tagLoving WivesMelissa, Our Roommate Ch. 03

Melissa, Our Roommate Ch. 03


By the time Kelly got back from Starbucks, I had succeeded in willing my erection to subside. I realized that Melissa was just teasing me and probably was testing out her womanly charms a little since she probably felt a bit rusty. Still, it had been quite a first day of living together, and I wasn't sure if my libido was up for all the stimulation. After a minute's reflection, I laughed at myself. Sure it was - I was 28 and hornier than when I was 18. I just hoped I didn't get myself into trouble.

Kelly kissed me on the lips and handed me a café mocha. She called out to Melissa that she had a coffee for her, and Melissa said she would be out in a minute. Kelly sat down on the couch and saw the cigarettes lying on the coffee table. She lit one and leaned back, slowly exhaling.

"So," I began, "I hear we're going out to the bar tonight." I saw Kelly smile as she took a drag from her cigarette.

"Not exactly," she responded. "You'd probably get in the way." She tried to keep a straight face at my hurt expression but ended up laughing. She kissed me sweetly and snuggled her head into my shoulder. "Not like that, silly. I think it needs to be a girls' night out. Melissa has been out of the dating scene for a long time and is going to want to meet some guys. If you're there, she'll feel like she has to entertain you too, and she won't meet anyone. Understand?"

Of course it made total sense. I told Kelly I'd just rent some movies and that they should have a good time. Meanwhile, it was getting towards dinnertime, so I got up to start some spaghetti, all the while sneaking peeks from the kitchen at my sexy wife as she smoked in the other room.


Around 8:00, the ladies started getting ready. I pretty much stayed out of the way, relaxing with a book in the living room and enjoying the sight of two beautiful women running around half dressed. I could hear them talking faintly as they went from bedroom to bathroom, back and forth. As much as I tried to focus on the book, it was hard not to simply watch the sights. After all, my wife spent the better part of half an hour in black panties and fishnet nylons, walking around without a bra or top on.

"Which do you think, Kelly?" I heard Melissa ask. "This one, or these?"

"They're both sexy," Kelly answered. "Ask Biff, he knows what guys like."

I looked up to see Melissa in front of me wearing the sheer underwear set she had held up for me earlier. I could see all three of her rings through the ultra-thin material. My jaw more or less dropped at the sight. She had matched the bra and panties with a sexy pair of thigh high stockings, sheer with a lacy top, and was holding a pair of black, strapless high heels in one hand, and a tall black boot with a long zipper and a 4" wedge heel in the other.

"Which one is sexier, do you think?" she asked innocently, holding them at chest height next to her firm breasts. Although a difficult choice, I told her I thought the boot was the way to go. She smiled. "I knew you'd say that. Okay, the boots it is."

"Melissa, can you bring the cigarettes back with you?" Kelly called from the bedroom.

Melissa intentionally walked around to the opposite side of the coffee table so that, in bending down to pick them up, her tits hung down and were fully suspended in the cups of her bra. The sexy cleavage was hypnotic, and she definitely did it on purpose just to tease me. Then she smiled and walked back into the bedroom, lighting a cigarette as she went.

About a half an hour later, they re-emerged. This time, I could make no pretext of reading. They looked completely stunning. Kelly was wearing a wine colored leather skirt and a tight black halter top, with a sexy pair of high heels. Melissa had on a skintight silver top and a very short black skirt that nearly revealed the tops of her thigh highs. They had both played with their hair and teased it up a bit until it looked glamorous, fashionable, and quite alluring. Most intriguingly, they had on identical makeup, with a dark red lipstick that looked fabulous on both of them.

"What's with the matching makeup?" I inquired.

Kelly smiled and slid behind the more petite blonde. She pressed her body firmly against Melissa, hands sliding up her sides, past her breasts, as Melissa tilted her face back and sideways, air kissing towards Kelly's lips. "It will help in case we have trouble getting guys' attention," she teased me.

I could see that Melissa's mouth was open slightly and that her breathing was a bit shallow. Remembering her brief comment about girls earlier, I wondered if she was bisexual. She certainly seemed to be a bit aroused at Kelly's playful contact. I knew I was. I decided to play along a bit more.

"Not that I think that will be an issue," I reassured them. "And dancing together like that will get the attention of the entire bar. But how," I asked with mock naiveté, "does the matching lipstick help?"

Kelly gave me a patronizing smirk, knowing that I was manipulating the situation. But, since she had started it, she decided to play along. She leaned forward and let her lips glance against Melissa's briefly. Melissa's hand came up over her shoulder and touched the back of Kelly's head, pulling her in slightly, and I saw her tongue inch out to pierce Kelly's lips. The kiss lasted only a couple of seconds, but I had a feeling Kelly had gotten a bit more than she bargained for. She looked a bit flushed when they separated. Melissa winked at me, "The matching lipstick is so that we can fool around without mixing up each other's makeup."

I stood carefully, trying not to let my erection be too obvious. "You both look amazing. Have fun tonight." I gave Melissa a quick peck on the lips, and gave Kelly a bit more than a peck. Her hand brushed my cock through my jeans, and I felt her lips smile slightly as we kissed.

"Bye," they giggled as they went out the door. "Don't wait up for us!"


It was much, much later when I woke up to the sound of giggling. I could hear Melissa's voice, slightly thick with alcohol, trying to shush Kelly. Then the sound of whispering. A light went on in the kitchen, then a loud, "Owww", then the light went off again quickly amidst female laughter. More whispering. The sound of two pairs of high heels clicking softly as the ladies tried to tiptoe their way through the hallway. Two long zipper sounds, which I assumed were Melissa's boots coming off. Then I felt a body come down on each side of me. In the dark, I didn't know who was who. Taking a guess, I reached in front of me and ran my hand up a leg, only to realize I felt nylons and not fishnets. I quickly pulled my hand back amid more giggling.

"Hi honey, we didn't wake you up did we?" laughed Kelly behind me. I could tell she was more than a little tipsy, probably a lot more. I felt Melissa shiver in front of me and she quickly shifted to slide under the covers. Kelly immediately followed her lead.

"Well, I was sleeping pretty soundly," I admitted with feigned annoyance. "And then a couple of drunken beauties in their bar clothes stumbled into my bed."

"Not all their bar clothes," teased Melissa. They giggled again. I could tell Melissa was pretty drunk too.

"Seems like you guys had a good time tonight," I said pointedly. The giggling grew uncontrollable. "Am I missing something here?"

I felt Kelly's hands roam across my ass and onto my groin. "Only your boxers," she said. "Melissa was getting a lot of attention from the guys tonight. I think she made out with three different guys, and let one feel her up." I felt my cock growing at the thought. Melissa was lying pretty close to me, and it wouldn't take much for it to start bumping into her.

"Kelly got a lot of attention too, you know," whispered Melissa loudly as if she were telling me a secret.

"Oh I'm sure," I responded. "She always does. She's a pretty sexy woman."

"That's not what I meant," Melissa snickered. I felt Kelly lean half over me and swat at her. "Kelly was kissing somebody too!"

"I'm assuming you don't mean yourself," I said bluntly.

"Oh, there may have been some of that too," she said as they both started laughing again. "But no, I meant a guy."

I was both pissed and turned on. I felt a hand slide across my cock a couple of times and from the angle couldn't tell who it belonged to. "Kelly, what the hell?" I said with real irritation.

"I'm sorry," she whispered. "I just felt left out, like Melissa was having all the fun. It was just kissing," she insisted. "I'll make it up to you - fair is fair."

"How do you plan to do that?" I retorted, still unhappy.

I felt Melissa's hand on my chin, turning me to face her. She moved closer to me and my dick wedged tightly against her thighs. She pulled me down until my lips were pressed to hers and began kissing me, mouth gradually opening so that our tongues could mingle freely. I hadn't kissed anyone else since meeting Kelly more than 6 years earlier, and the sensation was incredible. Her mouth tasted sweet from whatever she had been drinking, and her tongue wrestled hungrily with mine. I could feel her breathing quicken as she became more aroused. Her hand moved down to my cock and began stroking it, rubbing me against her nylon clad leg.

"Hey," exclaimed Kelly. "I made out with the guy, I didn't fuck him. Slow down you two." She pulled my mouth back around and started kissing me equally deeply, thrusting her tongue into my mouth and smashing her lips to mine. Melissa continued to jack me off as we kissed. It was so erotic that I quickly forgot my irritation at Kelly.

"Fuck," Kelly whispered. "I'm really turned on." She climbed on top of me and looked expectantly at Melissa, still holding my cock. Melissa leaned over and kissed me again, while rubbing my dick against Kelly's cunt to get it lubricated. Then she angled it to line me up properly and Kelly slid down so that I penetrated her. Melissa kept her hand between us as our bodies came together, feeling Kelly's juices leak down to cover her hand. She brought her fingers up to Kelly's clit and started rubbing it softly.

Kelly moaned softly. "Oh God, that feels so good. I want to watch you two together so bad. Oh, your dick is so hard. Play with her tits. Suck on her nipple rings," she commanded me.

Melissa slid higher on the bed, unfastening her bra and releasing those sexy firm breasts. She continued to finger Kelly as I started sucking on her nipples, feeling them grow firm as my tongue traced over them. It was obvious that the piercings made her highly sensitive as she started gasping. Unbidden, Kelly leaned forward and started kissing Melissa deeply, their tongues sensuously in each other's mouths. I had never seen Kelly in any sort of a bisexual setting, and knew that she must be awfully turned on and drunk to do it, but it made me very excited. I thrust my hips upward and started to come inside of her dripping gash.

"Oh yeah, he's coming in me," Kelly cried into Melissa's open mouth as she fucked down hard upon me. "Oh, keep rubbing me. I can feel his come in me. Oh God...Oh God!" Her moans grew incoherent as Melissa firmly and thoroughly french kissed her while rubbing her clit furiously. Kelly came in a rush, her legs tensing and her orgasmic fluids running out around the sides of my dick.

She broke off her kiss with Melissa, who immediately began fingering herself through her panties. "I don't know if I'm ready for him to fuck you," she whispered apologetically to Melissa. I hadn't stopped licking her nipples yet, so at that I paused to hear her out. "But I wouldn't mind if he wanted to eat you out."

It doesn't usually take much to persuade me to go down on a woman; in fact, it's probably my favorite sexual activity. So when my wife gave me a green light to start in on her friend, it wasn't going to be a difficult decision. I quickly slid down the bed until I was lying between Melissa's thighs.

She was vigorously rubbing her pussy through the sexy black panties I'd seen earlier. From the way she was humping her hips up towards my face, it was obvious that she needed my mouth on her very badly. "Please do it to me," she whimpered. "Gary didn't like doing it. I haven't been kissed down there in more than a year..."

I was stunned. How anyone could refuse this horny, beautiful blonde with her shaved and pierced pussy was beyond me. I resolved then and there to make sure she came like never before, almost as a partial apology on behalf of the male gender. I looped my fingers through the sides of her panties and slowly pulled as her ass lifted from the bed to accommodate me. Finally, her delicious pussy lay revealed and dripping before me. I drank in her rich scent, savoring the different notes that made up her individual aroma. It had been a long time since I had smelled anyone but my own wife in this way, and the stimulation was intense.

I put one finger out to touch her. She reacted instantly, bucking her hips upwards and trying to pull me in. I realized immediately that she was a very live wire and would need to get off once quickly before she could really enjoy what I was going to do for her. I collected some of her copious juices on my fingertip and smeared them across her swollen clit and the ring that guarded it like a little barrier. "Can you come more than once?" I asked her quietly.

She groaned loudly and I took that as a yes. I felt her hands come down around the back of my head and pull me into her wetness. Fortunately, I love having my face buried in a moist woman's flesh, so I didn't try to resist. I split her open with my tongue to get a good taste and moved immediately to her clit. I knew she wouldn't last long, so I started right in with an intense licking of her clit, moving fairly slowly in an erratic pattern across her engorged clit with the tip of my tongue. I used a lot of pressure and continuous contact, with the result that her moans filled the room immediately.

"Jesus Christ," she gasped to Kelly, "You weren't kidding - he's fucking amazing!" I heard Kelly laugh softly. "He just started. You haven't seen anything yet."

It only took about 90 seconds for Melissa to reach a screaming orgasm. I was totally surprised and very aroused to discover that her orgasm triggered a large stream of fresh vaginal secretions that leaked in a stream from her already wet gash. I wouldn't have called it female ejaculation, but it would be safe to say that she was the wettest woman I had ever been with, and her pussy tasted heavenly. I eagerly licked her emissions up and she gasped again. "That's so fucking sexy," she hissed. "He's drinking me. No one has ever done that before."

Kelly leaned in close. "If you think that's wild, wait until I have him eat me out. You two are making me hot again."

"But he just came inside of you," Melissa protested.

"That's kind of the point Mel," Kelly teased. She tilted her head down and took one of Melissa's nipples into her mouth, tugging softly at the ring with her teeth.

"Oh yeah," Melissa moaned. "I never knew you were bi, Kelly, but I'm sure glad you are..."

"I'm not, really," Kelly countered. "I've never done any of this before, but I'm kind of in the mood for some reason and I'm enjoying it. So lay back and have fun." Then she looked down at me, kissing and sucking her friend's cunt. "Want something to put in her?" she asked me softly. I nodded affirmatively.

Kelly reached into her sex toy drawer and pulled out the big dildo. She held it up in front of Melissa's eyes. "When I'm really horny, I put this inside myself. I love the way it fills me up. I think you'll like it too."

Melissa closed her eyes and smiled as Kelly dragged the thick dong down her body until it was in front of me. I took it from her and ran it up and down through Melissa's slit several times until it was sticky and slick with her wetness. Then I used my thumb and fingers to spread her pussy open while pressing the dildo against her hole with the other hand. I decided not to give her much warning, so I just put my mouth back on her clit and started pushing the dildo in.

Melissa started climaxing in a mini-firecracker pattern as I gradually inserted the entire toy into her, all the while teasing her clit ring with my tongue. I noticed Kelly was alternating between sucking Melissa's nipples and french kissing her, and had started fingering herself at the same time. Returning my full attention to Melissa, I began fucking the dildo in and out of her while kissing her pussy. Her moaning shifted into wailing and she began grinding her hips on the bed, overstimulated but wanting even more. I was determined that this orgasm would be overwhelming for her, so I deliberately kept building her up with my licking and thrusting, careful not to let her slip over the edge.

Several minutes later, her cries were starting to peak in a full crescendo. I knew she had to be nearing exhaustion and desperate for release. I accelerated and deepened my thrusts, while intensifying my licking. From the fistfuls of my hair that she was clutching, I knew she was hanging by a thread, and I quickly slid a single finger up to the base in her ass. Melissa let out a full shriek that certainly must have woken the upstairs neighbors andI felt her entire body tense like a coiled spring. She came and came. Her scream died off but her mouth was still open, soundlessly crying out her pleasure. Finally she went completely limp and from the looks of it, passed out. I pulled the dildo out of her sopping pussy and slid back up the bed.

"I've never made someone pass out before," I whispered to Kelly in shock.

She sniffed curiously at my face, then leaned in and kissed me wetly. I could feel her tongue moving in my mouth, tasting. "It's not bad, is it?" she said in surprise. I smiled as she thought about it. "She tastes a lot like I smell, doesn't she?" I agreed that there were similarities, but knew Kelly didn't have the experience or interest to understand the subtle flavors.

"Speaking of which, did you still want me to go down on you too?" I asked her.

Kelly looked a bit sheepish. "I did," she answered, "But I kind of came again already, watching you eat Melissa..." She yawned and lay back against the pillow. "Night, honey," she said tiredly.

I looked down at her, and then at Melissa on the other side of me. I guessed the air mattress wasn't going to be needed this evening after all. I laid down on my back and rapidly fell asleep, feeling very comfortable at the pressure of the two naked women's bodies against mine.

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