion can wait."

Lisa felt David stiffen inside her and push up into her. Tears again flowed but this time in total joy as he slowly made love to her. Her back arched and she ground into him as she felt her cum build.

David watched her, studying her face. Still not quite believing this beautiful young thing was cumming on his cock. Her lovely almond eyes were closed and she had the most sexy expression on her face as she shook hard with her second orgasm. The girl was a slave to her passions and he felt the cum rising in his balls. Quickly pulling out of her, he groaned as a fountain of cum squirted up her chest and splattered all over her small boobs.

"Sorry my dear, too much pretty girl for this old man."

Lisa smiled. "That's OK, you're only human after all."

The rush of their orgasms subsided and he held her close. "We can talk about this tomorrow, it's late and we should get you home before anyone notices you snuck out."

Lisa realized that was the only rational way this could be explained. Thinking fast, she grabbed one of Rachel's shirts from the hall cupboard and wrapped a belt around her waist.

David had no idea why she had dressed in his daughter's shirt but he felt his erection rise again. The bigger shirt hung on her small frame like a toga. Her shoulder was bare as it had slipped down one side exposing the top of her cute breast. The bottom cut across the top of her slim thighs like a mini skirt while the belt highlighted her thin waist.

Unable to resist, he grabbed her arms and pushed her back against the hall wall, kissed her passionately and entered her again. The girl was insatiable and started to grind herself into him. Moaning gently, she whispered in his ear "Fuucck meee please, aaahh fuuuck me." His passion inflamed he pounded her hard, slamming his cock into her as she begged for more.

Lost in their own world, neither noticed Rachel peeking around her bedroom door. Still in her cum-wet nighty, her hand frantically rubbed herself as she watched her dad fucking her best friend. Remembering Lisa's huge cock, her orgasm rose as she watched her being pummeled in the pussy by her father. Confused as hell but horny as a rabbit, she bit down hard to muffle the moan as her pussy exploded.

Opening her eyes again as she regained control of her shaking body, she realized Lisa and her father had gone. She heard the car door shut and realized she was alone. "Weird, weird night" she thought as she headed to the kitchen. She looked at her chubby body as she opened the fridge. "Damn, you don't need any more food girl." Noticing a large marrow in the veggie crisper, a dirty thought occurred to her. Peeling off the skin she retreated to her bedroom, and snuggling back into bed she spread her legs wide.

David was dropping Lisa home, little knowing his daughter was pushing the massive vegetable into her sopping pussy. Rachel spent the next few hours fucking herself silly and fell asleep dreaming of huge cocks.

Lisa kissed David, lingering as she gave him her best fuck-me eyes. She opened the car door and looking over her shoulder she slid her hand up her thigh, lifting the shirt tail. Smiling sexily she ran her finger down her butt crack and slipped it knuckle deep into her bum. "Next time babe, can you fuck me here" she said as she closed the car door.

David felt his jaw drop and his cock rise as Lisa slipped away into the darkness.

"Fuck me, this has been a weird night" he thought, as he put the car into gear and pulled away from Lisa's house.

Lisa smiled wickedly to herself, "God I'm such a slut. That poor beautiful man." Her pussy was on fire as she thought back on the night. Slowly her mind started spinning and she felt herself slipping away. Her last thought as she rejoined with her physical body was "Hang on, if this was real then I really fucked Rach."

The sun streamed down and Lisa found herself beaming as well. Looking around she wondered where Mei had gone. "Bet she wandered off and fucked something nasty" she thought as she went to search for her friend.

Little did she know that Mei was directly under her feet being ravished by the creatures of the dark.

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