tagIncest/TabooMelissa Ch. 05

Melissa Ch. 05


What you are about to read is a work of fiction. Although the characters are based on actual people their names have been changed. This story contains the feelings and the fantasies that an old man has about his daughter-in-law. None of what is contained herein ever happened.



I woke up at my usual time the next morning. Melissa and I were still entwined and I had a morning woody that demanded relief. Trying very hard not to wake Melissa, I finally was able to disentangle myself and go to the bathroom. I then perked a pot of coffee in the little coffee maker that you see so often in a motel room, poured me a cup and silently slipped outside for my morning cigarette. I finished my first cup of coffee and went back into the room and was glad to see Melissa still asleep.

I went into the bathroom, showered and did all the things a man must do first thing in the morning. When I finished I came out of the bathroom and slipped back into bed and snuggled up next to Melissa. As she felt me next to her she snuggled back into me pressing her luscious ass tight into my semi hard cock. God how did I get so lucky? Here I was. Buck ass naked. Snuggled up against one of the most sensuous women I had ever known and she was less than half my age. And she was my daughter-in-law. What was it that she needed from our relationship? Was it the sex? She could have gotten that almost anywhere at anytime with a man that was closer to her age. Did she have a father fetish? I chuckled at this thought, I knew Melissa was very close to her father and loved him very much. Was it a competition with her mother-in-law? Melissa and Amy have some issues but they have never allowed them to escalate to the point of not being civil to each other and in a lot of ways they are very close. Melissa has known for a long time that Amy and I no longer engage in any form of sexual intimacy and haven't for years. So maybe it was her way of saying to Amy 'I can make your man happy.' Was it because we would be sexually intimate in various places and in varying circumstances? The few times we had been together to this point was never the same scenario and we had done things differently each time. Was it because she felt safe with me? Knowing she could have an affair with someone who would not cause a scene and was not capable of impregnating her. Was it the variety in our lovemaking? I had promised her I would never be a complacent lover and had tried to keep that promise in our relationship. But whatever the reason, here I was, snuggled in close to Melissa with my hard dick in the crevasse of her sweet ass and my arm around her with a handful of her wonderful tits. "Lord, is this heaven?"

"What," Melissa mumbled.

I laughed and kissed her neck below her ear, "That was an out loud thought," I whispered.

"So you were thinking about heaven?" she asked.

Again I chuckled.

"Well I think you will need to ask for forgiveness for what you did to me last night if you plan on getting there." She said as she pushed her ass back into my rigid member.

"Did you not enjoy every little and big orgasm you had last night? I asked her.

"Yes." She answered.

"And did I not satisfy you completely before you drifted of to sleep?" was my next question.

"Well, yes," she responded.

"Then what is it that I need to ask forgiveness from?" I asked her.

She rolled over and put her arms around me and planted a passionate kiss on my lips. She then pulled back slightly so she could look into my eyes. "For making me love you so damn much."

Tears welled up in my eyes and I pulled her closer to me and held her like this would be the last time I ever touched her.

"God I love you Melissa." Was all I could trust myself to say.

We held each other for a long time. Neither of us saying anything. Both satisfied in just being this close to the other. I didn't know about how Melissa felt, but I could have stayed snuggled up to her, with her in my arms all day.

"I wish we could stay right here all day." Melissa said.

Question answered. I chuckled and pulled her even tighter to me. "I wish that too baby."

We lay there for a while longer and then Melissa started squirming out of my arms. Got out of bed and headed to the bathroom. I heard the toilet flush and then the shower start running, so I knew she was not coming directly back to bed.

I got up and dressed and about that time Melissa came out of the bathroom toweling off her beautiful body.

"Baby, we could stay here again tonight if you would like. And it would make for a short day." I said.

"Sounds like a plan to me," Melissa said.

I went to the front desk to confirm availability so we could leave our clothes and other items in the room. They told me it was no problem, so we were soon in the truck and on our way.

About an hour into our drive, we stopped, took a potty break, and got a quick breakfast and a roadie to go. After we had driven for about thirty minutes I asked Melissa. "Why no titty holders today?"

She turned in her seat and pulled the leg of her shorts open and I was looking straight at a bare pussy. "Missing some other clothing too." She said.

"Damn girl, what brought all that on?" I asked.

"I wanted you to know all day long that I wasn't wearing panties and a bra so you would be sooooo horny when we got back to the room this afternoon. She told me.

"That is awesome," I said, "but you know I may need to play with your unclothed parts during the day."

"Mmmmm, when are you going to start?" she asked.

"Right now," I said as I reached over and slide my hand up the open leg of her shorts all the way to her pussy and rubbed over the lips of her cunt with my thumb.

"Oh fuck. Much of that and I'll be flooding my shorts." She said.

"Well, don't blame me if your shorts are to wet to get out of the truck. You started this." I said as I continued to rub over her pussy lips and up to her clit.

"Slide your ass toward me." I ordered Melissa.

As she complied I slipped my forefinger and middle finger all the way into her already sopping pussy. My thumb continued to rub over her clit and she reached up and began massaging her breasts through her top.

I spied a wide berm area ahead where I could pull off safely and as I braked to a stop Melissa asked me "Why are you stopping?"

"So I can do this properly," I responded. "I can't have you playing with your tits by yourself. I want to play with them too." And I reached over with my other hand and slid it under her top and up until I had a hand over her full breast.

I continued to fuck my fingers into her pussy as I pulled and kneaded her breasts. Alternating from one to the other I pinched her nipples hard and pulled on them until I knew I was causing her some slight pain.

Melissa was moaning loudly as I began concentrating on her clit with my thumb. I wanted to bring her off quickly. Not because I had something better to do, I just wanted to bring her quick pleasure. God I love making this woman orgasm.

"Cum for me baby," I called out to her. "Let that pussy fill my hand with your cream."

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum." She yelled at me.

"Make that pussy squeeze my fingers baby," I said and I fucked my fingers into her deep and curled them up to rub her meaty G spot.

"Fuuuuuuccckkkk Meeeee!!!" she screamed "Fuck my pussy harder." She added.

I pinched a nipple hard and squeezed my fingers and thumb together so I was rubbing on her clit and G spot simultaneously as I stroked my hand hard into her crotch. I hand fucked her hard and in just a few strokes her pussy and legs clamped down on my fingers and my lower arm to the point I was not able to move. All I could do was wiggle my fingers in her pussy and I continued to do that as I watched her eyes roll back into her head and out of her mouth came an "Ahhhhhhhhhgggggggggghhhhhhhh.

"Fuck, you are beautiful when you cum baby. Let that pussy cum hard baby," I encouraged her as I never stopped moving my hand as much as I could in her pussy.

Melissa rode out her orgasm with several humps of my hand and moans and yells. Some of which were incoherent, but I knew she was having a good cum. Her breathing was ragged and at times she would hold her breath as she humped into my hand. My kneading of her tits and stimulation of her pussy never slowed until I could sense she was beginning to return to normal. The grip she had on my arm with her legs did not lessen as her spasms diminished. She continued to hold me tight.

"God baby, do you have any end to the erotic situations you have sprung on me," Melissa asked.

"They are limited only by my vivid imagination and your willing participation," I told her.

"Well, you keep vividly imagining and I'll keep willingly participating," she said as she laughed.

"Deal," was all I said.

I twitched my fingers in her pussy and she jumped. "I think I am getting a little tender from all your stimulation."

I pulled my fingers from her pussy and they were covered in her juices. I immediately put my fingers in my mouth and sucked off her juices as I looked her straight in the eye. "God that is so hot." Melissa said.

"Yes it is, and it tastes good too." I said.

"We need to get moving or we won't be back to the motel in time for you to suck my cock before supper." I added.

This made Melissa laugh. "Well get this truck in gear because I wouldn't want you to miss a good blowjob."

Melissa and I held hands as we drove. Our conversation was it usual. We talked about anything and everything. Time seems to pass quickly and we soon pulled into the barnyard of the man who had the tractor for sale.

I went up to the door and knocked. A man came to the door and we introduced ourselves. We walked out to his equipment barn and he slid the door back and there parked in the middle was the exact tractor I had been looking for. I climbed up and switched it on and hit the starter. I sprang to life and the sound was music.

I spent about an hour checking the tractor out. Hooked it to a baler and ran it and then to a plow to see how it pulled. Having satisfied myself on the soundness of the tractor, I pulled it up near my truck and shut it off.

We cut a deal on the tractor and I asked him what he was going to do with the plow. After some haggling I owned it too.

I soon had the tractor and plow on the trailer and strapped down. I thanked the man and we were then back on the road headed for the motel we had stayed in last night.

We pulled into the motel and it was early afternoon. Melissa and I were soon in the room and in each others arms. We were lying on the bed with our clothes on and we were kissing and groping each other, and enjoying every minute of it.

"Are you ready for that blowjob now?" Melissa asked out of the blue.

I laughed and replied, "Any man that's not always ready for a blowjob has his priorities messed up. But I think a good shower is in order first."

"I agree with that." Melissa said.

We got off the bed, undressed and headed into the bathroom. As Melissa leaned over to turn on the water I ran my finger up the crack of her ass.

"Hey, no fair," she yelled.

"All is fair in love and war." I retorted. "And we're not fighting."

Melissa laughed as she turned and put her arms around my neck. "No we're not fighting, so how about a little loving?"

She tilted her head and our lips met. My arms went around her waist and hers went around my neck. That kiss will be one I remember until I draw my last breath. It was as soft and gentle as any kiss I have ever experienced. There was no rush as our tongues explored into each others mouth. God it was a wonderful time with her. We moved into the shower and our hands were all over each other. We soaped each other up and I played and caressed Melissa. I loved touching her. I loved feeling her full breasts in my hand and in my mouth and I partook of each breast both ways. I played with her nipples. Not pinching them, but squeezing them gently between my fingers. I played with her pussy. Felt the fullness of her labia as it swelled with her excitement. I gently rubbed over her clit as it came out of its hiding place. I turned her so her back was to me and reaching around her, I played with both her breasts and her pussy. I lathered up her ass and rubbed my finger over her anus. As I loved Melissa in this gentle way, she was not idle. She found my nipples and squeezed and sucked them. She kissed me and both hands found my cock and ball sac and stroked and massaged me with slow easy strokes. She turned me around and after getting her hands very soaped up; she gently slipped a finger up my ass and massaged my prostate. It was loving at its finest.

"Let's rinse off and move this to the bed," Melissa suggested.

"Hell of an idea," I said

As we got out of the shower I opened my toiletry case and found my bottle of little blue pills.

I popped one into my mouth and Melissa asked. "Why one of those now, you haven't used one since you got them. Don't I excite you enough?"

"Oh my darlin'," I explained, "You excite me beyond words, but tonight I want to love you in every way and Travis will need some help."

We went over to the bed, Melissa on one side and me on the other. We pulled the bedspread and sheet down together and as if choreographed, walked on our knees and we met in the middle.

Our foreplay continued in the same gentle way as it had been in the shower. Our kisses were deep, but gentle. Our tongues exploring each others mouth. Our hands were busy playing with each other also. Melissa cradled my cock and balls and gently rubbed my nipples as I was rubbing hers. I had an ass cheek in each hand and pulled her tight to me.

"Melissa, I want all of you tonight," I told her. "And I want you to have all of me."

"I feel the same way baby," she replied. "I want to love every part of you and I want you to love every part of me."

We reclined on the bed and as our lips met once again our legs intertwined and our arms were pulling each other as close as we could get. I could sense tonight was going to be special. As we kissed, Melissa reached down and cupped my balls in her hand.

"Now for that blowjob you were worried about getting earlier today," she jokingly said.

Her head began a slow decent and she bathed my body in licks and kisses as her head traveled down. As her mouth found the purple head of my rigid member I could feel her tongue encircle me. I watched as her lips slipped farther down on my dick and I felt the muscles in her throat relax and all of my cock slipped into her mouth. Her tongue slipped out and she licked my balls. I knew that before long I would be flooding her mouth with a load of my cum.

I reached for her hips and guided her as she raised her leg and straddled my torso. I reached up and pulled down on her ass as her pussy lowered and my tongue found the outer lips of her cunt. I don't know which I loved the most about Melissa's pussy, the taste or the smell, but they both were wonderful. I slowly lapped at her pussy with the flat of my tongue. Giving her full licks from her protruding clit up to her asshole. I could feel the lips of her mouth stroke from just behind my cock head all the way to my balls as Melissa deep throated me with each stroke. As we continued to give each other oral pleasure neither of us felt compelled to add to the stimulation in any way. I concentrated on making oral love to Melissa's pussy and she concentrated on sucking me to the point of no return.

Because we concentrated on doing only one thing, both of us could enjoy the simple sensations that were flowing through us. Melissa's pussy was flowing freely with her juices and I was sure that she was enjoying a bounty of my precum.

As it happens with all things that our bodies enjoy, we both began to feel the first beginnings of a climax. I had begun to slightly push up into Melissa's mouth and she had started to hump and rotate her hips. Both of us forcing ourselves on the other. I reached between Melissa and me and began to gently stimulate her clit with my finger as my tongue licked the lips of her pussy and probed into her as deeply as I could. Melissa had also began stroking the lower part of my hard shaft as she continued to stroke the upper half of my cock between her soft lips.

Suddenly our climaxes were upon us and we both came at the same time. Coming in each others mouth, the natural spasms of our muscles feeding the other the resulting liquids of our orgasm. Simply depositing our liquids in the receptacle offered. It was a gentle climax, the same as our lovemaking that brought us to our release. We savored the flavors we had been given. Licking each other until nothing was left as evidence of our coming.

Melissa turned and brought herself into the arms that were offered. I pulled her to me and we kissed each other with the same gentleness. I reached up and took her face in my hands, pushing her head away slightly so we both could focus our eyes on the other. The look of satisfaction that was on Melissa's face told me everything I wanted to know. I pulled her to me and kissed her gently and lightly.

"Melissa that was the most beautiful love I have ever known."

"I love you." I added

Her hand gently touched my cheek. "I love you too, Pappy"

I smiled at her a knowing little smile, letting her know she had done something I had asked her never to do, and the smile she returned let me know she was aware of the infraction, but she knew she would get away with it this one time.

The little blue pill was performing exactly like it should and I was still rock hard even though I had just come.

I rolled Melissa over onto her back and slipped in between her legs. My lips found hers and locked into a French kiss as my stiff cock searched for the opening to her sex. Melissa reached between us and she guided me into her moist tunnel. Her wetness overcame how tight she is and my cock slid fully into Melissa's pussy.

"Oh God," I exclaimed.

"I love how you fill me," Melissa said. "I feel so full when you are inside of me. And the skin of your cock is so soft and smooth."

As I stroked into and out of Melissa with long slow strokes, she wrapped her legs around me and locked her ankles together just below by butt cheeks. She pulled me into her but not with force, just enough to let me know she wanted me deep inside her. Our pelvic bones rubbed against each other and this in turn stimulated Melissa's clit. We were, in the classic description of the phrase, making love. Not hurried or lustful, just easy and gentle, a continuation of our earlier loving.

I kissed her and nibbled on her ear lobe. Sometimes exploring down to her neck and further down to suck a nipple into my mouth. She was doing similar things along with biting my shoulder from time to time.

"Melissa, this is so good I cannot find the adjective to explain how you are making me feel right now," I said to her. "I want to be easy and gentle allowing us to journey together, not rush to our destination."

"I know how you feel," she said as I sucked on her breast, "I love this pace. It is so sensuous and fulfilling. Plus it allows for conversation and to totally enjoy the sensations and the little subtleties of our coupling."

I rested on my elbows to allow me to play with her tits. "Mmmmm," was her response.

"Have I told you how much I love your body?" I asked her. "How I love the soft fullness of your breasts, the hot wetness of your pussy and the gentle touch of your hands. It is my opinion that you, my love, are the perfect lover."

"Baby, I am far from the perfect lover," Melissa commented, "But I do know that you bring out the best in me. You are never here for just you. Well, maybe one time you were," she chuckled as she said that.

"Your first wish is that I am happy and satisfied, and that in turn makes me want to make you happy. I never have to concentrate on having an orgasm. You make sure I do, so I can play with you and make you feel good."

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