tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMelanie & Her Coach Ch. 02

Melanie & Her Coach Ch. 02


This is the continuance of Melanie the 18 year old private schoolgirl being forced to submit by her coach and teacher Mr Daniels.


Chapter 4

When Melanie grasped the shaft of my erect prick I felt a shock of sexual electricity burrow deep into my groin, and my balls tighten involuntarily. I'd been masturbated, touched, caressed and wanked off by plenty of women. From my earliest handjob (my step-sister Al who babysat me one night when she was 19 and I was 13...but that's another story), to the infrequent tugs my fiancée Belinda gave me when she was too tired to fuck, I can honestly say none thrilled me as Melanie's naïve efforts right now did. Her hand held me as if it was wrapped round a snake's head; too scared to do anything to aggravate it, but even more scared to let it go. I looked down into the wet pools of her blue eyes and whispered;

"You even had a man's penis in your hand Melanie?"

"N-no...no sir." She stammered back, going beet red as she shifted against my fingers between her labial lips.

"Do you like the feeling? Like how stiff and fat my prick is?"

"Um....do I have to?"

"It depends sweetheart," at which point I refocused my energy on massaging her clitoral bud, "because if you want me to help you stay at school, get that opportunity to go to the national soccer squad...well, you have to play by my rules."

Melanie opened her mouth in a noiseless "oh", and then grasped my cock shaft a little more firmly, gradually pulling back and forth. "I want to make the team Mr Daniels. Honest...I do!"

"Well then, let's make sure you do baby." Melanie's eyes closed in what I took to be a capitulation to my lust, and whilst her body wasn't yet totally betraying her I made an extra effort to get her wetter than she was between her thighs. "Open your legs a little more for me Melanie...open 'em for teach."

As Melanie did this, with some reluctance I thought, I lowered my head back to her face, and then nuzzled my mouth against the nape of her neck. My tongue briefly touched the skin, leaving a slick spot of saliva, before I crushed my lips against her neck just under her ears and kissed her feverishly. My free hand went to the back of her head, pulling her closer to me as I feasted on her 18 year old body. And as I did this, her fingers curled round my cock kept yanking nervously and with a reluctant eagerness. Her ass cheeks grazed the edge of the desk as I assaulted her pussy and clit with my exploring fingers.

"Uh...uh...oh sir...please...don't...don't..." Melanie's tremulous voice sounded like she was in fear yet also like she was ready to let go of herself. I've been told by a few of my lovers that when I kiss their necks and at the same time gently circle their clits with a caressing digit it's one of the best ways they can get aroused, and as Melanie was 20 years short on experience compared to me it was probably no real contest. I may not have got her panties pushed aside willingly, and her cunt wasn't opening up to my violation with any ease yet. But I could feel the rubbery wet skin round her vulva moisten slightly, and her breath came in shorter gasps.

"You know Melanie," I returned to gazing into her eyes, as we kept mutual masturbating "Maybe you need to do more than just wank my cock, or have your clitty rubbed. Maybe if I'm going to help you make your dreams about playing soccer professionally come true, well I need to find out how flexible...how fit you are." I knew these were silly, almost school-boyish double entendres but Melanie was not focused on my jokes. Instead she was now lost somewhere between sobbing out against the sexual assault I was forcing on her, and letting go so she could relax and enjoy the ministrations of an older man on her nubile body. I didn't care; I just wanted to fuck her now.

"Mr Daniels...you promise I'll...um...you know, get into the...ohhhhh...into the team?" The little minx may have been more of an athlete than a thinker, but she knew that her body was at least part of the leverage in our illicit sexual transaction. She didn't want me to rape her, but if she found my molestations pleasurable and it got her where she wanted, she could take some satisfaction from that. "I promise you sir I'll do what needs to be...ohhhh...done. I've never let you done on the field have I?"

Melanie's eyes looked back in mine now with a gaze that was part defiant, part resignation. We both knew that what I wanted and what she wanted were two mutually beneficial things. But what I was going to get wasn't being given; it was being taken.

"Let go of my cock Melanie," I ordered my schoolgirl soccer star "and turn round facing the desk." I removed my fingers from her quim, the scent of her juices barely perceptible. Melanie did as I said, but she couldn't help but ask in a frightened tone "What do you want sir? Is there something more I gotta do?"

"Uh huh Melanie," I replied "let's get these panties off you." I leant down and grabbed the sensible white cotton knickers at the hem, tugging them downwards. Melanie's trim ass wriggled a little and she looked back at me as I almost tore her undies off with eagerness. "Please don't tear my panties sir," she whined "I don't have many pairs and mum can't send me money for new ones." I didn't pay much heed to her concerns about family poverty; I just wanted to bury my dick deep into her 18-year-old pussy.

Chapter 5

With her naked butt now exposed, my cock shifted with a big twitch in my track pants. I knew what I was going to do, if ever discovered could mean jail. My engagement would end double quick if my fiancée found out I screwed a student, and Principal McGlashen would fire my arse. But when I dropped my pants and then reached round Melanie's hips, well all concerns about the ramifications of what I was going to do to Melanie melted away.

With my 7 inch penis brushing against her left inner thigh, I whispered into Melanie's ear "Lean forward and put your hands on the desk. And spread your legs." I grasped my hard circumcised dick and pushed the glans against her clitoral hood. "Ever had a cock there before Melanie?"

"No...no sir," Melanie shuddered as she replied "I'm a..."


"I'm a...", Melanie's head dropped "virgin Mr Daniel's sir."

I suppressed a cry of excitement. The object of my lust, the schoolgirl I wanted to force fuck was going to have her cherry popped by me. By her 38 year old soccer coach! "Thanks God!" I mumbled to myself, as I stroked my cock head along her slit. A few wisps of red pubic hair brushed against my cock, and as I reached up to grope her ripe teenage tits. My hands scrabbled under her soccer jersey, and as she shifted in some discomfort from my mauling, her bum bumped against my groin. My dick felt thicker and harder than it had ever felt before, and it was dying to sink into Melanie's virgin cunt.

"One thing Melanie," I spoke as I cupped her boobs, feeling the small nipples of each breast against the palms of my hands "I never wear a condom. I hate them...okay."

"What?! Oh....no sir!" Melanie almost yelled in shock and disgust. "You gotta wear one sir...you just have to!" The schoolgirl leaning over my desk, bare-arsed and being groped was literally twisting and quivering in fear. Earlier moments of willingness, of making a deal with herself and with me to let me fuck her were now something she regretted. I didn't care, even though I guessed immediately the concerns she had.

"You're not on the pill are you Melanie?"

"No...oh god...please don't sir...I'm not."

"Too bad...just have to take your chances," I smirked as I started to stab my dick into the folds of her pussy, slowly with great care not to rush and cum too early, "got a hard on that's ready to bust your hymen Melanie. So shut up and take it!"

My penis inched inside her tighter-than-tight vagina, and as it did I could see the bluish-purple skin of the head and shaft gradually disappear into her pink cunt. Melanie started to cry, her weeping giving me a perverse thrill as she sobbed and begged "Please stop sir. Please...please...don't sir....I don't like this." It was the most powerful, the most sexually aroused I have ever felt. And the feeling grew exponentially as my dick hit the membrane that marked her as still a girl.

"Hmmmm...I think Mr Daniels has found Mellie's cherry," I laughed as Melanie cried "and I think it's ready to be broken. What do you think Melanie?" My rhetorical question was met with a shake of her head and a move forward that almost unseated my prick from her taut not-quite-wet pussy. "Now now...don't be such an ungrateful, silly little girl. Sir is going to help you play soccer for Australia someday sweetheart." I probed back harder, and as I sank my penis in again into her invaded twat I squeezed her tits. "Ow...oh NO!" Melanie squealed. "Oh YES!" I emphatically said back.

It was time; with the body of my star schoolgirl soccer player almost impaled on my uncovered cock, I decided it was now or never. "This may sting a little honey." I said to Melanie, then with a grunt I rammed forward. The first feeling I had was of some vague resistance, then, as Melanie cried out in pain and shame, I tore her maidenhood, ripping her cherry and making her pussy mine.

"NO NO NO NO...PLEASE STOP SIR...PLEASEEEEE!" Melanie cried out in a high-pitched anguished call. "HELP ME...PLEASE...SOMEBODY STOP HIM!"

Whilst I knew that no one could hear her, thanks to the secure nature of my office and the relatively late hour in the school day, I still had to make Melanie stop. As I sawed back and forth inside her pussy, the mixture of hymeneal blood and a little vaginal juice lubricating her raped cunt, I removed my right hand from her right breast, and then brought it down with a loud 'SMACK' on her shaking, wriggling bum. "Stop complaining Melanie...it's either this," at which point I thrust deep inside her vagina, "or being expelled for poor grades and NO shot at the national team. YOU UNDERSTAND?!" I slapped her butt for added emphasis and Melanie responded by simply sobbing again, and looked back with her big blue eyes brimming with tears.

"Oh...but sir...I'm not on the pill...I was gonna save myself and you know." Melanie murmured this plea as I kept fucking her. "What am I going to say to my husband when I get married? What will happen if the principal finds out? What if..." Melanie shuddered, and I wasn't sure if it was agony, pleasure or fear. "What if you ejaculate and....I get," she whispered "pregnant."

"Well I guess that'll cut short your soccer career huh baby. Be something else to see a teenage mother with a swollen belly playing international soccer!" I cruelly smiled and dismissed her begging look with another ferocious push up inside her cunt. "Now push back...enjoy it Melanie...let yourself go. And anyway...you sporty girls don't have periods often right?" Melanie looked back at me and grimaced "I had one....ahhh...about two...oh no...weeks ago," she gasped.

So, my red headed schoolgirl and fuck toy was possibly fertile. This put me in two minds, should I keep screwing her and fucking her brains out, and hope to hell when I came she didn't get knocked up. Or should I pull out? Or should I just stop. "Nah," I said to myself "so what if it happens. In for a penny, in for a pound." I leaned back down so my mouth was level to Melanie's left ear. "Tell you what my dear, Sir will come in you so you better just enjoy it." To reinforce this I shifted my right hand down and around, so I could stroke her pubis and massage her clit from the front. "And this should make you feel better...uhhhhh." I panted and groaned as Melanie's pussy involuntarily reacted to the new stimulus, tightening and flexing.

"Oh God! Uh...uh...uh...oh no...don't.stop." Melanie begged and cried as I fucked her from behind. "It's not right...not fair. I don't want it. Don't.....please....stop."

"Don't stop you just asked?" I pointedly questioned her as her legs buckled a little and her arse jutted back against my groin. "I think you like this. I know I do!" I then pumped and fucked her without uttering a word. Just groans and moans escaped my lips as I repeatedly pushed my cock deep inside Melanie's moistening vagina. Even though her movement was minimal, even though she kept whispering in a chant she didn't want me to cum in her, I could sense her pussy muscles grasping at me every now and again, and her butt bobbing back to me. Her mind was saying no, but her 18 year old body was getting used to the idea of being fucked.

"Reach back and feel my balls Melanie" I ordered after about 5 minutes of solid, lustful fucking on my behalf. "They're heavy with spunk, all for you." Melanie shuddered again and again; I wasn't quite sure, it could have been a wracking sob of shame, or maybe a small tremulous orgasm. "Did you just cum Mellie. Huh...did you?" The schoolgirl impaled from behind on my dick didn't say a word, but her head nodded almost imperceptibly. I'd brought Melanie to her first climax, albeit a small one. It was at this point I knew I could do what I wanted.

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