tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMelissa Loves To Fuck Out-Doors

Melissa Loves To Fuck Out-Doors


Melissa ("Mel" to her friends) loves to fuck. Any where. Any way. Any time. She always has and she probably always will!

I met Mel, quite by accident, at her college. We bumped into each other while riding bicycles. We hit it off, almost from the start, and have been friends ever since, which is a good thing, because my wife, Amber, would NEVER have let me "keep" Mel if we weren't all such good friends.

One of the big things I love about Amber, is the fact that she is the most open person that I know and is always ready to try anything new. That and the fact that she loves me, unconditionally!

So, it didn't surprise me when Amber came to me and asked me to help fulfill a fantasy of hers... She said that she wanted to watch me fuck her best friend, Mel!

Of course, I was all for it, and told her so.

"Good, then its settled," she said. "Get cleaned up, showered and shaved, and I'll call Mel and tell her to be over in twenty minutes!"

Since I had just gotten home from working late and was kind of tired, I asked Amber to give me an hour.

"Make it forty-five minutes, Lover, and you've got a deal," said my wife, always the bargaineer.

"Sold!" I yelled out, before she could change her mind, again.

I stripped nude, like everyone else in the house (clothes were off-limits in our house---Amber's rules) and stepped into the shower. I screamed out loud when the cold water hit my sore, achey muscles. When the hot water finally kicked in, I started to relax. I heard the bath room door open and a soft voice ask if I wanted a friend to join me in the shower!

"Sure, Nat, I always have time for you." Nathalie, my wifes cousin, and the other love of my life/mother of one of my children, always has a habit of showing up when I need her most. When she's not taking care of the three children, she's administering to one of the three of us adults. Us, "big kids," couldn't get along without Nat's TLC!!!

Nat pulled back the shower curtain and climbed into the shower with me. She began soaping us both up, using a big sponge that she'd bought at the sponge docks in Tarpon Springs, Florida. This was one, well-used sponge. Amber, Nat, Mel and I have been using it to both clean and stimulate ourselves for the past year and a half. There's nothing like a big, soft, hot, soapy sponge to wash away tension and invigorate the libido! Nat knew this and was using it to give me a giant hard-on!!! But, she didn't want to take me too far; she knew that "Henry" was spoken for, that night...

But, that didn't mean that I couldn't pleasure her, which is exactly what I did. I took the natural sponge from Nat's hands and rubbed it between her bare pussy lips. This caused little, 4 foot-11 inch Nat to thrust her hips into my hand and onto the soft sponge, while it hit her clit and she had a tremendous orgasm.

Just then, we heard clapping coming from outside the shower... Amber and Mel were standing there, watching our little performance-piece in the tub. Nat and I took our bows and shooed the two dressed women out of the bathroom while we towel-dried each-other off. I asked Nat if, later, she wanted me to fuck her in her ass. She just said, "We'll see if you've still got any strength left, after you're done with Mel. If so, then, yes,'Daddy.' I'd love you in my back-door!" She always called me "Daddy." I kinda liked it, actually. It made me feel incestuous! And since little Nat was young enough to be my daughter, well, I just felt like I belonged on a farm in the Appalachians, or something...!

I slapped her on her tight, little ass and left the bathroom. Walking out into the hall and into our bedroom, I found my wife, on her knees. Her face was buried in Mel's crotch, with her tongue firmly embedded between the lovely labia that I have loved to lick for so long!

All alliteration aside, seeing this kind of thing is rather common-place in my house, what with three perpetually horny, young women living in and on the estate (Mel lives in the guest house across the grounds, on the back side of the estate.) So, whenever one of the girls gets horny, and I'm not available, then at least one of the other girls will provide for the needs of whoever's aroused.

"Oh, so it's OK that she gets her rocks off with you, but I can't get Nat off in the shower? Did someone say, 'double standard?'" I teased my two friends, just as Mel began a wrenching orgasm!! Amber pulled her face away from Mel's dripping snatch, stood up and let Mel lick her own secretions from my wife's chin and lips! Immediately, at the sight of Amber's face being licked by my lovely mistress' tongue, my penis became erect!

"Oh look, Mel! Henry's come out to play," Amber said, referring to "Henry, the Magic Penis," our our Pet-name for my hard-on!

"Yes, I see," said Melissa, "and he's all mine, for the night. Chris, tie Henry in a knot for an hour. Or, better yet, go take one of your little, blue wonder-pills and meet me in the back-yard in thirty minutes. Please?"

When she asks nicely, I can never say no!

I ran back to the bathroom, for my pills, where Nat had stayed to get her rocks off. Sitting on the tub, with her anus greased up, she held "Big Burt," her favorite vibrator, up to her little rosey ass-hole.

"Could you be a dear and push this thing up me, Chris?" Nat begged!

I reached into the medicine cabinet, grabbed my bottle of "Viagrow" tablets, swallowed one tablet, took two swigs of water, then walked over to Nat and sank "Burt" deep into my little friend's anal cavity. I then pulled her up, with a surprised look on her face, sat her on the sink, turned Burt on to medium, and sank my erection into little Nathalie's tight, wet vagina!

"Aaooonggguhh," Nat uttered, as she had another orgasm!

"Guess what, Nat, my little slut! I just took a blue pill. So, if I cum in less than half-an-hour, it won't matter, because I'll be hard again, for the rest of the night, anyway, so you can have my first cum tonight, and ohhh, shit, are you ever tight..." I rambled on for another five minutes. Poor Nat, though, didn't hear much of what I was saying, as she was having orgasm after orgasm of her own!!!

Amber had come into the bathroom to see what was keeping me. When she saw me and her little cousin going at it on the sink, she almost had a fit! "What are you two doing? Chris, I need you to stay hard for Mel! Nat, I asked you to not let Chris fuck you 'til after he'd done Mel!"

I pulled my cock out of Nat's pussy and grabbed my wife by the waist, bent her over the tub, and shoved my cock into her tight, hairless twat! But, since Amber is so blessed tight, it took a minute to get my full seven inches all the way into her vagina!!!

"Gnnnaaahhh!" Amber groaned, as Henry finally reached the deepest recesses of my wife's hot, juicy sex!!! "No! Stop! Please, save it for Mmmmelisss-," her voice went silent as she went into the throes of an orgasm. "Ssaaaahhhhh!" she squealed, as she climaxed!!!

I still hadn't cum, yet. And the Viagrow was kicking in as Henry pulled out strong, proud and glistening from both, Amber's and Nat's sopping pussies!!!

I walked out of the bathroom with my boner at full mast, as the radio played "Nobody Does It Better," by Carly Simon! I thought it was an appropriate anthem for that moment!

When I reached the back yard, I saw Mel laying on her back, in the cool grass, naked as a jay-bird!

"Hello," I said to her. "Are you waiting for the bus?"

She giggled a bit, then saw Henry, all slick and hard, and she knew why I was five minutes late.

"Mmm, looks like Henry's been busy. Where's he been for the past half hour?" Mel asked.

"In two of my favorite places," I said.

"You fucked both of them?" Mel asked, holding up two fingers. "Mmmmm hmmmmm," Mel said, as she took Henry all the way to the back of her throat!

Melissa is a great cock sucker. Henry was her first and favorite cock, ever, as she has told me many times. She was certainly proving it here tonight, as she licked the pussy juices of the other women off of my erection!

I looked up and saw Amber, watching us from the porch, outside our second-story, bedroom window. I then looked to my left, over the wall, about a hundred yards away. There was my new neighbor, Tom, who'd just bought the place next to us, looking through binoculars. I'm sure he was getting an eye-full, as he'd always liked my taste in women. Heck, he'd just married Grace, the second, prettiest girl from his highschool's graduated class. (Amber is still the prettiest, in my book!)

Anyway, I motioned to Tom (my wife's highschool boyfriend,) to come on over. He looked over at the house and saw Amber motioning to him to do the same.

Minutes later, while, Mel was still going to town on my rod, slavering it with her wet mouth, I looked up and saw Tom with his hands on my wife's breasts! Then I saw Nat, right next to them! Nat was naked! Behind Nat was Grace, on her knees, with her face pushed into Nat's pussy from behind!

I told Mel to look behind her. She stopped sucking my dick long enuff to look up and take in the sights that I'd been watching for the last few minutes! Mel's eyes popped out of her head when she saw Tom's nine inch baseball bat entering Amber's tight, greased bung-hole, as Amber was bent over the lounge chair on the porch!

Amber's ass was being stretched to it's limits, as the huge cudgel banged away at her back-door!! I knew Tom enjoyed anal sex. Grace, on the other hand, hated it. Tom was just too big for her little anus to take. Mel suggested, maybe I should give Grace's ass a try. Why the heck not, I thought to myself. Grabbing Mel by the hand, we both ran through the house, up to the porch, and joined the melee, so to speak!

Amber was still cumming with Tom in her rectum, and Nat was cumming all over Grace's face when Mel and I reached the porch. Mel grabbed my cock and thrust her pelvis toward me, knocking us both onto the air mattress that Amber had inflated for herself to tan on, earlier that day! Enveloping my penis with her vagina, Mel started to wriggle her hips over my body. This really got me excited and I could feel the inexorable stirrings of my first orgasm!!

I called out to Amber to watch as I was just about to cum in her best friend's cunt! Tom was just cumming up my wife's ass-hole and Amber grunted out that I should hold it for a minute, until Tom's huge cock could shrink a little and not rip her anus in two. I just told her she had forty-five seconds, and she said, "Sold!"

Tom's erection had slithered out of my wife's rear-end with only seconds to spare as Amber ambled over to the matress and watched with contented glee as I grunted my intentions into Mel's frothing cunt, filling her up to the brim!!!

Mel, reluctantly, pulled her self off of my still-hard cock and ran into the house for the tube of sex-lube we all keep for "special emergencies." Upon her return, she started to grease up Grace's asshole, when Grace said, "What the FUCK do you THINK you're DOING?" This took Mel by surprise. She thought EVERYbody loved having their asses fucked! Apparently, Grace had never had a cock up her asshole before.

"Grace, are you a virgin?" Mel asked.

"Hell no," Grace answered, rudely. "I've been fuckin' guys for years!"

"Grace, are you a virgin...there?" Mel asked again, pointing to her rear.

"Hell n-yyes!" Grace stammered out. "I just don't want to be hurt. I mean it looks like fun, but... I just don't think I could take Tom's penis in that place. It'll hurt too much!"

"Grace... Chris, here, is the gentlest, most thoughtful lover you could ever have bust your cherry!" Mel said. Amber and Nathalie, both nodded their heads, saying, "Yes," in unison.

"Besides," I continued, "I'm not nearly as big as Tom! I mean, just look at the size of Tom's penis! Now, THAT's a penis to be afraid of!! Now, look at Henry... Look at my poor little penis. Only seven inches long and four inches around. Henry might hurt a little bit at first, but once I'm in there all the way, stimulating all those sensitive nerve endings... I bet you'll cum in the first ten minutes! Just think, Grace... We'll all be here watching and cheering you on!!!"

And then all the others on the balcony, there, with us, began chanting, "Go, Grace! Go, Grace!" Over and over and over and over.

Grace finally conceded, saying, "OKAY! Okay, I'll try it! But if it hurts, you have to promise me that you'll stop and never ask me to try it again! Okay?"

Smiling victoriously, we all agreed.

Grace got down on all fours and put her head on the mattress to elevate her buttocks and reached around with both hands to spread her own butt cheeks apart.

Mel had continued with the lubrication of Grace's rear entrance, while Nat had positioned herself under Grace and was licking and sucking Grace's vagina and clitoris! Tom and Amber were up at Grace's head, talking words of encouragement and licking, nibbling and lightly blowing into Grace's ears.

The whole scene was really stimulating me as Mel rubbed a good-sized dollup of lube onto my penis! We were all ready to "de-flower" the last vestiges of Grace's virginity!!!

Mel grabbed onto the base of my cock and pointed it toward "Graceland!"

As I was pushing the head of my penis into the lovely Grace's anal ring, I thought to myself, this is a great moment! I took a mental picture of the perfection going on around me. Then, shit got really surreal...!

Nat, who's been breast feeding my two youngest children since birth, a year ago, was lactating. She cried out when her nipples started leaking their milk. Because the kids had been away with my parents for the week, she really needed to have them drained (she said that they were very tender and sore, when they weren't drained, regularly.) Mel volunteered to get below, to service Grace's needs, if I would help Nat with her predicament. I asked Tom, if he'd like to sample some of my sister-in-law's sweet breast milk! "Why buy milk, when we can have the cow for free," I joked. Nat, luckily, laffed at my bad joke and stood up next to me, as Mel went below to lick, suck and fondle Grace's sex. Amber stroked Tom's hard dick, while he and I feasted on Nat's erect, inch-long nipples! Grace started to climax, as I sawed in and out of her back-side. This flooded Mel's face, who got out from under Grace and rubbed her wet chin on Amber's lips. Mel and Amber went into a 69, as Tom shot his load onto Amber's bare breasts. Mel scooped Tom's semen off of Amber's chest and used it to lubricate her own anus, then grabbing Tom's still-hard cock, Mel made Tom shove it into her own ass. Grace started coming again, just as Nat's breasts were finally felling better (she said) so, I turned my full attention toward Grace and her ass-hole!!! After fifteen minutes of plunging Henry to the depths of Grace's anal cherry, I finally felt an orgasm coming on! "Tom, I'm going to cream your wife's ass," I yelled out!

"Chris, I'm going to cream your mistress' ass," he yelled back!

Both of the girls were in heaven, as their asses were being split apart by our raging cocks!!!

The six of us, all, came at the same time. Don't ask me how... Don't ask me why! We were all, just attuned to each others' bodies, as we fell down onto that abused air mattress; panting, gasping and wheezing!!!

We were all sticky! Stuck together from sweat, sexual fluids and shared experiences (metaphorically speaking!)

Just then, the irrigation sprinklers went on in the back-yard. I asked if anybody wanted to get cleaned off! (Actually, I said, "Last one down in the yard is a rotten egg!") And we all ran thru' the house, like naked ninnies, out to the back-yard, and laughed and giggled, as we played in the sprinklers, fondling, tickling and enjoying ourselves, like the kids that we should ALL act like, every-once-in-a-while!!!

* * * * *

Thanx for reading my story...
Why not read some of my others!


To be continued...
(Count on it!) ;)

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