tagNonHumanMei Meets a Monster Ch. 08

Mei Meets a Monster Ch. 08


Mei slipped into Sarah Riley's house the same way Lisa had earlier in the day. Carefully pushing open the door, she turned on the bedroom light. Stunned by the brightness, Knobby became still, and the pretty young teacher's anal violation ceased for the first time in hours. Mei was crazy horny. Miss Riley looked so sexy, her face was flushed, her hair was matted and her body was glistening with sweat. Mei had never seen anyone more beautiful.

Sarah was exhausted. The creature had been relentless, and she had lost her mind for a while as the pleasure overwhelmed her. She had never imagined anal sex could be so good. The thought that Lisa had done this to her made her pussy throb. Thinking of that dirty little slut caused another orgasm to rip through her body.

As she came the lights went on, and she looked up to see a Chinese school girl. Initially thinking Lisa had come back, she soon realized it was her friend Mei. As their eyes met, Sarah nearly came again. The girl had lust and desire written all over her face. Sarah finally found her voice and leaned towards the girl, "Kiss me you dirty little whore."

Miss Riley's words shocked and excited Mei beyond belief. Their lips brushed against each other, sending shock waves through Mei's pussy. "Oooh Miss Riley," she cooed, as Sarah laid her on the bed and kissed her down her stomach. Mei spread her legs, exposing herself, and Sarah kissed her passionately between her legs. Mei was in heaven as Sarah's tongue lapped at her sopping pussy.

Sarah was amazed at how wet the girl was. Mei writhed and moaned as she licked her soaking mons. The girl came hard and squirted her juice all over Sarah's face. She smiled as another nasty thought occurred to her. Her hand reached under Mei's bum and she pushed her finger against the girl's bum hole. Mei moaned as first one, then two of Sarah's long fingers penetrated her bum. "You've done this before you slut."

Mei whimpered an affirmation as her teacher continued eating her pussy. The fingers in her bum were driving her crazy as Mei felt the slow hard cum build inside her.

Sarah had never felt better. The girl was such a slut. All she wanted to do was fuck her over and over again, to watch her cum as she had watched Lisa that morning.

Mei squirmed on Sarah's fingers, her heavenly tongue driving her crazy. The orgasm rocked her, causing her body to spasm and twitch as she cried out, "Fuuuck arrhh arrhh!"

Sarah urged Mei to greater heights of passion. "Cum you little slut, you lezzy whore, cum fuck you." She couldn't believe this beautiful young girl was so horny and dirty. Mei looked so innocent but Sarah knew better, and knowing how uninhibited and promiscuous she was caused Sarah's pussy to throb with lust. Mei was a naughty girl, her naughty girl, and Sarah couldn't be happier.

Mei was still rubbing her small breasts and breathing heavily as Sarah rose from between her legs and kissed her gently on the lips. Mei responded passionately, and pulling Sarah on top of her, she reached behind her and turned off the light. Knobby took its chance and immediately mounted Sarah in the darkness. "Ooh god Mei, please not again, my arse is so sore," Sarah moaned.

Reaching for the switch, Mei turned the dimmer up slightly, slowing the photosynthetic creature's movements.

Sarah groaned as the beast's frantic humping slowed to a gentle rhythm. Mei cupped her breasts and her mouth found Sarah's nipple. The divine feeling was further enhanced as Mei's fingers traced down her flat belly until they found her soaking pussy.

The combination of anal and virginal stimulation was irresistible and Sarah moaned and came hard.

Mei continued to work the pretty teacher and whispered into her ear "Who's the dirty slut now, tell me how much you love it you bum slut."

Sarah's cheeks flushed with shame but she knew it was true. She had become the school girl's bitch. She would let Mei do anything to her. "Yes I love it, fuck me Mei pleease fuck me. I love you."

No sooner had she said it, Sarah wished she could take it back. Shaking from the intense fucking and the emotional overload, she looked at Mei with tears in her eyes.

Mei felt her heart beating hard in her chest. She could hardly believe what she had heard. The raw emotion on Sarah's face melted her heart and she knew the truth of it. She also realized it was mutual. "Guess I am a lezzy after all," she thought, as the realization hit home.

Sarah felt the creature cum in her arse as Mei looked deeply into her eyes. "Love you too babe," she mouthed, as Sarah felt her body exploding. Shaking with pleasure as orgasms racked her slim body, she cried openly. Tears of joy streamed down her face as the emotional storm broke inside her.

Mei turned the lights back on and held her lover close. For what seemed like an age they snuggled up, feeling an intense togetherness.

Later, after they had showered and dressed, Mei took Sarah's hand in hers and smiled. "I have somewhere to show you but you have to trust me."

Sarah looked into her eyes and kissed her. "Always my naughty girl, are we going to do something dirty?"

Mei grabbed some containers from Sarah's kitchen, and throwing her school bag over her shoulder, she looked back at Sarah. "Yes my love, we are going whoring, we are going to be very very bad."

Sarah felt her arousal burst into life as Mei's words inflamed her again. Meekly following her, they drove to the bakery, and Sarah let Mei blindfold her as she led her downstairs to the storeroom.

Before long the guardian had claimed Sarah. Mei took some of the containers from her bag and collected the creature's excretions. Looking down at her lover's writhing form, her pussy twitched and convulsed. The fat tentacle that was ravishing her tight bum looked so good. Mei thought back to her first time as she removed the blindfold and kissed Sarah. Her lover was coming like Christmas and Mei continued to tease her, rubbing the creature's juices onto Sarah's rock hard nipples.

Sarah groaned and came again. "Aarhh fuuck, fuck me aarhh."

Mei stroked her hair, and as the tentacle convulsed and exploded in her arse, she whispered, "Dirty bum slut, nasty whore."

The naughty talk drove Sarah crazy, as she realized how much she loved being Mei's slut. Milking the last spasms of the twitching tentacle, her abused bottom contracted again and sent her throbbing pussy into heaven. "Arhh arhh oorrh."

Mei listened to Sarah's incoherent groaning and started masturbating frantically, while her sexy lover came again from the intense anal stimulation. Mei came quickly as the cute look on Sarah's flushed face caused her to cream herself.

Sarah gave a little whimper as the flaccid tentacle slipped from her bum hole with a wet plop. "God I really am becoming a bum slut. Fuck that was so intense, so good."

Mei took her hand and helped her up on to shaky legs. "Yeah babe, feels great doesn't it?"

Sarah could only nod in agreement as she tried to regain her balance. Literally and metaphorically, she felt like she had been totally out of control since she opened her curtains in the morning. "Don't know what any of these things are babe, but they do make a girl feel good. That was a nice, dirty surprise."

Mei looked at Sarah in that intense way that made her insides do flip flop and said, "That was just for starters, let's go to fuck world."

Taking her hand, Mei led Sarah towards the light. Sarah's last thought as the light enveloped her was "'Fuck world', really is that the best name you could come up with?"

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