tagNonHumanMei Meets a Monster Ch. 12

Mei Meets a Monster Ch. 12


Sarah wasn't prepared for the suddenness of the girls' return. Their absence had left her with an overactive imagination and increasing warmth between her legs. Her thoughts were filled with the dirty activities the two young students would be engaged in through the portal and her hand slipped between her slim thighs. Feeling naughty she had reached for the shiny stone dog and dimmed the lights. The creature had just wriggled back to life when a flash of light flooded the room and three dishevelled girls stumbled out of the light. "Damn, forgot about the time dilation thing," she thought as she noticed the other girl for the first time. Her eyes took in the sexy form of the long-legged Indian girl as the bum dog reanimated in the fading light. Wriggling from her grasp it leapt towards the girl's prone body.

Amisha barely had time to take in her surroundings when she felt a presence behind her. She had fallen through the door of light and landed in a rather undignified position. As she tried to stand, something mounted her and she felt hard pressure against her bum hole. She moaned deeply as her slippery bottom offered little resistance to the intruder's hard cock. "Oooh god, ohhhhh fuucck," she whimpered, as the tempo increased and her orgasm built.

Sarah watched the blissful expression on the new girl's face with envy. "Ooh poo," she thought, as her bum felt empty and her horniness was unsatisfied. She turned to Jessie and Becky and noticed Becky's condition for the first time.

Jessie watched Becky cum again as she explained their adventures to Sarah. The pretty teacher ran her hands over Becky's ultra sensitive body and her friend writhed in ecstasy.

Smiling at Sarah she said, "Watch this," and gently blew on Becky's pussy. The brunette bucked and shuddered, cumming so hard Jessie had to pull her head back quickly as fluid squirted from Becky's pussy.

Sarah felt her own pussy tighten as she watched the young girl explode in orgasm. Becky moaned and seemingly set off a chain reaction as the pretty Indian girl came as well. Sarah saw the cum running down her shapely brown legs and saw the effects of the powerful aphrodisiac in the girl's wide eyes.

Amisha felt the beast explode in her bum and she shook with the most incredible orgasm of her life. The creature's cum seemed to enhance every stroke of its knobbly cock and another even stronger orgasm rose inside her. "Ohhh fuuuck, oooh my god, oooogh," she whimpered as her body shook with pleasure.

Jessie watched Amisha's eyes lose focus as the girl's mind succumbed to the orgasmic onslaught. She nearly creamed herself at the thought of being wrapped in her new lover's arms while her own bottom was ravished.

Sarah's voice brought her back to reality. "What are we going to do with Miss Cummy here," she heard Sarah say. Jessie shrugged her shoulders and they lifted Becky on to the spare bed. The girl orgasmed again as the light sheet caressed her body. "Her mum is a doctor," she offered with slight trepidation.

Sarah wasn't looking forward to the explanation but she knew Jessie was right. They would have to call her mother. The girl couldn't function like this and her mum had a right to know.

Jasmine was confused by the message from Becky's teacher. She didn't understand why her daughter would be at the teacher's house. Rushing from work she was startled as the young teacher opened the door. "Wow she's gorgeous," she thought as Sarah ushered her inside.

Jasmine still couldn't believe Sarah's explanation. The young teacher shuffled uncomfortably as she told of her own seduction by Mei and the fantastic world she had discovered. Her thoughts were in disarray as Sarah led her to the bedroom. Becky was asleep but moaning gently. Jasmine removed the sheets and observed the signs of vaginal and anal intercourse. Becky's sexual areas were red and inflamed but as she moved to examine the girl Sarah gently took her wrist. "Please Jasmine, you don't want to touch her. Let me show you."

Sarah bent over and blew gently on Becky's genitals and Jasmine watched in awe as her daughter woke up cumming. Becky bucked and groaned. Her back arched and her eyes opened wide. "Oh fuuuck mum, what are you doing here," she moaned.

Jasmine looked at Sarah, realising what she had prevented. "Eww, I could have made Becky orgasm," she thought.

Becky moaned again and looked at Sarah. "Oh god, this feels so good. I can't stop cumming. It's so freaky cool."

Sarah asked Jasmine in a soft voice, "Will she be okay?"

Jasmine was in turmoil. "I've only seen this with patients in extreme pain. Their synapses lock and they can only feel pain. No medication works. It only happens when they have been in agony for hours and that means Becky must have been in orgasm for ..... oh wow." Jasmine's voice trailed off as the implication sunk in. She was still contemplating what her daughter had experienced when she heard a small voice behind her. "She fucked the Shaggy bears, they have two cocks and Becky took them all on. Will she be okay?"

Sarah winced. "This is Jessie," she said, as the cute young redhead smiled at Becky's mum.

Jasmine was shocked as the girl locked eyes with her and twirled her hair. "Oh god she's flirting with me," she thought, as the girl pushed her small breasts out and pouted.

"Yes, if it follows the same patterns she will be back to normal in a couple of days."

Jessie sighed. "Oh poo. That means we can't go back until Wednesday. Unless you wanna come with us," she said, smiling dirtily at Jasmine.

Sarah rolled her eyes as she saw the shocked look on Jasmine's face. "Sorry Jasmine, Jessie gets crushes. She tends to fall in love with anyone she's attracted to. She's a sweet girl so if you do fuck her be gentle."

Jasmine tried to respond but the articulate doctor found herself lost for words as she stammered, "I can't. I mean, she's my daughter's friend, I don't ... girls. It's just... This is too weird."

Sarah shooed Jessie out of the room and sat Jasmine down. The woman was clearly overwhelmed and conflicted. "It's okay Jasmine, it takes a while to get your head around all of this. I'll make us some coffee."

Jasmine had regained some composure by the time Sarah put the steaming cups down. "This isn't wrong but it does go against our conventions of morality. The girls have embraced their feelings and desires. Mei taught me how wonderful the experiences can be if you are uninhibited and open."

Jasmine was still wavering and trying to find rational explanations. "Look, I haven't been with a man in years. With my work and bringing up Becky and Amy, I can't find the time for a relationship. Then I walk through your door and find my daughter is a sex-mad tart and her friend wants to have a lesbian relationship with me."

Sarah gently held Jasmine by the hand. "Sometimes we just have to let go. I suspect you need this more than any of us. I want you to trust me and try this."

Jasmine took the cup as Sarah stirred in a creamy liquid into her coffee. Almost immediately she felt a warmth spreading between her legs and shifted uncomfortably in her chair. "Ohhh, it does act fast. Ooh wow. God the urges are intense."

Sarah lifted Jasmine up and led her to the spare bedroom. Girly giggling and low moans emanated from the darkness. Turning the dimmer on low, Sarah looked at the flustered doctor. "You've met Jessie, her friend is Amisha. She doesn't speak English. Don't ask Jas. It's a story for another time. The creature on Jessie's back is what the girls call a bum dog. Think of it as a sex toy and you'll be fine," she said, as she turned and closed the door.

Jasmine couldn't take her eyes off the scene in front of her. Her optic nerves had adjusted to the low light and watched the creature's cock slip in and out of Jessie's bottom. The cute young redhead was moaning deeply and Jasmine felt her own arousal build as she observed the perverted scene.

Amisha didn't know who the woman was but suspected she was related to Jessie's friend. She had the same sensuous mouth and deep hazel eyes and was seriously turning her on. Amisha thought Jessie was great fun and had grown very fond of the girl but thought of her more as a fuck friend. "Oh wow, I could lose myself with this one," she thought, as her heart fluttered and she couldn't take her eyes from the woman.

Jasmine's internal conflict bubbled inside her again as Jessie's friend rose from the bed and moved towards her like a cat stalking prey. Her slim brown body and long legs sent shivers through Jasmine and she stared into the girl's deep brown eyes.

Jasmine whimpered as the girl slowly unbuttoned her blouse and exposed her breasts. "Oh god, I can't even remember her name," she thought, as the girl took a nipple in her mouth and sucked gently.

Jessie looked up from the bed with glazed eyes as the bum dog came in her again, sending her crashing over the edge. Her pussy went crazy as she watched Amisha undressing Becky's mum. "Oooh, she is soo hot," she thought. With an intense effort she pulled herself from the creature's phallus as Amisha gently pushed Jasmine on to the bed.

Jasmine gave a loud groan as the creature jumped on her back and stabbed at her bum. "Oh fuck no. I'm not into anal," she cried, as images of Jessie being taken flooded her mind. The redhead had wriggled under Jasmine and was now trying to help the creature find its mark. "Oooh fuck, oooh," she cried, as Jessie's hand found her soaking pussy. The girl slipped two fingers inside her and it felt so good Jasmine couldn't pull away. "Ooh you little whore," she moaned, as Jessie expertly rubbed her throbbing clit. Surrendering to the amazing feeling between her legs, Jasmine's struggles ceased and the creature mounted her.

"Ooohhh fuuuck, not there, oooh fuu...."

Jasmine's cries were silenced as Amisha took the woman's head in her hands and kissed her deeply.

Sarah peeked through the door and rubbed herself as she watched the sexy brunette surrender to her passion. Jessie and Amisha were noisily slurping on her breasts and pussy while the creature fucked her virgin arse. Sarah felt her own cum build as Jasmine was hammered by a succession of crashing orgasms.

A wicked thought crossed her mind, causing her own pussy to spasm. "Aagh that's right, she has another daughter. Couldn't leave her home alone."

Becky smiled at Sarah as she texted Amy. "Arrrrgh fuuck," she whimpered, as the thought of Sarah doing her little sister triggered another orgasm. "She's on her way. Please be nice to her. The brat is my sister."

Sarah sat down on the bedside and stroked Becky's hair. "Mmm, that's what I am hoping," she purred. "You and your Mum are such naughty girls. I'm going to rub your sister in fuck juice and make her so horny she begs for release".

Becky squirmed at the thought and as Sarah rose to leave the room she smacked her pussy hard. "Ooogh fuuuuck," she squealed, as the slap caused her pussy to explode and she squirted with the intensity of her orgasm.

Sarah winked at the shuddering girl and went to answer the door. Amy stood looking confused and very pretty. Sarah's arousal soared as she ushered Amy through the door. Smiling, she handed the girl a glass. "I'm Miss Sarah and I bet you're thirsty," she cooed.

Amy wasn't but she drank some to be polite and immediately felt a warm tingly feeling between her slim legs. "Where's Mum and Becky?" she asked, as she hungrily drained the glass.

Sarah watched the girl wriggle and squeeze her legs together as the naughty drink took effect. "Your Mum is having sex in the spare bedroom and your sister is masturbating."

Amy felt light headed and flushed. "Whaaat," she murmured, not believing what she had just heard. Feeling flustered and shaking she let Sarah lead her to the bedroom door. Peeking through she saw three figures writhing together, and as her eyes grew accustomed to the light, she recognised her Mum was the centre of attention.

Sarah felt the girl wriggle in her arms as she tried to back away from the carnal scene. Jasmine moaned and came, pleading to be fucked and Sarah shut the door. Pulling the girl to the sofa she slipped a hand between her legs and felt her wetness.

"Someone liked what they saw. Did you imagine yourself being taken by those dirty girls Amy?" Sarah teased.

Amy was tingling all over. She was amazed at what she had seen and Sarah's hand under her shirt was driving her crazy. She knew this was naughty and wrong. "Please don't," she whimpered.

Sarah stopped rubbing Amy's clit and said sweetly, "Please don't what honey?"

Amy felt her body ache for Sarah's touch. She missed the sensations between her legs and her nipples were painfully hard. She looked up at Sarah and said in a quiet voice, "Please don't.... stop. It feels nice."

Sarah kissed the girl softly on the lips and felt Amy's lithe body shiver in her arms. "Miss Sarah is going to introduce you to lots of nice feelings," she teased, as she led Amy to her bedroom.

Becky lay in bed listening through the thin wall as Sarah made Amy squeal with delight. She was happy for her sister and her own thoughts drifted to the other world. "Oh god, I wonder what it would feel like to have something inside me now." The wicked thought of being taken in her already orgasmic state drove Becky wild and she came so hard she passed out from the pleasure. Dreaming of her shaggy lovers she squirmed in her sleep as Amy cried out in the next room.

"Oh Miss, you have a thingy. Oohhhh Miss, ooooogh god!"

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