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Melina's Balcony Fantasy


Author's note:

This story was co-written with another author who wishes to remain anonymous.


The WWE women's champion the Glamazon Beth Phoenix is sound asleep in the queen size bed of her hotel room. She turns over and as she does she reaches out with her right arm expecting to feel her girlfriend laying next to her however her arm falls onto the empty mattress causing Beth to open her eyes. When she does she see's that the side of her bed her girlfriend had fallen asleep on is now empty.

Beth sits up pulling the quilt up to cover her nakedness, even though it appears she is the only person in the room.

The Glamazon looks around the room a few times but there is no sign of her girlfriend.

Slowly Beth climbs out of the queen size bed, picking up the white dressing gown she discarded earlier on in the night when she and her girlfriend went to bed. She puts it on making sure to tie the belt tight. Once the dressing gown is on her she then goes over to the door leading to the main room of the hotel room. As she reaches the door she stops and looks in the opposite direction to where she is and see's the double doors leading out onto the balcony.

Although she is sure she won't find her girlfriend out there at this time of night Beth decides to make sure and slowly makes her way across the room to the double doors. Looking over at the bedside table clock just to see what time it is exacterly and as she does she notices that it is 5 am in the morning.

Beth swallows hard starting to wonder and worry what could be troubling her girlfriend due to the fact that she doesn't normally get up this early. Neither of them do. Especially not on such an important day as today is.

Once Beth reaches the double doors and moves the voile curtain that is in her way and looks out she see's her girlfriend standing directly in front of her with her hands on the balcony railing and her back to the women's champion.

Beth quickly has to remind herself to breathe as the sight of her girlfriend Melina Perez takes her breath away.

It has been six months since they first got together but still just the sight of her girl sent a jolt of desire running through her, a jolt that was even more powerful when her girl was naked like she was now.

The lighting was very dim but Beth recognised the sight of Melina's perfect body anywhere.

Six months ago Beth would have been shocked to see Melina naked and out there in the open where someone might see her, but it didn't now. Her girl was fearless and not only comfortable with her body, but proud of it. So proud in fact Beth often found Melina walking around in skimpy underwear or completely naked when they were alone together.

At first Beth had warned Melina about this behaviour, but it hadn't taken the Glamazon long to give up this particular fight, partly because her girl was always careful not to get caught, but mostly because Beth found it hard to complain about regularly seeing Melina in her underwear, and without, which was even better.

Silently Beth opens the door just enough for her to slide out before also silently shutting the door behind her so she could surprise her girl. Treading softly the Glamazon walks up behind her girlfriend, wrapping her arms around her waist and presses her dressing gown clad body into Melina's naked one in a perfect fit.

Melina smiles as she feels the strong but gentle arms of Beth's wrap themselves around her waist.

"Good morning." Melina says in a soft tone of voice only loud enough for Beth and herself to hear.

"It's too early to be morning." Beth whispers back.

Melina smiles an ear to ear smile.

"Your right and besides the sun hasn't come up yet." She says keeping her focus on the city that stretches as far as the eye can see.

Neither of them says another word until finally Beth breaks the silence, "What's wrong?"

This causes Melina to slowly turn around which causes Beth to break her hold as she does so.

Melina looks Beth in the eye and smiles a small smile, "What makes you think that there is something wrong?"

Beth smirks back.

"You don't normally get up this early unless there is something troubling you." Beth says remembering how when the two had first got together as a couple she found Melina awake in bed one morning and eventually got her to tell her why she was awake so early and it was because she was worried how her friends and other co-workers would react to her telling them that she was with her.

Melina smiles as she remembers the same incident that Beth is remembering.

"There is nothing troubling me today." Melina says wanting to reassure her girlfriend.

It's hard to believe but despite the fact that they have been going out for six months whenever Melina calls Beth her girlfriend it still sends a shiver or rather a tingle of pleasure through her just knowing that the mighty Glamazon is hers.

Then again it was hard for Melina to believe that they had been together for 6 months sometimes it felt like longer in both good and bad ways and other times it felt as though it hadn't been that long again in both good and bad ways.

If anybody had told her when she had first met Beth that within six months of meeting her they would be a couple she would have either laughed or called them crazy or both.

Beth had first appeared on RAW TV as Trish Stratus's new friend who had an onscreen history with the then psycho Mickie James however an accident during a match with Victoria caused Beth to be sidelined and require surgery.

Beth was then brought back in as a heel to help Melina in her feud with Candice Michelle. While the two where allies onscreen Melina hoped that the two could become friends off screen and she thought or assumed that that was what Beth wanted as well when after her first night back on RAW Beth invited her out for a drink. She accepted of course and in order to show Beth that she wanted to be friends she allowed her to pick the place and much to her surprise Beth picked a nightclub rather than a bar.

However Melina went along with her to the nightclub. Rather than be seen Beth sat her down in the quietest spot she could find for them and bought her all of her drinks and let her talk for hours about herself, something she loved to do, and still does if she is honest with herself.

The whole time all Beth did was just listen intently only ever pausing to quickly get rid of any guy who mustered up the courage to try and talk to either one of them.

At the end of the night Beth took her back to her hotel room and just when she thought the night was over Beth pulled her into her arms and kissed her.

Looking back on it now it was without a shadow of a doubt one of the most passionate kisses of her life.

The next thing Melina knew she was being led inside her hotel room strip naked and fucked to multiple orgasms for hours and hours.

This was their routine for a while until Melina finally made them have 'the talk' and after that the two officially became girlfriends.

Since then they have done their best to keep their relationship a secret from the outside world. However most of their friends, co-workers and superiors know the truth about their relationship. Some have congratulated them, some have said nothing about it, some have let them know they knew the truth with a knowing smile or a wink or even an innuendo, but so far nobody has said or done anything to suggest that they shouldn't be together and there has been no negative backlash from their lesbian relationship.

"So what are you doing out here?" Beth asks causing Melina to come out of her memories of how they got together.

"I was just waiting for the sun to come up." Melina says turning to look back over her shoulder before walking over and sitting down in one of the two chairs on opposite's sides of the table which is also set out on the balcony, "Why don't you join me."

Although Beth is tempted to ask Melina to put some clothes on, just in case, she knows Melina won't, and the Glamazon can't deny she likes seeing Melina's body in all it's glory. Beth just wishes sometimes Melina was a little more conservative at times like these despite it still being dark and all.

Beth does her best to push her concerns about being seen or rather Melina being seen the way she is to the back of her mind as she sits down in the chair near to her and the two simply look out into the distance and both wait for the sun to rise.

It is a sight worth waiting for and both enjoy the view although she does watch the sun Beth can't help but steal glances towards her girlfriend continually looking her up and down loving how rebellious she is in her own way not caring if any early risers come out onto their balcony's and see her the way she is comfortable in her own skin so to speak. That was one of the many things that attracted her to Melina.

"Isn't it beautiful." Melina asks her eyes focused on the sunrise even though she knows and can feel Beth's eyes on her.

"Yes it certainly is." Beth says smiling widely as she watches Melina turn her head and look at her with a smile of her own.

"I was talking about the sunrise." She says with a grin.

Beth pauses for a moment acting as though she has been caught doing something naughty.

"So was I." Beth then says.

Melina laughs.

"Sure you where." Melina says turning her attention to the view.

Beth also looks out at the city now bathing in the first raises of a new day's sun.

"Ready for tonight?" Beth asks once again turning her attention from the view to Melina.

Melina smirks as she keeps her eyes on the view.

"You mean our match against the playboy cover girls who think they can wrestle?" She asks knowing that Beth feels the same way she does about Maria and Ashley and the fact that they are in a tag team match with them on the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania 24.

"Yeah I'm ready." Melina says with a sigh not wanting to spoil the mood or anything like that and yet feeling the need to air her opinion on their match that night.

"You know this match shouldn't even be taking place." She says turning her attention to Beth who is looking at her with a smirk.

"Yeah I know." Beth says, "The divas division hasn't had a decent match at Wrestlemania since Mickie defeated Trish at Wrestlemania 22."

"Tell me about. Last year I was defending the woman's title against Ashley in a Lumberjill match. An this year the title isn't even on the line and it shouldn't be Maria or Ashley going after it. It should be... me." Melina says putting her name forward just to see how Beth reacts to facing her in a match now that they are together.

Beth smiles knowing what Melina is doing.

"We're currently both heels and friends onscreen." She says having told Melina in the past that she wouldn't mind them facing off in a match for the title or whatever due to the fact she knows it won't affect their personal life.

Melina smiles back.

"Ok then Victoria or Mickie James, or someone in developmental like Katie Lea Burchill or Natalya Neidhart one of those girls. While both Katie and Natalya are still a bit green they can wrestle. They can put on a show and carry their own unlike our opponents tonight who can't wrestle. They can't put on a show, unless it's a striptease, and sure as heck can't carry their own and have to be carried through a match." She says doing her best to not get too vocal due to others still being asleep either side of their balcony.

"I know how you feel babe." Beth says sharing her girl's sentiments whole heartedly, "I'm sick of the fact that for the past three year's playboy has some how been involved in Wrestlemania. I mean Christy Hemme was only involved in 21 because she was in Playboy, Ashley the same, and now Maria. I mean remember when it was rare for a WWE diva to be in playboy?"

"You mean when it actually meant something for a WWE diva to be in playboy?" Melina asks back.

Beth nods her head.

Melina slowly shakes her head.

"I'm looking forward to working with you tonight babe, I just wish we had some more talented opponents. Then again even if we had good opponents there is no way we could steal the show." Melina says, deciding to change the subject to if not the main event one of the real star attractions of tonight's show. "Not from matches like MitB, Undertaker vs Edge, and Shawn Michaels vs Ric Flair."

"Those matches are defiantly going to steal the show." Beth says in agreement with Melina's statement, "And Michaels vs Flair is no doubt going to be just as emotional if not more so than last night at the Hall Of Fame induction ceremony."

"Tonight is going to be emotional, and so is tomorrow night." Melina says thinking about what Triple H has planned for Ric Flair's last night on RAW which everybody apart from the man himself of course knows about. Melina's thought slowly turn to something else which causes her to smile, "Good thing nobody saw you last night during Ric's induction."

Beth looks at Melina and grins.

"Don't go there Melina." She warns in a friendly tone of voice knowing what her girl is getting at.

Melina's smile widens as she knows she has hit a nerve, "I wonder what the other girls backstage would say if they knew what a total softy the big tough Glamazon really..."

Melina's words are cut off by Beth's lips attaching themselves to her's in an attempt to silence her girlfriend from saying anything else.

Melina smiles due to this being the exact reaction she was hoping for and having teased the Glamazon intentionally due to the fact she knows how much she likes people backstage to think that she really is like her character when she is not, at least not all the time.

After a while Beth breaks the kiss and smiles at Melina knowing that Melina meant to say what she said simply because she knew how she would respond and yet not minding at all due to the fact that she is defiantly in the mood for them to continue what Melina started.

"Let's go back to bed." Beth says smiling an ear to ear smile at her lover.

"Why?" Melina asks with a cheeky grin on her face.

"You know why." Beth says.

"No..." Melina says, trying to sound innocent, "Why don't you tell me?"

Knowing what her girl wants Beth smiles, leans in and whispers into Melina's ear, "Let's go back to bed so I can fuck you."

Even though she knew it was coming a shiver of desire still floods Melina's body, tempting her to just let the Glamazon lead her back to her bedroom and have her way with her. However...

"I have a better idea..." Melina whispers back, "Why don't you fuck me right here."

Beth's smile slowly fades due to the fact that unlike her girlfriend Beth isn't much of an exhibitionist when it comes to her body or anything else.

Melina can tell Beth is uncomfortable with this however she is determined to get what she wants.

"Please Beth, I always wanted to have sex on a balcony, and this is perfect. Everyone's asleep in their rooms so we won't be caught and we can watch the sunrise as we make love. Won't that be nice baby?" Melina pleads.

"I don't know Melina." Beth says hesitantly, "People will be waking up soon, and your kind of a screamer."

"But you know I can be quiet when I need to be." Melina protests, before a smile crosses her face, "Well, quiet enough."

The Glamazon frowns at her girlfriend.

"Come on Beth, I'll be quiet, I swear, and if we see anyone or even the slightest movement we can dash inside before anyone sees us." Melina promises, before switching to her most seductive tone of voice, "And if you do this for me... it'll mean I'll totally owe you a favour... a favour I'm sure you'll find a fun way to collect on."

The two girlfriends stare at each other for a few moments but both are able to tell that once again Melina is getting her way because Beth loves it when Melina owes her a favour of any kind because normally all of the favours end up with one or both of them cumming in multiple orgasms.

Beth is still nervous, however the thought that Melina will owe her a favour is too tempting a proposition for her to turn down.

"Alright Melina." She says sitting back down in her seat having shot up and across the table to stop Melina by kissing her.

"Let's do it." Beth adds slowly undoing the belt on her robe doing her best to push her nervousness about being naked in public as well as doing it in public to the back of her mind.

Melina watches as Beth disrobes herself partly wishing she could have done that herself and yet happy that Beth is willing to allow them to for fill one of her greatest fantasies. Standing up Melina walks around the table and get's down on her knees in front of her lover so that she is eye level with Beth's beautifully well proportioned breasts. Moving her head forward Melina takes Beth's left nipple into her mouth and slowly and gently starts to suck on it causing Beth to moan softly despite herself due to how much she loves having her breasts sucked and licked.

Melina smiles around Beth's left nipple as she continues to lick and suck it, intent on giving both breasts the worshipping they deserved. After all this is The Glamazon, her Glamazon, and Melina's Glamazon deserves nothing but the best. As far as Melina is concerned what Beth said on TV after she won the WWE Woman's title from Candice Michelle back at No Mercy 2007 for the first time is the truth she really is the ultimate combination of strength and beauty. In Melina's eyes everything about the Glamazon is perfect especially her breasts and her Glama-Pussy as Melina affectionately calls it.

As she continues to suckle and lick The Glamazon's perfect breast Melina thinks about the past couple of WWE Divas to have posed in Playboy and although she has stated publicly that she will never pose in playboy herself due to the fact she isn't interested in doing it she can't understand why the WWE didn't approach Beth to be next to do playboy considering her gimmick as 'The Glamazon' and everything. Melina is sure that had they asked Beth and had Beth said yes her issue of Playboy would have been the most successful issues ever sold even more successful than Sable's and Chyna's if not more. It would have at the very least put Christy's Maria's and Ashley's to shame. She herself would certainly have bought an issue even though she has the real thing.

Clearing her mind of these thoughts and simply focusing on the task at hand Melina removes the nipple from her mouth and decides to give the actual breast some attention. She does so by licking around the nipple and with each circle that she makes she moves further outwards kind of like the way you get a ripple effect when you drop a stone into a pond. Melina continues to do this until she reaches the base of the breast where the breast meets the rest of Beth's perfectly toned and tanned body. However Melina doesn't stop she simply does what she has been doing only now she starts going the other way making her way back towards the centre until she once again reaches the nipple. When she reaches her destination Melina once again takes her girlfriend's nipple back into her mouth and gives it a long hard suck causing Beth to moan out loud.

After moaning a little bit louder than she intended to Beth looks down and sees her lover and the cause of her moan Melina remove the nipple she had in her mouth and repositions herself so that she is face to face or rather face to breast with Beth's right breast. Beth waits expecting Melina to take the nipple of her right breast into her mouth any second, but is shocked when what Melina does is starts at the base of the breast and starts working her way in towards the nipple, basically doing what she did to the left breast only backwards not that Beth is complaining, far from it. In fact in order to show Melina that she approves Beth raises her right hand and very gently places it on the back of Melina's head and runs her fingers through the brunette's long dark hair, loving the feel of it in her fingers as well as loving the feel of the Mexican descendant's tongue on her body.

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