tagNonHumanMei Meets a Monster Ch. 09

Mei Meets a Monster Ch. 09


Rachel rushed down the hill from the portal as her heart hammered in her chest. Breathing heavily, her breasts heaving from exertion, she spotted the tree Mei had described. "God I'm unfit," she thought, while she struggled up the small incline.

Flushed with arousal and exertion, she started to stamp the ground around the tree until the ground gave way and she slid from view into the darkness.

Rachel landed on her chubby bum, her legs splayed wide as she rolled on to her back. She cried out with pleasure as a jet of warm fluid splattered against her already soaking pussy. Rubbing the stimulating liquid between her legs, she moaned in ecstasy. Her ample breasts were splashed with more fluid and she looked up just in time to see a torrent of cum gush from the darkness. Splashing into her open mouth and on to her blond hair, the deluge soaked her completely. Rachel cried out as rivulets ran down the curves of her body, stimulating her already over-stimulated senses. Cumming hard as she frantically frigged her greedy pussy, she never noticed the large cock-like protrusions rise from the floor of the cave.

Rachel was almost insanely horny as more cum splattered against her body, driving her crazy with lust. She gasped as the large cocks pushed against her pussy and arse. "Oh fuck yes," she moaned as she thrust down with all her strength, impaling herself on the huge organs.

Rachel had never felt so full. The obscenely large organs stretched her beyond her wildest imaginings. Overcome by the intense pressure within, she cried out as the monster cocks stirred and wriggled within her. Waves of pleasure crashed against her senses as the cock in her arse drove deep inside her. Its counterpart in her pussy withdrew slightly before ramming home, causing incredible sensations to build within her. Rachel was moaning and dreaming of how hard she would cum, when a thin tentacle whipped out and smacked her hard on her engorged clit. Light exploded behind her eyes and her body shook like jelly. The intense painful pleasure drove an orgasm beyond her dirtiest imaginings. Waves of ecstasy forced her conscious mind into submission and her animal self took over. The last thought in her sex-drugged mind was, "Oh god, this thing could fuck me to death, fuck me to, fuck me fuuuck meee!"

Several hours later, Rachel stared vacantly into the depths of the cave, her body shiny with cum and convulsing to the rhythm of her violation. A gentle light emanated from the ceiling and bathed her body, as her pretty face turned slowly towards a scratching sound coming from the darkness.

Her body aching from the exertion, she reluctantly slipped off the now motionless cocks. Moaning as the last one slipped out of her arse with a squelchy plop, she felt a river of cum gush out from between her legs. Cupping her hands, she brought the elixir to her mouth and drank greedily.

An involuntary moan temporarily interrupted her consumption, the familiar warmth spreading between her legs. Her abused pussy twitched and tingled as her dirty meal had the desired effect. Rachel felt energised as the aches and pains melted away, leaving her with an aching, empty feeling between her legs.

"Wow, this stuff is amazing, got to bring some home for the girls," she thought, as her eyes were drawn to movement in the shadows. Dark shapes flitted around the edges of the light. Her bum spasmed, releasing more tingling in her empty pussy as she realised what lurked in the darkness. Rubbing a finger down her bum crack, she let out a gentle sigh as it caressed her bum hole. She realised that she couldn't remember exactly what the big cock in her arse had felt like. The feelings of the double penetration had somehow merged into one.

"Ooh, I'm such a slut," she thought, as she kneeled down and started to back into the darkness. Pausing when the twilight was halfway up her body, she smiled to herself. "Here doggy doggy, come and get it!" Wriggling her bum in the darkness, she suddenly had a fit of the giggles as she realised how ridiculous she must look.

Her giggling was suddenly muffled as one of the pack found its prey and mounted her. Its knobbly cock easily slipped into her stretched bum. "Oohh my, that does feel nice, ooh wow," she moaned, as the knobbly ridges rubbed against the pleasure spots in her arse.

Rachel felt a slow intense feeling build deep within her. She felt her pussy twitch and spasm as it ached for release. Resisting the urge to rub herself, she arched her back and let the dog continue its assault on her bottom.

When it came, the orgasm nearly drove her insane. Waves of throbbing, almost painfully intense, feelings sloshed back and forth between her bum and her pussy. The contractions pushed the creature over the edge and it's cum exploded into her bottom, causing more waves of joy and prolonging the orgasm even longer.

Trembling in ecstasy, Rachel slowly shuffled forward, pulling the creature into the light. Realising the danger, it wriggled and squirmed and tried to pull out of Rachel's bum. Its frantic movement only caused Rachel's bum muscles to contract tighter on its knobbly cock and slowly its struggles ceased, as Rachel felt it turn to stone on her back.

Rachel slowly rubbed her sopping pussy as another tingly orgasm caused the muscles in her back door to loosen. She slid out from underneath the shiny black creature.

"Wow, fuck that was intense. I can see why Lise loves these critters," she thought, as she rubbed her hands down the flanks of her prize. A small moan escaped her lips and she stroked the knobbly stone cock. "Ooh, mines much bigger than the one Mei caught," she thought, as her hand wrapped around its girth.

Thinking more dirty thoughts, she placed the frozen creature directly under the ray of light from the ceiling hatch and returned to her previous position. Facing her stone lover, she pushed her bum back into the darkness and was mounted again. "Ooh, more bad doggies," she cooed, as another hard cock pushed against her bum hole and slipped inside. "Fuck me, ooh fuck meee, ooh god yees," she moaned, while the pack took turns with the young blonde. Her orgasms washed together and she became one with her animal desire.

Rachel's sex-crazed mind barely registered the warm wet feeling as her chest was sprayed with more heavenly cum. "Oooh fuck, ooh yess, fuck yes," she moaned softly. Her puffy nipples ached and her pussy flooded with the thought of being filled again with that huge cock. Her original violator had recovered its strength and was again pressing its immense girth against Rachel's pussy lips. Forcing its way into her slippery front hole, it found the way to the back blocked. Slithering between her tits, the second huge cock paused in front of her pretty face.

Rachel had closed her eyes tightly as she slowly rocked up and down on the new intruder. Shivering and moaning, she felt the huge organ in her pussy compress the sensitive tissue against the bum dog's knobbly cock. The sensations were heavenly and as her bum muscles contracted again, a thunderous orgasm rocked her young body. "Fuuuck yees, ohh fuckk, ohhh god!" she cried out.

Shaking and cumming hard, she opened her eyes just in time to see the jet of cum squirt from the second cock into her open mouth. Rachel almost gagged as she frantically tried to swallow the creamy liquid without choking. Several squirts splashed her face and hair as the initial load reached her belly, and an amazing feeling of energy and contentment flushed through her body. Licking her lips she came hard again, her reinvigorated muscles tightening around the invaders in her arse and pussy. "Oh yes, fuck me again boys. I'm not finished yet!" she cried out, when the bum dog came in her arse.

Reaching forward she grabbed the big cock with both hands and smiled wickedly as she licked the lovely creamy liquid dribbling from its eye hole.

While the young blonde ravishment continued unabated in the dark, Mei and Sarah walked hand-in-hand across the rolling hills.

Sarah sighed as she turned to her sexy friend. "This isn't what I imagined. It's so beautiful and peaceful. I kind of expected more, I don't know, I guess..."

Mei finished her sentence. "Fucking."

Sarah smiled. "Well, it is fuck world and nothing's jumped this girl yet. False advertising I would say."

Mei stopped and rubbed her hand slowly up Sarah's leg before rubbing a finger across her pussy. Sarah shuddered as Mei seductively sucked the juices from her digit. "I see someone's horny. Well, you need to catch me to fuck me," she giggled and started to run down the hill.

"I'll fuck you alright you little slut!" Sarah cried and gave chase, catching the cute Asian girl under a multicoloured tree at the base of the hill. Pinning her against the trunk, Sarah held Mei's hands above her head and forced her leg between the wriggling girl's thighs. Mei moaned deeply and started to rub her increasingly wet pussy against Sarah's leg.

Sarah looked down at the slim young body wriggling in her grasp and slid her knee up into the girl's crotch. "Now who's the horny one," she said, as Mei started to grind her pussy against Sarah's knee.

Mei found the feeling of being restrained by her lover highly arousing, and as she looked up into the taller woman's eyes, she noticed the multicoloured berries and flowers on the branches above them.

"Wow, I think you should look up babe," she said, as a bright yellow flower lowered towards Sarah. Turning to follow Mei's gaze, Sarah found herself facing the bright bloom when it released a puff of pollen-like substance. Sarah breathed in deeply, savouring the delicious perfume.

Almost immediately she felt a flush of intense arousal and a painful pressure in her groin. Releasing Mei's hands, she stepped back and looked down as a large cock morphed out of her body. "Ughh fuck, what the fuck," she grunted, as the transformation concluded and 10 inches of rock hard erection stood to attention. "Oh that's just wrong," she whimpered, as Mei leaned forward and wrapped her fingers around her throbbing member. The feelings sent shivers down her spine and she felt cum rising, as Mei wrapped her mouth around and started to lick and suck her cock. Unable to control the new organ, she felt her bum tighten and she moaned with joy as she felt cum push up the shaft. The cock spasmed and she exploded in Mei's mouth.

Sarah looked down at the pretty Chinese girl with cum dribbling from her mouth on to her small breasts. The cock throbbed. Sarah felt an overwhelming urge to grab the girl and drive the cock into her. She looked so fucking hot as she licked the cum from her lips. Grabbing the girl roughly, she pushed her onto her back and held her down. Positioning her cock against the girl's mound, she rubbed it up her soaking pussy. "Is this what you want you little slut?" she growled. "You dirty whore, do you want this inside you?"

Mei couldn't believe the change in Sarah. Her gentle sweet lover had become enraged with lust. Mei trembled as she realised Sarah would rape her if she resisted. The intensity in her eyes was almost animal in its nature and Mei melted under their passionate gaze.

Mei looked up at her with the most serious fuck-me eyes, but before she could speak Sarah rammed the cock into her sopping pussy.

Mei could only grunt unintelligibly as Sarah violated her. "Does it feel good you bad girl, you naughty slutty girl?"

Mei felt every inch of the beastly cock as Sarah pounded her relentlessly. The wave of pleasure washed up her pussy only to be smashed against the next thrust of the cock. Mei wanted to cry out, "Slow down babe please," but all that came out of her pretty mouth was "Grrghh uuugh orrggh." Lost in the brutal assault, she slowly felt her body responding to the intense pounding. She cried out in surprise, "Ooh fuck, I'm cuuumming!" as an enormous orgasm shook her to her core.

Sarah watched Mei cum harder than she had ever seen. She continued to drive her cock into the girl even as Mei writhed in ecstasy. She smiled wickedly as she realised that Mei had lost control of a sexual encounter for the first time in their relationship.

Mei was shaking like a leaf as Sarah slowed her assault. Unable to believe how much she had enjoyed being ravished, she looked Sarah in the eyes and with the most demure look she could muster, she said, "Please Miss Sarah, please fuck me again."

Sarah nearly came in the girl as she pleaded to be fucked. "Oh no you don't my pretty, you aren't in control here," she said, and she withdrew the organ from her body. 'If you want this, beg for it, you slutty girl'.

Mei couldn't believe how aroused she was and how desperately she wanted to feel Sarah inside her again. Her pussy ached and her nipples were painfully hard. "Oh fuck Sarah, please," she moaned. "Pleeaase."

Sarah felt her cock throbbing with approval as the young girl begged for its attentions. She leant into the girl's face and whispered in her ear, "Say it, tell Miss Sarah what a slut you are."

Sarah's dirty talk enflamed Mei even further and her body ached with need. In a small voice she responded, "I'm a dirty slut, I'm Miss Sarah's dirty girl".

Mei saw Sarah smile and went limp while Sarah rolled her on to her tummy and pushed the cock against her bum hole. "Please Miss Sarah, fuck my dirty bum," she whimpered, as the cock slid into her bottom.

Sarah felt the girl surrender to her lust while she plundered Mei's back passage. It felt so good to have this sexy young body writhing under her cock, under her control and begging for more, lost in the feelings Sarah had forced her to like. Sarah slowed her thrusts and Mei moaned deeply, she could now feel every movement of the cock in her bum and the slow rhythmical thrusts were driving her crazy. Sarah watched Mei's toes curl tight and felt her bum contract hard on her cock as she let out a deep guttural moan.

The orgasm ripped through her like a tidal wave and Sarah couldn't hold back any longer. The cock burst forth a jet of cum deep into Mei's bum and Sarah slumped exhausted onto her back. They shuddered together as their mutual orgasm subsided.

Sarah watched with fascination as the spent organ slowly started to shrink. Mei reached over and grabbed at it trying to rub it back to life but her efforts were in vain. "Oh poo," she said with a pouty look on her face as it was absorbed back into Sarah's body.

Sarah smiled weakly. "I think I have a new appreciation for what the boys go through." She looked down at her lover with a tear in her eyes. "God Mei, I'm so sorry, I couldn't resist. You looked so sexy and I felt this overwhelming desire. It's like I had to fuck you. Dominate you."

Mei held Sarah close and wiped the tear from her cheek. "It's okay babe. It's really okay". She reached up to the lower branches and carefully harvested one of the yellow blooms. Putting it in a container, she turned to her friend with a subdued look. "I really liked Miss Sarah."

Sarah met the younger girl's eyes and saw her need, and how vulnerable she looked. "So cute," she said, as she ran her fingers through Mei's dark hair and kissed her gently. "I think we might bring Miss Sarah back later, but only if you're a very naughty girl."

Mei smiled coyly. "Sometimes a girl just can't help herself," she said, reaching up and grabbing another of the yellow flowers.

Sarah watched as Mei placed the flower behind her ear and her pussy ached. The girl was just sex crazy. She had a mental image of Mei going to school with a flower in her hair and being ravished over and over again by cute schoolgirls with hard erections. Sarah almost creamed herself at the thought. "Damn you could have some fun in the real world with this stuff," she observed, as she watched Mei pluck a range of multicoloured berries from the tree. "Wonder what these do?"

Sarah grabbed Mei's wrist before the girl could pop one in her mouth. "I think that's enough surprises for today young lady. Let's test some at home in more 'controlled' conditions."

Mei pouted but agreed. "I suppose we should go rescue Rach," she said with a smile. "If our pretty blonde maiden wants to be rescued."

They climbed the hill in the warm sun and Mei unfurled a rope from her pack. "Kind of girl scout eh babe," she said, turning to Sarah.

Sarah rolled her eyes. "Since when did they start giving merit badges for being slutty?"

Mei giggled. "Ohh we so should do that, imagine the fun getting your advanced stage 3 anal badge. We could start a new chapter with a whole range of new activities."

Sarah's imagination thought up all kinds of naughty possibilities, as the young Chinese girl slid down the rope into the darkness.

Holding the rope tight, she waited.. and waited. Starting to get a little worried, she wondered if Mei was okay. "Probably just stopped to fuck something nasty," she thought.

Chastising herself for the uncharitable and slightly envious thought, she was about to tether the rope and start searching for the girl when Rachel's head popped up out of the ground. Rach was a mess, her lovely blonde hair was matted with cum and she grunted in a very unladylike way as she heaved a huge bum dog from the hole.

Sarah strained on the rope as another two dogs were followed by Rachel, Mei and finally Mei's pack.

Lying down in the grass, Sarah noticed the pack bulging with new samples and turned to Rachel. "Had some fun down there did you?"

Rachel breathed deeply as the memories came flooding back. "Ooh yeah," she said with a dirty smile. "I have some things you just have to try."

Mei giggled. "We found some interesting stuff too. I think it might be time to compare notes."

The girls joked and laughed as they headed back to the portal. Sarah couldn't help but check Rachel out as they ambled along. It was the first time she had seen the girl naked and her pussy was enjoying the sight. "Funny," she thought, "I always used to think she was rather chubby." Mei interrupted her thoughts as she noticed the transformation for the first time. "My god Rach, how much weight did you lose down there?"

Rachel looked down at her new body and smiled. "I think the stuff we collected in the big jar helped somehow, that and a 24 hour fuck-a-thon."

Sarah's pussy ached as her eyes took in Rachel's shapely legs, flat stomach and large firm breasts. "Wow, you are going to drive the boys crazy," she thought, as the warm light of the portal enveloped them.

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