tagSci-Fi & FantasyMelissa 2.1

Melissa 2.1


After paying the cashier I grabbed my tray, making sure I had a firm hold of my glass of iced tea, and looked around the crowded delicatessen. My work on a software upgrade delayed me, so I faced a larger crowd than I normally ran into at lunch. Looking down the racks of wine bottles and assorted cheeses I spotted an open table but before I could move that way an attractive lady placed her tiny salad on the table and slid into the seat. I was about to concede defeat and head out onto the porch where the tables were mostly empty, but the hot and very humid weather promised a very uncomfortable experience, when I noticed someone waving at me.

Nodding my head I moved over to his table and said, "Hey Andy, I thought I got here ahead of you."

"You did, but while you were gawking at Terry's tiny salad, I found a prime table, where I can watch Terry's tiny titties while she eats her tiny salad."

Sitting down and unwrapping my sandwich I replied, "I tell you Andy, she's pretty incredible. It's the classic lines, like a dancer."

"Hell, if I were head of our department, we would see a bit more quality cleavage around the office."

"Yeah and we'd probably see a hell of a lot of sexual harassment lawsuits."

"Harassment? Hell I'm just saying we could use a little more..."

"Yeah, I heard you and let's just say we have an excellent staff, better than the design department."

"Okay, okay. Design is scary. Hey you are running late Marc, not like you to run late for the dinner bell."

"I got in a software upgrade, I got tied up working on it."

"Upgrade?" Andy asked sliding forward in his chair and tilting his bald head to the side. "What kind of upgrade?"

"Well, it's a beta version, so I've been mostly reading up on it."

"A beta version of what, I haven't gotten anything in email about an upgrade."

"Well, it's only for a select few people, I had to sign a beta test agreement. There was a bunch of forms and stuff to fill out."

"Still there's nothing at work... Hey, this isn't for work is it?"

I shook my head back and forth.

"You dog you! It's Melissa isn't it?"

I couldn't help but smile broadly.

"How... when... what is the upgrade?"

"Whoa, whoa, calm down Andy. I got it last night, Melissa 2.1 the redhead upgrade."

Now Andy shook his head, "The redhead upgrade? You act like I'm a complete sexist because I want to see some bigger breasts and you are 'upgrading' from brunette to redhead. So come on Marc, tell me what makes the redheads an upgrade?"

"Andy, come on, it's called an upgrade because now you can get some variation from the original hair color. Others got the blonde or brunette upgrade, I just wanted to try a redhead."

"And?" he asked, dabbing a bead of sweat from his head with his napkin.

"And what? It's still installing."


"Think about it Andy, this is not just a simple computer upgrade."

"I guess you're right. How did you do it, I mean did Melissa know?"

"Well, I had thought about telling her, but you remember the problem 2.0 had?"

"The jealousy thing?"

"Yeah, and I got a bit nervous about telling her."

"But she'll be the same, just improved."

"Yeah, but I was afraid she'd be jealous of... well, herself, her 'new' self. The 2.1 installation instructions even mention the problem. They fix it with this version, but they warn that the 2.0 version may harbor some self awareness issues. See, right here it says, '...recommend initiating the upgrade while subject is asleep or otherwise impaired.'"

"So what did you do?"

"I simply waited until she was asleep."

"But with all the wires and stuff, didn't that wake her up?"

"No, it's just a card, like a secure digital memory card. Remember, when I initially had her programmed they installed a tiny card reader tucked in beneath her breast. While she was asleep, I just lifted and inserted the card. It then dissolves into her system and the coding gets circulated through her body.

"The upgrade revitalizes her overnight and while I sleep beside her, she is infused with my smell, my breathing patterns and supposedly even my brain waves. When the upgrade is complete, any boredom she may have developed for me over the year since the last upgrade is replaced with an intense attraction. She'll be like a newlywed, wanting to explore the newfound sexual freedom, only, she will retain all her previously acquired sexual knowledge. At least that's what the manual says," I said finishing the last of my sandwich and taking a sip of my iced tea.

"Well did it work?"

"The installation was still running when I left for work. According to the manual, I can login from my computer at work and start it up. It's actually set up so I can connect remotely and actually program a sexual suggestion to her. Say I feel like some oral today, the feel of that red hair tickling my nose, I simply program a suggestion and by the time I get home she is so hot and bothered for me to dive in between her legs, she may meet me at the car and jump me."

"So what is it for tonight?"

"Well, just the thought of going down on that red haired pussy is driving me wild, so that's first on my agenda."

Andy had finished his lunch, so we picked up our trash and trays and headed away from the table. As I was putting the try and glass down on the return table he leaned over and whispered, "Let me know how it turns out, and hey, I want details."

"You know Andy, you might to look at buying the software, who knows, you might be able to slip one of the cards under Terry's tiny tittie."

"Oh I wish," he moaned heading out the door.

I was distracted the rest of the afternoon, unable to accomplish anything related to work. I did log in and check on the Melissa 2.1 upgrade, discovering the installation went without a glitch and the software was ready for me to input my suggestion. Wondering what it would be like to run my lips over the soft, curly red hair between her legs, I worked at my keyboard outlining my "suggestion."

By four o'clock I gave up getting anything done at work and slipped out. Traffic was light so my drive home was a breeze and I had plenty of opportunity to run scenarios though my mind of what might happen. Whatever the scene, the flaming red hair on her head and inside her panties played a significant role. When I finally pulled into my garage pod, my cock had been up and ready for at least half an hour.

Melissa didn't meet me at the car as I had talked about with Andy, but, after adjusting my erection, I limped up to the door and quietly opened it. There she was sitting on the couch completely naked with one leg propped over the armrest and the other stretched out on the floor giving me a perfect view of the new shade of pubic hair.

I could only stare at her for the longest time, gazing at her fair skin, the way her triangle of red hair curled enticingly, drawing my eyes downward to her slit which was just beginning to blossom into those beautiful pink folds. Her hands were at her breasts, teasing her nipples but all I could do was watch her pussy as it responded to the arousal. As her lips swelled and her clit grew I saw her slowly open up to me.

Finally after a few minutes I shook my head, breaking the trance and looked up at her face, noticing how beautifully the auburn red hair rolled down onto her shoulders. Her eyebrows were a bit thinner than they had been, but the deep red color there seemed to accent her green eyes. I then noticed her freckles as I looked at her cheeks and then at her thin nose. They were cute and sexy at the same time and I imagined kissing each tiny dot, only after I had finished between her legs though.

Looking down a bit, I noticed her lips moving and realized she was talking to me. "I'm sorry, what were you saying?" I asked.

"Not listening to me?"

"Ah, well it's just that I, ah..."

"I asked you whether you were just going to stand there looking at me or were you going to get undressed and eat me?"

I didn't need to answer her question, I simply pulled off my clothes and moved over to her, settling between her legs. Leaning forward I moved my face through the soft, red curls, feeling the slight tickling sensation over my lips and nose. Breathing in I took in her earthy fragrance and wanting more of her, I moved downward, sliding my tongue down her slit and then sliding back upward, opening it to expose her clit. Teasing her, I moved my tongue in and around the tiny nub only lightly brushing against it.

She began to lift her hips, moving them in an effort to push her clit against my tongue, but I quickly dove down between her lips, driving my tongue into her wet and tangy tasting opening. Moving my tongue back and forth into her and then circling around the walls, I savored the taste of her, letting the unique flavor cover me. I then returned to her clit as I moved my right hand up and slipped two, then three fingers into her moist softness.

I felt her hands grab my head as my tongue moved up to her clit, not teasing this time, instead my tongue circled it caressing it, flicking it up and down. As she lifted her hips and ground her pussy onto my face, I sucked her clit into my mouth, running my tongue up and down its shaft as I sucked. She moaned loudly and came, her cunt walls pulsing around my fingers as I paused for just a moment as she arched her back. With her pussy still squeezing my fingers again and again, I began sucking and licking her clit again.

Hearing her squeal I sucked that much harder, feeling her fingers grasp my hair and pull it. Her hips bucket wildly up and down as she quickly flowed into another climax, this time crying out, "Oh yes, again... again." Releasing her clit, I let my head rest on her thigh as I felt the pulsations coursing through her body and pussy gently fade away.

It took a few minutes for her to catch her breath and regain her composure, but once she did she seemed to go wild. One moment I'm kneeling between her legs, resting my head on her thigh, the next thing I know, she has pushed me onto my back. All I could do is relax as she moved over me, running her mouth over my stomach and chest, then moving to the nipples. As she teased me with her kisses, she let her wet pussy slide up and down my legs, the soft lips leaving damp kisses of their own on me.

Now it was her turn to tease me as she concentrated on my nipples, leaving my cock to twitch and swing in the cool air. Occasionally she'd let her shoulder brush against it, or she'd move so her thigh might rub it. From time to time she'd grasp it with her hand and stroke it once, twice, maybe a third time and then pull away, oblivious to my pumping hips and urgent moans.

When she finally ran her tongue down my stomach and over my cock I could feel my body trembling with need. Fully in control of the situation, she firmly grabbed my shaft with her hand and moved her mouth over the head. With a tight grasp she began pumping up and down with her hand as her mouth sucked hard on me, her cheeks pulling inward because of the suction. Looking down, I watched my cock head move in and out of her mouth, the bluish skin glistening with her saliva.

In just moments I felt a surge of pleasure build in my balls and then shoot up my shaft as I spurted my cum into her mouth in splash after splash. She slowed her hand down, gently milking the cum out of me as her beautiful red hair moved softly over my balls and thighs. Feeling completely spent, I eased my head back and relaxed. She continued caressing my balls, lifting them up and running her fingers under them as I drifted to sleep.

I must have slept for an hour or so but after I woke up the rest of the evening went wonderfully. We had an excellent dinner, so good in fact that I volunteered to clean up the kitchen. I considered maybe another session with her when we went to be early, but I felt an odd tingling, almost burning sensation up under my balls, so I let it go, figuring we could pick up tomorrow. Melissa was reading some pamphlet or small book as I drifted to sleep thinking of what "suggestion" I'd program for tomorrow.

That next morning I woke up late so I skipped breakfast, kissed Melissa goodbye, and headed out to my car. I couldn't wait for lunch to fill Andy in on the success of the upgrade. Once at work I efficiently moved through everything I had left from the day before and then continued on, finishing up most of what I planned to do the rest of the week. By the time lunchtime came around I was cleaning up my desk.

I waited by the door to the lunchroom as Andy headed down the long corridor. I waved back to him and then heard him call out, "Well how did the upgrade go?"

Remaining silent until he got a bit closer, I leaned toward him and whispered, "It was incredible, much more anything I could have expected."

"Well come on in Marc, tell me more about it."

"No, sorry Andy, I'm waiting for Melissa, she called at the last minute and I'm taking her shopping during my lunch hour."

"Well okay, but once you get back you got to give me the details."

"See you later," I said, heading out toward the parking lot.

Melissa and I spent a couple of hours shopping, looking at shoes, clothes and even some kitchen stuff. She tried on a number of outfits and then tried on every shoe in the store that was her size. We ended up buying a few things and then settled down to a nice lunch. She dropped me back at the office and told me she'd be out shopping some more, so I kissed her and told her to have a nice time.

Once back at the office I checked my email and then, because I really didn't have anything else to do I headed over to Andy's office. Well, I gave him the short version of the evening, then he made me go into details and I found myself describing how her pubic hair tickled my nose when she came, how she squealed before coming that second time and how she played with my balls as I drifted to sleep.

"Well Marc all I can say is wow. And damn it's done you come good, hell you look 10 years younger today, like you colored your hair or... hey, did you color your hair?"

"No, didn't even wash it last night."

"But it's like, well it's not as gray."

"Gray? My hair was never gray, more a platinum blonde."

"No, I'm serious man, the gray, it's gone," he said, reaching up and taking come in his fingers. "Really, there is no gray there."

"Oh come on Andy..."

"Here, follow me," he said, grabbing my sleeve and leading me to the restroom. He pushed open the door and drug me over to the mirrors. "There, look for yourself."

"Well it looks..."

"Looks hell, the gray is gone."

He was right, the silver streaks were completely gone as was the large patch of gray I had near my forehead. "Damn, must be the vigorous sex," I whispered, laughing a bit.

We walked back to Andy's office and he continued, "I mean it man, whatever happened with Melissa, you are sure different today, I mean since when do you go shopping? Or I should say, since when do you go shopping and enjoy it?"

I paused, I did enjoy it, the clothes, the shoes, even the kitchen stuff. Normally I'd have been bored to death, clamoring to go to a bookstore or just leave, but today I didn't complain a bit, I actually enjoyed it all.

"I don't know Marc, you just seem strange."

"Well, I did knock out all my work for today so I'm heading out. I figured I'd get home early and clean the..." I stopped as Andy stared at me in disbelief. "What?" I asked.

"You go home early and clean the what?"

"House, I figured I'd clean the house," I replied.

"Man something is wrong here, something is seriously wrong."

"Oh don't be ridiculous, I finished up early and am heading home. See you tomorrow," I said heading out of his office. All Andy could do was shake his head in disbelief.

It was so early that traffic was even better than yesterday and when I got home I saw Melissa was still out shopping. I opened the door, put my computer bag in the closet, changed my clothes and then grabbed a dust rag. I planned to quickly dust everything and then run the vacuum. I started dusting in the living room but quickly moved into the bedroom.

When I moved over to Melissa's side of the bed to dust her nightstand, I noticed the tiny book she was reading from the night before. It didn't look like most of her normal books so I picked it up and looked closer. It was titled "Installation and Maintenance Instructions for Marc 3.2." I put it down on the bed and then finished dusting her nightstand.

Once finished dusting I grabbed the vacuum and ran it through the house, conveniently finishing just as I heard the front door open. Melissa called out, "Marc, I'm home."

I quickly moved into our bathroom and began running the bathwater, sprinkling in some of her favorite bath salts. Calling back to her I said, "Okay, just starting up your bath honey. What do you want for dinner?"

She walked into the room, came over to me and gave me a hard, passionate kiss. She then said, "Oh Marc you're such a wonderful husband."

"And you're the perfect wife," I replied, wondering what she would select for dinner.

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