tagNonHumanMei Meets a Monster Ch. 07

Mei Meets a Monster Ch. 07


Lisa woke up horny with thoughts of the previous day's activities, causing her bum to clench as juice ran freely down her leg. "My god, it's a flood down there," she thought, as she looked at the alarm clock. "4am, mmmm at least two hours to sunrise."

Pushing the covers aside, she slid out of bed and opened the curtains before unlocking the wardrobe. Back in bed she buried her head in the pillow and pushed her bum in the air. With her nighty around her waist and her thin legs spread wide, Lisa realized what a sight she must look. "Oh crap, that new teacher has moved in next door," she thought, as a wet tongue slid between her exposed bum cheeks. "Ooohhh," she moaned, "come on Knobby you bad dog, fuck me."

All rational thoughts left Lisa's head as the beast mounted her and its lumpy cock slipped into her tight arse. Lisa propped against her shoulder and her fingers found her soaking pussy. Frigging herself as the creature pounded her bum, Lisa buried her head in the pillow to muffle her cries of passion. "Oooh mmm, fuuckk mee!"

For the next couple of hours Lisa was lost in ecstasy as wave after wave of orgasms flooded her senses. Her young body shook uncontrollably as the indefatigable beast repeatedly came in her arse. The sunrise found her still face down, arse up and crying tears of joy.

The nocturnal creature's motions slowed as the sunlight struck its flanks and turned it back to stone. Lisa reluctantly pulled forward and its cock slid half out of her bum. "Ooh that still feels so good," she thought, as she pushed back again. Her post-orgasmic bliss was interrupted as she turned her head and looked out the bedroom window.

Staring back at her as if transfixed was the new teacher Miss Riley. A dirty smile crossed Lisa's pretty face as she realized her teacher had been perving on her. Sliding back on the stone dog's cock, she started fucking herself again. "Hope you like the show," she thought, as her orgasm built again.

Sarah Riley was 22 and had just started at Mei and Lisa's school. Tall and willowy, with sandy brown hair and elfin features, she had never lacked for male attention. However, sex had never been great for her and while she liked the companionship, she had never found the passion that her previous partners had for her. Assuming she just had a low sex drive, she had come to terms with the fact that her relationships tended to peter out.

The simple act of opening her bedroom curtains had changed her life. Seeing Lisa fucking had driven her wild. She had never been more aroused in her life as she watched the young girl committing the dirtiest, most perverted act she could possibly imagine. "You dirty, slutty, little whore," she muttered to herself, as her fingers slipped between her legs.

Sarah had cum several times when Lisa noticed she was being watched. Instead of stopping, the girl smiled at her and continued her show. Lisa's uninhibited lust drove Sarah over the edge again, and she came harder than she could ever imagine.

Wondering how she could face the girl at school, she picked up the phone and called in sick. Her head spinning, she turned off the light and slipped back into bed. Unable to get the images of Lisa out of her mind, she fell into a restless sleep.

Lisa was buzzing. She felt so naughty as she quietly opened the unlocked back door of Sarah's house. Sneaking towards the bedroom, she removed Knobby from her school bag. Pushing the wriggling reanimating form through the half closed door, her hand slipped between her legs as she heard a muffled thud. She stroked her aching pussy as profanities and sounds of struggle came from Sarah's room. Lisa came hard as Sarah's distress turned to low moans and guttural groaning. Leaving the pretty young teacher to be violated, she smiled as she closed the door, shutting out the sun from the hallway.

Leaving Miss Riley's house, she caught up with Mei on her way to school and filled her in on the morning's fun. "My god Lisa, you are such a bitch. That poor woman is going to be bum raped all day."

Lisa smiled as she looked at her friend. "Yup, and if you had seen how she looked at me you'd know how bad that lady needed a hard fucking."

Mei was seriously aroused at the thought. "Do you think she's a lezzy?"

Lisa looked pensive. "Think so, she was seriously turned on watching me." Lisa looked at her friend. "Why don't you swing around her house after school and find out?"

The predatory look on Mei's face told Lisa exactly what Mei would be doing with the young teacher. "Mmm, think I will babe, might be time for some extra tuition."

School dragged on for both Lisa and Mei. Catching up with Rachel at lunchtime was a little awkward at first, but soon the girls were openly discussing their experiences.

Mei told Rachel about the portal and gave her the crystal cock so she could go exploring herself.

After school, Lisa and Rachel rushed home to her house and Mei headed for Miss Riley's.

Rachel watched as her dad and Lisa looked at each other. An awkward silence pervaded the room before Lisa smiled and said to Rach's dad, "I've been very bad today." Rachel groaned as the byplay continued.

David Hardcastle felt his cock harden as the dirty school girl in front of him continued to tease him. "Well young lady, I think you need to be punished," he said, as he wrapped his arm around her thin waist and carried her wriggling into the bedroom.

Rachel heard her friend squeal and then start to moan.

"Ew, this is really going to take some getting used to," she thought, as Lisa cried out from the bedroom. "David, oohh, please fuck me! I want you so bad. Ooh oh yes, YES ARRHH!"

Rachel retreated to her own room, shutting out Lisa's ecstatic moaning.

Lying on her bed she pulled out the crystal dildo and slid it between her legs. It slipped in easily as her arousal grew. "Wish it was bigger," she thought, as she started to pound herself mercilessly.

The room started to glow faintly as Rachel's passion drove her towards her orgasm. She shuddered, as the thought of all those things with huge cocks on the other side of the portal drove her crazy. Rachel came hard, her eyes tightly closed as she fantasized about being violated.

Breathing heavily, she opened her eyes and saw that the glowing portal had formed in front of her. "Wow, just like Mei said," she thought. Still shaking, she slid off the bed, and dressed only in her school shirt, she walked into the light.

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