tagLoving WivesMelissa, Our Roommate Ch. 01

Melissa, Our Roommate Ch. 01


Kelly broke the idea to me over a takeout meal of Chinese the other night. "Biff, you remember my friend Melissa, right?"

I nodded, carefully keeping my face neutral. Melissa was a woman Kelly had known for a couple of years. Slender, well endowed, and with long tresses of light blonde hair, she was very attractive. Unfortunately, she was in a relationship with a real dick of a guy and neither Kelly nor I liked being around him, so we rarely did "couple-things" and so I didn't see very much of her.

"Well," Kelly continued, taking a sip of her beer, "She finally broke up with that asshole, Gary."

"Woohoo!" I cheered. "Now maybe she can hook up with somebody normal and we can all hang out."

"Slow down," Kelly cautioned me. "Jerk or not, she was with him for three years, so it may be a while before she's ready to start looking for someone. Anyway, she has a bit of a problem now."

"What's that?" I asked.

"She needs a place to stay for a while. The apartment they shared was originally his and he's keeping it. And you know she doesn't have any family in the area..."

"Oh!" I responded with surprise. I kind of had some mixed feelings about it, actually. On the one hand, having a sexy woman move in would be nice on the eyes. On the other, a roommate can be a real pain in the ass and I wasn't thrilled at the idea of having to share the TV and not be able to run around in my underwear if I needed something.

"It won't be for that long," pressed Kelly. "And I know she won't be a pain or anything -- she's really sweet and considerate. Plus, she needs help."

I couldn't really have said no anyway, because a friend is a friend. So, rather than prolong the decision, I smiled and said it would be fine.

"Great!" said Kelly. "She's been staying at a hotel for a couple of days. I'll call her now."


Melissa arrived a couple of hours later with a pair of suitcases in hand. "I've got a bunch of stuff in the car too, but I'll probably just store most of it until I find a new apartment," she explained. I hurried over to help her in the door with everything. She gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek, whispering, "I'm sorry about the hassle. You'll hardly even know I'm here."

I told her not to worry and grabbed her bags. We had set up a makeshift bedroom in the office, with an inflatable bed in the center of the room. I motioned for her to lead the way and followed her into the hallway. I have to admit, for being distraught over a recent breakup, Melissa still managed to look good, and watching her ass sway as she walked in front of me was fascinating.

"It's not much, but on short notice..." I apologized as she sat down on the air mattress.

"Oh no, it's fine," she insisted. "Besides, it's not like I'll be doing much on it besides sleeping," she grinned.

Kelly laughed out loud. "You'd be surprised at how much that air mattress can take," she teased with a poke at my ribs.

I grimaced in mock embarrassment. It's actually fairly hard to put me off center, but for the sake of appearances I pretend. "We, err, wouldn't know anything about that..." I sputtered. The ladies laughed and Melissa gave me a knowing look.

"Well, as long as the sheets are fresh, I don't care if it's been used like a cheap hotel mattress," she quipped.

Since it was getting fairly late, Kelly suggested we let Melissa get her things in order and call it a night, which sounded like a perfectly reasonable suggestion. We said our goodnights, and she hugged each of us, thanking us again for the place to stay.


Late that night, I woke up to a full bladder. It seems that the beer I had drunk earlier wanted to be released. Conscious of our new companion, I took the time to throw on a pair of boxer shorts before heading to the bathroom; normally I would just go naked. I went in and did my business as usual. When I opened the door, Melissa was waiting in the hall. She was wearing a thin T-shirt and shorts for sleeping, and in the light of the doorway, even sleepy as I was, my attention was instantly captured by circular outlines beneath her nipples in the material of the top. It looked very much like Melissa had a pair of nipple rings! I felt my cock stiffen instantly at the realization. Suddenly, I noticed that her gaze had dropped to my crotch and glanced down to discover that not only was I tenting my boxers, but that the head of my dick had slipped through the opening in the front. I hurriedly put myself away and stepped to the side of the doorway.

"My turn," Melissa murmured as she brushed past me to go into the bathroom, her chest bumping my arm. As I slipped back into bed, I realized I could faintly hear the sound of her peeing in the bathroom and became erect once again as I imagined what those nipple rings must look like...


Since it was a Saturday morning, Kelly and I felt at ease sleeping in. We awoke late to sunlight streaming through the bedroom windows. Warm, sunny mornings have a way of making you want to stay in bed sometimes, and this was definitely one of them. Kelly snuggled her head into my shoulder and kissed my neck and chest lightly. Her hand rubbed across my chest and stomach, sliding down to my cock. Gently, she squeezed me to hardness.

"I'm horny," she whispered into my ear.

"I am too," I whispered back. I glanced at the clock - 10:15. "But it's fairly late, and Melissa is here..." I hesitated. Kelly was stroking my cock fairly steadily now, and it felt great.

"So?" Kelly retorted quietly. "We can be quiet. And if she hears a little something, well, I guess she'll have to take care of it herself if you know what I mean." Kelly had a naughty little smile on her face. Her manipulations of my dick were really getting me worked up now.

"I bumped into her in the hall last night," I told Kelly. Perhaps since we were discussing her, it just came out.

"Mmm," acknowledged Kelly as she slid down to tease my nipple with her tongue. "She wasn't naked, was she?"

"No, she had on a little top like you sleep in, but...did you know she has her nipples pierced?"

"Sure," Kelly said. She kept stroking me and licking me. "That's not all she has pierced, from what she's told me. Why, did she show you?"

"No, but you know how thin those tops are. The outlines were kind of obvious, that's all."

Kelly pumped my cock firmly. "Sounds like you liked it..." She slid up and started kissing me hungrily, her tongue piercing my lips. Just as she started to swing a leg over me, we heard a tapping at the door. Kelly quickly slid off of me and I shot her a little look before she called, "Come in!"

Melissa opened the door. She was wearing the same clothes from last night, I was not displeased to notice. She also had a large tray of breakfast food and coffee with her.

"Morning sleepy-heads... I thought I'd make some breakfast since you guys are helping me out so much." Her eyes slid down the comforter to where I was steadily willing my erection to decline. "I hope I didn't catch you at a bad time..."

"No, breakfast in bed is always welcome!" Kelly reassured her. "Besides, we can always fool around later. Biff was just telling me he bumped into you in the hall last night..."

Melissa was setting the tray down on Kelly's nightstand and flinched slightly at that. "Well yeah, but I didn't really see anything," she stammered.

I mentioned before that I'm difficult to embarrass; between this, and my wife's helpful comments, I was getting there. I felt my face redden slightly, and then more when Kelly looked at me curiously. "Were you running around naked last night?"

"No, I had my boxers on. I just, um, maybe slipped out a little through the front flap. But only for a second or so," I explained.

Kelly laughed aloud. She took a quick look at Melissa's chest, where the nipple rings were faintly visible. "I understand now. Melissa, I think he got a hard-on seeing your nipple rings," she teased.

Melissa looked down at her chest in shock. "Shit! I forgot about that. I didn't even realize you could see them. I should go change..."

"Sit down," Kelly overrode her, patting the bed. "He knows about them now, and it obviously doesn't bother him, and I don't care, so let's eat."

Melissa acquiesced and handed us each a coffee. She had made a delicious french toast and bacon breakfast. Come to think of it, I don't know if I've ever had breakfast-in-bed made for me before. It was actually very nice. We made small talk for a while as we ate. I tried not to be too obvious as I checked out Melissa. Even in the morning, without having done her hair or makeup, she was quite stunning. Her nicely sized breasts looked amazing braless under that flimsy top. I would have had to call her a 34B or so, and since she was so slender it was a fairly dramatic look. And of course, I found those piercings very intriguing...

Kelly decided to be a little wicked and very slowly moved one hand down, under the covers, until it was on my cock. She very subtly squeezed me pleasurably, without making any movements that would be visible through the comforter. "So Melissa, I was telling Biff that you have other piercings besides your nipples," she began. She knew she was teasing me and intentionally using Melissa as ammunition.

"Well, of course I told YOU that, but...You didn't say where, did you?" Melissa blushed.

"No, but I bet he's curious now that he knows."

Melissa blushed furiously, but she smiled through it. "Well, okay - besides these two," she explained, motioning towards her breasts, "I have a ring in my clitoral hood. And I used to have my tongue pierced, before I started working professionally."

"That's awesome!" I exclaimed.

Kelly continued to play with my cock subtly. "One of Biff's old girlfriends had a pierced tongue, didn't she?" I nodded. "You always said that the blowjobs were amazing."

Melissa interjected, "Guys loved it. They said it felt a lot more intense. I was disappointed when I had to take it out." Clearly the memory was having a bit of an effect on her; her nipples had grown fully erect and not only were the rings clearly visible under the thin top, but even her brown areolas were noticeable.

"I've never been with a woman who had a vaginal piercing though," I mentioned. "Or pierced nipples, for that matter. It's awfully sexy, at least, I think so." I was trying hard not to move much. Kelly's hand, the sexy talk, and the view were all getting me quite worked up.

"Melissa, I...um...well, maybe I shouldn't," Kelly began. Of course, that pretty much guaranteed that Melissa's curiosity would be piqued, and she gave Kelly the "go on" gesture. "Well, can we see them? The nipple rings, I mean - you don't have to show us the other one..."

"I don't know if I should..." Melissa hesitated.

"It's not like we can't see most of them already," Kelly countered. "Plus, you already got a peek at my husband anyway."

As Kelly had anticipated, Melissa's eyes dropped to the bulge in the blankets at my crotch. With careful timing, she moved her hand enough just at the right moment to hint to Melissa what she was doing down there.

Melissa licked her lips faintly and then shrugged. "Why not, right?" She crossed her arms in front of her, grasped the bottom of the shirt, and pulled upwards. Kelly stroked my cock more aggressively as Melissa's breasts fell into open view, followed by her blonde hair and beautiful face. So there we were, silent for several seconds, all of us staring at the small gold rings hanging from Melissa's hard brown nipples. Kelly kept playing with me and I was amazed that my wife was jerking me off while I looked at another woman's tits in our bed. Melissa grew bolder and moved one hand up to delicately grasp her left ring between her thumb and forefinger. She pulled and twisted at it lightly until her nipple grew even harder and her breast lifted slightly from the tugging. Then she cleared her throat and stood.

"I think I'll give you guys a little time then," she said. She picked up her shirt and slowly backed out of the room, topless, staring at Kelly's hand fondling me under the covers.

The second she closed the door, Kelly was on top of me. She spread her slick pussy open with one hand and positioned my cock at the entrance with the other. Then she sat down firmly upon me, taking my entire 8" in one long stroke. Her cunt was like a jungle in the afternoon: hot, sticky, and dripping wet. I couldn't believe how turned on she was. She buried her face in my ear and fucked me hard, moaning loudly. I knew she wasn't in this one for a long build; Kelly wanted to come hard, and the sooner the better. She was riding me like a jackhammer, her clenching slit tight around my shaft.

She started talking dirty to me, something she only does during sex when she's really turned on and trying to get me off as quickly as she expects to get off. "You liked seeing her tits, didn't you? You liked looking at my friend half naked. Watching her pull her nipple ring. I bet you want to see her cunt ring too. Or wish you could have had one of her tongue-ring blowjobs. It would be so sexy to watch her sucking on you..."

Kelly's erotic monologue was setting me on fire. Every rocking of her hips sent waves of pleasure through my groin, and every escalation of her comments, from looking, to touching, to sucking, brought me closer to the edge. I could feel the trembling in her cunt signaling her imminent climax. "Fuck me," she yelled loudly. "I love your thick dick in me. Come inside me while you think about those tits!"

She drove herself over the cliff, and me along with her, as I knew that Melissa could probably hear every word. Obviously she would have heard us fucking, but hearing Kelly talk about her tits during sex might be something else. At any rate, it was so hot that I didn't care at that point, and I pulled Kelly's mouth to mine for a deep french kiss as I filled her with my load. Her dripping gash tensed ferociously around me as her orgasm swept over her, and we came hard together. We fucked gently for a couple more minutes as we came down, the sloppy sound of our bodies moving together audible in the new silence. Finally we relaxed and Kelly settled on my chest, her semen filled cunt leaking around us as my dick softened inside of her. I distinctly heard the bathroom door close then, and the sound of hands being washed.

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