tagCelebrities & Fan FictionMelissa and Joey - The Later Years

Melissa and Joey - The Later Years


Note- What happened after Mel and Joe settled down? Boredom. This is inspired only and not about any known television characters or shopping companies, Extra inspiration from the work of Hungarian porn star Amirah Adara, one of the hottest young adult movie actresses around.


Melanie Burke heard the doorbell and checked her reflection in the hall mirror before answering the door. She had been expecting the Avon girl and was eager to let her in. Wearing a smart beige skirt suit of polyester she looked business like and stylish. The jacket had sleeves that were three quarter length and had one large front button. Fully lined, the knee length skirt was pencil thin and accentuated her wide hips. A pair of four inch heels in black gave her five feet two inches a little help.

Mel had tried and failed to become enter Congress in 2014, after becoming the youngest female to be voted city council woman in the history of Toledo. Since then she had married Joe Longo and born twins, and now four years later the couple had settled into a mundane life that was alleviated only by extra marital sex.

"Hi, I am Amirah, your Avon girl."

A petite brunette with lengthy straight hair gave Mel a big smile as she opened the door. The young girl has a certain shy charm as she stood in her thick leather jacket and frayed denim shorts, cut high at the top of her tanned thighs. She shifted from one foot to the other in her motorcycle boots that looked way too big for her teeny frame.

"I have some perfumes that I think you may be interested in."

"Come on in."

The Avon company was still going strong after more than a century and Mel liked the fact that the girls still came to her door. And It seemed that lately they were getting younger. This girl had an affectionate European accent that Mel guessed might be Hungarian.

"You have a nice house. Do you live here alone?"

"No, my husband and I have three year old twins. He's taking them to the park this morning. Take a seat."

"Thank you. This is my first day you know, I'm a little shy."

Amirah bent forwards to set her two display cases down and Mel licked her lips at how the shorts rode right up Amirah's crotch. The base of her buttocks showed and Mel adored how both cheeks lifted and separated. They sat side by side on a three seat sofa and Amirah unzipped her jacket to reveal a white boob top underneath, She crossed her slim legs and opened the blue case first.

"So I like to show you some lipstick, mascara, lotion for the bath. See?"

Mel leaned in close and inhaled the girl's scent and looked directly into her dark brown eyes.

"You smell nice, show me what you're wearing."

"You like? I wear this every day, it's 'Prima Noir Eau de Parfum.' And for you today is fifteen per cent off."

Amirah sprayed the display bottle on her wrist and raised it up for Mel to sniff. Mel took hold of the proffered wrist and breathed in slowly. She did not relinquish Amirah's wrist for a long moment.

"Nice, spray it on my neck."

Mel tilted her chin as Amirah sprayed from the bottle, and as she did so caught a glimpse of Mel's bare breasts where the single button secured her jacket.

"I also have something special just for you, this one is called 'Little Red Dress Eau de Toilette' that your husband will adore. It's a unique blend of five roses."

Amirah held the spray bottle and Mel held her hand in hers as they both pressed the little nozzle.

"Quite delightful. Yes, Joe will like that I'm sure."

The girl blushed as she pulled her hand back eventually and studied the middle aged woman. Her soft glossy hair was parted on one side and framed the sides of her face. She had a pale complexion and bright blue eyes. Her 32B cup boobs were being pushed up by the jacket and Amirah was well aware that Mel had neglected to wear a blouse or indeed a bra. Since bearing the twins her once svelte figure had seen a few pounds added to her tits and ass, although in a sexy addition.

"Any mascara?"

"Yes, let me show you our latest Avon offer."

Amirah retrieved a tiny bottle and drew the little brush out and began to apply some to Melanie's lashes. Then she produced a mirror to show her the result.

"Look at me! I look smouldering! I must confess I'm getting just a little bit horny."

The blonde put her right hand on the bare thigh of Amirah and squeezed it lightly.

"Don't, don't do this, please. This I don't like."

"Oh, alright. Did you remember my special lubricant?"

Mel reluctantly ceased touching Amirah's leg as the girl opened her second case. She took out a white bottle of 'Jo' h2o water based anal lubricant and passed it over to an excited Mel.

"Wow, good. This is just what I wanted."

"It is?" Amirah narrowed her eyes as Mel tipped the bottle and rubbed some oil between her thumb and forefinger. "You need this?"

"Every woman needs sexual satisfaction, don't you agree?"

Amirah shrugged her shoulders.

"I guess so, how do you use this?"

"Let me show you. I know you'll love it. Take your shorts off."

"What! Why?"

"To show you how it works. I'm not gonna do anything, it's just us girls."

"I don't know if I should."

"It won't take long. It will be a whole new experience that I think you may like."

Amirah pondered and looked around the large sitting room biting her lower lip. Only aged twenty two she was still open to new things, sexual and otherwise.

"Oh, okay."

Amirah stood and smiled demurely and shook her hips from side to side as she wriggled out of her denim shorts. Naked underneath, Mel was presented with the sight of Amirah's shaven Mound of Venus and firm ass. The young girl saw Mel raise an eyebrow at her wanton daring.

"Yeah, I don't like any panties when I ride my motorcycle. They chafe."

"You have astounding legs." Said Mel who looked her up and down.

"Thank you, so now what?"

"Just lean forward and grip the back of the sofa."

Amirah did so and her sensational ass cheeks rose up into view with her bald crevice dead centre at the revealing thigh gap. She looked over her right shoulder as the blonde caressed her satin smooth buttocks.

"Very soft yet firm, you're so lucky."

"I like to dance."

Amirah responded to the gentle and warm hands that moved lightly over the well shaped swells of her cheeks and her legs felt a little weak. Mel nodded as she opened the bottle and let a long string of the slippery stuff on her finger. A shiver went through Amirah as the digit traced a line along her outer vaginal lips.

"You like that?"

"Yes, it feels very nice actually." Purred the Hungarian beauty.

Mel slipped inside the inner labia and moved around and around and Amirah sighed and wriggled backwards. The lube was cool and gooey as Mel pushed her finger into her seething pussy a little deeper each time.

"Is nice but we should stop I think."

Mel put her left palm on Amirah's ass cheeks and ground firmly against the twin globes as her sticky finger tickled the girls puckered anus.

"Oh but we're just getting started."

"Am I interrupting anything?"

Amirah spun around in surprise at the sound of a man entering the room and sat back down with her legs crossed and her hands deep down between her upper thighs. Embarrassed at being naked from the waist down she blushed and smiled nervously.

"It's quite alright, this is my husband Joe. How are the twins?"

"Napping. Are you two having a good time?"

"We were, right Amirah?"

"Oh yes, I am showing your wife the perfumes."

"And the lubricant I'm guessing."

Joe gave his wife a knowing wink. Despite her awkward predicament Amirah looked into the dark brooding eyes of Joe and felt an instant attraction. He had his hair shorn very short and sported two days of stubble. She swept a curtain of hair over her shoulder and squirmed on her bare ass silently.

"I'm gonna go shower. You two carry on." Joe left and Mel shuffled closer to the girl.

"He's nice, don't you think?" Beamed Mel.

"I think that you are very lucky lady."

Melanie and Joe Longo had met a few years before when he had been employed as a nanny, or was that manny, for Mel's nephew and niece. Circumstances has thrown the two together, he in a failed Ponzi scheme and she having to take in her sisters kids. Now man and wife they had children of their own.

"Now, where were we?" Mel could feel the heat in her own body as she parted Amirah's clamped legs and placed her hand to the smooth mound that showed a certain dampness.

"You think we should?"

"Can't turn the tide back, open those luscious legs for me."

Amirah flung her left boot up onto Mel's right shoulder and kicked her right leg up at the knee.

"You're very limber." She smiled.

Mel put her left hand to Amirah's quim and felt her seeping fluid from within. The buxom blonde ran her tongue up the left inner thigh of the young Avon girl and left a wet smear as she moved inward to the tantalising shaven labia. Amirah groaned as Mel reached her sensitive slit and licked up to the top. With one finger probing her inner hole Mel flicked higher still and lapped happily at the tiny clitoris.

"Ugh! Oh!"

Amirah wanted to bring her thighs together around Mel's face as she was tongue lashed and fingered but her legs were firmly parted by Mel's grip. Her trim little buns shifted to and fro on the sofa as the lapping tongue brought forth short breaths of pleasure.

"I'm going to mess your nice sofa."

"Right get on your hands and knees."

Mel leaned back as the girl moved horizontally along the seat and thrust her ass up invitingly. Her own pussy was dripping and her damp panties had ridden up into her crack. She tugge them off over her high heels and tossed them aside. Amirah parted her legs and the blonde slid her hand into the wet slot and the girl responded with welcome pushes back.

"Oh my!" Cooed Amirah when Mel crammed her face to her snatch from behind.

Her tongue darted out and inside the simmering tunnel as far as it would go. She sucked and poked as she placed the palms of her hands on the pair of sweet buttocks. Her nose was virtually in the girls anus as she moved her head up and down, giggling as she did so. Amirah thrilled to the wonderful feel of being eaten as Mel speeded up the flurry of tongue thrusting.

"Feels so good!" Gasped Amirah.

Mel chose to stop then and rubbed her aching jaw.

"I need a break honey, how about you lick me out?"


Amirah got up and removed her heavy leather jacket and tugged her top over her head.

"You have a lovely figure." Mel studied her small breasts and flat stomach. "But the big boots look a little comical when you're butt naked."

They gazed directly into each others eyes and Amirah pulled her boots off with two hefty tugs. Then she brushed her lips over Melanie's tits as her hands moved down her flanks, exploring and touching female flesh. She moved her mouth from one big nipple to the other which Mel found to be quite satisfying. Amirah sucked the left jug into her mouth and chewed lightly on the hard nipple, biting and nipping the tender tip. Then she moved to the other and did the same. Her hands wandered south and eventually reached under the moaning woman.


With her ample rump in both hands Amirah kissed her inner thighs, alternating from left to right with the most tender and sweet lips. Mel moved her pelvis and lifted her snatch up to be licked, and the young girl dove in with enthusiasm. With her left leg out and her right up over the back of the sofa Mel groaned as Amirah's tongue darted over the moist slit.

"Yes, keep licking me like that."

The Hungarian girl closed her eyes as she flicked from top to bottom and inserted two fingers inside and frigged hard and fast. When she found the huge clitoris which emerged seeking attention, Amirah buried her face in Mel's soft pussy and sucked the nub with a constant purse of her lips. The blonde thrashed wildly on the sofa from the delightful licking and fingering and she made fists of her hands.

"I want you to lick my ass."

"Really, your ass?" Amirah stopped and looked up at Mel who gave her the big eye look.

The tanned girl dipped her head again and poked out her tongue at the most sensitive tiny strip of flesh between cunt hole and ass hole. Amirah gave tentative little flicks and concentrated on the perineum with occasional moves up and down. Then she swirled her tongue around the puckered ridge before finally poking into the tiny hole. She stuck in and kept still before nodding her head up and down with her embedded, and gasps of delight escaped Melanie as she oozed fluids.

"Almost there, almost there," she croaked.

Her left hand stroked the long brown hair of Amirah who began to buck herself as her own cunt leaked profusely. The increasing friction on her anus made Mel begin to perspire as her orgasm built inside, unable to hold off any longer. Amirah rammed three fingers in now with great speed as Mel gyrated on her rump.

"I...I...cum, cum, cum!"

The blonde cried out as her thunderous climax took hold, and when Amirah pressed her thumb on her clit she exploded in an unbelievable orgasm. As the pair of panting women drew in welcome air Joe returned in just a bath robe and slipped it off quietly behind Amirah. His bared athletic frame was hairless and ripped. He was proud of his biceps and six pack abs that had benefited from short intense daily workouts. Mel looked past Amirah and grinned at her husbands enormous boner that poked up to the ceiling.

"What a stunning ass you have." He said admiringly.

Amirah looked around and her eyes fell on Joe's smooth skinned erection that looked like the very thing she needed at that moment. He took the bottle of 'Jo' and liberally smeared it along his twitching shaft. Joe shuffled right up behind and wedged his knees between her thighs. Amirah turned back to look at Melanie and they locked eyes as Joe swiped the fat head of his cock against the juicy crack of Amirah's cunt and then pushed on in.

"Oh fuck!"

The entire seven inches of hot meat was fully lodged in the girls steamy pussy.

"How is THAT!" Asked a proud Mel.

"I cannot talk right now," whimpered the girl as her cunt stretched out around the cock.

Amirah sank her nails into Melanie's thighs as Joe began to move back and forth with a surprisingly iron willed reluctance to move in faster. Instead he held her by the waist and pushed in and out with long and languid strokes that oiled her pussy as well as his thick organ.

"Isn't he just adorable?"

Amirah mumbled an affirmative as he made slow corkscrew motions in and out of her drenched muff. Then he pulled out completely and rubbed his knob along her ass crack, smearing the lubricant into her bum cleavage with unadulterated glee. The brunette wiggled her firm posterior, desperate for further penetration. He smiled at Mel and thrust back in hard, all the way to the hilt and paused with a heavy sigh. Then he withdrew once more and Amirah sobbed.

"Oh no, this is too much."

"Do you like her?" Wondered Mel.

"Her pussy is great, juicy and wet. And she's so petite!"

He pushed in again, made a few quick jabs and pulled out.

"Don't tease the girl Joe, fuck her, she's gagging for it."

With a pelvic twist Joe was in again and sent his rampant cock into the slick cunt of Amirah Adara. On fire now the handsome male slammed into the groaning girl over and over which sent her forwards into the arms of Mel. His pubes scratched against the smooth pussy of Amirah and his balls bounced on her quivering butt as he grasped her waist tightly. The sound of Joe's steady thrusting into Amirah's slippery groove combined with his groin slapping on her cute butt. He was greatly turned on by the sight of his length splitting her quim as he drove in, doggy style being his favourite position.

"You two look pretty good together." Gushed Mel as she watched closely. "Your cock looks so big in her tight little box."

The horny blonde got up and tottered on her heels and hugged Joe from behind and kissed his neck and shoulders as he fucked the moaning Hungarian. Mel massaged Joe's ripped chest and stroked his stomach as they watched his cock slide in and out of Amirah. Her boobs pushed into his back and she rubbed against his tight buttocks.

"My word, you're getting me all steamy, I gotta have me some of that cock. Seeing you fuck a younger girl turns me on big time. Over her lover and fuck me in the ass!"

Joe nodded and left Amirah who fucked air a couple of times in the hope he might shove it on again. Joe sat beside her and assumed the position on his butt as he settled on the seat. Mel jumped up excited and stripped off her skirt and jacket, revealing her lush body, all wide flaring hips and bouncing tits. Amirah took a move back as Mel turned and showed her big butt to her husband.

"Fuck me reverse cowgirl."

"Okay Burke, if that's how you want it."

"Help me out honey and lube me."

Amirah looked on agog as she tipped out some of the lotion and rubbed it into the woman's asshole. Mel, naked except for her shoes, dug her heels in and looked down. Joe put his cock head at her anal entrance and ran it along the rectal crack in order to lube up.

"Ready babe?"

Mel nodded and one steady shove up and his bell end was in. She inhaled deeply and looked into the eyes of a fascinated Amirah as Joe kept on going until half of his prick was in her anal passage.

"Honey, I cannot describe how this feels."

Mel Moved her hips and slid down further until he had all seven inches buried in her anus. His groin pressed at her bottom as he wrapped both arms about her waist. As Mel grew accustomed she began to move up and down on his gorgeous throbbing pole, wiggling her butt from side to side. Again Joe felt an urge to play and slammed up into his wife and then pulled back until only his glans was left inserted in her sphincter.

"Holy shit!" She cried as he held back before ramming upwards once more.

He repeated this at length and Amirah joined in the fun by teasing Mel's clit with her thumb. Mel never felt so alive as the thumb rotated on the hard nub as her asshole was plundered relentlessly. Her mouth hung open as her breathing grew heavy and with her head back her hair tickled her upper spine.

"You guys! What are you doing to me!"

With her legs wide apart Mel let Amirah see her ravaged asshole consume Joe's appendage, and Mel chuckled at the obscene and dirty farting noises that she made as he moved up inside.

"Oh my, I'm such a slut!"

Mel's tits jiggled and swayed to their rhythmic humping and Joe peppered her with little kisses all over. Now she raised up higher as she became relaxed and crashed down again and she felt a satisfied vibration inside her as she enjoyed his throbbing tool. As Amirah applied more pressure Joe's cock rubbed Melanie's thin membrane that separated pussy from anus and brought about her second orgasm. As Mel screamed Joe withdrew his slimy prick and Amirah grabbed it in her fist and jacked it fast. Joe yelped as he erupted and his hot cum squirted out into Amirah's face which, although she had expected it, took her by surprise at how much he spurted out. Her mouth bubbled as she spewed out her spit together with his goo. She used her fingertips to pull out a long string of white stuff into the air and then tilted her head back to swallow it all.

"Avon calling! Or should that be coming?"

Mel collapsed backwards onto Joe's sweating body as Amirah got up and collected her things.

"Good news honey, the UPS is calling later with our package and I told them to send a female driver."

"I love you Mel."

"Love you too baby."


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