tagInterracial LoveMelanie's Seduction Ch. 01

Melanie's Seduction Ch. 01


Michael first became aware of interracial sex whilst at school. There was a very tall black boy, Chris in his year, who was very self-confident in a way which was not common in England at that time. Chris, at a party, managed to spend an evening with the hottest girl in the area, Chippy. Chippy was very athletic but had large breasts, a slim waist, lovely tanned skin and a beautiful smile. Michael thought she was incredibly attractive but never had the nerve to approach her. Michael heard that Chris was at a party which Chippy attended and managed to get into a bedroom with her. Michael was told that there were soft moans coming from the room with Chippy and Chris and he was very envious. He could barely imagine what Chris was doing to Chippy to elicit such a response (Michael was only 15 at the time). This incident combined with other fleeting comments and incidents and probably lodged in his unconscious mind and set the scene for later events. A second comment Michael heard in his home town was of a girl that had been quite racist originally, but was now living in a flat with a Moroccan. What had occurred to change the girl's mind also intrigued Michael.

Years later Michael was 25 and working in London and had slim petite girlfriend Melanie who had breasts that were quite large for her very slim but quite curvaceous 5'1" frame. She had lovely flat stomach and hips that were slim but still womanly. Michael himself was 5'10", also slim and athletic. Michael lived near the route for the Notting Hill carnival. In his time in London he had met more black people and generally got on well with them. He had seen another incident which sparked his attention when he saw an attractive white woman, in her early 30's, with a low cut top in a Notting Hill pub. She was sitting opposite a black guy and was clearly leaning over and trying to encourage him by giving him an eyeful of her round white breasts. The black guy, who was only of average attractiveness almost, seemed to be playing hard to get. This incident reinforced the idea to Michael that at least something seemed to allow black men to be successful with very attractive white girls.

The Notting Hill carnival was due to start soon and Michael thought it would be fun for Melanie and him to participate. Michael had met a black guy James through a sports club and found out he actually helped organise the carnival. James encouraged Michael to participate on their float which he said was a mixed float which encouraged the theme of social integration. Black and white couples would participate, dancing firstly together and then with each other's partners to show the reality of racial integration. James had a female friend Lisa who would participate. Lisa was a very busty and generally voluptuous black girl, who was around 5' 9" and probably almost Michael's weight given her broad frame. Michael had noticed her in the gym. Once she was hot and had flapped her loose t shirt up and down to cool down, revealing her 40 DD dark breasts clad in a white bra.

Melanie was a rather conservative girl, who had seen few coloured people growing up and her parents were disapproving of coloured people, without being blatantly racist. Michael had persuaded Melanie to participate on the basis she liked dancing, even though she was a little shy when confronted by the racy outfits. Michael ensured that they had a couple of drinks before going to the first dance practice, knowing how alcohol really loosened up Melanie and that she had very little resistance to it.

Michael and Melanie attended the first pre- carnival practice sessions when the dancing began. The dancing was quite sensuous with the women dancing in front of her man wearing a short skirt, which sat on her hips and skimpy cheerleader type top which was cut to reveal the entire midriff and display a lot of cleavage. There were several dances but the main one involved the man placing one hand on the girl's stomach and the other, low on her left hip, effectively on the top of her buttock, encouraging the sensual hip movement.

Initially Melanie was OK with the dancing, but when she realised that they had to swap partners for the bulk of the practice, she was taken aback. So as to not appear rude, she did not make a fuss, but was determined to tell Michael off for not letting her know the set up. Melanie felt very small standing in front of the 6'2" James and very physically overawed. When the interracial dancing commenced, she realised that James was a great dancer, much better than her. "Just relax against me and let me lead you" James said in his deep, masculine voice. A slight shiver went through Mel but she had s submissive personality and did as he said and the main dance started.

Looking across at the couple as he held Lisa, Michael found the sight of James' very large black hand across the front of Melanie's taut white mid-section to be incredibly erotic. Because of the disparity in their size, James's hand spanned the entire area of her white, toned stomach, with his little finger almost slipping under the waistband of the low cut skirt, heading towards her lower abdomen, whilst his thumb brushed the underside of Melanie's lovely right breast. Similarly his left hand was so large that it effectively cupped most of her tight left buttock when his thumb was resting and hooked into the top of the skirt. In the meantime Michael enjoyed dancing with the very voluptuous Lisa, who seemed to like him and was a little flirtatious. Melanie, meanwhile, was acutely conscious of how much of her soft white body was being held, firmly but gently by the first black man she had ever spent much time talking to. Being nervous, and encouraged by the other three she drank as much as they did, but being so slight, it had a much greater effect on her and she rapidly became tipsy. They finished the night with a kind of salsa which involved the man's leg being placed deeply between the woman's and a lot of sideways gyrations.

With Michael doing this initially, the consequent friction between her legs combined with the alcohol started to make her very excited. Just at that point partners changed and for good measure the men had to take off their shirts and the women hold to their torso whilst leaning back and gyrating. Given her earlier excitement, she could not help but notice James's incredibly chiselled physique and warm dark skin under her slim fingers. With James's leg deep between hers and his large hand cupping her buttock to support her as she leant back, she could not help her arousal increasing. She tried to ignore it by mentally imagining herself being elsewhere. However, James, able to feel the moisture starting to moisten her panties, seeing her breathing quicken and seeing how hard her nipples were now against the flimsy top, knew that her body was reacting no matter what her mind wanted. He increased her stimulation by flexing and moving his thigh and allowing his fingers on her bottom to slightly knead her flesh. He was rewarded with a flush start to emerge on Mel's chest and even more erratic breathing. The first stage of Melanie's conditioning had been achieved by James. She had felt arousal, whilst being sensuously held in the arms of a black man.

At the end of the evening Lisa made a point of arranging to invite Melanie out for drinks with a few of her girlfriends the next week. Melanie, embarrassed at how close she had been dancing with Lisa's boyfriend, felt she had to go to show there were no hard feelings.

Melanie for her part was not entirely comfortable with the idea of mixing with coloured people, but James and Lisa seemed to be very pleasant. Lisa and Melanie went out for a girlie drinks session for the night after their first practice session as Melanie thought it would rude not to attend. A group of white and black girls went out for a drink and Melanie as usual got tipsy quite quickly. Melanie was surprised to realise that most of the white girls, who were all very attractive, had black boyfriends. Lisa, saw her opportunity and after spending the earlier part of the night on girl talk subtly moved the conversation to sex. Lisa explained how she and James had been an item and remained close, but they were incompatible in the long run. She did say that what had held them together for so long was James' amazing sexual prowess. Melanie shyly asked what she meant. Lisa explained that James combined tremendous knowledge of a woman's body, with a killer physique and his "secret weapon". Melanie blushing asked what that was. Lisa said he has the most amazing cock, very, very thick and very virile. Rather drunk Melanie said how thick is it? Lisa knew she had her interest piqued and said OK show me how thick Michael is using your fingers. Melanie shyly held her two middle fingers together, to indicate Michael's modest endowment (still giving Michael the benefit of the doubt). Lisa with a knowing smile then moved her hand all the way to Melanie's wrist and said that is how James' measures up, he is thicker than your wrist! Melanie was astonished. How did you fit it in you? She blurted out. "Once I got used to the size, it was the most amazing experience I have ever had" Lisa said. Melanie by now blushing changed the subject, but Lisa noticed how much colour she had in her cheeks. Melanie did not realise it, but she was being gradually influenced...

The dancing nights continued and Melanie gradually became more comfortable with being held so closely by a negro, although she always needed a few drinks beforehand to calm her nerves. Seeing the other white women being held so close by their black partners --and appearing to enjoy it enormously, assuaged her sense of guilt. She continued to catch up with Lisa, who had become a friend. From time to time, Lisa would drop in the odd comment about James' sexual prowess and said that he was such an amazing lover "even for a black man" that she still slept with him sometimes although they had broken up. Melanie could not help herself from asking what the comment about black men in general meant. Lisa said, with a worldly smile "everyone knows that usually black men are much better and satisfying lovers" why do you think so many white girls date them, it's certainly not for their money!" she concluded laughing. One of the pretty blonde girls from the club, who had overheard the last part of their conversation piped up and said "you are so right Lisa, I only realised what sex was supposed to be like when I first slept with a black man, you should try it Melanie, there is nothing like it! These blacks are HUGE and believe me size DOES make a difference" she said with an overt wink. Embarrassed, Melanie changed the subject. Although Melanie would not dwell on the issue, the comments had a cumulative effect of her starting to see James in a different light and at least consider for a moment the idea of what it would be like to be taken by a black man, something she had never considered before in her wildest dreams.

After one very sensuous dancing session, Michael chanced his arm by giving Melanie a few more drinks. That night he said how sexy Melanie looked with a tall black man dancing behind her and a very large black hand holding her stomach whilst the other was effectively firmly cupping her small round buttock. Melanie, who was pretty drunk by then, surprised him by saying I think James liked it as well, I thought I felt something very hard and BIG brush against my bottom near the end, she then blushed, but her unexpected admission had turned them both on. That night Michael and she had a very satisfying sexual session, with Melanie seeming to be much more responsive than usual...

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