tagLoving WivesMelissa, Our Roommate Ch. 04

Melissa, Our Roommate Ch. 04


I awoke the next morning to a strange sensation. My cock was rock hard and wedged between someone's thighs from behind. What made it strange was that it almost felt stuck there like it had been glued down. I slid the pillow that had been shielding my eyes from the sunlight off of my face to investigate. Sure enough, I was pressed firmly against Melissa - my subconscious desire for the unknown must have urged me toward her. Or, I reconsidered, it could have been my wife Kelly who was leaning tightly against my back with an arm draped over me. Between the two of them, I really didn't have anywhere else to go. I decided it was their fault and smiled to myself.

However, I still had to deal with the current situation, which was that I needed to go to the bathroom, and I seemed to be trapped. After a little shifting and rustling, I managed to release the grip Melissa had on me with her legs. But in fact, I really was a little stuck to her inner thigh. Her copious juices must have kept leaking out last night after I'd gone down on her, and when they dried they connected us. With a grimace, I pulled myself away. On the whole, it was slightly less unpleasant than removing a Band-Aid, but the same idea. She rolled over, towards me, as I disengaged, and I had a chance once again to admire her amazing body.

Melissa's long, pale blonde hair was splayed across the pillows wildly, covering part of her face but revealing her sexy full lips. I let my eyes wander down across her firm breasts with their small gold nipple rings, remembering the sight of my wife sucking them the night before. I continued looking downward across her flat stomach to the cleanly shaven pussy that was accentuated by another golden piercing.

Not just sexy, but intelligent and sweet as well; I wondered how her asshole boyfriend ever let her slip away. But then again I reminded myself, this was the same idiot that didn't even like to eat pussy. Well, his loss, I thought.

Much as I would have liked to stay and enjoy the view, my bladder was growing rapidly more irate by the second. Since I was free of the clenching legs of Melissa, I turned my attention to Kelly's arm that lay across me like an x-ray blanket at the dentist's office. By the deep breathing I heard behind me, she was still sleeping hard. I gently lifted her arm and slid downwards towards the foot of the bed. I set her arm back down in the space where I had been and as quietly as possible, I made a beeline for the bathroom.

Without belaboring the point, it took me a good couple of minutes to do my business, but afterwards I felt like a new man. It struck me that after the night that the ladies had enjoyed, and from the condition they were in when they got home, they would probably appreciate some TLC when they awoke. I set a pot of coffee to brewing and poured two glasses of Gatorade, figuring they would be a bit dehydrated from the alcohol they'd consumed. On the way back I also nabbed a bottle of Tylenol for the inevitable headaches.

Still, I almost dropped the glasses when I got to the door. With me out of the middle, the women had slid closer towards the center until they were now pressed against each other. Kelly was more or less face down with her sexy ass pointing towards the ceiling. One of her large breasts was pressed against and overlapping one of Melissa's smaller tits, and Kelly's arm was over Melissa's chest and her other tit. Kelly's face was nuzzled into Melissa's hair and neck. It was so peaceful, yet so sensual that my cock stiffened instantly. I thought they were both asleep, so I quietly set the glasses down and watched them lie there.

Gradually, though, I became aware of a slow, subtle motion under the sheet covering Melissa's waist. I realized with an inward moan that she was quietly fingering herself. I decided she was definitely one of the hottest sexed ladies I'd ever known, because she seemed almost insatiable. I figured that she probably knew I was watching, because she started to carefully shift the sheet aside with every other stroke until I could clearly see her fingers probing through the folds of her labia, tugging gently at her clit ring. She opened her eyes to look at me, and then looked down at my dick pointing straight out. I had forgotten that I was naked, but after our playing last night, I guess there wasn't a lot to hide.

Melissa winked at me and slowly started turning her face towards Kelly. I was pretty sure my wife was out, but by morning she's not a heavy sleeper usually, so I wondered where this would lead. Melissa positioned her face directly in front of Kelly's so that their lips were just an inch or so apart. She remained that way for a couple of minutes, not really moving except for the hand that was gently touching her. By this time I was slowly stroking myself as well, enjoying the leisurely entertainment. After a bit, I saw Kelly's ass move slightly as her hips rocked subtly in a familiar motion. I moved towards her side of the bed to see what was going on. I had to look closely but finally noticed a fingertip just barely visible between Kelly's spread legs. Another movement of her hips opened up the rear view of her pussy more and I was finally able to make out the fingers caressing her swelling clit.

Melissa caught my eye and smiled wickedly. I realized I couldn't see her right arm as my wife covered it and her grin grew broader when the recognition crossed my face. Kelly's hips were moving more steadily now as her body subconsciously responded to her friend's touch. She started moaning very softly. I watched, fascinated, as one of Melissa's fingers started traveling up Kelly's cunt until it was past the second knuckle. Melissa wasn't ignoring herself, either. She was busily rubbing her own clit and trying hard not to moan out loud. Suddenly Kelly shifted forward a bit, and I worried that she might have woken and not want to continue. But it seemed that the proximity of their lips and the soft, warm breath on each other's faces had registered in Kelly's sleepy mind. She parted her lips slightly and leaned in. Melissa responded eagerly and they began kissing softly, at first without tongue, then with.

At the rate things were heating up, I didn't expect Kelly to sleep much longer, if in fact she was still out. She hadn't opened her eyes yet, so it was even money either way. But their kissing was growing wet and passionate, and there was no longer a teasing pretext in the way Melissa was touching her. Melissa was alternating between firmly rubbing Kelly's clit and plunging two fingers fully into her. I saw Kelly's hand and arm slide back until she was grasping Melissa's breast. She began gently squeezing her nipple and tugging at the ring. Aha, I thought! Now I know she's awake, and knows what she's doing. Sure enough, moments later Kelly's eyes opened and she looked directly into Melissa's eyes as they kissed.

Melissa took her left hand, which she had been masturbating with, and pulled Kelly's hand down into her sex. I could see Kelly's eyes widen; she had never touched another woman this way before. But she kept kissing her and tentatively began rubbing at Melissa's clit. Now Melissa was free to moan, and she did, touching Kelly's face with her hand. Kelly was growing more comfortable by the second, having realized that touching her friend was little different than touching herself, and she was beginning to press her fingers inside Melissa as she rubbed. She kept kissing Melissa fiercely, then turned her head to taste the pussy drenched fingers Melissa had placed so conveniently.

"Mmm... You taste good," Kelly whispered, kissing the flavor back into Melissa's mouth. Suddenly she turned her head to look back over at me for the first time. "Come fuck me," she ordered.

I didn't need to be told twice. I slid onto the bed behind Kelly and turned her onto her side a little more so that we were in a spooning position. Between the wetness of her cunt and the firmness of my cock, it took only a moment to slide into her. Meanwhile, Melissa was rubbing Kelly's clit furiously and they were kissing.

I started fucking her with long, deep strokes. Her cunt was warm and sticky, still gooey from our fuck last night. Kelly was really aroused and she quickly started talking dirty to me, which I love.

"Do you like watching us together? I bet you'd like to see us licking each other...maybe in a 69? I'd like to watch too... I'd like to see your cock slide into Melissa. To hear her gasp as you opened her up. To hear her beg you to fuck her harder while I watch."

I was starting to sweat from the exertion and the steamy words coming out of my wife's mouth. I wanted to see all of those things. I wanted to do all of those things. I could feel every inch of her pussy squeezing my cock and groaned in pleasure. Meanwhile, Melissa had slowly slid down the bed until her face was at my wife's cunt. I felt her gently press Kelly's legs apart and slide her blonde head into place. I didn't feel the first touch of her tongue to Kelly's sensitive gash, but I immediately knew from the loud moan and the way she arched her back that it had happened. Kelly was about to experience, for the first time, being eaten out and fucked simultaneously. I had often simulated this using dildos on her, but something told me this was going to affect her differently.

Melissa quickly pressed her mouth firmly against Kelly's dripping sex and started sucking her. Now and again her tongue dipped lower to slide across my cock as I went in and out, licking the creamy froth from me before moving back up to Kelly's clit. I was starting to get very close to coming, and from the growing volume of Kelly's cries, so was she. Melissa was well in tune with our passion and she moved one hand through Kelly's wetness to lubricate it, then started caressing my balls and teasing the base of my shaft. With then other hand, she took her index finger and lined it up with my cock, letting my thrusts open Kelly up until Melissa's finger slid in alongside me to fill her even more. Kelly screamed out with pleasure, and even I groaned at the intense sensation of added friction and tightness. Melissa's finger was perfectly positioned to rub Kelly's g-spot.

I couldn't hold back any longer. Melissa shifted her focus away from Kelly's clit, giving her a momentary respite, and started tonguing the length of my cock as it went in and out of my wife. With the addition of her touch to my balls, I growled my pleasure and thrust deeply into Kelly to begin pumping my come inside of her. Melissa licked me all throughout, ensuring that my orgasm was long and intense. I slowly subsided and my dick started to slip from Kelly's well-opened hole.

"What about me," she moaned. "I'm not done yet!"

"I know," teased Melissa. "Neither am I." She swung her hips around until her legs were straddling Kelly's head, her naked pussy tantalizingly close. "Do you want to do it?" she asked breathlessly.

In response, Kelly's arms reached up around Melissa's ass and pulled her down. My view wasn't perfect, but it was obvious that Kelly was getting her first taste of another woman directly from the source.

"Oh fuck," sighed Melissa. "I wanted this so badly. And you got me thinking last night, when you mentioned eating pussy after sex. I've never done that before." She looked down at Kelly's well-fucked pussy, hanging slightly open and with my come running out of her. Suddenly it was the most enticing sight that she could think of at that moment. She moaned softly and rubbed her wet pussy firmly across Kelly's mouth, then leaned forward and began to lick my semen from my wife. She started slowly but soon could no longer hold back and buried her face in Kelly's sloppy cunt. I watched in fascination as the two women pleasured each other. Kelly seemed to be enjoying her new experience of making love to a woman, and from the sounds of pleasure Melissa was making, apparently she was doing a very good job.

All too soon it was over. The buildup had been so long, and so intense, that neither woman could last for more than a couple of minutes. Melissa came first, riding Kelly's face with intensity. But Kelly followed almost immediately, and I figured that, as with me, she probably had held back until her partner had come since she always prefers to be last. Their gasps and cries filled the room along with their mingled feminine scent. When Melissa finally stopped trembling, she pulled me down into a very wet kiss, and I could clearly taste the mingled flavors of my wife's pussy and myself in her mouth. I became instantly aware of my refreshed hard on. I looked at Kelly eagerly.

"Not yet," she told me. "You'll get a chance to fuck her, but not today. Besides, you should be pretty satisfied with what you just saw," she teased. Melissa and I looked at each other with disappointment in our eyes, but I was only going to go as far as Kelly was comfortable with.


Unfortunately, my opportunity to fuck Melissa was to be delayed by several days as the demands of real life set back in after a weekend that had been almost surreal and dreamlike. The remainder of that Sunday was simply normal interaction between friends. The only sexual stimulation was in the opportunities I got to watch Melissa and Kelly smoking. Though they didn't smoke much, it was definitely more than I was used to seeing from Kelly and they certainly knew the effect they were having on me.

During the week I didn't see a lot of Melissa at all. Since she and Kelly worked at the same company, they naturally rode together in the mornings. I got a nice kiss goodbye from each of them in the morning, and they typically were home from work when I got back. A couple of evenings, Melissa went out with a friend for dinner or drinks, and one night she and Kelly went to a movie, so as she had promised the first night, I really did hardly notice her there.

Yet she was always a presence, even when not there. Kelly and I have a fairly regular sex life, but it definitely became more active in the week following Melissa's arrival. We fucked four of the five nights that week, which was at least double our normal frequency. Kelly made many references to Melissa during these encounters, tempting and teasing me. She would ask me to imagine screwing Melissa, picturing her naked body in my mind, and to tell her what I was thinking of doing to her. Once she went down to give me a blowjob and told me to close my eyes and pretend it was Melissa's mouth around my cock. The incredible sensation and the visualization had me coming in my wife's mouth rapidly.

Another night, I decided to ask Kelly exactly what had gone on at the bar Saturday night. From the ladies' drunken giggling and admissions, I knew some things had occurred that we probably should talk about.

"I was wondering when you were going to ask about that," Kelly commented. She purposely made me wait for a minute while she went to light a cigarette. I knew immediately that she was going to try to get me aroused while we talked.

"Well, we got to the bar and ordered some drinks. Shots and Cosmopolitans, actually, since we wanted to get a quick start. I guess we had a couple of each pretty quickly, so within a half hour or so we were feeling quite nice." She rubbed a hand across my semi-rigid cock. "We were both smoking, but I'm sure you already guessed that." She took a long drag from her cigarette and continued. "After about 45 minutes, a group of guys offered to buy us a drink, and we said why not - after all, we were there for Melissa to meet some guys, right?"

Since it seemed like she was waiting for some sort of acknowledgement from me before continuing, I nodded. I had a feeling that we were coming to the part I wondered about, and I also had a feeling that Saturday night I had heard the abridged version.

Kelly smiled and went on. "A drink turned into several. There were five guys and they were all pretty cute. Melissa was fairly drunk by that point - so was I, actually - and she kept giggling to me that she didn't know which one she liked best. I told her she didn't need to be choosy and that she should enjoy the attention from all of them. And she basically did. One guy after another would ask her out to the dance floor. They would dance for a little while and pretty soon she was kissing them and letting them rub her tits. She's not usually so easy, but I think the breakup and the alcohol were talking that night."

"Where were you during all of this?" I asked with a funny feeling.

She smiled around her cigarette and blew a long stream of smoke out, rubbing my cock through my pants. "Well, Melissa was dancing with three of the guys off and on, and I didn't want to be a bump on a log, so...I danced with the other two."

"The same way as her?" I inquired.

"Hey, whose story is this?" Kelly protested. "All in due time." I relented and she continued. "So we were dancing and having a good time. I was watching her with the three guys and getting pretty turned on. It was really sexy. And at that point, I really had only let the guys feel my ass a little, since you're wondering. We took a break and went back to the bar for some more drinks. Melissa took out the cigarettes and we realized we only had one left. One of the guys she was with volunteered to go get us some more from the machine, but in the meantime, Melissa said we'd share that one."

Kelly leaned in and kissed me gently with her smoky mouth. "You're going to like this part," she whispered. She unzipped and lowered my pants. She had worn a skirt to work that way, so she simply climbed on top of me and pushed her panties to the side, allowing my cock to sink smoothly into her.

"I thought she was going to pass the cigarette back and forth between us, so I was pretty surprised when she took a long drag and leaned in toward me. She put her lips to mine and exhaled into my mouth," Kelly told me. I moaned and felt my dick twitch inside of her at the sexy thought. "She kept doing it, over and over, each time turning it into more of a kiss until we were french kissing each other with our tongues. She even grabbed my breast and squeezed the nipple!" Kelly rubbed her pussy and kept going. I was starting to really like this story, but I knew there was more to come.

"That was the first time I ever kissed a woman, you know," Kelly said. She kissed me wetly as if to illustrate the point, setting her finished cigarette aside. "I was surprised because I really liked it. Then I heard one of the guys behind me tell his friend, 'I was wondering if she was ever going to loosen up.' I turned to him and said, 'What the fuck is that supposed to mean?' He laughed and put his hands up like he didn't mean to offend me and said something about how Melissa was just having a great time with his buddies and that I ought to let myself go too. I told him I was married, but that didn't seem to faze him. He said if I felt bad, maybe I should just have my roommate take care of my husband later to even things up..."

I felt her cunt clenching down on me as she reached this point in the story and knew she was imagining it in her mind. I was too. "So that's where you got the idea..." I murmured, trying not to moan as her slit rocked up and down my shaft. "Well, kind of, but also when we were in the bathroom at one point, Melissa made a comment to me about your dick."

"What did she say?" I demanded.

"Just that when she saw it Friday night, she got really turned on. That it was nice and big. She was pretty drunk, so she admitted to me that she fingered herself in the bathroom afterwards. She said it was too bad you weren't out with us, since every man's fantasy is to have two women all over him at one time, and she wouldn't mind helping me out with that if I ever needed it." Kelly raked her fingernails across my chest and nipples to punctuate the words. "She didn't out and out say it, but I knew she was imagining fucking you."

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