Melanie Gets Screwed


Taking her arm, I pulled her off of my body and she sprawled out onto the couch. As I gazed down at her violated love hole, I could see a mixture of cum and blood as it oozed out of her beautiful, young body. My cock was covered with the same mixture. Untwisting her legs, I got up and walked around the coffee table and sat down next to her head. I turned my body and lifting my leg, let it rest on the back of the sofa. I lifted Melanie's face and she could smell the powerful aroma of her recent ravaging on my cock. She imagined what would come next and she was right.

I slid my ass down towards her and she felt my sticky cock brush across her smooth cheeks and then press against her soft lips. I pulled the gag from her mouth and reluctantly, she opened her mouth to receive my cock. With her arms bound behind her, she could barely lift her head and so she just lay there with her lips wrapped around my spent shaft.

Melanie lay prone between my thighs as her face was filled with my manhood and I watched her. She looked incredibly sexy even in this position. I felt her tongue caress the underside of my shaft as I brought my leg up and rested it across her smooth ass.

Round III

When I had rested, I lifted Melanie's face off of my cock. Standing up, I lifted the young beauty to her feet and sat her on the edge of the coffee table, facing the l sofa. As I lifted her legs onto the sofa cushions, she had to brace herself with her bound arms to keep from falling backwards.

Taking hold of her slender ankle, I pulled it to the side and slid it under the armrest of the chair. I wedged her other foot under the other armrest, spreading her thighs to their limit. Melanie's ass slid off the edge of the coffee table and she strained to keep from falling.

I brought a bowl of warm water and with a rag, I washed Melanie's ravaged pussy. She moaned as she felt the warm water bathe her most intimate flesh. I teased her clit for a moment and then put the bowl aside.

Walking around the sofa, I leaned over the back and then taking hold of my young captive, lifted her up and pulled her forward until her body bent over the back of the sofa. Her thighs pressed firmly against the sofa back as her upper body hung down towards the floor. Melanie quickly realized just how vulnerable her ass was. I retied her wrists to the spindles at either end of the sofa back.

Picking up a plastic belt I'd found in one of the bedrooms, I folded it over and traced it gently across the backs of her smooth thighs. Melanie wasn't sure what it was but then she felt the sting of the strap as it bit across her tender asscheeks. Her body bucked violently as she screamed into the gag. I hit her again on the other cheek and watched her upper body bounce up and down as she writhed in pain. Several red welts appeared across her creamy asscheeks. I had started on the top of her ass but began to work my way down across her cheeks to the tops of her firm thighs. Each stroke made her body rigid and she clenched the muscles of her ass with each blow. Then the belt began to lick at the most tender flesh of her inner thighs. I decided not to beat her pussy directly but her entire ass was pink from the beating.

Laying down the belt, I knelt on the sofa behind her and began to nibble on Melanies' beaten asscheeks. Her young body squirmed as I teased her magnificent ass. The beating had made her skin even more sensitive than usual. I licked and bit at her ass as my fingers reached between her split thighs and teased her open pussy. I could hear moans mixed with screams as I alternately aroused and punished her naked, young body.

Pulling her asscheeks apart, I once again probed her tight sphincter with the tip of my tongue. Melanie thrashed about but could not escape. Her body bucked violently as I thrust my tongue into her tight asshole. My fingers went back to teasing her clit as my tongue probed her virgin ass.

After covering her beaten ass with my tongue, I began to work my way up her body. I wrapped my arms around her and began to play with her tits as she felt my ramrod brush up against her open thighs. I slid the tip of my cock across her soft, wet love petals and felt the warmth of her body juices as they coated the tip. I pulled her body back gently as my cock sliced deep into her body once again. I pumped into her split loins as my hands pinched and squeezed her panting tits.

Letting go of her chest, I grabbed the back of the sofa and began to whale into her tender, young body. Melanie was grunting like a rutting pig as I ravaged her pussy once again. Holding tightly to the spindles of the sofa, she thrashed her body in passion as she came several times.

Pushing her body forward, I slid my ramrod, slick with her body juices, out of her seething cunt and pressed the cockhead to her tight, virgin asshole. The young beauty had never thought about having a cock up her ass and now she was terrified.

I slid forward, forcing my cockhead into her tight asshole. Melanie felt like the thing would split her in two and she fought to keep me out of her virgin ass. I held firmly to her hips as I pressed my cock into her virgin asshole. Once the tip was firmly wedged in place, I reached down under her body and slid my hand between her thighs. My fingers found her erect clit and I trapped the tender nub and began to tease it, rolling it like a ball in oil. Melanie's body shook in orgasm and I thrust forward, filling her virgin asshole to the hilt. She screamed as she was impaled on my raging cock.

Having come twice already, I knew it would take me a long time to fill her ass. I was in no hurry. Reaching out for her tits again, I began to ravage Melanie's beautiful ass. Once past the initial pain and shock of her violation, Melanie's body began to respond to being fucked. Her hips began to press back to meet my thrusts and her head flailed about in passion as she gripped the spindles to which she was tied.

Her ass was so tight that each orgasm put a vice grip on my impaling cock. Every few thrusts, her clit would rub against the sofa back and another powerful orgasm would ripple through her beautiful, young body. I began to feel my own orgasm building and increased both the speed and depth of my thrusts. Melanie squeezed tightly with her ass muscles as I skewered her and with a loud grunt, I filled her ass with hot cum. The young girl sagged over the sofa back as my cock continued to shoot cum into her virgin ass.

Reaching over, I untied her hands from the spindles and crossing her wrists behind her back, tied them together. I raised her body and then pulling back, stood up with her body suspended on my impaling ramrod. With my arms wrapped around her panting tits, I stepped back and her spread legs came free of the sofa arms and dangled down against my own. The naked beauty hung like a ragdoll, impaled on my cock as it filled her ravaged ass. I walked her around the coffee table and let her body slide off of my cock as she crumpled onto the table. I rolled her body over and slid a pillow under her ass.

Melanie's head hung over the edge of the table and I sat down on the sofa. The bound beauty could smell the strong scent of my cock as my knees straddled her face. She was revolted by the idea of having to suck on my cock as it dangled only inches from her face. It had been bad enough to have to suck on me after I fucked her pussy but after fucking her in the ass, that was another thing.

I tapped my cock against her cheek and her nose and then removing her gag, I pressed the tip against her lips. Melanie refused to open her mouth and I let my hands wander over her raised chest and then pinched her aching nipples hard. She cried out but would not open her mouth. I picked up the belt and without warning, laid the lash down hard across her open pussy. As Melanie's mouth opened to scream, I shoved my cock all the way into her mouth until I could feel the tip press between her tonsils. Melanie knew she had lost and began to suck on my cock as I played more gently with her burning nipples.

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