tagLoving WivesMelissa, Our Roommate Ch. 05

Melissa, Our Roommate Ch. 05


It had been a few days since Kelly had given me the most startling ultimatum of my married life. "You don't get to have me again until after you've been with her," she had told me, referring to her sexy friend Melissa who had become a member of our household not long ago, albeit temporarily. I have to admit, the thought of fucking Melissa didn't bother me at all. Slender, blonde, and amply endowed, she was quite a catch in her own right. Not to mention the fact that her pierced nipples and clitoral hood, along with her sexy smoking, cleanly sealed the attraction for me.

But the first part of that proclamation, about not having sex with my own wife until the deed had been done, was making things a bit difficult for me. After all, since Melissa had moved in, our already healthy sex life had been fueled like a fire touched by gasoline. It was obvious that there was a strong mutual attraction between the three of us, as evidenced by the two menages-a-trois we had already engaged in, during which Melissa and I had only fooled around. Or the time almost ten days ago when my wife and Melissa fucked in the most erotic display of bisexuality I had ever been a witness to.

Kelly was also determined to make things especially difficult for me, at least in the "blue balls" category. She had conspicuously worn her sexiest lingerie the past three days in a row. She was wearing my favorite perfume, doing her makeup in the style that she knew drove me craziest, and smoking sensually in front of me constantly. But the best I could get from her was tantalizing french kisses; when I tried to touch her or get her to touch me, she would just smile and shake her head 'no'.

I realized that my only hope lay in seducing Melissa as quickly as possible. Yet it became rapidly clear that Kelly had an elaborate game in motion, one in which I was being maneuvered like a pawn. She must have told Melissa that I was going to be making my moves and that she should tease me and not make it too easy for me. After all, just ten days ago, Melissa had been licking my wife's vaginal essence from my cock and begging me to fuck her. But now, she was coyly playing with me in the same way as Kelly, driving me wild by walking through the house scantily dressed and beautifully made up, smoking frequently, and finding situations that forced her to brush against or be in physical contact with me.

However, any serious pass that I made was met with resistance or stalling. For example, a couple of days ago, she "accidentally" sat on my hand when she plopped down next to me on a small two-seat couch. After a minute, when she made no effort to move or release me, I started caressing her ass. She squirmed around a bit, obviously enjoying it, so I went to slide my hand inside the waistband of her jeans, but with a sly smile she pulled away and went into her bedroom, closing the door behind her.

At another point she more or less cornered me in the hallway near her bedroom as I exited the bathroom. She was wearing a tight T-shirt with no bra, so her pierced nipples were clearly visible, and had a sexy dark red lipstick on. She was also smoking a cigarette. She slid one leg in between mine and pressed her thigh against my groin firmly, leaning in so that her tits pushed lightly into my chest.

Exhaling a stream of smoke generally right at me, she said softly, "Can I ask you a personal question?"

I nodded, feeling the stiffness of my cock swelling under her leg.

"I haven't heard you and Kelly, well, fucking, for a few days. Is everything okay between you two?" She was making intense eye contact with me throughout.

"Sure," I stammered, fishing for a believable story that didn't start with 'my wife won't let me have her until I've fucked you'. "We've just been a little, um, preoccupied."

She used her thigh to massage my cock while taking a long drag from her cigarette, letting the seconds pass. Finally, she went on. "So I'm not getting in the way of anything," she asked. "I wouldn't want to be a problem...and besides, I like listening to you two go at it," she continued, licking her lips.

Her arm had stealthily crept up my side during this until her hand came to rest lightly on the back of my neck. Slowly I felt the unmistakable but subtle pressure of her pulling me down towards her. She did it so gently that I hardly had time to realize it before we were kissing. Her mouth was hot and smoky and my cock throbbed with arousal at the taste of her tongue on mine. We kissed for several seconds, letting our passion flow freely with the wetness of our mouths. Eventually she broke the kiss, keeping her face near mine.

"We can't do this," she breathed at me. "You're married...your wife is my friend. I'm sure she doesn't want you to cheat on her with me." There was a twinkle in her eye as she said it, knowing full well that Kelly had been throwing us together. She took a drag right in front of me, blowing the smoke just past my left ear. Then with one last thrust of her smoky tongue into my mouth, she pushed me away and went out the front door. I felt like I'd been hit by a city bus.


I decided then and there that Melissa, this sexy, teasing, beautiful bitch was going to force me to take a more aggressive stance. She wanted me as much as I wanted her, but clearly Kelly had told her not to make it too easy for me. It was time to cut through the ruse and get inside her shaved blonde cunt; the repeated days of teasing with no relief were bringing out an unusual level of animal lust in me.

Whether Kelly sensed my growing need through marital perception or through her own desperate impatience I'll never know. However, she abruptly announced Friday morning that an old work friend was in town for the weekend and that she was going to go out with her that night. Apparently it was not someone Melissa knew, and she volunteered to stay home and keep me company with some movies from the video store. I knew this was the opportunity I had been waiting for, and couldn't wait for the workday to be over.

Of course, under that kind of anticipation, it was going to be a very long day indeed at the office. I could think of nothing else besides Melissa's long blonde hair writhing under me as I hammered my dick between her legs, or sucking on her pierced nipples to the sound of her gasps and moans. I knew I was on the right track when a late afternoon phone call from Kelly reminded me that I was on my own for dinner that night.

"I'll probably be very late getting home tonight," she told me plainly. As if I was completely obtuse to her plans, she added, "I changed the sheets this morning."

I assured her that she should have a good time tonight and not worry about me. That between Melissa and I, this evening's entertainment should be no problem.

"Good," she said with a snap to her voice, "Because I'm getting pretty horny and I can't be held totally responsible for what happens if you don't get on with it."

I didn't know exactly what that meant, but in light of the things that had happened last time she'd been at the bar with a girlfriend - Melissa no less, just two weeks ago - I had an inkling of her implications. My wife was telling me she was getting impatient.


Dinner that evening was a bit subdued. I got home first and whipped up a chicken Caesar salad for us. Melissa was a bit on the quiet side until she got a couple of glasses of white wine into her; then she got flirty and risqué with me. She asked if I was getting any yet, and commented that my "poor cock" must be all swollen and sore from neglect. Actually, she was right, but the immediate cause of any swelling was sitting across the table from me. She was dressed from work, in attractive but professional makeup: light blue eye shadow and a pale, glossy pink lipstick. A mint green silk blouse that tied at the waist concealed her substantial curves, while a gray skirt revealed enough leg to be tantalizing without being inappropriate. Melissa had loosened the tie on the blouse when she came in so that it was starting to hang open across the front, with only a concealed button at the bustline keeping the two sides together. Needless to say, I had a great view of her cleavage every time she leaned forward.

We chatted for a while after eating, long enough to kill the rest of the bottle of wine. Both of us were clearly feeling good by that point, and it wasn't even 9:00 yet! Melissa realized her blouse had opened enough to show most of her bra-covered breasts and excused herself with a giggle, saying she wanted to get out of her work clothes. I watched hungrily as she stood and headed into her bedroom. With the way our place is laid out, I had a great view of her bedroom door, which to my delight she quite clearly didn't care to close. Of course, we had seen each other naked several times since she had moved in, but not since Melissa and Kelly fucked over a week ago.

Melissa simply stood with her back to me, stripping casually. First she unbuttoned the blouse so that it hung loosely from her shoulders. She paused long enough to light a cigarette and furtively glance at the door; had she drunk a little less, I might have missed it, but she was just a bit less subtle than usual, and I knew that she had been checking my field of view. Next she unbuttoned her skirt and let it fall from her shapely hips, revealing a light blue thong that disappeared in the crease of her ass before tightly gripping her pubic mound in front. She casually took a drag from her cigarette, still facing away from me, and exhaled a stream of smoke towards the ceiling. Then she hooked a thumb in each side of the thong and slowly pulled it down across her hips and legs, leaving it in a pile on the floor. Feeling the pulsing pressure of my erection at the sight of her fabulous body, I made my move. Boldly, I stood and went to her door.

I covered the distance rapidly, so that by the time she heard me and turned, I was already in her room with a hand on her left shoulder. I firmly spun her around to face me, admiring her breasts hanging suspended in the matching blue bra, framed by the loose blouse. Excitement shone in her eyes like a beacon, drawing me to her, but she continued the charade. "What-?" she tried to gasp.

I pushed her forcefully, perhaps even too forcefully, against the wall, turning the rest of her statement into a soft gasp of breath that sounded like an "oh..." I pressed my left hand hard against her crotch, cupping her womanhood tightly and enjoying the feel of its hairlessness. She wasn't obviously wet at first, but as my fingers parted her sex I felt a rush of juices lubricate her. Again she reinforced my opinion that she was the wettest woman I'd ever touched.

I was still holding her shoulder as well, so that between my two hands she was firmly pressed against the wall and wouldn't be moving. Then I kissed her, hard. I used my tongue to open her delicious, smoky mouth and taste her. I kissed her aggressively, crushing our lips together as I sucked her tongue into my mouth and probed her at my will. I felt her responding to my dominance in an entirely new way. Before when we had fooled around, both times in the presence of my wife, Melissa had been interested but confidant, and I had been cautious not to appear too eager. But now, with me forcefully taking her, Melissa was melting in my arms. She gave up all pretense of struggle and was making soft mewing sounds into my mouth as I kissed her.

All of a sudden, I became an animal. I had never been so forceful with my wife as I was now being with this sexy creature I had cornered before me. I jabbed two fingers hard into her slit, feeling the sticky cream of her womanhood coat my palm like syrup. I trapped her against the wall so that she could hardly move and smothered her mouth with my hungry kisses. She tasted incredible and I could begin to smell her fragrant cunt flowering the air in the room. Abruptly I pulled my fingers from her wetness and pressed them into her mouth as we kissed, so that we were both licking her flavors from them.

"Suck me," I ordered her, pressing down on her shoulder. I watched, pleased, as she silently slid to the floor before me, submission in her bright eyes. She took her time, though, fishing my cock out of the confining pants I wore. I'm sure that was just to ensure that my attention was completely riveted on her as she took a hard drag on her cigarette, making the tip glow bright orange. She slowly exhaled and engulfed me in her mouth.

Watching this platinum beauty take my cock in her mouth was exquisite. I silently mourned my failure to have set up a video camera to tape the encounter, but soon found it difficult to focus on anything but the wet tongue bathing the base of my shaft in her saliva. Her cock sucking skills were excellent and I fought the urge to close my eyes in pleasure, as I wanted to see the whole thing. What it must have been like before she had taken out her tongue ring! I let her suck me for several minutes, during which, unfortunately, she was forced to put out her cigarette. However, when I began to feel the tightness in my balls indicating that my orgasm neared, I pulled her up roughly.

Her lipstick had smeared on her face along with a sheen of saliva, aided no doubt by my dick rubbing across her lips and cheeks. Her hair was rumpled where I had pulled and held it. She looked like a cocksucking slut, and I loved it. I told her so, in fact.

"I've been waiting to fuck you," I growled into her ear. Her low, aroused moans urged me to continue. "I'm going to fuck you like a whore now," I finished. I had never spoken like that to any woman in my life, but the timing and situation made it sound natural.

At least Melissa's long gasp "Yessss..." encouraged me, and she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me wetly. Her right leg came up and around my hip and she pulled me into her.

Between her overwhelming wetness and the gaping slash opened by the angle of her leg, it was simply a matter of bending slightly at the knees and pressing forward for me to enter her. I felt a surge of exhilaration as I felt her sloppy pussy spread to accommodate my thickness. I had been desperately eager to take Melissa like this ever since she had moved in with us, and truth be told, deep down, ever since meeting her several years ago. It had been worth the wait. Her vagina was fiery hot and streaming with gooey fluids that instantly matted my pubic hair. She moaned loudly into my mouth and broke the kiss.

"Oh fuck, that feels so good! This is so hot!" She kissed me again. "Gary would never kiss me after I sucked on him," she whispered in amazement.

I thrust my hips until my cock bottomed out in her. "That useless fuck wouldn't lick your pussy either, and probably doesn't have a clue what he's missing." I stroked in and out of her with deep thrusts, fucking her forcefully. I could hear the slap of her ass hitting the wall with every thrust.

I was completely aroused, in a sort of sexual hyper-awareness. I heard the pitch of her cries rising in tempo to my movements and she hung onto my neck like a lifeline in a raging river. She opened her mouth and tried to speak but the words were jumbled and disjointed.

"Would you...oh fuck...oh god, I want...you...to...fuck-fuck-shit! Oh! I want you to...please - oh fuck, I'm going to come...I'm going to...going to...come!" Her eyes rolled back and her body shook as her orgasm washed over her. I was amazed at the erotic display and nearly stopped fucking her as I watched. I slowed my strokes to allow her to recover, but still keep her arousal high.

A minute later, when her breathing returned to a semblance of normalcy, I picked up the pace again. "What were you going to ask me?" I inquired as my dick moved inside her canal.

She blushed and shook her head. Time for me to get aggressive again, I decided. I gripped her long blonde hair and pulled, hard. As her face tilted upwards, I kissed her hard, nipping at her lips and tongue. "Tell me, you fucking slut!" I ordered.

I felt a fresh wash of liquid gush out of her at my renewed intensity. It seemed that she really responded to the dominant approach and I filed that away for future use. A glance at the hardwood floors revealed several large spots where her juices had actually dripped out like water after a shower. Finally she whispered her answer, face averted in embarrassment.

"I was going to ask if you would eat me out after you come in me, like you do for Kelly."

"Is that why you came just then?" I asked with a smirk on my face.

She nodded. "It turned me on so much..."

I pretended to think about it for a moment, then abruptly pulled my cock from her and spun her around to face the wall, pressing her firmly against it again and spreading her legs with my foot.

"Not this time," I whispered in her ear. "I have other plans for you tonight." In truth, I hadn't made any particular plans in advance, but as things were going I was getting some very naughty ideas. I decided to take advantage of her submission and incredible wetness. I rubbed a hand through her gash to coat it in her moist emissions and smeared them liberally about her asshole. She moaned quietly as she realized my intentions.

"You like it in the ass, don't you?" I asked, pulling at her clit ring to drive her wild. She nodded mutely, her face hidden by her hair. "I haven't fucked Kelly up the butt in a couple of months," I continued conversationally, "Although I put a toy up there pretty often." I placed the head of my dick at Melissa's anal ring and pushed slowly forward.

She groaned as I slipped into her ass, aided by the slickness of her pussy juices. I took my time so that I wouldn't hurt her - my dominant streak only went so deep - and enjoyed the feeling of her steaming rectum as I entered her inch by inch. When I finally felt her flesh against my groin I stopped and gave her several seconds to adjust. Then I began a slow, leisurely fucking. Her ass was incredibly tight and it was obvious she hadn't done this often. I knew from the pleasure I was feeling that this wouldn't be a long fuck, but I wanted her to get off very hard from it, so I decided to make a few more 'suggestions'.

"Melissa, take your right hand and rub your clit," I said quietly. She instantly did so, sighing with pleasure. It turned me on to see her face pressed into the wall while she touched herself. I reached around and pulled the bra cups from her tits so that I could play with her sexy pierced nipples.

"Now, put two fingers up your pussy," I told her. She did that quickly also, and I could feel them moving inside of her through the thin membrane between her ass and her cunt. The feeling drove me wild, as always. One of my top fantasies with my wife was double penetrating her, sandwiching her with another man, and we often used a dildo inside of her to simulate it. Now I told Melissa to add another finger. She moaned and slowly pushed her ring finger in alongside her index and middle finger. I felt my balls tensing up and knew my orgasm was close. I fucked her for a few more seconds, and then it was time.

"Melissa," I said, grunting by now, "Put your fourth finger in now."

"I can't," she cried in tense pleasure/pain.

"Do it," I pressed her. I felt her pinkie move against her clit and slip around aimlessly as she tried to get it into that overfilled cavity. Our orgasms were moments away and would not be delayed, so I hurriedly slid my hand down on top of hers. I took her last finger into my hand and pushed it hard against her slit, and felt it slide home. Instantly Melissa began screaming incoherently as she climaxed. The tightness of her entire crotch left me stunned and my own orgasm followed, as I filled her bowels with jet after jet of hot come.

We kissed and held each other for several minutes in her bed afterward, and then I went to sleep in my own bed while she showered off. It had been an amazing experience and I was sure Kelly would be satisfied when I described it to her.

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